Forced into being a lesbian Pt. 02

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Nancy Chang, a very beautiful Asian who could pass as Jin Baek’s twin, has captured Gloria Winters, an incoming freshman, at college with her secret and special lotion that she makes herself back home in Thailand. Nancy, a statuesque beauty at 5’10” and with thighs that could smother someone, has enslaved the petite Gloria Winters with the smell from her pee-stained panties and that intoxicating lotion.

Gloria could hardly believe how her life had changed. Coming into the college she was just another spoiled child whose parents were very rich and she always got her own way. Now because of a twist of fate she was roomed with the big, beautiful, sexy Asian who through a homemade potion had enslaved her. She had learned to love her new life and especially her new captor, especially those fabulous legs. Just a few weeks ago Gloria had nothing to do with lesbianism and now she could hardly wait for the next time she could have Nancy’s tasty pussy.

“Come on, Gloria, time to get up,” Nancy said to her submissive lesbian friend. “We’ve been sleeping for quite a while and I’m hungry. Plus we have some errands to do this morning.”

“Yes, Mistress Nancy,” Gloria sheepishly replied. “I’m sorry I slept so long. Is there something special I can serve you for breakfast?”

Nancy had already arisen and was sitting on the edge of the bed when Gloria got up. “Slave girl, you can start by getting on your knees and putting your head between my thighs and kissing and licking my panties. It never hurts to get another dose of the hypnotic scent that has turned you into an obedient slave girl.”

“Yes, Mistress Nancy,” said Gloria gleefully, as she went to her knees and put her head into the ‘V’ of Nancy’s gorgeous thighs and scented pussy. Not only did Gloria like the smell of the panties but she also could not get enough of the smoothness and softness of those wonderful thighs.


Nancy tire escort was really enjoying her life as a young lady in the United States. She came from a sub-middle class family in Thailand where she worked with her mother cleaning houses at a very young age. It was at the age of 16 that she learned about her power from her panties and the skin lotion she used that her life began to change.

One of her mother’s cleaning customers was a wealthy businessman. It was with him that Nancy was able to get enough money so she could go to college in the U.S. and it all was by chance. One day as Nancy was cleaning in the man’s office she bent over to pick up some paper to put into the trash can. Because it was a hot day she wore a short dress similar to a tennis skirt. While bending over the smell from her panties and the lotion on her legs accidentally drifted up to the man’s face while he was on the phone.

A few moments later he was sitting at his desk, phone back on its cradle, and he looked a bit dazed. At the time Nancy had no idea what effect she would soon have on someone who got a whiff of her body. “Yes, my dear,” the man said to her, “what can I do for you?”

“Excuse me, sir?” she replied. “How may I help YOU?”

Still in a daze, he then said, “Young lady, it’s not what you can do for me but what can I do for you. Just say it and I will see what I can do.” He had no idea why he was saying that to the young beauty but he just knew he would do as she said.

Nancy started thinking to herself about what had just happened. It was kind of risky but she moved closer to him, bent over a bit, and once again the smell of her panties drifted up to the man’s nose. He immediately became lethargic and she knew then what had happened. “Sir,” she said, “I will be going to college soon and I will need financial help. Tell me right now that you are willing torbalı escort to pay my way.”

“Young lady, you just tell me your name and I will take care of all your expenses for college. Make sure you tell your mother so we can set up an account for you.”

“My name is Nancy Chang and I will be leaving in a couple years. I will bring my mother in here shortly so you can get it done.”

“Thank you for your assistance. I’ll do this for you because I WANT to help you. And besides there’s just something about you that makes me want to,” he said.

That’s how Nancy came to realize the effect her body and her underwear had on anyone who was unlucky to get near her.


Gloria was on her knees in between Nancy’s great sexy thighs. She was planning to make her owner breakfast but instead was told to continue to lick her panties and thighs. As Gloria continued to lick her smelly panties and her sexy thighs Nancy started to get excited.

“Gloria, move my panties to the side with your tongue and lick my pussy. I want to cum now.”

“Yes, Mistress Nancy,” said Gloria as she licked Nancy’s pee-stained cunt and her lovely thighs. It only took a short while and the dominant Asian could no longer hold back. She had a terrific orgasm and came all over Gloria’s face. She then grabbed her sub’s head and held her still so she would keep licking. Nancy came another three times before she finally allowed her girl slave to stop.

“Wow, girl slave, that was great!” said Nancy.

“Mistress, may I cum too?” asked Gloria.

“No,” Nancy told her. “I will let you know when you may cum, if I ever let you. We have some errands to do this morning, like going to the bank and signing your account over to me. Then we must go shopping to get you some new clothes, some Bermuda shorts and some new tops so I don’t have to look at your not-so-attractive üçyol escort body. After all, you are my slave and you need to look like it.”

“Yes, Mistress Nancy. Are you going to make me wear a leash?” asked Gloria.

“Well, not to the bank but to the clothing store, sure I will. That’s a great suggestion for which you must be rewarded,” said Nancy as she backed up to the bed and sat down. “Get on your knees and put your head between my gorgeous legs and eat my pussy again.”

“Yes, Mistress Nancy!” Gloria said gleefully. Gloria really enjoyed licking the sweet, tasty pussy of her captor and she really loved feeling Nancy’s wonderful smooth thighs against her face. After Nancy had cum several more times she told Gloria to get dressed because they were going to the bank to sign over the bank account.

“Yes, Mistress Nancy. Anything you say.” Gloria, in her hypnotized state, was willing to give her small fortune to Nancy Chang and live off her. Nancy, of course, had become fond of the petite Gloria Winters and planned to not only take over her money but someday to accumulate even more than that from Gloria’s wealthy parents. She first had to come up with a fool proof plan to dominate Mr. and Mrs. Winters.

“Wow,” she said to herself, “How cool would that be to have Gloria as my sex slave and her mom and dad as my household slaves?”

Nancy immediately sat down and thought about how she was going to do that, figuring that Gloria herself would have a major role in subjugating her own parents.

At the bank all went as planned. Gloria was able without a hitch to transfer just about all of her money to Nancy’s account, leaving only a few thousand dollars for her own personal use. Nancy was giddy on the way home as she realized that by her hypnotizing her new friend she had now become a millionaire. Of course her apartment would no longer be her home. She would buy a home on the outskirts of town away from everyone and she would have Gloria live with her.

The beautiful oriental woman thought to herself as they headed home, “I’m so happy that Gloria and I hit it off so easily. I think I will now concentrate on her parents!”

(to be continued)

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32