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3D Hentai

Two curious college boys, Josh and Scot, explore a gay sex club during a night of partying and get much more than they bargained for.

It was after midnight when Josh and Scot came across the entrance to Forbidden at the outer edge of the Garden District in New Orleans. They had been drinking and enjoying the Mardi Gras parade for several hours at that point. The boys had finally built up enough courage to check out the notorious gay sex club that they had found out about on the internet. The door man checked their ID’s carefully and took their money before sending them into the club whose color scheme was all red and black. Josh and Scot stayed close together as they made their way across the dance floor and to the back room area. They stopped at the the black door that led to the back area of the huge club. Josh and Scot hesitated at the door marked Serpent’s Lair. Finally, Scot took the initiative and pushed the door open.

The doorman called upstairs to the clubs owner, Louis Cypher. He told th edom about the two young men who had just entered the club. Louis turned to his monitors and checked out the newcomers. He liked what he saw and told the doorman to have the young men intercepted and brought to him.

The doorman alerted two of the club’s bouncers and they entered the back room to retrieve Josh and Scot. They found the two young men were watching a scene where a Master was using a horse whip on his slave who was tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross.

Josh and Scot were intimidated by the two huge bouncers who looked like they could snap them like twigs. They were a little scared and kept exchanging panicked looks as they were taken upstairs to meet the owner of Forbidden.

Louis looked at himself in the mirror. The contacts he wore made his eyes all black in his tanned handsome face. He was wearing his favorite leather pants, harness and boots. His well muscled body was displayed to good advantage. Louis smiled at his image as he thought about what he had in-store for the unsuspecting college boys. They had come here for a new experience and he was going to give it to them. Louis heard one of his bouncers call to him and gave them permission to enter his private domain.

Josh was trembling as he was pushed through the door of the owners inner sanctum. He wasn’t sure what was going on and he was frightened. His eyes locked onto the tall muscular man all in leather the moment they walked into the room. Josh felt fear building in his stomach as he took in the man’s black eyes. He wanted to look to his best friend for reassurance, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the man in leather.

Scot almost stopped walking when he saw the leather daddy standing in the center of the room they were entering. The man was tall, muscular and had coal black eyes that creeped Scot out completely. He reached for Josh to reassure him knowing that his more timid friend would be scared. He gently squeezed Josh’s trembling arm, but his friend didn’t even look at him. Josh was too scared to look away from the intense man in the center of the room.

The bouncers put restraining hands on Josh and Scot’s shoulders stopping them a couple of İkitelli Escort feet inside the door. Louis walked forward and looked the young men over. The slighter built one was blond haired and blue eyed. He was trembling and staring at Louis with abject fear in his eyes. The larger boy had dark brown hair and clear grey eyes. He was trying to comfort his frightened friend. Louis smiled. He was really going to enjoy this.

“Good evening, Boys. I’m the owner of Forbidden. You will address me as Master. You came here looking for a sexual adventure. Something unique and possibly out of your comfort zone. I’m going to give it to you.” Louis stated in his deep resonant voice that had Josh and Scot’s attention riveted to him.

The burly bouncers pressed down on Josh and Scot’s shoulders until they were forced to their knees. Josh instinctively bowed his head but Scot looked up at the black eyed man before them.

“We don’t want this. We’re going to leave now and go back to our hotel.” Scot stated as he tried to get back on his feet but the bouncer kept him from moving.

Louis didn’t acknowledge Scot. He moved over in front of Josh and petted the boy’s wavy blond hair. He could feel the slim boy tremble under his hand and growled a little in response. The blond was exciting him and he couldn’t wait to get inside him, but first things first. Louis moved his attention to Scot who was looking up at him defiantly.

“You can’t keep us here. We’re leaving!” Scot declared and began to struggle again.

Louis reached down, grabbed Scot’s chin in his hand and tilted his head up. Louis’s black eyes looked into Scot’s grey ones. “You and your friend will leave when I allow you to and not a moment sooner. In this club, I am the Master. Nothing happens without my consent. Now boy, you’re going to take my cock out and give me your best blow job. Banish any thoughts of inflicting damage on me. Anything you do to me, I will do to your sweet blond friend here. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes.” Scot said as he squeezed Josh’s hand gently before releasing it so he could use both hands on Louis.

“Yes, what?” Louis hissed at him in an angry tone.

“Yes, Master.” Scot said trying to keep his voice steady. He couldn’t have Josh getting punished for what he did.

Louis smiled at the boy pleased that he had judged the situation perfectly. Scot would do whatever the man wanted to keep Josh safe. Course Scot had no idea what Louis had in store for them.

Scot undid the button and unzipped Louis’s leather pants. He reached in and pulled out the muscular man’s long thick rod. Scot opened his mouth wide and began to take the huge mushroom shaped head into this mouth. Louis grabbed the sides of Scot’s head roughly and began to thrust deeply into his mouth. Scot gagged as Louis slammed his cock into the back of his throat. He forced his throat to relax and began to suck the tall man’s prick in earnest. Louis looked down and smiled. The boy had a talented mouth doing some sort of suck, hum, tongue flick movement that felt amazing. Louis twisted his fingers into Scot’s dark hair and forcefully fucked his face. The boy İkitelli Escort Bayan was doing an excellent job deep throating him. No doubt about it.

Josh was watching this with huge eyes. His heart was trip hammering in his chest, his breath was ragged and his palms were sweating. He felt like he might explode from the new feelings and sensations that were washing over him. He was terrified and totally turned on at the same time. He was afraid of what the Master would do to him, but found he wanted it too.

Scot’s hot wet mouth was relentlessly working on the Master’s rigid tool. He was hoping to make the muscular man blow his load so he might lose interest in Josh. Louis was lost to the sensations that Scot’s excellent hummer was giving him. He was getting close to the point of no return. Abruptly, Louis pulled his dick out of Scot’s sucking mouth and backed away. Scot made a frustrated sound, but didn’t say anything.

The Master’s black eyes met those of the bouncer and he looked toward the padded bench to his right. The bouncer pulled Josh off his knees, quickly removed his clothes and guided him to the bench. Josh went willingly and let himself be strapped onto the bench on his hands and knees with his ass facing Louis and Scot.

Scot started to panic. He was scared for Josh. He didn’t want this man to hurt his friend. “Take me. Leave Josh alone. It was my idea to come here. I’ll do whatever you want.” His voice was rough from the punishment his throat had just taken. His eyes were pleading with the tall muscular man.

Louis ignored the young man’s pleas as he walked up behind Josh and admired the view of his slim body on display. Louis began to run his hands over the boy’s pale smooth flesh. His skin was soft and nearly hairless which pleased the tall man. He liked the way the young man trembled under his touch. Normally, Louis would have just spit on his hand and taken the boy, but he wanted to make this good for the slim blond. He pulled over a rolling tray and got a tube of lube and a dildo. Louis lubed up the blond’s pucker and the toy. He began to press the large dildo past the anal ring and deep inside the blond.

Josh was unsure what would happen to him. He had expected the black eyed man to just take him roughly, but he was actually prepping him. Josh was grateful for the prep cause the man’s dick was huge. Josh had never had anyone near that big and he was worried about his ass getting torn up. The dildo was actually feeling good now as the muscular man stimulated his prostate. Josh found that he wanted the dominant male to take him. He wanted to feel that huge shaft filling him.

Scot was struggling to get away from the huge bouncer but he couldn’t move. The man was just too big and powerful. He watched helplessly as the sinister black eyed man prepped Josh to fuck him. Scot started to do something he hadn’t done in years, pray. He prayed that the man wouldn’t hurt his best friend and that they would both make it out of here alive.

Louis pulled the dildo out of Josh’s loosened ass and watched as his pink pucker closed a little and twitched. His cock twitched in response and Escort İkitelli Louis found that he was hard as rock. He wanted this boy more than he had wanted anyone in years. He ran his hands over the boys smooth pale skin again reveling in the feel of it under his rough fingers. He leaned up over the boy so that his cockhead was pressing against the boy’s entrance.

“You are beautiful.” Louis whispered to the boy, then he stepped back, spread the blond’s ass cheeks and shoved his cockhead hard against Josh’s anal ring demanding entrance.

Josh gasped at the sharp pain and concentrated on relaxing his ass to let the tall man in. It only took a few minutes for the pain to burn away and pleasure to take its place. Josh was being stretched and filled by the huge cock pressing steadily deeper inside his trembling body.

When Louis was all the way in with his pubes up against the boys pale ass, he stopped for a moment. He kneaded the firm globes of the blond’s ass then gave him a sharp smack. The boy’s body pulled against the restraints and he cried out.

Scot’s eyes were huge as he watched the black eyed man taking his friend. He couldn’t believe that monster cock had fit inside Josh’s small tight ass. His friend wasn’t screaming in agony so Scot hoped that meant he was okay.

Louis began to pull out and thrust back in with short strokes getting the boy used to his thick rod impaling him. He would give him a sharp spank on his pale ass every few minutes. Louis soon lengthened his strokes and sped up. The blond was making small mewling sounds now and starting to meet his thrusts. Louis decided he wanted to see the boy’s face as he fucked him. He pulled out and told the bouncer to move the blond to his desk.

The bouncer undid the restraints and picked Josh up like he weighed nothing. He laid the boy on his back on the large wooden desk and pressed his knees up to his chest. Josh held his legs up and apart and Louis stepped between them. He had slicked on a little more lube and easily thrust deep inside the boy’s clutching hot ass. Christ this was good. The best piece of ass he’d ever had. Louis had wanted to take his time, but looking at the gorgeous boy beneath him, hearing the sensual sounds he was making and feeling the incredible tight heat of his ass was too much. The black eyed man began to piston his hips and ran his cock into the boy hard and deep. He wanted the boy to be able to feel him for the next week. Finally, Louis couldn’t hold back any longer. He buried himself to the hilt and roared like a beast as he emptied his balls inside the blond’s hot ass. Josh came too shooting creamy white ropes of sperm up his chest to his chin. It was the most he had ever come in his life.

Louis had the boys cleaned up then released. He had a feeling he would see the blond again. That thought made him smile.

Scot and Josh returned to college and finished the semester. Their friendship had become strained by the experience in New Orleans and they weren’t talking much anymore. The next semester began and Josh wasn’t there. Scot called, texted and emailed trying to find out what was going on. He received an email with a photo in return. Scot gasped as he looked at Josh wearing a leather collar and sitting naked at the feet of the black eyed man in New Orleans. The black eyed man had a smug look on his face. Josh had an expression of utter contentment. Scot closed the photo, lowered his head and cried out his anguish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32