Fox Hunt Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Violet Uprising

Cold steel smacked the beautiful young heroine in the face as she bounced headfirst off the wall of her holding cell. Depleted, she slid down to her knees to be enveloped by the shadow of her attacker, standing proudly hands on hips in the light of the open doorway.

“We’ve been at this for two weeks now and you’ve not managed to land a single blow” Jade Fox gleefully hissed. “If destroying you Foxes weren’t so easy, I might take some satisfaction from it!”

Under the Asian villainess’ piercing gaze, Violet Fox grimaced as she fought to stay conscious, trembling as she held naked body. “Y-you haven’t defeated us yet, Jade…th-the Institute will c-come for us…”

“I sincerely doubt that. Even if those bureaucrats knew where to find you, they’d just as soon write you off as an ‘acceptable loss.'”

From behind Violet’s mussed brunette locks her eyes filled with fury as she fired a look back at Jade. “You’re wrong! We’re not assets- we’re people! We’re not just livestock!”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, princess. But as long as you’re our guest here, you’re our plaything. And you’ll be serviced regularly to ensure we get the most use out of you,” the evil Fox grinned, slightly turning her head at the ‘click-clack’ sound of stilettos on steel. “Speaking of which…”

From the light of the hallway a gorgeous, leggy figure stepped into the gloom of the holding cell. Pearl Fox stood there in the shadows- tall, proud, her immaculate white bustier, stockings, and arm-length gloves practically illuminating the darkness around her, a stark contrast with the coca hue of her flawless skin. Her hips pivoted sensuously, she held a black leather medical bag in her left hand.

“Looks like you gave her quite the going-over” Pearl mused aloud as her eyes flowed over the heroine still doubled over on the floor, her body riddled with evidence of Jade’s sadistic expertise. “Keep this up and you won’t leave me much to work with,” she said, turning her attention to Jade “I’m not a miracle worker, you know!”

Annoyed, the Asian villainess peaked an eyebrow at her compatriot’s chiding. “You know, Pearl; sometimes I think you’re actually starting to sympathize with this little whore!”

A bemused smirk spread up Pearl’s dark features, her glossy brown lips parting ever so slightly, revealing the barest glimpse of her sparkling canine teeth. “Don’t be so rash, darling” she said playfully, her right hand reaching into her leather bag to emerge gripping a 10-inch dildo. “I just want you to leave me something to play with.”

Jade’s black eyes spied the rubber phallus, then locked gazes with Pearl before allowing herself a smile. Crossing her arms, the evil Foxes’ martial artist stepped around Pearl and made her way out the doorway.

“You’re not going to stay?” Pearl said disappointedly, turning back to her departing colleague. “I thought you liked to watch.”

“I’ve found other ways to amuse myself” chimed Jade Fox before disappearing around the doorway, the hatch sliding shut behind her. Satisfied that her fellow villainess was now contented to enamour herself with what remained of Silver Fox, she replaced the dildo in her bag and swiftly turned to attend the fallen heroine.

Quickly fetching a small cup of Butterscotch Fox’s milk from her bag, Pearl brought the cup to the quivering lips of Violet Fox who drank it eagerly, the warm white fluid running messily down her chin before being brushed off her chest and sucked off her fingertips. Her breath and heart rate calmed as the wholesome milk worked its restorative magic on her battered body, and Violet picked her head up to look her accomplice in her warm, brown eyes.

“I’m alright.” She assured Pearl, her voice quaking, “I’m alright…” Despite her brave face, Pearl saw Violet’s distress, and put her arm around the heroine’s waist, steadying her as they gently sat on the prison cot.

“You can’t keep this up” said Pearl, “We need to speed up our timetable…if we’re going to move against Vanessa, we need to do it now.”

“But you said that most of the Foxes are still loyal to Vanessa. How do we beat those odds?”

“By thinning them out. We have to get a message to the Institute, inform them of our location. When they send in reinforcements, we’ll be able to take out the others while they’re outmatched.”

Violet’s brow furrowed. She knew that Pearl was taking a big enough risk as it was, but a communiqué could be traced, and her exposure would mean certain death. “Are you sure you can risk it?”

Pearl bowed her head. After a long silence, she looked back at Violet intently. “We have no choice. If we don’t stop Vanessa now, then it’ll be too late! You have no idea what she has planned- it’s horrible! Superheroines imprisoned, tortured, brainwashed! I can’t let that happen- I won’t! But there’s a problem…”

“What porno indir problem?”

“All communications in and out of this facility are monitored. If we even tried to call the Institute the transmission would be intercepted and Vanessa would be alerted. We need to signal the Institute without raising the alarm.” Pearl’s silken white glove took Violet’s hand in her own as the villainess looked pleadingly into Violet’s eyes. “Is there any way to alert your people? A beacon? A distress call? Anything!”

Violet’s eyes looked down for an instant while she considered, and then returned her gaze to Pearl and with conviction said “My belt. There’s a hidden transmitter in the belt of my uniform. I installed it myself, so it’s not standard issue and Vanessa wouldn’t expect it. If you activate it, it will send an SOS back to the Institute, and reinforcements will be en route within the hour.”

Pearl’s eyebrows rose slightly at the heroine’s ingenuity, yet her face remained stoic and deadly serious. “It could work” mused Pearl, “Vanessa has neglected to examine your uniforms in lieu of Butter’s, but she still has them locked up in her laboratory. Are you sure that’s the only way? You have no other way of alerting the authorities?”

Violet’s free hand reached over and took Pearl’s, their hands now clasped tightly between them. “That’s our ace-in-the-hole, it’s our last chance. If Vanessa finds that, she’s won!”

Pearl sat silently for a moment, her eyes looking deeply into Violet’s, taking measure of her sincerity. Satisfied, a warm smile spread across her face and her silken hands slipped from Violet’s grasp. Reaching into her black bag, she removed a small device, and without a second glance at the captive heroine, stood up and took a few steps while tapping the device’s touchscreen.

With a soft *blip* a woman’s voice came through the handheld with a posh London accent. “This is Vanessa, go ahead.”

“It’s Pearl. There’s a transmitter hidden in Violet’s belt. If activated, it will lead the Institute right to us.”

“Clever” came the doctor’s reply “I’ll have it destroyed immediately. Good work.” And with another *blip* the channel closed.

Dumbfounded, Violet sat on the cot with utter shock written all over her face. “Why?!” she blurted, “Why would you do that?!”

Pearl responded without a word as a cruel smile split her gorgeous face and she looked down on Violet, beaming. She had played her for a fool.

Stunned, Violet’s mouth gaped as she grasped for the words to express her disillusionment- none came. There were no words to describe how it felt when someone wormed their way into the most sacred part of you and took a shit on your soul. Violet’s arms wrapped around herself, covering her nakedness as her mouth began to quiver and her eyes welled up.

“Aww” mocked the treacherous Fox “I’m sorry, did I break your heart?”

Tears of rage filled Violet’s eyes as every tender memory of the villainess cut like a knife. Every time she held her hand. Every time she put her arm around her. Every hug that lasted just a moment too long, trying not to notice their breasts pressing against each other in the embrace. And that one kiss- sweet, tender, wet. She had sent out all the signals the swindled heroine thought as her hands balled into fists. SHE SENT OUT ALL THE SIGNALS!

Pearl Fox, her gaze still locked on Violet, saw the distress on her face, and with great amusement began to chuckle.

“Stop it” growled Violet, desperately trying not to give Pearl the satisfaction of seeing her cry. But Violet’s anger only fed Pearl’s amusement, and her chuckle grew into a laugh. “Stop it!” the heroine barked. Again the villainess found her prisoner’s emotions amusing, and burst out into an all-out belly laugh, the deceitful Fox cackling at the young woman’s pain. “STOP IT!” Violet roared “STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!”

But Pearl’s delight was overwhelming, and her laughter filled the cell. Violet’s fury reached a maddening fever pitch, and in an instant, the pain, the humiliation, the heartbreak, and the betrayal were simply all too much.

In a flash, Violet reached into Pearl’s black bag, snatched up the rubber dildo, and with lightning speed swung the black phallus and smacked the grin right off villainous Fox’s face. Reeling backwards, Pearl collided with the metal wall, Violet’s fist crashing into her stomach before she could react.

Breathless, Pearl doubled over only to he caught around the throat by Violet’s free hand, and slammed into the wall, the back of the villainess’ head cracking against the steel. Her other arm arching back Violet smacked the dildo back and forth across Pearl’s face, paintbrushing her with the rubber cock. “YOU FUCKING TEASE!!!” the heroine screamed as she furiously swung.

In the frenzy, Pearl did what was only natural to one with her rokettube abilities, and turned her pheromone powers up, increasing them from the soothing abatement she had been exploiting into a full-blown seduction. Writhing in Violet’s death grip, Pearl unleashed a tidal wave of pheromones on the enraged heroine, trying feverishly to mollify her attacker with a torrent of desire. Violet however was beyond persuasion and Pearl’s none-too-subtle enticements served only to further infuriate her. After what Pearl had just done, Violet thought, she had the gall to try and get inside her again?!

Tossing the dildo aside Violet never broke her swing and brought her open hand down to slap Pearl across her face with a sickening *crack* before returning with an equally vicious backhand, drawing blood from the corner of the villainess’ glossy lips.

“You fucking little cunt!” roared the heroine, “You think a whiff of pink will get you out of this?” Grabbing the villainess by her straight black hair, Violet yanked Pearl’s head back while she released the grasp on her throat, her hand scrambling down to Pearl’s snow-white panties, violently snatching them and tearing them from around her waist, exposing her pussy to the darkness.

“No! No, Violet!” begged the villainess “Don’t-“

“SHUT UP! You think dressing up like a little tramp gives the right you walk all over people?!” Violet bellowed as she stuffed Pearl’s panties into the Villainess’ mouth, stuffed so deep that she gagged, her moans and squeals muffled by white lace as Violet tore her bustier apart at the seams, revealing her full, round breasts.

Spinning her victim around, Violet clutched Pearl’s right wrist in her iron grip, pinning her arm behind her back, wrenching it painfully while driving her into the wall, the villainess’ handsome bust squeezed between herself and the cold steel. A sharp cry erupted from within the evil Fox, but was once again thwarted by the lace. Wheezing, Pearl managed with great effort and anxiety to hack and cough until she spit the panties out. Gasping, she pleaded with her assailant.

“Violet- PLEASE! You’re hurting me!” she wailed. Unmoved, Violet persisted in her attack, putting as much force on Pearl as her body could manage, her naked womanhood pressed against the villainess’ firm round ass. The pain and arousal intertwined for Pearl Fox in a sadistic stimulation while the corners of her mouth crept up into a toothy grin “You’re hurting me…” she smiled.

With all her might, Violet spun and threw Pearl down to the floor. Disoriented, the evil Fox had neither the time, nor presence of mind to gain her bearings before the heroine knelt down over her head, and drove her pussy into the villainess’ face.

“You like that?” spat Violet, “You going to put out now, you little tease?! You going to give me what you owe me?!”

Twisting and wriggling, Pearl tried desperately to escape Violet’s clutches, her face smothered by the heroine’s womanhood. Breathless, she writhed under Violet, but no sooner had Pearl begun to free herself than the heroine locked her legs around the villainess’ head and squeezed. Rolling, Violet was now on her back with Pearl bent over her in a kneeling position in the clutches of the leg scissors. On the verge of suffocation, Pearl had no choice but to submissively lick Violet’s pussy- her tongue lapping like a hungry animal.

Pleased with her captive’s kowtowing, Violet eased the vice-like grip and allowed Pearl the gift of breath. Overpowered, and desperate to placate her attacker, Pearl continued her efforts to please Violet, her silken hands gliding up to the heroine’s bountiful breasts. Massaging them, Pearl knew that every caress would serve to sooth the savage beast that had claimed her. Relaxing her grip, Violet’s legs opened, and Pearl attentively brought one hand down to help manipulate the heroine’s clit. With expert knowledge of a woman’s body, the villainess pulled her head away and allowed her fingers to work their magic inside the heroine while she pecked the inside of Violet’s thigh- pecks that grew into gentle bites. Biting, she travelled up Violet Fox’s body, covering her with love marks until Violet grabbed Pearl by the hair once again and pulled her hair by the roots up to meet her mouth, kissing so hard that it hurt.

Yanking the villainess’ hair, she brought them face-to-face in a kneeling position. Pearl’s fingers still inside her, she reciprocated, claiming the Evil Fox’s pussy as her own. Clutching it in her free hand, her fingers caressed her fellow Fox’s sex before sliding her fingers into her. Ravenously she finger-fucked Pearl as the Villainess obediently did for her. Together, entwined in their savage ecstasy they raced towards climax- Violet dominating Pearl while the evil Fox submissively attended the whims of her mistress, she had been tamed. On the verge of cumming, Violet porno painfully yanked on Pearl’s hair while the villainess clawed her polished nails down the heroine’s back with her free hand. Overcome with the terrible power of her orgasm, Violet ferociously brought Pearl’s mouth to hers and screamed into her kiss as she came.

Waves of pleasure washed over Violet for what seemed like an eternity. She had never experienced so intense an orgasm, and in the afterglow she shivered for several minutes in Pearl’s arms- the two panting together as they held each other for support.

“How did it feel?” came the words seemingly out of nowhere. Slowly, Violet collected herself as her mind began to process the gravity of what had just happened. Trembling and dazed, the young heroine turned her head to behold a tall brunette woman dressed in a black pantsuit standing in the light of the open doorway that she never heard open. “How did it feel, Violet?” repeated Dr. Vanessa Payne “How did it feel to get what you wanted?”

Pensive and speechless, Violet mumbled for a moment before she recalled how to form coherent sentences. “I…I didn’t want this” she said dreamily “I never…”

“Oh but you did. You wanted to take what Pearl had promised you. You wanted to give her what she deserved. You wanted to rape her…and you did.”

“No!” started the heroine, her wits returning to her “It wasn’t like…I couldn’t…Pearl…the pheromones! She-“

“The pheromones simply filled you with desire, Violet. They made you want her. What you did to have her was your choice.”

“No…” the heroine said pleadingly, “No…I wasn’t…I’m not like that, I…”

Words failed Violet again but not because she was unable to think, rather because she could think all too clearly. She could see now the implications of what she had just done by taking another by force. Her illusions regarding herself and the values instilled in her had been shaken to their very core, and was faced with terrifying questions about who she was and what she believed in.

“Don’t be ashamed of yourself, Violet. We all have a point where we must say ‘Enough is Enough.’ We are raised with rules that dictate to us what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ but ultimately the just and the wise must come to the realization that these terms are irrelevant. All we are entitled to is that which we earn by our own hands- that is the only ‘right’ in the universe; the strong thrive while the weak are preyed upon.”

Violet’s eyes filled with tears as she shook her head, the terrible logic of the Doctor’s words making obscene and disturbing sense. Stilettos clicked on steel as Vanessa approached the heroine still kneeling on the floor.

“I imagine this experience has left you confused about a great many things. Look deeply and be honest with yourself…aren’t you tired of all this? Tired of being exploited and overlooked? Tired of working double time just to see some blonde airhead promoted ahead of you? Tired of being treated like cattle as you’re sent off to some hellhole to be captured and violated with little to no regard? Ask yourself, Violet- is this really worth it? The battles, the abductions, the tortures, the rapes, the humiliation, the pain…is any of this worth it?”

Violet sat silently before the brilliant Englishwoman, her hands in her lap and her head submissively bowed. A single tear ran down her cheek as her heart broke and her answer came in a whisper; “No…” she said “…No.”

With one hand Vanessa reached down and took the heroine’s chin between her thumb and forefinger, gently lifting her face up to look her in the eyes. “So tell me, Violet” said Vanessa, “how did it feel to rape her?”

Violet gazed up at Vanessa, nearly blinded by the radiant light from behind the doctor’s head and let the word escape from a place inside her that she never knew existed; “Good.”

“Stand up” said Vanessa as she reached down and took Violet’s hands in her own, her face beaming with pride. Pulling the fallen heroine to her feet, the doctor wrapped her arms around her, holding her in a loving embrace. “You’re one of us now” the Brit whispered in the heroine’s ear, “You’re free.” Overcome with emotion, Violet began to weep as she felt a tremendous weight lift from her heart and returned Vanessa’s embrace, holding onto her for dear life.

Shushing the young heroine, Vanessa pulled back and took Violet’s face in her hands “No more of that, there’ll be no more tears. This is a joyous moment.” she said, and gave her convert a peck on both cheeks.

Her head swimming, Violet struggled for words. “I…I don’t understand…”

Caressing Violet’s shoulders, Vanessa shushed her again. “When I founded the Institute, you were the only recruit that the inner circle and I agreed on. I believed you could think for yourself, and the circle believed they could control you.” Vanessa’s eyes drifted wistfully as she finished “I suppose we were both right…but none of that matters now. You’ve come back to me my Violet- no…my Violent Fox. We’ll take you upstairs immediately. You’ll be fed and washed before we tend to your injuries. Pearl, see to her.”

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