Foot Fetish Fridays Ch. 05

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Business increased as the holidays approached. At my receptionist desk, I was busy from the time I walked in until I finished. Even though I was a young, fresh-out-of-college 24 year old, I was tired when I left the internet fashion company. The girls I worked with, Tina and Starla, were equally as busy and we all had little time to foot tease our 32 year old IT guy named AJ. Sure, we let our shoes dangle and even fall to the floor so he could stare at our cute bare feet or even our toes through the nylon on the days we wore hose but not much more than that. As the days went on, I could tell his foot fetish was making him hotter and hotter because the looks he gave got longer and more intense, not to mention, it was evident that he would get hard every now and then in his pants.

On the Friday before our week long holiday vacation, we all had worked 12 hours for the fifth day in a row and were ready to go home. Like everyone in the office, I had worn my “ugly” mostly red Christmas sweater with a black flimsy skirt, nude pantyhose with over-the-calf, three inch heeled, black leather boots. I rounded out my holiday attire with a Santa hat overtop my dark blonde hair and adorable little dangling candy cane earrings. My boots had a special memory because those were the very same ones that I had first walked in on AJ in his office, jerking off while smelling inside them.

It was 8pm, I was exhausted and my feet hurt from walking all over the place after answering phones. Most people had left with the exception of a few stragglers. I was turning off my computer and gathering things in my purse when I noticed AJ’s light still on in his office. I approached his door and knocked when I heard him offer, “Come in.”

AJ was sitting at his desk on his computer working on something. He was a shy, husky man with short dark hair and light brown puppy dog eyes. He looked a little leaner and more muscular as it seemed his workout regimen had been paying dividends. I smiled, “I guess I will see you next Friday at the wedding?”

I was referring to Starla who was in her cousin’s wedding along with Starla’s little sister Gabrielle. Since Saturday fell on December 24, her cousin decided to have a winter white wedding on that Friday the 23rd. Starla got permission from her cousin to invite a few of us coworkers.

AJ pleasantly responded, “Sure thing. Save me a seat.”

I noticed he was looking down at my boots the entire time we conversed, so I asked, “You remember these, don’t you? These are the ones I caught you with that time in here doing your business. I bet they bring back memories…hehe. They do for me.”

That memory for him was slightly embarrassing but deep down I knew he was glad it happened or we would have never discovered his kink and turned it into our pleasure. He nervously chuckled, “Yes. I love those.”

Just before I was about to leave, he asked, “Have your feet been tended to lately?”

Thinking about how much they hurt in my high heel boots, I responded, “No, but they sure could use it. They are tired and sweaty inside these things…just the way you like them. And you always say, it is an absolute travesty that they aren’t pampered every night. They could definitely use some now.”

AJ’s eyes widened, “Uh…I would be glad to massage them for you now.”

I beamed, “You know how I love foot massages. Let’s do it. Where do you want me?”

I sat down on the floor and he rolled his chair over to me. With my booty on the ground, I lifted both boot covered feet while keeping them together. Since he was now at a bird’s eye view and my legs were elevated, he could see up my skirt and my nylon crotch pantyhose covering my panties. He spread his legs until I brought my boots back down to rest on his thigh. Tugging and yanking at the heel, my first boot began to slide off until my damp nylon covered foot was in cooler air.

He hadn’t even touched it but that release after being cooped up for all those hours felt amazing, “Ahhh!” I exhaled in relief. Then the second one followed. I smiled, “Go ahead…you know you want to.”

He knew that I knew what he wanted to do and that was to smell the insides of my leather boots. Holding it from the bottom, he placed his face down inside the rim and took three huge sniffs. After each one he stifled a soothing grunt but his eyes glazed over like he had drank a fresh carbonated beverage.

I smirked, “They’re so hot and sweaty…I’m afraid they might smell bad. Do they?”

He shivered, “Oh Britt…it is one of my favorite smells ever. Your nylon musk combined with a hint of worn leather is like heaven to my nostrils!”

Using my purple painted toes that were clearly visible through the damp, transparent nylon, I gently pushed on his bulge several times while speaking in a synchronized cadence to my pushes, “I…can…see…that. It…looks…like…he …is…extremely…happy…now.”

I could feel that his cock was rock hard inside his pants but şehitkamil escort my feet were hurting and I needed that massage. I helped him refocus, “Let’s not forget why we came in here. You better get those hands busy.”

When he began running his thumbs inside my arches, I yelped, “Oh my God! That feels amazing! Rub them Baby. Get all the tension out for me. I hope you never stop.”

AJ worked his strong hands like a maestro. He flexed my foot up and down while using his thumbs to rub my heels. From there he pressed his face under the toes of my right foot and kissed the area very tenderly. I couldn’t resist so I, once again, pressed my left hose covered foot on his bulge and pushed down on it. As he sighed, I could feel a precum spot forming and it was getting me wet. As soon as he would switch and work on the opposite foot, I would also switch and rub his bulge with my free one.

My feet began to feel much better which was making me feel much friskier, “You are an amazing masseur. Is it my turn to massage something for you?”

He planted the bottom of my nylon clad sole directly over his face. Using both his hands, he pressed the top of my foot to help mash it into his nostrils. Instead of just pushing on his bulge, I used my toes to rub it up and down through his pants. With my entire foot obstructing his breathing, I could feel the warm puffs from his mouth trying to gain air.

My rubbing pace quickened as I coaxed, “It’s OK AJ, inhale every molecule of my foot musk. Can you see that dried sweat on the nylon? Go on, sniff it off. You just keep on smelling my foot while I rub your cock for you. Don’t be shy, go ahead and cum in your pants if you need to release.”

His breathing became irregular and more forceful. He was actually using my sweaty foot scent as his oxygen. I continued to tease, “Oooo, I love when you smell my feet. Do it, Sweetie. Cum real hard for me.”

Through his slacks, I could feel his cock throb and then twitch repeatedly. AJ was grunting into my sole with his eyes closed tightly. His stomach was convulsing and I knew he was unloading in his underwear. I continued to rub the outline of his shaft to make sure he finished properly. When he opened his eyes, I giggled, “That was a good one wasn’t it? You filled your pants up on that one. From being in my boots all day, my feet must have had that perfect smell.”

Regretfully, he removed my nylon covered foot from his face and replied, “Fuck yeah! I needed that…wow! I need to go to the bathroom and take these off before I leave.” When AJ left the room to clean himself up, I slipped my boots back on. I yelled “Bye” to him as I ducked out the door. I wasn’t going to see him until the wedding.

It was nice to get a vacation as I mostly relaxed, watched movies and caught up on my sleep. When Friday arrived, I was refreshed and ready for the celebration. After my morning mani/pedi at my favorite salon, I visited the spa to prepare myself. My long dark blonde hair was done for me and my makeup applied flawlessly. I had previously purchased a new dress so all I had to do was go home and finish. I slipped on my new sequence form-fitting sleeveless black dress that stopped just above my knees. With my silver jewelry to match and my thin strappy high heels with a mesh-toe guard, I was ready for the wedding.

Tina showed up at my house so we could split an Uber because we planned to drink. She was wearing a silver sequence dress that twinkled under the light with a pair of matching stilettos. We chatted about how were going to have so much fun while we waited for our ride. After ten minutes, the van pulled in and we both got in the back and headed to our destination.

The wedding was at 5pm but we arrived early around 3:15 to help if anyone needed anything. Tina and I were amazed at the wedding hall. It was immaculate with tall cathedral ceilings, winding staircases, and a unique tiled floor so pristine that it shined like a mirror. The bride’s family had money which ensured the place was quite spectacular!

We had texted Starla on the way over so she met us at the bottom of the staircase with her younger sister Gabrielle. They looked gorgeous. Starla was 24 like me and Gabrielle had just turned 18. Since they were both in the wedding, they were dressed alike. It was a white wedding theme and the groom had grown up on an Oklahoma ranch so it was a combination of cowboy meets upscale hotel. The girls were wearing very light lavender dresses with sheer smoky white nylons under white calf-high boots with a cute little balled fringe hanging off the back. They reminded me of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders’ boots.

Starla was the same height as me at 5’6 with light auburn hair which touched her shoulders even though it was curled. Her hazel eyes were also similar to mine and were sexy large. With her cute dimples, she looked like the girl next door. Her sister Gabrielle looked very much like Starla with the exceptions of her fuller lips, brunette hair, and stood a couple inches shorter than her big sis. They were both beautiful girls but all dressed up, they were stunning.

Starla hugged us before introducing her sister, “Tina and Brittni, I want you to meet Gabrielle. She just graduated high school and plans to go to San Diego State next year.”

We greeted her with a hug and made small talk. When she walked away from us, Starla whispered, “She is a virgin and is a little shy. Maybe we can get her out of that before she heads off to college.”

Tina laughed, “You mean corrupt her like us.”

We all laughed. The bridesmaids needed to get back to the other girls while Tina and I walked around and gave ourselves a building tour. The closer we looked, the better it got. We were in awe of the structure. Around 4 pm, we were in the lobby awaiting for an usher to seat us. People were strolling in which were mostly relatives.

Among the guests, in walked AJ. He was dressed in a nice suit and tie and looked very handsome and classy. We walked up to our coworker and I said, “Well…don’t you look nice. You look so handsome in that. You should dress up more often.”

Tina reached over and help adjust his tie, “Yes you do. Do you want to sit with us?”

AJ blushed, “Thank you girls. I just bought this and hoped it would be stylish.”

We were escorted inside the wedding hall and were seated on the bride’s side. AJ sat in the middle between us girls and we would subtly tease him while waiting for the ceremony to start. I would hold my high heel covered foot up to the back of the seat in front of me and ask, “Do you like these shoes?” or I would ask, “I had my toes done today, do you like them?”

Tina would get in on the teasing and ask the same kind of questions. AJ would just smile and nod his head trying not to be obvious in front of other guests sitting near us. I could see him getting hard in his pants and even though he thought we didn’t notice, I saw him adjust it for a more comfortable lay.

His eyes were wide but his mouth closed when I whispered in his ear, “Hey…we have about fifteen minutes before it starts…do you want to go into the bathroom and get naughty?”

Hearing that, he physically coughed out loud then took a deep gulp. Tina had no idea what I had said. I stood up and grabbed AJ by the hand leading him. Tina asked, “Where are you guys going? It’s about to start.”

I giggled, “I need to show our handsome date something. We will be right back. Save our seats.”

I held his hand and led him out of the main room with my high heels clicking on the floor. When we found ourselves back in the lobby, I whispered again to AJ, “There is a private bathroom upstairs. We need to hurry.”

While holding hands, we basically jogged up the steps until we entered the small family bathroom. He asked, “What are you wanting to do? We really need to get back before it starts.”

I chuckled, “I think your cock might disagree with me. Look at him…he wants to play again.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

I smiled, “What I mean is that your cock is hard while looking at our feet at this wedding. I don’t want you to be stressed and uncomfortable during the ceremony and reception. I figured we could come in here and you could fuck my feet. We could do it quickly and get back before it starts.”

I put my high heeled covered foot up on the closed toilet lid and suggested, “To save time and unbuckle the straps, I will keep my shoe on and you can stick your cock under my arch and between my high heel pad. You want to try it?”

AJ wanted to say no but he couldn’t resist. He knew my feet looked great in those shoes and he had to have them. I continued to coax, “Hurry Baby. Stick it in and get going. I really do need to feel that foreskin sliding under my foot. You know how I love that so give it to me. We need to hurry though.”

AJ quickly dropped his dress slacks to his ankles along with his briefs. His thick head was already poked out of the skin and leaking like it was a turtle head salivating. The precum was soapy and smeared all around. I pressed my toes down on the lid and lifted my heel. I manually pulled up the back of my foot heel in order to create space between the bottom of my foot and the top of the shoe.

While on his knees, he also helped me pull my shoe down so that he could fit his hard cock into the crevice. I loved feeling the warmth of the shaft and didn’t mind the gooey precum getting all over everything. He held onto my ankle and began to thrust his hips.

I was so proud because he wasn’t shy and soon he was fucking my foot so hard, his smooth balls were slapping the side it. I squealed, “Oh yes! I love feeling that! You look so sexy doing it.”

While I encouraged him, I slipped my hand under my dress and inside my panties. With one foot up on the toilet and one of the floor, that gave me perfect access. My pussy was wet and I rubbed my outer lips before dipping a finger inside my folds. His foreskin was sliding back and forth, caressing my arch. It made me want it in my pussy but we had no time.

“Oh AJ…it’s time to shoot your cum for me! Show me how much you love my pretty feet,” I begged.

His breathing became erratic, “Almost there! Here it co…aggghhhhhhhhh!” His cum spurted out and formed a long stream across the toilet seat lid. It was thick and continued to flow like he would never stop. What he didn’t know was that as I watched it, I also had an orgasm inside my panties while rubbing my clit.

I felt bad but after AJ had finished shooting his load, we really didn’t have time to clean it up. He pulled his cock out of my shoe and then pulled his pants up, tucked in his shirt and regathered himself. For me, it was easy, I pulled my hand out of my panties, licked my finger clean, and then adjusted my dress. I didn’t mind that some of his cum was smeared on my high heel as he withdrew his cock.

We quickly headed back to our seats and made it just before the music started. Tina asked, “What were you two doing?” AJ and I looked at each other and laughed.

Once all the wedding party was situated in the front, it was very beautiful seeing all the white. Even the groom wore an all-white tuxedo with a lavender tie that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses. I again looked at AJ and he was mesmerized by their outfits. I knew he would not be able to take his eyes off those beautiful girls wearing white hose and white boots.

After the ceremony, everyone was dismissed from the hall in order for them to take pictures and turn it over from a wedding area with just chairs to a reception area with tables, chairs, a dance floor, and a place for the band. We were in the lobby and hanging around outside while that took place.

Once we filed back in, the lights were dimmer and candles lit. The low music was starting as we ate, AJ sat next to me and Tina was across from us. We were all discussing work, the wedding and making small talk when he dropped his fork onto his table making a loud clang. When I looked up at Tina, she had a wicked grin on her face and AJ had the, “I had just seen a ghost look.”

I knew right away she had removed one of her heels and was playing footsie with his crotch. When she would shift her toes or rub his bulge with her soles, he would gulp. I snickered under my breath. Poor AJ was caught between loving the pleasure he was receiving and trying to eat his meal without others noticing. Tina pressed, rubbed, and tickled his caged anteater the rest of the meal. Finally the dinner ended and it was time for the band music and everyone was starting to head to the bar for their adult beverage of choice.

We girls were out on the dance floor having a great time. The usual music was played along with our favorite songs. We were sweating and getting tipsier as the night wore on. AJ sat at the table watching us girls dance. We all took turns going over and asking him to come out with us but each time the shyness prevailed. He told me, “Dancing is not really my thing. You girls have fun and I will sit here and watch.”

As with most girls at a wedding reception, our feet were beginning to hurt from wearing heels all evening. Eventually our shoes came off and were sitting next to our chairs while we continued to dance. When AJ saw us dancing with bare and hosed feet, his attention perked up. Starla and Gabrielle were really getting into it and when one of them would stand on their tip toes, even momentarily, he would squirm while watching the darkened wear on the bottom of their sheer white reinforced hose.

I also noticed that the smell from Starla’s feet from being cooped up in those white boots was strong enough for us to notice and it was doubled in power because her little sister had inherited the same condition. We were all drunk so we didn’t care, we just were having a blast.

Gabrielle came over to me and I leaned in so I could hear her ask, “Why won’t that guy sitting over there come out here and dance with us? He is cute.”

I spoke over the music, “He is shy but I’m sure he is enjoying the show.”

Gabrielle had no idea what I was referring to but Tina and Starla sure did. Starla then had a great idea when a slow song started to play. She walked over to AJ and took his hand so they could dance. They were body to body with arms wrapped around each other as she stood on his shoes with her nylon covered feet. We watched and AJ was trying to be polite and respectful but Starla raised up on her toes and planted a large kiss on his lips. His eyes popped open but Starla didn’t care and shoved her tongue inside his mouth. After the initial shock, he relaxed, caressed her face and also kissed her.

When the song ended, she grabbed his hand and led him right past us. We were all curious except for Tina who had found a guy to hang around. Gabrielle and I soon followed them out the doors, up the stairwell and into the empty changing room. After I closed the door, we could barely hear the music so that we could hear each other.

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