Forbidden Hunger

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I met Kal online in a chat room for bicurious guys. He was 21, and had never had sex with guy – not unless you count the mutual jack-offs he had when he was a kid.

He liked sex with women, he said, but confessed to an abiding fixation with cocks. When he watched porn, he sometimes wished he were the woman on the receiving end in cumshots, he told me, the first night we chatted.

I know that forbidden hunger, and I have met a lot of guys, online, with the same fixations: Basically straight, but with an obsession to taste cock. I believe there is a fundamental narcissism involved here. What we really crave is our own cocks. When we suck another guy’s cock, what we are really doing, subconsciously, is sucking our own.

I myself am bi. I’m an oral sex junky. I love the taste of pussy, but just can’t abide the emotional games women play. At 39, and divorced, I had had my fill of women. I still like sex with them, but if it means having to get emotionally involved and committed, forget it. I’d rather jerk off, or have sex with another guy.

Like I said, I’m an oral sex junky. I love the taste of cock as much as I love pussy, but had denied myself that pleasure for many years.

I had experimented with oral sex with a couple of friends during puberty and loved it. I thought I had grown out of that fixation, but more than 20 years later, I found myself dying to taste cock again.

One night, Kal said “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a club where guys like us could go suck some cock and get some cock sucked, no strings attached, no worries about disease.”

“Let’s start one,” I challenged him.

He was reluctant at first. I can understand why: A 21 year old guy wants to have sex with another hard-body, not some flaccid 39-year-old. But when I sent him a photo of me, naked, from the neck down, with a hardon, he immediately agreed to meet me.

I am blessed with a naturally lean body, and I work out. My cock is only average sized – perhaps even less than average. But it is nicely shaped, nicely cut, and very juicy. I produce a lot of precum, and Kal later confessed it was the photo of the moist glistening head, and the tiny, almost imperceptible droplet of precum at the eyelet of my cock that hooked him.

“It looked so fucking juicy,” he said.

That first night was awkward. We sat and drank beers on my sofa, then smoked a joint. I had candles lit, and finally we got down to it. We were both very nervous. For all our talk about on the Internet about what we’d like to do to each other, when it came down to the real thing, we were both scared shitless

We had finally gotten around to talking about sex. He had asked me about the first time I had tried sucking cock.

As I related the story of my first cocksucking experience, with my best friend, I could see a bulge forming in his jeans.

“That looks uncomfortable,” I said, reaching over and touching it. He went rigid. I believe he was holding his breath.

“Nice,” I said, as I stroked the hard boner beneath the fabric of his jeans. “Shall I let him out?”

He was nodding, breathlessly. I reached over and, clumsily, began fumbling at his fly. I popped the top button, then started unzipping. I pulled at the waistband of his underwear and his big boner popped out.

It was seven inches long, hard as mahogany, growing from a thatch of blond down like some thick stocky treetrunk sprouting from a mossy bank. It had a very thick shaft, tapered towards the head, which was smallish. Not a particularly beautiful cock (I prefer large cock heads), but a good size.

I had not felt another guy’s cock in my hand for many years. I had never held one this big. I gently stroked Kal’s hard cock for a few seconds. Then, I lowered my head and took him in my mouth. He exploded instantly.

I wasn’t ready for the sudden hot rush of semen – not so soon. I had just pushed his cock deep into my mouth, when the sudden pulse of thick fluid filled my throat. It took me by surprise and I backed his cock out fast. It sprayed a long gaziantep lezbiyen white ribbon of sperm all over his chest.

“Aw fuck,” he said. “Sorry. Shit…”

I swallowed what he had left in my mouth, and jerked him the rest of the way. It was a curious taste – or rather, an absence of taste. I had tasted my own cum many times before, but had never tasted another guy’s sperm. I bent down and took the still throbbing head of his cock, which was still dribbling sperm, into my mouth and sucked. I jerked him off and tasted the dying moments of his orgasm.

When he was done, I withdrew. My lips and tongue tingled with the slightly bitter aftertaste of semen.

He began zipping his cock back in his pants right away. “I’m sorry,” he said. “This was a mistake.”

Before I could talk him out of it, he was gone.

A month later, I ran into him in the same chat room. He apologized profusely. I told him I would accept his apology — on one condition.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“You owe me a blowjob,” I told him.

Kal was deeply conflicted about his homosexual tendencies. He hated fags, but was obsessed with cock. A pattern emerged. He would indulge his fantasies with me, then submerge, stewing in shame. Then, two or three months later, drunk and horny, he’d message me on the Internet.

The second time we got together, he was half drunk already when he showed up. Drunk and horny. I had rented some pornography, and plugged it in. It wasn’t necessary. Within fifteen minutes, he was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“I want to see your cock,” he said. “I want to feel it.”

I had deliberately worn my tightest jeans, with no underwear. He could make out the outline of my hardon. I was already quite wet. I lay back on the couch and popped the buttons of my Levis. He leaned over and peeled back the flap. My cock lay wedged in to the side under the tight jeans. He had to reach in and pull it out.

A long shiny string of precum ran from the wet head to my pubic hair, which looked like it had been slimed by a slug.

“Wow,” he said. “Juicy”

“Taste it,” I said.

Kal studied my cock for moment, holding it too tightly, as a novice will. Then, he lowered his head.

“Mmmm,” I said, as I felt his warm mouth close over the head of my cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation as he mouthed my cock.

He withdrew. “Salty.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s kinda sweet. Kinda like pussy juice.”

I reached down, and grabbed my cock. I squeezed. A large dollop of precum formed at the head of my cock. “Taste.”

He obliged. He sucked the head of my cock. I gently pushed on his head, and forced my cock deeper into his mouth. But his teeth were raking the skin of my cock.

“Kal, Kal,” I said, backing out. “Watch the teeth man. Here, let me show you.”

We both undressed. He was lean, with a flat stomach, and had little body hair. The leanness of his thighs amplified his cock, making it seem proportionately larger than it really was.

I guided his half hard cock to my mouth and sucked him to full erection, and showed him how to deep throat without letting the teeth touch the skin.

After deep throating him for a while, I withdrew and went down between his legs. I licked the crotch between his testicles and his right thigh. He seemed to like this, so I did the same thing to his other thigh. Then I gently tongued the soft tender spot under the scrotum. I licked his balls, which were shaved smooth, then took them into my mouth, sucking on them gently.

“Oh man, you are so good at that,” he said.

I licked the shaft of his cock, which was throbbing. The skin was tight against the hard muscular organ. The head seemed inflamed. It was red. It reminded me, both in taste and appearance, of raw meat. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and teased it with my lips and tongue and teeth. I could taste a slightly salty taste. I slowly began to take his cock deep into my mouth, enveloping his whole shaft. He moaned, and I withdrew.

“Don’t you dare come too soon,” I said.

“I won’t,” he promised

“Not that I don’t want you to cum in my mouth – I do.”

“Yeah?” he said, with baited breath. “You want to swallow my cum?”

“Every last drop. Would you like to swallow mine?”

He shrugged. “Sure. I’ll try anything once.”

I moved up, and straddled his chest. I gripped my dripping cock and began massaging it, as I moved it close to his mouth.

“Open your mouth,” I whispered.

He obeyed. I squeezed a droplet of precum from my cock. I watched as a long slow silver pendant glided down onto his tongue. He licked his lips.

“Ever tasted cum before?” I asked.

“Just my own,” he said.

“Well, you’re in for a treat,” I said.

I had been drinking pineapple juice for days to improve the taste of my semen. I didn’t want his first taste of another guy’s sperm to turn him off.

“Suck it,” I said.

He obeyed. Taking the wet head of my cock in his mouth. “Take it all.”

I pushed deep into his mouth. He adjusted his body position, moved forward so that my penis would fit more comfortably in the back of his throat. It felt so good. And it was such a turnon to look down and see this good-looking young man taking my cock to the hilt.

He was masturbating as I fed him my cock. It did not take long before I felt the pressure of orgasm welling up in my groin.

“I’m getting close,” I said. “Are you ready?”

He nodded. I continued to increase my thrusting until I felt the hot rush of semen pulsing quickly through the seminal tube. I pushed deep, burying my cock to the hilt, and watched his face. I could tell by the slight widening of his eyes, the look of surprise, when the cum hit the back of his throat.

I pulled back a bit, and gripped the base of my cock with my hand, controlling the spasms with hand pressure, making sure it squirted forcefully. I wanted him not only to taste my semen, but to feel it squirting.

In addition to drinking a lot of pineapple juice, I had been drinking a lot of water, and I had not had an orgasm in three days – a long time for me. So there was a lot of fluid built up. I could tell it was a powerful and copious orgasm.

Kal was swallowing, and breathing heavily through his nose. He swallowed twice, then backed my cock out of his mouth, the sperm spilling down his chin. I could see he was struggling to keep it down. He swallowed a couple more times, licking his lips, trying to get the stringy, sticky fluid down. It’s not the easiest stuff to swallow. I thought he might make a dash for the bathroom – he looked a bit queasy. A large droplet of cum landed on his chest, as I continued to jerk myself to conclusion.

I moved off his chest, and sat back on the couch, dripping slender strings of semen onto the couch, onto my thigh.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

He nodded, then reached for his beer.

“It’s just – I don’t know. Weird. It kinda took me by surprise,” he said.

He took a long slug of beer.

“It’s so hot.”

“What did you think of the taste?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “The jury’s still out on that one, dude. It’s – weird. Kinda sweet but kind of sour too.”

Kal downed the rest of his beer, then got up and went to the kitchen to get another one, his long, still engorged but slightly deflated cock flopping between his thighs like some malformed third leg.

I cleaned up with a tissue. He came back and sat down on the couch, took a sip of beer, lit a joint, then laid back. I felt uneasy, now that I had cum. To be honest, I wanted him to go away, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Your turn,” he said, a big stoned grin on his face, as he laid back. “Come and get it.”

His long, semi-hard cock lay heavily to one side. After I have cum, my desire for cock evaporates. But I knew he was not going to wait half an hour for my sexual batteries to recharge, so I positioned myself between his legs, and began to feel his thighs and stomach. There was a strong odour coming from his crotch, a heavy musk. I picked up his large cock and sucked it into my mouth. I took the entire thing in my mouth and let it grow there. As it stiffened, the head buried its way into the back of my throat, gagging me. I withdrew, and then started mechanically blowing him.

“Oh dude that feels so fucking good,” he moaned, as his pelvis began to gyrate.

I felt like a hooker. I didn’t particularly like or dislike what I was doing, I was just doing what I needed to do to get him off. At least, that’s how I felt at first. But it was taking him so long that, after a while, I began to get hard again.

The beer and pot were working against us. He was too sedated. He was never going to cum, I could tell. He was happy to just lay back, blissfully drunk and stoned, and enjoy a never-ending blowjob. After 15 minutes of sucking, I withdrew and complained of a sore jaw.

“Lay back,” he said. I laid down at the other end of the couch, and he straddled me, much as I had done before to him. His large stiff cock was in his hand. He began to masturbate, the head pointing towards my face.

“You hungry for this?” he asked. “Huh? Want some nice hot nutjuice?”

“Why not?” I said, not very enthusiastically. I just wanted him to finish. But as he continued to beat his meat, I could tell he was getting nowhere.

“Shit man,” he said after a while. “Last time I couldn’t cum fast enough, now I can’t cum at all.”

“You’re trying too hard,” I said, “and you’re too stoned and drunk. Here, let me help you.”

I gently began masturbating him, massaging the long thick shaft, while licking and sucking the head. Then I pulled him to me, and licked his balls while still pistoning his cock.

“Oh yeah – that’s it. Keep doing that,” he said.

I reached down and started jerking myself off, to the same rhythm that I jerked Kal, while I licked and sucked his balls.

“Oh that’s good man,” he said. “Now suck.”

I sat up and he fed me his cock.

“Eat it. Eat it. Oh fuck man. I’m gonna cum.”

I was suctioning the first half of his cock with my mouth and pumping the bottom half with my hand. I could feel his cock stiffening, and the faint telltale taste of bitter-salt precum signaled his imminent orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said, withdrawing his large, red cock and jerking it furiously in front of my face.

“Open your mouth,” he said, in a strained whisper. “Take it. Lick it up.”

The first blast came nowhere near my mouth, but went into my hair. I opened my mouth wide, and helped guide the tip of his cock to my open mouth. The second pulse splashed onto my nose, filling my nasal passages with a strong smell of chlorine and ammonia. The third and fourth pulses, now subsiding in force, dropped onto my lips and tongue. I licked my lips, swallowing the smear of sperm quickly, then opened my mouth again to receive the rest of his orgasm.

Carefully, he aimed the last few lazy spurts of creamy fluid straight down into my open mouth. I waited, open-mouthed, like some pornstar in a movie titled Fantastic Facials, until he was finished, then closed my mouth and swallowed.

The warm waxy fluid tasted so outre. There is no taste like it. Like Chinese hot and sour soup: an odd compound of conflicting tastes.

The head of his cock was smeared with milky jelly. I took the head in my mouth and sucked. Withdrew, pumped his cock. A final droplet appeared at the eye of his cock. I squeezed it out and took it between my lips.

It had been only half an hour since I had cum. But the act of sucking him off, and drinking his semen was such a turnon that, as I savoured the taste of his sperm, I felt my own cum welling up again in my groin.

I gently brushed up the warm sperm that had landed on the side of my nose with my fingers and licked it. I couldn’t get enough. I reached down, and jerked off. Soon, my own cock was spilling a small pool of cum onto my stomach.

When I was done, we both laid back, exhausted, smiling embarrassed but satisfied smiles, our cocks wilting, sticky, smelling of chlorine and male musk. Every muscle loose.

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