For Just One Day Pt. 02

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“Wait…WHAT?” I stared at Katy with incredulity. She had just locked me into a collar, mittens and a pair of shorts with a damn cat tail sticking out of my ass and something that she had shoved up my snatch. This had gone too far. “Forget it Kate! This is over.”

“Okay Nik. There’s the door. See you tomorrow.” she replied, grinning like, well, the Cheshire Cat.

“Fine! Now unlock me.”

“Um…no.” She reached for her phone, held it up and quickly snapped a few pictures. I was livid at this point and about to tell her off when she pressed the screen on her phone, slowly and deliberately. The moment her finger touched the screen, a shock emanated from the collar, causing me to fall to my knees, gasping for air. “And that’s just level one.” she said, giggling. “It goes up to five. But I’m sure that we will never get that far, will we?” Her finger touched the screen again and instantly, my ass and pussy began to vibrate, causing pleasant sensations to travel through my body. I could feel my body betraying my desire to remain angry at Katy. My pussy began to get moist and I arched my back, just like a cat did when it stretched. Katy reached down and began to scratch my ass cheeks lightly. I found myself pushing my ass in the air higher, trying to get her to scratch harder but quickly stopped when I realized what I was doing. I was acting just like a damn cat. Katy sat down on the couch and patted the empty cushion next to her. I tried to sit down but the damn tail kept getting in the way. So I half laid down with my legs curled under me, propping the upper half of my body on the arm of the couch. I gave her my most baleful look but probably only ended up looking even more cat like.

“Look Nik. Here’s the deal. You agreed to anything I wanted for one day. This is what I want. All you have to do is pretend to be a cat for one blessed day. Is that so bad?” Katy looked at me as I took in everything that she said. She had a point. I did say that I would do anything that she wanted if I lost the bet and it wasn’t as if she wanted me to go into public like this. She had obviously gone through a lot of trouble and money to set this up. And, it was for just one day.

“Okay, Kate. You win. I will be your pussy for one day.” I said, smiling as her face lit up. “But, why the collar?”

“Oh, that’s just a little reinforcement. You do something that I like, you get this.” She touched the screen of her phone again and the pleasant vibrations coursed through my body. I actually found myself purring in pleasure as my body began to writhe sensually on the couch. Katy began petting me and I stretched my legs out, putting türkçe altyazılı porno my feet on her lap and curling my toes in pleasure. I was getting close to having an orgasm when the vibrations suddenly ceased. I turned my head toward her, narrowing my eyes. She was smiling again. “Now, if you do something that I don’t like…if you act like a naughty pussy cat, you get this instead.” The collar jolted me again. My body went rigid and I sucked in air through my clenched teeth. Even to my ears, that sounded remarkably like a cat hissing. The pain stopped and I was left gasping for breath. “But, I don’t think we will need to do that too much, will we?” I shook my head no, hoping to never feel that again. “Okay,” she went on, “here’s the rules. One, cats don’t speak so you don’t either unless I give you permission. Two, cats don’t walk on two legs. Now, before you freak out again, I am not going to make you crawl everywhere. That would seriously hurt your knees and I don’t want to hurt you. So, I will let you walk to where you need to go but you must drop to all fours when you stop. Three, if you must go to the bathroom, kneel by the door and meow. That way, I can help you.” My eyes widened with that last part and she laughed. “Just be glad that I didn’t get the kitty litter that I was thinking about.”

All the time that she was giving me the rules, Katy was petting my rump and leg. I began to press against her again, enjoying the feeling of her contact. On a whim, I turned my body around, nuzzling my face against her neck and began to lick her with short, little swipes. She sighed and tilted her head away from me, allowing easier access. After a few minutes of bathing her, I rubbed the top of my head against her chin, trying to get her to pet me again. She laughed as she rose from the couch. “I bet my little Nikki kitty is thirsty.” I meowed as a reply, causing Katy to grin broadly. She turned and walked to the kitchen. I tried my best to follow on all fours but she was right. It really hurt my knees and back. So I stood up, lightly jogged to the kitchen and knelt down next to the bowl. She turned from the fridge, a jug of milk in her hand. I had never seen Katy so happy as she looked at me. It felt really good to give her this much pleasure. She poured the milk in the bowl and petted me as I leaned down and tried to lap it up just like a cat. When all I did was get milk all over my face, I sucked it through my lips, which worked a lot better. All the while, Katy kept petting my ass. I arched my back again, trying to get her to pet harder as I sipped all the milk from the bowl.

When xnxx I was finished, I rubbed my paw over my mouth, cleaning the milk off. I was expecting to see makeup smudged all over the fabric and was surprised when I didn’t. Katy smiled at my reaction. As if she was reading my mind, she said “Don’t worry about smearing the makeup, little Nikki kitty. It’s professional Hollywood make up they are now using. Guaranteed not to smudge, smear or come off unless I remove it with a special cream.” Again, it impressed me how far Katy went to realize her fantasy for just one day.

I was actually starting to get into it after drinking from the bowl. Katy sat back down on the couch and I jumped up next to her. Laying my head on her lap, I began to purr contentedly as she pet me. It was most relaxing. My head was facing her body and I saw that her nipples were all hard and pokey. A smile creased my lips and I began to playfully bat at them with my paws. She let out a small gasp of pleasure and removed her shirt. I batted her naked breasts a few times just to see them jiggle. Then, I leaned my head up and began cleaning her breasts with my tongue, paying particular attention to her nipples. She was sighing now, her head leaned back, her hand stroking my fur, enjoying the ministrations that I was giving her. That’s when I bit down on her right nipple with my fang.

“OW! Bad kitty!” Her eyes flew open in shock as I started to lick her again. But it was too late. I saw her hand reaching down to the end table where her phone was. I let out a low growl from the back of my throat but she pressed the button anyway. A jolt went through me and again, I hissed my displeasure. Pulling back away from her, I narrowed my eyes. Katy started petting my head again, pressing the pleasure button on her phone. Vibrations coursed through my nether regions. I closed my eyes and smiled, purring contentedly, enjoying the feeling of her petting my fur as much as the vibrations from my ass and pussy. I was getting close. So close to cumming. My breathing started getting faster. Her hand was stroking my back and I arched my body, trying to press into her fingers. But, it wasn’t meant to be. She clicked her phone again and the pleasing sensations coursing through me stopped. I let out a whine, meowing my displeasure.

“Oh, don’t cry little Nikki kitty. Does a kitty have to potty?” My bladder was building pressure again and I meowed. Jumping off the couch, I walked as sensuously as I could, exaggeratedly sashaying my hips, swinging my tail back and forth as I walked to the bathroom. Katy let out her beautiful giggle again and I couldn’t help porno izle but smile as well. It felt so good making her happy. Getting down on all fours, I began to paw at the bathroom door, meowing loudly. Katy got off the couch, grabbing her phone as she went and pressed the screen again. She opened the door to the bathroom and told me to stand up. The icon she pressed must have unlocked the lock on my panties because she unzipped me after undoing pressing the button without any trouble. Reaching down between my legs, Katy pulled on a ring that was protruding from my pussyhole. I let out a gasp of pleasure as the egg that she had inserted in me popped out. I thought that she was going to remove the tail too, but instead, she opened up the shower door and told me to get in the tub to relieve myself. I narrowed my eyes again but did was she told. After I was finished, she delicately cleaned me with tissue, reinserted the egg and again locked me in my panties.

Katy then removed her sweatpants and panties. I thought that I might be getting my kitty treat a little early and started licking her thigh. The smell emanating from her vagina was overwhelming and I just knelt there on all fours, sniffing her. She was petting me again but suddenly and gently pushed me away. “Kitty! Mommy has to take a shower. I’ll be done in just a second.” Giving her my best kitty cat pout, I curled up on the bathroom floor, laying my body down right on her sweatpants. She let out a laugh, started the water and got into the shower. I could still smell her womanly scent coming from her panties. I touched the crotch with my nose. Holy shit! I thought to myself. Her panties were drenched with her juices. This must be turning her on so much. I just laid there, waiting for my owner to finish cleaning herself, her soaked panties pressed against my face.

At last, the shower ended. Katy emerged soaking wet and reached for a towel to dry herself. I got up on all fours, sensuously stretched and started licking the water droplets that clung to her calf. She giggled again and scratched my fur right behind my ear as I licked her clean. “Wow! With a kitty cleaning me so good, mommy may never have to shower again.” I purred in happiness as I continued to lick her. She finally pushed my head away and walked to the bedroom. I followed on all fours. It wasn’t that far anyway and from down here, I was looking up at her gorgeous curves. As she finished drying herself off, i hopped up on her bed, curling up at the end, watching my mommy through half lidded eyes. Turning around, Katy smiled at me most beautifully and laid down on the bed spreading her legs. “Come on Nikki kitty. Come lick mommy clean.” Before reaching down and spreading her pussy wide for me, she pressed the good button on her phone screen. Pleasing vibrations started up again in my body. I began to purr loudly and happily as I leaned in and started to lick my mommy’s pussy clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32