Frat House Volunteer

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I have decided that as a public service I will donate a few hours every Wednesday morning down at the local college fraternity house. In order to improve the educational outcomes at the college I will do my part to reduce certain frustrations that distract young scholars and can motivate many educationally undesireable behaviors. All of society benefits from this increased productivity and knowledge in our future managerial class.

So each Wed morning I drive into the campus before dawn, a little before 6 am. My reserved parking spot right at the back door of the frat house is vigilantly protected by the residents there. They’re so nice to me! I wonder if they’re as thoughtful about their Tuesday or Thursday morning fuck? Probably. I smile warmly as I turn my key and let myself quietly in.

Careful with that storm door, don’t let it slam and wake anyone. Now I silently slip up the back stairs and into the special closet-like half-room they keep for me. Its so warm in here with a full-size radiator just for this dark but pleasant windowless cell. The bed is really soft and has a special cushion I’ll tell you about. There is an exhaust vent on the ceiling running up to the roof fan that’s always drawing air out. The quiet hum mixes with the vibration of the refrigerators in the other rooms up here. There is a certain pleasant feel of electric warmth in the room, but in a relaxing and almost ambient unnoticeable way. And the air is always good in here even though it looks like a windowless cell.

Glad to be here, I take off all my clothes and lift the sheet on the bed, jumping in to lay naked on my stomach and pull the sheet back over my ass and covering up to maybe half my back. Hot room and cool sheets –so nice! I reach down onto the floor and find that special pillow of weird springy material the guys over at the Engineering lab custom-fabricated for use in this room. I do a mini one-handed push-up in the bed in order to swing the pillow under the sheets and into position underneath my belly and pelvis. Awesome material, it gets so warm and comfy on the skin so instantly! But the best thing about this pillow is it is custom shaped to raise my ass in the air and hold my legs comfortably spread. And the nice thing is it has a big open space positioned just so my penis will not be pressed against it no matter how hard and big it gets. Instead there is a pretty wide channel open there to allow any kind friend to reach underneath me and grip my dick so comfortably. So ingenius! What will these engineers think up next?

It doesn’t take long before I hear activity down the hall. Clock radio alarm, and some rustling to hit the snooze button. Some other bumping around down the hall the other direction. Maybe upstairs too. Or was that a dream? I guess I’m a little dozy in this nice bed, especially cushioned into such a lovely position and with a cool sheet kissing my ass! I’m floating through apparitions of shapes and unknown terrain until…I’m a little jolted out escort bayan of my dreaming by a momentary skirmish in the hall outside my door. I grin and almost laugh at the silliness of how those two guys must have bumped into each other in the hall both on their way in here, and how they had a brief race to contest who would be first into me today. That brings a smile to my face as the first guy comes in and closes the door behind him and turns the “occupied” sign switch next to the door. So now out in the hall over my door the green light has turned to red and a line is probably already forming. Toilets are flushing and showers are running down the hall, and now I think toast is burning too. Its great to be a volunteer in the thick of campus activity!

I rarely talk to these guys, and about all they ever say to me besides “oh thank you so much!” are things like “good morning” with that dick-in-my-ass sarcasm because once my ass is pricked we already consider that greeting enough. If one of them does say anything to me, its usually pretty quietly into my ear, just a brief phrase or sentence. More often just very satisfied grunts and moans, then maybe just a “thanks a lot.” The custom here is pretty quiet butt-fucking and blow-jobs, so as not to disturb the others still sleeping and maybe even more out of modesty and politeness, as opposed to broadcasting each student’s personal and private enjoyment of me. Its pretty quiet in here except for the soft jazz or classical music playig quietly on the boom box in the corner.

So this first one this morning, I don’t bother to look at who he is, I resume my dozing and trust him to suit himself.

He does. He’s slipped of the briefs he wore in and he’s pulled the sheet off me. A cheerful humming even as he picks up the brush in the lube bowl and dabs a big gollop of that cool fanny grease right on my butthole. It tingles and tickles! Instantly I want it fucked too now. I may not bother opening my eyes but obviously its time for me to open something else.

He pushes his dick right through the grease and in one motion has opened me at least 2 inches! I’ve learned how to handle these kinds of emergencies and quickly relax and open my anus all the way for him. After 10 more strokes he’s got it all the way in and already is pounding me like workman building a railroad. I give him some good thrusts and squeezes back with my toned butt and trained fuckhole. Another half-minute of this and he’s already groaning and jizzing me and I feel that first hot cream explosion soaking my insides. A few more half-hearted pelvic slams from him and he’ already pulling it out, giving my ass a few nice slaps in gratitude, and he’s gone off to his shower.

No point in changing the room sign to “available” again. After each finishes, he just says “next” as he leaves the room. The line just waits at the door and somebody new comes in to close it as the other is leaving. Its hard work but I know its doing society good, and görükle escort I think I have come to really love my volunteer work anyway. I sigh contentedly and feel good to be here.

These guys hardly ever bother playing around with me. Its always just like the first one: grease the hole and drive the stick into me as deeply and as quickly as possible. Also they don’t bother playing and lingering inside me, they just start pumping away and happily cum sometimes in just one or two minutes! Then its off to their showers and breakfast and into the classroom! But, for all that speed in me, they do get a real thrill, often banging me at a frenzied pace for just that half minute it takes for them to melt into a creamy heatwave of runny pulses penetrating deep into my anus. But for all that electricified hot-fudgy anal cock-squeezing I let them have back there, I think my soft buttocks pressed open against their pelvis is often what finally makes them spasm and gasp and injection-explode hot moaning ecstacies of cum into me. Their erections melt away into me and then they’re ready for school and learning.

The more generous or thoughtful ones sometimes reach under and grab my penis through the channel in the pillow, some of them even squeezing it rythmically while probing and cumming in my anus. One guy sometimes even wanks it for me, stopping his own pumping to just linger and stretch my anus and press hard into my buttcheeks and just hold against me and deep inside while he wanks me furiously. Oh God! That really does make me cum all over his hand and onto the bed in the space for this designed right into the cushion. The world is good.

Occasionally one will opt for my mouth and I’ll oblige. I do like that mouthfuck feeling of being firmly over-filled with heat and swabbed all inside my mouth, even the deepest parts. It makes me feel like I have a sweet and delicious hot wet mouth that is nice to cum in. But normally they just silently slide it in and out of my slippery butt and bang away on my buttocks until deep-cumming in me, groaning and moaning about it, pulling out and leaving me a gooey mess for the next guy. After a few of them it gets to be a really slippery cummy mess back there but they just keep coming through the door until all 10-or-so residents have had their orgasms. Sometimes I think they let a few of their friends come through too, though I have to admit I don’t actually count or bother to look. After me they go straight to the showers so I guess they just get to like the spunky messy feeling as part of the easy fuck they get every morning.

I don’t really mind that cum-drenched crack and hole either, its just an inevitable part of the job and once I got used to it I start to actually look forward to it and now I crave it by Mondays and just can’t wait to get back here Wed morning to get my restless and searing ass creamed down again for a few hours. Gee, I wonder what that says about my personality?

So bursa elit escort I’m now about halfway done here this morning. As my crack now drips from the 4 or 5 who have already come through, I enjoy the slimy wet hot and cold sensations in my air-cooled ass and fanny hole. I’m spread-eagled on that cushion, relaxed, warm and content. I do like this job, even if there is no pay. Maybe another 5 or 6 will have orgasms in my ass and then I’ll be done for the week. The mess is already made and I’m feeling good in it, hahahaha there is just no accounting for taste I guess!

But now something different is happening. Two of the guys come in together and ask if we can try something different today, something I might like so they could show their appreciation for all my hours of service here throughout the academic year. “Sure guys, that’s really nice, I accept whatever you have in mind.”

So with that they motion to their buddies to also come inside. Wow, I’ve never seen so many people in this teeny room! And the best thing is they’re all naked and erect! I sit up and lean back, sitting on the custom cushion in a new way that allows me to lean back and spread my legs and be fucked from a frontal position. I throw my feet over the guy’s shoulder and let him have his way with his hard cock exploring my asshole. Oooh it DOES feel so good in there! Now another stands in front of me and parts my lips with his throbbing cock. I happily open wide and allow him to probe every part of my hot wet mouth. Now two others come up to me on either side and place my left and right hands each around a hard dick. I’m so distracted with all these cocks in and against me that I didn’t notice another guy come in and kneel down at my side to bend over and start sucking my cock even as his fraternity brother was sliding his entire dick in and out of my anus only inches away!

Its starting to look like a team party and I have to admit I’m really flattered and touched with all their special attentions to me! So of course there has to be even more to make the scene complete. Another two guys enter and present their cocks onto each of my thighs and start to smear their runny cockheads all over my legs. Finally two more come in and slide their gooey cocks all along my belly and chest. My body is being being massaged and smeared by so many runny cocks and another is in my mouth and another delighting my asshole. But maybe the loveliest touch of all –the one that finally makes me cry out and squeeze the dicks in my hands and then gag on the one in my mouth and fannythrust around the one in my anus– the one that makes me gush hot cum into the surprised mouth of the boy lovingly servicing me– well, that over-the-cliff feeling was supplied by the throbby hard runny cock smearing hot all over my neck. Oooh God how that set me off just as they all thought it was THEIR party! Ha ha ha ha! How I laugh and watch cum drip out and over me from so many dicks. They are thrilled that I finally cried out and vibrated my entire body in orgasmic spasms everyone felt. That had been enough to push any not yet orgasmic into creaming me immediately.

So this is how they get around Finals, eh? Silly me, I should have expected it. I expect grades will be sky-high this semester….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32