Football Widow Ch. 04

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Christa woke slowly, easing out of her dream world and back into the real one. She was able to enjoy the comfortable bed, and the warm, soft body next to her made the transition from sleeping to awake very enjoyable. Sue slept soundly next to her in the big bed, and the room was still dark, although a false dawn bathed the room with its weak luminescence. The deep rhythm of Sue’s breathing was comforting as was the heavy blanket.

Christa could feel the cold air on her face, and realized the temperature must have fallen drastically, overnight. She hated the cold, but silently slipped out of the warm bed and went down the hall to turn the heat on for Sue. Since she was up, the small woman dressed quietly and went down to have a cigarette. The air outside was so cold her breath seemed to freeze, as it left her mouth. Even without the cigarette, a wreath of white vapor surrounded her head, when she exhaled. The entire back yard was covered in a deep layer of fresh snow. The cold air seemed to find every opening in her clothing, and quickly cleared the last of the cobwebs from her head.

She wanted to return to the warm bed upstairs, and to Sue’s lush body, but her mind was also on her own home. It would be cold there, and lonely, she thought. At least another foot of snow had fallen, and she began to worry about the roof. The carport was an addition, and the contractors hadn’t provided sufficient slope to deal with really heavy snows. So much had fallen; recently, she began to worry that she would return only to find the roof collapsed.

Despite her fears, she didn’t want to leave Sue. Their time together was very precious to her. Of course she would have to be gone when Bernie returned, but she hoped it would only be for a while. She had really fallen for the tall beauty. Imagining coming home to Sue took up the rest of her cigarette and, unlike her usual custom, she lit another. It was only Saturday, she reasoned, and Bernie wasn’t due back till Monday. Perhaps she could convince Sue to come to her place for a day or two. It would allow her to make sure things were all right back home, and would also afford her the pleasure of seeing Sue in her own home. She knew such images would be invaluable to her during the long off-season when they couldn’t be together. She crushed out her cigarette and contemplated lighting a third, before deciding against it and returning to the house.


Sue awoke and instantly realized she was alone in the bed. She could hear the central air unit working hard, and felt the coolness of the room on her face. She rolled over onto her back, and a host of new sensations flooded in on her. The most powerful was an aching from her ass. It seemed to be coming from deep within her body and throbbed in time to her heartbeat. Other sensations also intruded upon her consciousness: the sensuous feel of her lingerie against her skin, the prickly sensation that let her know she needed to shave her legs soon, the deep aches in her muscles, an incessant itch in her pussy, which she was starting to believe she would never be able to fully satisfy again.

Over all was a deep lethargy, a kind of languid good feeling that she was more and more often associating with being well fucked. There were many things about her new lover she didn’t know, but one thing she was absolutely sure of was that Christa knew how to satisfy her. Yet, even that satisfaction only left her hungry for more.

Dubiously eyeing the distance between the bathroom and the bed, she tried to decide if it was worth getting out from under her warm blankets. Eventually, she decided it was, and dashed across the cold room, into the relative warmth of the bathroom. Her reflection in the mirror was strange, it was definitely her, but somehow different from just a few days before. She looked good, vibrant, sexy, and alive. All of the things she had once seen in that mirror and worried about; the lines in her face, the slight sag to her breasts, the little bit of weight she now carried – they were still there, but no longer bothered her.

She bemusedly realized that Christa had changed everything for her. Not that the small woman had turned back the years and given her the body she had when she was younger, but her ardent attention and constant compliments had changed Sue’s perceptions of herself. That was heady stuff, and she wondered if she would ever be able to go back to Bernie and her life as a neglected housewife.

Tossing such dangerous thoughts aside, she stripped and climbed into the shower. The hot spray felt good and quickly worked the tension out of her sore muscles. She shaved her legs with more than usual care, and also shaved her pits and touched up her pubic triangle. Smiling at herself, Sue thought it was all very silly, but she didn’t want Christa to see her at less than her best. Sue wrapped herself in a towel and exited the bathroom, but stopped short and stared. The bed was made and an outfit was laid out for her. She glanced bursa otele gelen escort around, but the room was empty. Smiling, she wandered over to the bed and examined the items. Black stockings, a black garter belt, black pushup bra and matching panties seemed incongruous when compared to the jeans, heavy sweatshirt, skullcap, wool socks and boots. She dried herself and began to dress, humming, never questioning why.

Once attired, she made her way down to the living room, to find Christa watching TV. One of Sue’s large travel bags was packed and sitting on the sofa, along with Christa’s smaller one. The short woman was dressed in her leathers, and Sue silently admired her for a few moments.

“Are we going somewhere?” Sue eventually asked. The little butch turned and smiled at her.

“That depends on you, sugar. I have to go back to my place and check on things. I was hoping you’d like to come along for the ride.”

“Going to check on your place requires an overnight bag?” Sue said as she arched an eyebrow.

“No, but I figured that once we got there we might decide to stay. It’s kinda cold, out, and the roads are bad,” Christa said. The words were delivered in a grave tone, but the twinkle in her eyes told Sue that there were ulterior motives. She really should be here, in case Bernie called or if her mom needed something for the kids, she thought. On the other hand, she could always dial into the answering machine and check for important messages. She was very curious about what Christa had planned and felt herself getting excited. She was still not used to the world being full of the possibility for sexual adventure, but her body was definitely attuned to the prospects.

“Well, since the roads are bad, you’re probably right. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” Sue said with the same mock gravity in her voice that Christa had used. They both laughed and Christa killed the TV before picking up their bags and leading Sue out to the car. The drive over was pleasant enough, but there was very little conversation. Christa was concentrating on keeping the car in the plowed part of the road and Sue was filled with a nameless anxiety that she tried hard to define.

She felt like she was crossing some boundary, one from which there was no return. She tried hard to make herself believe she was being silly, but the feeling persisted, mixed in with one of sexual anticipation. She was sure Christa had planned something once they got there and Sue found herself looking forward to it. She realized she was quickly becoming a nymphomaniac and the only thing that bothered her was that it didn’t bother her at all. She should feel cheap or used, but she didn’t. Sex with Christa just seemed right and as hard as she tried to deny it, she knew deep down she was falling in love, that it wasn’t just a cheap, physical gratification. Now, she was going to her lover’s house and she had no doubt they would end up in Christa’s bed. She felt guilty for it, but she just couldn’t bring herself to be sorry anymore.

Sue was a little surprised when Christa pulled up to the guard shack at the entrance to a gated community. She was even more surprised at the beautiful ranch house the smaller woman stopped in front of. The home was easily twice the size of the one she and Bernie shared and despite the piled up snow it was obvious that Christa kept it up well.

“Well, sugar, we’re home,” Christa said, after killing the engine.

“It’s beautiful,” Sue said, still staring at the beautiful home.

“It’s not bad, but a bit much for one person,” Christa said as she got out and opened the trunk to get their bags. Sue followed her up the snow-covered walk to the door, wondering if that statement carried more significance than the flippant tone implied. The interior was spacious, but Sue was a little disappointed to find the furnishings were so modern. Christa seemed to notice when she wrinkled her nose and the small woman laughed.

“My last girl bought the furniture. I just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of it. Come on up to my room, it’s more to my tastes,” she said as she lead the way upstairs. The bedroom was furnished in traditional cherry furniture and was tastefully decorated. Sue took in the huge bed, the massive armoire, all the other features, but her eyes settled on the easel set up in the corner with a blank canvas on it. Christa was watching her intently as she walked over and gently touched the taunt material stretched over its frame. A palette with dried oils and a mason jar filled with brushes sat on the bench nearby. There was a heavy pine scent in the air that Sue recognized. Only turpentine smelled like that. She noticed another jar filled with clear liquid and a third that held a translucent yellow liquid.

She looked at Christa expectantly, but the small woman was just watching her. Her face was unreadable, almost like someone’s poker face. It gave away nothing. Sue escort bayan turned back to the blank canvas and in her imagination it became filled with color and life. She had always wished she could create something, but had never had the talent. She looked back at Christa and then screwed up her courage.

“Will you paint me?” Sue asked. Christa didn’t reply immediately, but continued to stare at the tall blonde until she blushed and lowered her eyes.

“Are you sure you want me to,” Christa said and slowly moved toward Sue. “I’m pretty exacting in what I demand from a model.”

As she spoke she reached out and began to gently stroke Sue’s side. The blonde felt her tummy contract and a knot of desire rose in her. It was still disconcerting that the small woman could do that to her. She had already agreed to pose nude, but she felt a sudden tension in the room. A sexual energy seemed to be crackling between them and she knew that Christa would demand more than her being nude.

“What do you want?”

“Well, if you really want me to paint you, then you’re going to have to let me pose you the way I want. You’ll have to hold still for a long time,” Christa said. Her hand slid over and around Sue’s hip, squeezed her behind. “And there are a few other things.”

“Like what?” Sue whispered.

“I’ll tell you if you agree. If not we can let it drop,” Christa replied. Her hands were now both gently kneading Sue’s ass and for an instant the married woman thought about refusing and just getting down to sex with Christa. As appealing as that was and as much as her body wanted it, she wanted to see Christa paint even more. Sue was also enchanted with the idea of being the person in a real painting. In her imagination she saw herself in her favorite Rubens, The Union of Earth and Water.

“I agree.”

“Are you sure?” Christa said in a very quiet voice.

“Yes,” Sue said, nodding as she spoke. Christa stepped back and her face became hard. Well, hard really wasn’t the word, Sue mused, but very intense and focused. Christa cocked her head to one side and seemed to be examining Sue critically.

“Lose the clothes. Keep on your garter belt and stockings, but everything else goes,” Christa said in a commanding voice. Sue was trembling slightly as she disrobed, her fingers unsteady. Something in the quality of Christa’s voice had changed and the change was incredibly erotic.

Christa walked to the bed and stripped it. She went to the closet and pulled out a red satin comforter, which she spread over the mattress, stretching it totally flat and very taut. The little butch looked up and smiled at Sue before reaching under the bed and pulling out a length of stout nylon with a heavy leather cuff connected to it. From each corner of the bed she pulled a similar restraint and laid them on the deep red comforter. The stiff heavy black leather made a strong contrast to the soft crimson velveteen of the comforter and Sue felt a chill travel down her spine when she imagined herself secured to the bed by those heavy cuffs.

“Still up for it?” Christa asked. Sue tried to speak, but no words would come. She was staring at the restraints and her mouth felt suddenly dry. Eventually, she managed to nod, not trusting her voice. Christa smiled and returned to the closet. She brought out a strange looking pillow covered in the same material as the comforter. It looked a lot like the seatback cushions that she and her roommate had used in her dorm room many years before, except the armrests were fatter and rounded. Christa placed the cushion on the bed and then indicated that Sue should get on the bed too.

“Just sit back on your heels and face the window,” Christa commanded. Sue complied and Christa moved behind her. Sue felt the cool material of the cushion as it was pushed against her naked behind and thighs.

“All right, just lie back,” Christa instructed. Sue leaned back and Christa caught her upper body, easing her onto her back with her rump raised by the cushion. The comforter was made of velveteen and felt deliciously cool and smooth on her back. Christa got off the bed, took her left leg, and stretched it out towards the post at the foot of the bed. The small woman then did the same with her right leg. She pushed and pulled the arms of the cushion until they were lying directly beneath Sue’s thighs, ending a few inches from her knees. The black woman then picked up one of the heavy leather cuffs.

“Last chance to back out,” she said, lovingly fingering the restraint. When Sue didn’t move, she unbuckled the cuff and placed it around Sue’s ankle. The leather was thick and stiff, and as Christa redid the straps a feeling of unreasoning panic assailed Sue. She fought it down and closed her eyes. Once it was buckled in place Christa moved around the bed and locked her other leg into a matching cuff. She then moved to the head of the bed and attached the restraints to Sue’s wrists. Next she caught mudanya escort the tabs and slowly pulled all of the slack out of the restraints. As Sue was pulled tightly down, spread-eagled on the bed, she realized that the cushion forced her hips and ass up while the restraints pulled her thighs open. She blushed when she imagined what a sight that would provide for the artist. Christa moved from her view and Sue assumed she was readying her paints. She was quite shocked when Christa returned to her field of vision holding a thin red vibe and a translucent blue pleasure egg.

“What are those for?” Sue asked as she licked her lips. Christa only smiled and placed them on the bed between the tall blonde’s legs. She then retrieved a tube of lubricant from her nightstand, crawled between Sue’s legs and began gently stroking her fingernails over the skin of Sue’s tummy and hips. Sue closed her eyes and hissed when Christa’s fingers grazed the edge of her mound.

“You like that don’t you? You like being under my thumb don’t you baby? I can do anything to you I want. You know that don’t you? I can put on black beauty and fuck you all evening and you can’t do anything to stop me. Or I can just tease you until you break down and beg for it like you’re my little slut. Would you like that sugar? Would you like for me to just go ahead and fuck your little pussy? Hmmm?”

“No, I want you to paint me,” Sue moaned. The small woman’s words were like fire in her veins and the feeling of total helplessness was delicious beyond anything she had ever known. Even without Christa’s fingers gently stroking her skin she would have been hot, but now she was as horny as she had ever been. The rough leather cuffs felt strange, but they were undeniably erotic to her. The knowledge that Christa could do anything she wanted to her was particularly sexy, if a bit frightening.

Christa laughed and began to work some of the lube into Sue’s sore anus. Sue wiggled against her fingers as much as her bonds would allow, but gasped when she felt Christa press the head of the thin vibrator to her entrance. It was well lubed and slid into her body with only a mild complaint from her muscles. Once it was all the way in Christa pressed a small button on the controller and it began to vibrate. It was a deep vibration for such a small device and sent ripples of pleasure into her pussy through the thin membrane that separated the two canals. In short order, the pleasure egg filled her vaginal canal and added its own competing vibrations. Christa stood up and went to her nightstand again. From the top drawer she took out two old fashioned wooden clothespins with red cloth padding over the tips. Sue stared at them with apprehension, but Christa only smiled and sat on the bed next to her helpless model.

Christa stroked Sue’s breasts until her nipples stood out. She took one in her mouth and sucked hard, lashing the sensitive bud with her agile tongue. Once the button of flesh was standing out from the surrounding aureole she carefully applied the clothespin to it. Sue groaned as the dull pain intermingled with the pleasure from the vibes. Christa moved to the other side of the bed and repeated the process. Sue barked this time, the second pin seemed to be tighter and bit harder into her sensitive skin. Christa kissed her nose, smiling impishly and left the bed. Sue watched as the small woman set up her easel on a box at the end of the bed and then placed another one before it.

She went to the closet and rummaged around for a while, before returning to the bed with a pair of impossibly high heels. They were black patent leather with six-inch stiletto heels and a strap that went around the ankle and was secured with a gold heart shaped padlock. These Christa placed on Sue’s dainty feet, the ankle strap falling just below the leather cuffs. They weren’t uncomfortable, being a size or two too large and Sue assumed they were just props, obviously far too large for Christa’s feet. Not that she could picture the little butch wearing come–fuck-me heels anyway. Christa rose, surveyed her handiwork, winked at her captive and left the room.

Sue was left alone to contemplate her predicament. At first, the nagging pain from her nipples was the strongest sensation, but over time, it was eclipsed by the incessant shivers of pleasure emanating from her pussy and ass. Being tied up and helpless added its own thrill as did knowing she was in Christa’s bed. Before long, Sue began to squirm and wiggle as much as her bonds would allow. The vibrators were devilishly arranged so that they brought her a great deal of pleasure, but not enough to reach orgasm. All of her squirming was ineffectual, as there was no way to bring even the slightest stimulation to her now throbbing clit. Time seemed to slow as the muscles in her back tensed up and relaxed.

She was beginning to think Christa had forgotten her when a noise at the door made Sue turn her head. Christa was standing there, just leaning on the doorframe, watching with a self-satisfied little grin. Sue’s eyes were half closed and she could feel the light sheen of sweat on her skin. She had never wanted anyone like she wanted Christa right then. She was willing to pay any price, but she just had to feel Christa’s skin on her own.

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