For The Love Of Justin

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It had been a grueling day at work and 22 year old Braedyn could not wait to get home and make love to his girlfriend Brindelyn. He had been so horny all day and had all intentions of racing home to her. He filled his mind with thoughts of her lying on the bed…beckoning him when he turned a corner and “Shit.” Traffic jam.

What was the deal? There was never bad traffic at this hour. That was why he left work so early! He looked around and saw what looked to be an accident. No casualties it looked like, but the cars were completely blocking the road and there was no where for him to turn. He was stuck at a dead stop. He just had to wait it out.

He reached for his brief case to get his cell phone, and found that he must have left it in the office. Well wonderful. Not only is he going to be late but Brin is probably already in the tub taking a leisurely bath waiting for him. He could just see her rubbing that glorious pussy of hers in anticipation of what was to come

Their schedules had been crazy for the past week and they had not been their usual frisky selves, but today was Friday and since they had nothing to do all weekend they decided to spend it just lying around and doing whatever they wanted. They had also decided that first on their agenda would be to have sex furiously from the time Braedyn came home from work until the sun came up the next day.

And now, all he could think about was Brindelyn. He just wanted to get home and fuck her until there was no tomorrow. It was making him hard just to think about it.

The minutes passed by like years. His thoughts wandered back to the image of Brindalyn on the bed telling him to come to her. He felt his cock stirring in his pants. In his thoughts, Brindalyn began kissing him on his neck. His cock grew harder. When he imagined Brindalyn putting her hand on his throbbing prick, he growled out loud “I can’t take it anymore!”

With that he ripped into his pants and took hold of his penis. All at once he remembered where he was. But he was in an SUV so he figured he was safe. He began to stroke the thickness of his meat. As his hand moved up and down the shaft, faster and faster, his breath began to get raspy. Small grunts escaped from his lips.

His eyes wandered around to make sure that no one could see, but when his eyes rested on the SUV next to him that he hadn’t realized was there, he saw that he was mistaken. The man in the car next to him was staring at him intently and didn’t look away when Braedyn saw him.

“Dammit” Braedyn said and stopped immediately. He was about to put his cock back into his pants when he noticed the other man’s arm was moving. He looked down and saw that this guy was masturbating too!

At first he just stared, he knew he should just look away, but it was as if he was in a trance. The guy looked at him as if say “well?” And Braedyn, almost without thinking, grabbed ahold of his cock again, and began stroking in time with the man next to him. He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t stop. What’s more, he was getting incredibly aroused. He didn’t know what was going on. He had never been aroused by any guy and here he was, jacking off and staring at another man doing the same.

By now, all thoughts of Brindelyn were gone. His arousal was maddening. Braedyn was enraptured by watching this man. He stroked his cock harder and harder in time with the stranger. Suddenly, the man closed his eyes, leaned back his head and Braedyn watched him cum all over the steering wheel and his hand. That was it. Watching the other guy spew his load all over the place and knowing it was because of him sent Braedyn over the edge. With a loud grunt, he released his sperm onto the dash. He came and came. He had never cum that much while masturbating.

The man next to him winked at him and turned his eyes back to the road. Braedyn, now realizing what he had just done, slowly took out some napkins from the glove box to start cleaning up, very confused.

After a few minutes, the accident cars were finally moved out of the road and traffic thinned

out so he was on his way again. He couldn’t get what had happened off of his mind the rest of the way home. He had just been turned on by a guy. he didn’t know what to think. He knew he wasn’t gay, but he also knew that he was very aroused by the sight of this guy jacking off with him.

when he got home, his girl wasn’t there, there was just a note:

Hey baby, I tried to call but I guess you left your phone at work. I’m so sorry, but I had to go out of town. Mom called and she says my sister is sick, and really wants to see me. I shouldn’t be gone long. see you soon!


Just as Braedyn was muttering about the luck this day had held, the phone rang. “Hello?” he said, annoyed.

“Hey man, its Justin.”

“Hey dude, what’s up? …yeah . . . uh-huh . . . well Brindelyn’s out of town too, you wanna crash at my place? Get in a little guy time? …Great, see you in a few!” bursa escort bayan

21 yr old Justin was Braedyn’s best friend from high school and still lived with his parents. He had called to say his parents had gone out of town and had wanted to know if Braedyn wanted to hang out for a while.

When Justin came over, The two shook hands, exchanged small talk and watched TV for a while.

“Man, I’m so bored, there’s nothing on!” Braedyn said while flipping through the channels. Suddenly Justin perked up “oh yeah dude, I can’t believe I forgot, I brought some porn flicks, wanna take a look?”

“Well, shit! Why didn’t you say so man? Of course I want to take a look!”.

Justin laughed, lightly punched Braedyn on the arm and popped in the first video. It was a pretty good one with some great hardcore action of a MFF threesome. One girl sat on the guy’s face, while the other one rode him furiously.

It didn’t take long for Braedyn to feel that familiar stirring in his pants. The guys were very comfortable with each other and in the years they were friends had watched a ton of pornos together, so after a while, they just didn’t feel embarrassed to jack off in each other’s presence as long as the other didn’t let his eyes wander, and had done so many times while watching a porno so Braedyn didn’t have to think twice about pulling out his member and going to town.

As he was masturbating, he heard a dog bark outside the window. Instinctively, he turned his head to glance at where the sound came from. But when he turned his head, a shock ran through his body. He wasn’t shocked that Justin was masturbating. What shocked him is what the sight did to him. a shudder ran through him as he realized that it turned him on to watch his friend jacking off.

“What is the matter with me?” he thought “first the guy in the car and now my own best friend!” He knew he should go back to watching the movie, but there he was in that trance again and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his friends 7″ prick. It was then he noticed what an attractive guy Justin was. He let his eyes wander up to his rock hard abs, up to his smooth adorable chest, up to his sandy brown hair and green eyes…

He let out a small gasp…those green eyes were looking strait back at him! But they weren’t looking at his face. his friend was staring intently at his cock and still masturbating!

Braedyn couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was he turned on by Justin, but now it seemed that Justin was turned on by him! What did this mean? He had always thought himself strait, but now he just didn’t know what to think, his head was spinning.

Braedyn hadn’t stopped this whole time and he now started to stroke in rhythm with his friend. They were both looking at each others cocks, and when they came together, they looked into each others eyes. Both were unsure of what to say, so they just turned back to the movie, not making eye contact until it was over.

It was Justin who spoke first. “Braedyn . . . can I ask you something?”

“uh….no. I’m sorry. I just…I have to go.”

Braedyn left Justin bewildered on the couch. He knew Justin could let himself out when he wanted to leave. Right now, all Braedyn wanted to do was to get away. This couldn’t be happening. He wasn’t gay! He wasn’t going to let this happen. He just needed some time to cool off.

Braedyn walked for what seemed like hours until he finally ended up back at home. Justin had long since gone back to his own place. Boy, what a day. He decided to turn in early that night. He was still very shook up about what had happened. He just needed to sleep on it, he decided. He would feel better in the morning. And he had the whole weekend to just relax and get over things. He though maybe to call in sick on Monday, just to get a little more time to set his mind at ease.

In the morning, Braedyn got a phone call. It was Brindalyn telling him that she would be in town longer than expected. Her sister was fine, it was just the flu, but she was having so much fun seeing her mother and sister, she wanted to stay another couple of weeks.

“Perfect. Just perfect.” he said to himself once he hung up the phone. He made his way into the kitchen to get some orange juice. Today was just going to be a lazy, peaceful day.

Or so he thought. A knock at the door got his attention. He had a sneaky suspicion he knew who it was. He though about not answering it, but Justin was his friend and he didn’t want to be rude.

His suspicions were confirmed when he opened the door. Sure enough, there was Justin. He invited his friend in and got them both drinks. Waiting for the inevitable conversation that was to occur. When they both sat on the couch with their drinks, Justin was the one to speak first.

“Look, Braedyn, about yesterday….”he started.

“No” Braedyn interrupted. “Just don’t say anything. Yesterday was a crazy day and it never should have bursa anal yapan escort happened . Lets just put it behind us ok?”

“I think you’re wrong” Justin said. “I don’t think it never should have happened. I think it was something that was bound to happen sooner or later. Now it has happened and we should…”

“STOP!” Braedyn exclaimed. “Just stop it, Ok? This is not going to happen. I am not going to sit here and have a conversation like this with you. It just isn’t going to happen!”

“Please” Justin implored. He stood up. “We have to talk about this. I think it really means something here! You don’t know this but, I’ve never really been in love with a girl, but ever since I meat you, so long ago, there has been a yearning in my heart…..

“NO! STOP!” Braedyn couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He slammed his drink down on the table as he stood up and yelled “Damnit, Justin! I’m not a fucking fag!” He wanted to suck back in the words as soon as he said them. Justin just stood there for a moment and Braedyn could see the twinkling of unshed tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Justin. I didn’t mean that you….” But it was too late. Justin had turned and was headed out the door.

That moment Braedyn decided what had to be done. He just couldn’t see Justin anymore. Not if these feelings were in the air around them. For the next week he forced himself not to think of Justin at all. But every time he closed his eyes at night, he could see Justin’s smiling face. He could picture himself running his fingers through his beautiful sandy colored hair. In his mind’s eye, he could see them leaning in for a kiss….

At that point, he would always bolt upright in bed and curse himself for dreaming that way. He told himself over and over again that he was not gay. That he was not in love with his best friend. However on this night, one week later, he decided to let his mind wander just to see where it would take him.

Where it took him was quite surprising indeed. He saw himself with Justin, happily walking together in the park. He saw himself in a few years in the house that he and Justin lived in together. He saw himself in a loving embrace with Justin telling him over and over how much he loved him. He tried to imagine himself without Justin, and found that it was impossible.

When he opened his eyes, he realized he’d been crying. He was surprised to realize he needed Justin. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew that he needed to talk to Justin right away. He looked at the clock. 11:00. He knew Justin’s parents were away again. He had seen them leaving the other day with a ton of suitcases. And he hadn’t seen Justin go with them. He hoped Justin wouldn’t be asleep yet.

He hopped out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and ran over to Justin’s house. No need to drive, it was only a few houses down. When he got up to the door, he paused for a moment. What was he going to say? He decided to just knock on the door and let whatever happen, happen.

Justin answered the door in just his boxers and Braedyn almost fainted at the sight of him, so happy was he to see his friend. Justin immediately gathered him up in a tight embrace.

“I thought you’d never talk to me again” he said, not letting go.

Braedyn hugged his friend right back and was amazed at how right it felt. “I’m so sorry Justin. I was just so confused, I didn’t know what to think. I’m still confused. I think I might be in love with you too, but I just don’t know, I don’t know….”

Justin looked up at him and put a finger over his mouth. “shhh” he said “It’s ok. Come on, lets go inside.”

They walked inside hand in hand. Once the were inside, Justin turned to face Braedyn, he looked as if he was about to say something, but Braedyn could stand it no more. Without a word, he grabbed Justin and kissed him with all the passion he had in his soul. Justin returned the kiss and their tongues entangled with each other for what seemed like an eternity. They each held rubbed and caressed each other until finally Justin broke the kiss, much to Braedyn’s dismay, and whispered “lets go to my room”

Braedyn followed, unsure of what was to happen next. When they got to Justin’s room, they continued their kissing. They kissed all the way to the bed and fell on top of each other, never breaking the kiss. They quickly undressed each other and let their hands wander over each other’s body. Braedyn was on top and he started to make his way down Justin’s body. He stopped at his friend’s gorgeous nipples and suckled on each one, eliciting a low moan from Justin. Then he started go down some more and stopped right above Justin’s wonderful cock.

“Oh my God” Justin whispered in realization of what was about to happen.

Braedyn was now looking face to face with Justin’s gorgeous member. He was surprised he had never noticed how beautiful his friend’s cock was. He licked the bursa rus escort bulging head and a moan escaped from Justin’s lips. He tasted the precum and found that he loved the taste. He knew then that this was the moment of truth. He hoped he was good at it. somehow he knew he would be. He slowly wrapped his mouth around his new lover’s cock.

“Mmmm” he hummed around the cock. making Justin shudder. It was so good. He never would have imagined it being that good. no, not good. Good was just not the right word to describe what he was feeling. It was amazing, intense, electrifying. Justin put his hands in Braedyn’s dark brown hair and moaned loudly. He started bucking his hips back and forth, fucking Braedyn’s face. Braedyn went as deep as he could go. He gagged a bit, but he just didn’t care. He wanted as much of that dick as he could get. Before he knew it, he was deep throating his best friend and loving every minute of it.

“Oh my God!” Justin moaned “OH YES! Oh you’re gonna make me cum!”

At first Braedyn was a little weary of letting Justin cum in his mouth, but he thought to give it a try anyway. At that moment Justin let out a very loud groan and Braedyn got his first taste of cum. god it tasted good. He tried to get every last drop but Justin was cumming faster than he could swallow and some of it ran down his chin and onto his chest.

When Justin’s massive orgasm subsided, Braedyn gave the head one last lick, sending shivers through his body, and climbed back up to lay beside him. Braedyn looked into Justin’s eyes. those beautiful green eyes that were pulling him in. He felt their lips meet, gently at first, then more passionately. Justin’s kiss was so soft. his lips were wonderful. He slipped his tongue into Justin’s mouth and tasted him. Their tongues entangled and their arms embraced one another and they both were in pure heaven.

Justin broke the kiss first, but still keeping his face close to Braedyn’s he whispered ” I never thought about another guy until I met you, but now I realize how much I want you, I need you. Braedyn, please, make love to me. I don’t want to fuck you or have sex with you, I want to make love to you, that is the only thing I can call it.”

Braedyn ran his fingers through Justin’s soft hair. “Of course. Of course i will make love to you. I never knew I felt this way, but now I see, I’ve felt this way all along. I need you” With that Braedyn kissed him hard and passionately again.

Justin reached over to the night stand where he had a tube of KY. jelly he used sometimes for masturbating, and opened the cap. He whispered in Braedyn’s ear “get on your hands and knees for me baby, I promise I’ll be gentle”

Braedyn obeyed, and soon he heard the sounds of Justin rubbing the slick lube onto his cock. Then he felt Justin’s hand on his hole spreading the lube around and moaned. It was cold, but it felt so good. In an instant, he felt the tip of Justin’s head approach his asshole. He knew it would hurt, but he didn’t care, he wanted Justin’s cock inside him so bad.

He got his wish. Justin pushed until just the tip went in, then stopped, allowing Braedyn to get used to the feeling. It hurt bad at first, and he flinched. Justin caressed his back and told him to tell him when it didn’t hurt anymore. After a few seconds, the pain subsided, and ecstasy moved in.

“Keep going now, baby.” Braedyn whispered. “It doesn’t hurt any more.” Justin slowly moved his cock in and out, going deeper and deeper each time, until Braedyn could feel Justin’s balls against his ass. “Faster” he breathed.

Justin began to go faster, until he was slamming into Braedyn’s ass with abandon.

“Oh yes, oh yes!!” he was wailing “Oh baby, make love to me, please don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!!

Justin was thrusting so hard now he was about to blow. “Oh YES Braedyn! Oh baby. Your ass feels so good around my cock! Ooh, ooh!!! aaaahhhh!!!!”

He exploded into Braedyn with force. Feeling Justin’s cum splash into his belly was more than Braedyn could take as he exploded onto the bed without a hand being laid on his cock. It was the best orgasm either of them had ever had.

When their orgasms had both finally subsided, both of them collapsed onto the bed. They were so exhausted, but in a state of bliss. They fell asleep in each others arms for a while to get over their euphoria, then Braedyn woke up, and whispered into Justin’s ear, “It’s your turn baby”

Justin woke up and kissed his lover, then got on his hands and knees.

“No, I want to see your face. Turn over, my love” Justin turned over and lifted his legs up for Braedyn. Braedyn took the KY and lubed his dick up and pored some on Justin’s hole. Then slowly, just as Justin had done with him, he put his cock into Justin’s hole. Justin jumped slightly with pain and grimaced a bit. So Braedyn stayed still for a moment to let him get used to the feeling.

When Justin’s pain subsided, Braedyn began to slowly thrust. God he was so tight. It felt so good. Braedyn moaned “oh baby yes, oh I love making love to you, you are so good! Ohh ohh!!!”

Justin was moaning too. They were both in such ecstasy! With one last moan and thrust, Braedyn let his load go into Justin. It was so good. “Ohh! Oohh!! Oh yes!!! Oh my God, Justin!!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32