Fragile Unbroken Ch. 07 Pt. 3

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Fragile Unbroken Chapter 07 Part 3


Neither my sister, nor I spoke. The room was as silent as the grave and grief was setting in. But then, not really. Thoughts of our conversation just moments before had me thrilled on the inside. Even though she had left the room, the sight of Mistress Victoria standing over us had pushed all of those thoughts and emotions deeper. Much deeper, but they were still there.

Sisters knack for saying just the right thing at just the right moment was irrepressible. “Be careful what you wish for.” She said sarcastically.

Damn, she was right about that, but the afterglow of orgasm was still in me. I tugged lightly on the ropes that bound our wrists together and wiggled my ass again, causing the double dildo trapped inside us to move inside her.

She started laughing and it brought on a flood of laughter in me. We both broke out in a bout of uncontrolled delight which slowly died out into short spurts of involuntary giggling.

The ropes that tied our thighs together had obviously been intended to force every move we made to stimulate the other of us. Between that, the nipple clamps tied together, our wrists bound together, it was ingenious. None of that stopped the flood of amusement we experienced though.

Master returned to the room, but the giggling continued. He had a very stern look in his eyes, but I could tell he was enjoying himself, which only made the giggling harder to control. Finally, he broke in, “Apparently you girls are gluttons for punishment.”

I choked out a response, “Yes…Master.” Another giggle. (Have I mentioned that I hate it when I giggle?)

“You girls deserve to be punished.” He said with all the sincerity he could muster. From that, an all out snort came out of my sister and the uncontrolled laughter started again. Being contagious, even Master had to give in to the mood. He started laughing and left the room again.

A few moments passed, during which I assume Master composed himself. Sister and I, in our delerium, fell back into slightly more sober giggling until our next surprise entered the room. A woman I had never met walked in, followed by a man I’d only met a few times, followed by more people that I could count or keep track of. Nearly all of the seats in the room were taken. There was no more giggling from the girls lying bound, center stage on the bed in the middle of the room. Sisters hands fell limp and her legs which were also still bound to mine relaxed. The gravity of what had just happened was still sinking in. For myself I felt a thrill of eroticism, while at the same time I felt a dread for sister who I was sure had never lain exposed to a group of people like this. Then again, I remembered that Master was at the helm, and this was his ride. Sink or swim, we were already strapped in.

There was no sign of Master or the Mistress, nor Shit, her slave. I looked around as best I could. From what I could see there were a couple of other submissives on the floor at the feet of their Dominants, but many people looked unattached. They had a variety of looks, from Goth to business to casual to half drunk. Several were holding drinks. None of the submissives looks up. I flopped my head back down and waited for what was next. This was not spontaneous. I knew that this evening had been planned from the start. Their presence betrayed the reality that we never were going to be left alone all night. It also meant that there was more on the agenda. For my part, that was a thrill.

Master and The Mistress returned. Master spoke, “My friends, I’ve have had to adjust my plan. These girls were going to entertain us, edged on through the evening, but they have chosen to act against my will.” He reached for sisters crotch and brought his finger to my mouth heavily covered in her juices. I did not hesitate to take it in my mouth and suck it clean. I detected no motion whatsoever from sister.

“Instead they will have to be disciplined further.” Still nothing from sister. It looked like we would get our wish.

The Mistress had seated herself somewhere behind Master. Shit entered and placed items on the bed next to Master. He picked up two ball gags and walked next to my head and put one on me, shoving the ball into my mouth and wrapping the straps behind my head. It was tight, pushing my cheeks in. He did what appeared to be the same to Sister. Her legs wiggled but she did not resist. Next he placed blindfolds on us both. Darkness took over. I felt Sisters legs tensing. The dildo was wiggling in me and she pulled against the bindings on our wrists, which in turn pulled on me. The cord between our nipple clamps was tugging at my overly sensitive nipples. I felt a little panic well up in me, but I remembered that Master was here and let myself breathe deeply to try and relax. Sister still felt tense.

Someone took the clamps off of my nipples. They felt warm and tingly as someone rubbed my tits, massaging them and squeezing roughly. Master, I assume, was shifting the ropes on our legs and checking the ropes on our wrists as they fulya escort had been in place for quite a while. What we were being prepared for I had no idea, but the night had taken an unexpected turn and the way I felt already, I knew that no matter what, I would feel this for days to come.

I was left alone for a moment, well, if merely being untouched could be considered alone with so many eyes on us. My only sensation outside of the breathing and soft murmuring of others in the room, was the sensation of my sister, her tugging on my wrist, and her body movements which were forcing my pussy to become aroused yet again. By now I was longing to remember what it felt like to not have a huge fake cock in me with a wriggling, excited girl attached to it causing it to jerk inside me. Arousal was stirring again.

I remained distracted by my pussy. My sister wouldn’t be still, but that soon became just one sensation in many. I felt a body against my legs and a head push under my bound hands which hovered over my pussy. I felt hair, and then kissing on the shaven area around my slit. I felt a tongue probing at my still swollen and heavily stimulated clit. Sister jerked as I felt hands on my body. Too many for just the one person who was just starting to lick my pussy. I heard a muffled whimpering from sister and I knew she must be experiencing a similar sensual assault.

Hands groped at my tits as the tongue on my clit began to flick softly and relentlessly. I realized that I was being pushed toward another orgasm just as sister tugged hard against my wrists and the huge dildo pushed hard inside me, almost painfully. I cried out and pushed against her thighs with my legs trying to decrease the pressure inside me. The sensations we’re becoming confused and I lost all sense of the detail of what was happening to me in my darkness. I was crying in pleasure into the gag as another orgasm built steadily inside me. I could feel it coming and as it hit me in waves I cried out as hard as I could with each surge of pleasure that wracked my body. I was sinking into the trance that I love so much. Words faded from my mind and I began to think in terms of the feelings I was having. Words would not come to me but the pleasure did not stop. I have no idea how long hands grasped at my most erotic parts. The tonguing seemed ever present. My pussy was so full that it almost felt natural to have my pussy wrapped around the thick shaft of relentless movement and pleasure.

I can’t say whether I had another orgasm, or how many, it felt as though the whole experience was either an orgasm or a series of orgasms, during which I had no sense of the time in between. My body became my mind.

And then I noticed that it was stopping. I felt sensations going away. I felt like someone was stripping away my world but I did not want to leave my envelope of comfort and pleasure. I heard Masters voice, felt his breath by my ear, whispering. “Good girl. Relax my little slave.”

I felt my legs being unbound and straightened by what I thought were Masters hands. I could feel sisters legs tangled with mine and a jolt shot through me. I feared for her. My gag was coming off. I took a nice deep breath. “Master… My sister…”

“Your sister is fine sweetheart.” His calm voice answered me. My heart wrenched. I did not want to leave my world of sensation and the heady warm feelings of security I find there. My legs were still tangled. I felt the huge dildo slowly being removed from inside me and my body nearly lurched into another orgasm as the sensation overwhelmed me. I curled my legs up against my belly.

Masters voice came to my ear again as I realized it was him stroking my hair. “Close your eyes.”

I complied as the blindfold was removed and I slowly worked my eyes open, adjusting to the light, but I found that the lights were dim and candles had been lit. The warm light was welcoming. The first image to greet me was my sweet Angela, my sister. She was sitting up, looking at me and smiling, rubbing her wrists. I looked around part of the room, realizing that about half of the people were gone. Mistress Victoria was speaking quietly with a few people in the corner.

The realization of what was happening returned. I felt my face flush. I turned to Master. He was smiling too as he stroked my long, black hair. I smiled back. His voice was low, the depth and the tone warmed me. “You were pretty deep, girl.”

“Wow, yeah, I guess so.” I shook my head to break loose from the fog that was slowly lifting.

“And you were beautiful.” He said.

I smiled in response. “I wanted to stay there.”

He shook his head, “No. You wouldn’t respond when I spoke to you.”

“I was ok.” I said, almost upset.

“Oh, everyone here knew that. You left no doubt in our minds.”

I blushed. I could feel my face grow hot. “Are we done?”

Master nodded and looked at my sister. She came close and curled up next to me, resting her head against my arm. Her hair flowed over my arm like . We lay there together and I rested bebek escort an arm around her shoulder.

“You two are done. Just relax.” He walked over to Mistress Victoria who spoke to Shit and he left the room. She and Master returned to the edge of the bed.

Mistress Victoria spoke up. “That girls, was a very good performance.”

I looked questioningly at my Master, who answered my gaze. “This was really about Angela. We planned to test the limits she gave me, every one of them. We just didn’t expect you two to go off on your own tangent.”

Sister and I were too exhausted to react.

He continued, “So we had to change our plan a bit. We intended to edge you and bind you for the audience, but since you decided to relieve yourselves I decided to try the other extreme.”

Mistress Victoria broke in. “I’ve never been jealous of a slave before, but I was tonight. I’ve never seen a sub cum so much.”

Shit came in with two long, thick robes and draped them over our bodies.

The Mistress looked at me and continued, “Jon called it quits when you wouldn’t talk to him. We agreed that you were ok, but he pulled back quicker than I would. What do you think?”

She was looking at me. “I was fine, but I didn’t know what was happening.”

“Are you in pain now?” She asked.

I assessed myself, deliberately feeling myself as if to check in with my extremities. “No. I’m fine..”

The Mistress looked at Jon, “See? She’s alright.”

She looked at my sister. “And you? You seemed to love every minute of it.”

Sister didn’t answer at first. “I’m fine. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.” I smiled, wondering if tomorrow had already arrived.

I spoke up, understanding her line of questioning. “I really was ok.” I didn’t know how to tell them how I felt. I looked at Master. “I can’t say what I mean.” I said as honestly as I knew how. “You could have continued.”

Mistress shook her head. “No. You were tied up long enough. You needed to come out of the ropes no matter what. Do you want more?”

I thought about that. I looked at sister. Her hand was resting in my thigh, and she squeezed it. “Yes.” I looked at Master. “Master, I want more.”

Master had never let a session continue when I would not respond to him coherently. We all knew that what I was experiencing was not particularly unusual for a submissive, but Master had always been adamant that for him it was a hard limit. He looked at us, thinking for a long time before he spoke. “Nope. Not tonight. You girls are done. I am very pleased with you both, although I still haven’t decided how I’m going to deal with your little rebellion.”

Mistress nodded at him. “I respect that Jon. If you’re not comfortable I have other options for the group. I’m pissed at Shit.” She smiled at him. He cowered, but he smiled back. It was obvious that he wanted to play. She continued, “So he has no fun tonight. But we have a couple of other subs here, with Tops I’ve been teaching.” A scowl crossed Shit’s face and she kicked him lightly before finishing her statement. “We’ll see what they can come up with and have a little more fun.”

She paused. “I’ve got to tell you Jon. You have something special. I believe her when she says she wants more, and the other one looks hungry. They want it and they can take it.”

Master shook his head. She nodded and turned away.

Master guided my sister and I off of the bed and helped us wrap ourselves in the soft, fluffy robes. Shit brought us water which was just what I needed. We were guided to a comfy love seat where we sat down on either side of Master, I on his right, sister on his left, which brought back to mind the way this evening began, in the restaurant with delicious wine and Masters fingers between my legs. I reached across Masters lap and took sisters hand, then rested my head on his shoulder. We held hands and watched as new entertainment unfolded.

I was only mildly interested in the goings on in the room. I thought over the evening for a long time. I was sore in places but very fulfilled. I thought about Master, wishing he would let me stay in the deep, warm places my body went when I was so fully under his hand. Still, knowing the depth of his concern for me which governed his decisions was enough to overwhelm with devotion to him. I curled up tighter against his arm.

I thought about the sheer sexual ecstasy that he had given me, almost more than I could take, dancing right up to the line of my tolerance but not going so far as to harm me. That’s when I realized that Master had not even had an orgasm. He’d spent the whole night steeped in sex and I knew he must be very ready. Memories of his cum on me and entering me were all I needed. I had an idea.

As a young man and another girl were being escorted onto the bed by two Dominant trainees of the Mistress, I took the hand of sisters which I was holding and placed it over Masters cock with my hand on top. She looked over at me and I winked as I led her hand over the mound of flesh. I felt him swelling under florya escort our touch.

I leaned up and pressed my lips against his ear, whispering, “Master, your fucktoy knows you have not cum tonight. She wants it. She wants to share it with her beautiful sister.”

Masters cock grew fast under our grip. It was full and already straining in his pants. Sister was stroking its length on her own now.

I continued my seduction, “Master, please give us your gift. Let us have your cum.” I took my hand off of sisters hand and ran it up under his shirt, over his muscular chest.

He was not resisting. I continued, “May your girls please you Master? May we do it here?”

Master didn’t say a word. He nodded his head in approval and I slithered to my knees on the floor in front of him as the show began behind me. I opened my robe for him, not caring who watched, I let it slide down my back to the floor.

Reaching for him, sister moved her hand so that I could release him from his trousers. I pulled and yanked with assistance from him and sister until his pants were at his ankles. Sister brought her feet up onto the love-seat and as his cock sprang out of its restriction she took it in one hand, wrapping her mouth over the head.

Finishing my work with his pants I squeezed a hand between his thighs, reaching for his balls. He spread his thighs wide as his head went back, resting against the couch. I snaked a finger behind his scrotum and pressed his perineal bulge where I anticipated I would feel his cock unloading the treasure that I wanted. I pressed and massaged, making sure not to neglect his delicious testicles., gently kneading them as well as I watched sister suck him. Before long she was showing me how well her skills had developed. I watched her lips pressing into his trim pubic hair, his cock swelling her throat. Master moaned in pleasure each time his cock went down her throat.

She slid her face off of his cock, letting it pop free of the grip of her lips and looked at me as if to offer him. I stood up on my knees and slipped him all the way in. Sister encouraged me as I began to fuck him with my velvet throat. “Mmm, sister you look so hot sucking Masters cock.”

Despite the exhaustion in my body, I was becoming aroused. I pulled off of him and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “I want to share his cum with you.”

She looked at me, leaned toward my ear and blew my mind. “I want to lick his cum off your body.”

Master was watching us. I half expected him to take control but when his eyes scanned the room I looked around too. The people near us were all watching my sister and I. At looked back at her with intention in my eyes and nodded. My breath picked up as I slid his cock down my throat again.

I knew what to do. I fucked his cock with my throat while sisters hand gripped his balls. She was kissing his thigh, his stomach, my cheek, while my hand remained tucked under her hand with my fingers behind his balls, pressing there as my mouth sucked him hard.

Without warning his hands grabbed my hair. I felt a throbbing surge start at my fingertips and a huge burst of cum streamed into my mouth. I swallowed a good bit of it and then carefully held as much as I could in my mouth.

It was difficult to suck him without swallowing and my mouth overflowed with the slightly tangy fluid. I felt his cum dripping off of my chin. I pulled my hands from under him, holding my tits up, angling myself so not one drop of that precious treasure would go to waste.

As his orgasm subsided, I pulled my head back. Pearl white dribbles of cum were still pouring out of his cock as I turned to sister and opened my mouth for her, expecting a kiss, but to my surprise her tongue snaked over the bottom of my chin before she planted her lips in mine and shoved her tongue into the pool of cum I held for her.

I pushed it out as our lips met and I felt the slipperyness of it smear over our lips. I drew up, kissing her passionately as Masters seed fell down our chins and dripped onto my tits.

I heard someone from nearby exclaim, “Shit, Jon, what do you give these girls.” Master grunted an unintelligible response. I turned toward the voice to see a man watching us and pointed to his cock, licking up a small trail of his cum. The man chuckled.

I smiled my way back into our kiss, sucking cum from her lips as I did. We stared in each other’s eyes as I trailed my tongue down over her chin, but she pulled away and resting on his knee, she leaned down. I felt her hand on my back pulling me closer as she licked at my tits.

I held them up for her, bringing each drop of cum to her lips, saving the last few drops on my hardened nipple for last. She sucked it off and then smiled up at me with her cum covered chin and cheeks before coming in for another kiss. I met her with my tongue and licked her face clean, swirling my tongue down a little slick trail of leftovers on her neck.

She turned to Master as I licked my lips and sunk back to my knees. He turned to her as she spoke, “Master, your girls live for your pleasure. Thank you for letting us please you. May we serve you further?” As if it was timed, her beautiful black hair fell down off of her back onto his lap. Her words were eloquent and beautiful and Master responded by quietly shaking his head and brushing her hair out of her face.

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