Floor 1: Ravenwood Academy Ch. 02

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Warning: All characters in this story are at or above the legal age of 18. This story contains non consent/reluctance which may not be suitable for all readers.

* * * * *

“Save it for outside the classroom, Miss Croft.” The Professor motions with his hand towards the exit.

Does he really want me to walk outside in this condition?

“Perhaps you should visit the locker room, located in the South wing, before going to any after school commitments you have.”


I look down at the cell phone as the screen brightens with a map of the entire floor.

|___|ROOM 103-104
|___|ROOM 101-102
ROOM 100

“Down the hall, Miss Croft,” he sighs, irked that I’m still standing there.

It seems I won’t get any more information from this NPC. I should clean up in the locker room, who knows what else I will encounter in this tutorial.

I make my way towards room 100, wobbling in these high heel stilettos the entire journey.


The door opening pixelates as the game loads the new part of the map. The locker room illuminates with soft lighting that pours over blue and white lockers with wooden benches lined between. Farther down, I can see a stack of towels, a corner of the room dedicated to showers, and a door that reads, “Gymnasium.”

As I approach the towels, I suddenly hear two feminine voices with high pitched giggles echoing behind me, becoming louder by the second.

I hastily take off my dirtied clothes and wrap myself in one of the towels. I use another to wipe down my lower half in a panic, not realizing at first how super soft the fabric feels on my skin, and between my legs.. I involuntarily shudder as I slide the cotton up my thighs.

I manage to clean myself as best as I could and conceal my pile of clothes with another towel.

On queue, “Is that you, Evie?” It’s the girl with the golden locks and green eyes. The other girl with brown eyes and dark hair is accompanying her. If not for those differences, both of their curvy figures look exactly alike with their cheerleader uniforms and high ponytails.

“Haha! Yes it’s me. I was just going to shower!” I reply attempting to sound as giddy as them, still a little shaky from the adrenaline of hiding the evidence.

“What! No, you’re not. You are showing up for practice today! The competition is tomorrow.” Goldie locks storms over and playfully yanks my arm, noticing the cell phone in my hand. “Oh good, you found it! Now hurry up.” She plucks the cell phone out of my hand and holds it out of my reach.


“Hey-” As I grab at it, I accidentally drop my towel and expose myself. The cheerleaders react, eyeing me with an expression of hunger. Noticing this, I quickly embrace my arms around my round globes for coverage and turn around.

“You’ll get it back after practice. Don’t think we haven’t noticed you slacking off!” Goldie locks shakes her finger in front of my face. “Just teasing! Here, you probably forgot your uniform as usual. Use my spare.” She saunters over to a set of three lockers, opening one of them that has the name “Jenna” labeled across it.

This game is clever with the name introductions.. But it is still a very fucked up game. Where’s the ‘Quit Game’ option! Maybe I just have to complete this tutorial and the Menu settings will reveal itself. Ugh, I hope it shows.

Glancing at the next locker, I see my name, Eve. Okay, that’s mine. Now my guess is that the third locker is the other girl’s name, “Madison.”

Curiously, I open my locker and notice a school bag slumped at the bottom.


As I grab the item, Jenna then pushes the cheerleader outfit into my chest and I reactively take it, “Come on, we’ll help you warm up!” she giggles and winks at me. Their personalities are typical stereotypes of anime girls, which is kind of quirky in its own way.

I slip on the blue and white striped outfit, feeling less clothed than in the school uniform, but more clothed than I was a second ago. The halter top barely covers the underside of my large bust and the short skirt lightly swishes just under my perky rump. After slipping into the white knee high socks and tennis shoes, I feel Madison’s arms snake around my exposed midriff from behind.

“Uhm!” I almost jump out of my own skin in surprise at the unexpected touch. The edges of her acrylic nails gliding across my stomach sends a tingling sensation down my body.

Is she trying to turn me on?

“I’m so excited that you’re actually practicing with us! I escort bayan didn’t think you would escape Professor Magnus’ clutches in time. Did he write you up? Do you have detention?” Madison asks excitingly, hugging herself against me. I instantly blush as I can feel her round orbs squish against my back.

Before I can respond, Jenna starts prodding us to the gymnasium. “Come on, let’s go to practice! We’re wasting time.”

The gymnasium is populated with multiple cheerleader squads.

There weren’t this many students earlier, where did all of these NPCs come from?

Some are reciting chants, practicing pyramids, or stretching. The room is so busy and bustling that no one seems to acknowledge us as we enter and move ourselves into a corner, beside the bleachers.

“Bend over.” Jenna commands as she places her hands on her slender waist, taking an authoritative stance much like a cheerleader captain.

“Excuse me?” I say in confusion.

She positions herself in front of me and points an index finger at the ground. “Bend over, Evie. You need to practice your flexibility if we are to make the Semi finals.”

That makes sense, I guess?

I place my bookbag down, shrug my shoulders and bend as Jenna commands. I lean over with my behind towards the wall so I avoid showing my privates to everyone.


Just then, Madison’s nails glide over my back and I let out a sharp gasp, feeling her uninvited hands again. This time, she firmly rests her palms on the small of my back.

When did she sneak behind me?

Jenna tilts her head to inspect my positioning. “Push her further, Madison. I don’t see her legs shaking from the stretch.” I glance up to beg for mercy and catch Jenna staring down the cleavage of my uniform.

As I reach a hand to block her view, Madison applies even more pressure on my back as she inches me further in half. Instinctively, I push back against her weight as my hamstrings strain. “That hurts! Stop!” I shriek as the bend becomes uncomfortable. Madison notices this and steps so close to me that her hips rest directly against my ass, our skirts bunching together. “Just relax, Evie,” she mumbles, slightly irritated that I’m fighting her.

I’m able to lean forward so that my hands touch the floor, but my muscles shake from the over extension. “Hey, I said stop! I can’t stretch that long. Stop!” I shout as I buckle my knees to release the tension, falling face first onto the mat.

Madison topples me and the feeling of her voluptuous athletic form rub against my backside makes me flush with arousal.

Are cheerleaders always this touchy? This VR game stereotypes for sure.

Madison helps me to my feet, but then starts trying to restrain my arms. I fidget in her grasp, “What are you-Don’t touch me!” I shout aggressively, smacking her hand away with more force than I intended to use.

A hologram flashes in front of me.


Encounter? What-

Without warning, Madison lunges at me and I dodge to the side reflexively.

If a mere hand slap had enough force to initiate combat with Madison and I can dodge her melee attack this easily, then my character must be stronger than or equal to hers.

Recovering, Madison turns to lunge at me again. This time I parry her attack with a leg sweep, sending her cascading onto the mat.

Alright, I’m getting the basics of this combat system.

As I’m distracted in internal monologue, Jenna forcefully shoves her knee into my exposed stomach. I yelp as I fold over her leg painfully. I left myself prone.

The encounter mentioned ‘cheerleaders’, not cheerleader. Plural. Fuck.

YOU: [HP:5] [STR:1], JENNA [HP: 2] [STR: 4], MADISON [HP: 2] [STR: 1]



Madison takes her time pulling me upright and in front of Jenna, restraining my arms with a light grip. I hang limply in her grasp, unable to support myself as all my energy is depleted. She must know that I can’t fight back now.

Madison stands behind me and yanks on my restrained arms, causing me to flex my back and push my busty chest out.

Jenna dusts off my tight uniform and gives extra attention to my nipples, wiping her thumbs over them until they’re stiff inside the spandex. “Seriously, Evie. What’s gotten into you?” She clicks her tongue, looking me over as her expression changes from cheerful to something dark.

If they deplete my stamina, it’s game over. Can I die in this virtual reality RPG? Why didn’t I read the terms and agreement?

“Girls. Madison, I’m sorry I hit you. It was an accident,” I bursa vip escort plead tiredly.

“Shh..” Jenna smiles wickedly and gently pets my hair. “You just need to relax, Evie. We’ll help you.” Both of them drag me behind the bleachers, away from view. I whimper in protest with a sour feeling in my stomach.

I am so fucked.

They maneuver me so that I am back-to-back with Madison and our arms are hooked by the elbows. As Madison bends herself forward, I bend backwards as a result with my legs dangling in the air.

Another stretch, fantastic.

Suddenly, acrylic nails are drawing wide circles around my knees. The light touch is relaxing, but given the vulnerability of the situation, my muscles tense in response. Peering down my front, I see Jenna staring underneath my skirt with the same intensity she expressed when I had dropped my towel in the locker room.

Jenna’s nails continue their circular motions and begin to wander north. Frozen in shock, I can only watch as she hikes my skirt up to reveal the spandex underwear. Jenna curls a finger around the garment and pulls the stretchy fabric to reveal my shaved mound. She giggles and releases the fabric, allowing it to slap against my sensitive clit. I shriek at the pain and bite my bottom lip. My body warms with arousal despite my fear of what they’ll do.

“Look at how tense you are, Evie,” Jenna shakes her head. “You’re lucky that we’re such good friends. There’s no way you could get through practice in this condition.” Jenna straddles my legs apart completely and presses her hips into my pelvis. I look away in embarrassment as my vulva convulsed for her attention. I know the attractive cheerleader manhandling me could feel what my body just did and I didn’t want her to acknowledge it.

Jenna reaches to grip Madison’s waist below me and grinds herself against both of us. I quietly moan as the friction is making my pussy throb.

“Let’s start,” Jenna says cheerfully and drops to her knees, disappearing from my view. Her mouth presses an O shape over my entrance and a wave of heat rushes against my sex as she exhales. My eyes roll back as I moan in anticipation, having confident suspicion of what is going to happen next. I weakly kick my legs out in an attempt to escape, but my efforts are futile and ignored as they both know my HP is drained.

Jenna’s lips encircle my wettening entrance as she outlines every part of my pussy with rough licks of her tongue. Whimpers flow through me as my body spasms uncontrollably in Madison’s grasp. I lose what control I have left and cum hard, moaning loudly in pleasure. [STA:2]

Jenna continues to relentlessly massage my spandex bloomers with her tongue, spreading my juices around as I cum. She groans as she tastes her handiwork. The vibrations of the noise pulses against my opening, echoing another moan from me, this time almost loud enough to meet the pitch of chanting cheerleaders in the room.

If she keeps going I’m going to lose all my stamina. What happens with zero health or stamina in this game? I must think fast.

“Jenna, I-I think I’m relaxed n-nnow.. We should help Madison,” I say meekly as part of me doesn’t want her to stop.

I’ve never had a girl do this to me before and these cheerleaders are so hot.

Jenna pauses as if she’s contemplating my idea. I take this moment to calm myself as my body is still fuming for the next orgasm.

Suddenly, she hooks a finger around the spandex between my cheeks and pulls back, exposing my wet pussy. I squint my eyes close and flinch, ready for her to release and slap the fabric against my sensitive area again. Instead, she pulls my drenched bloomers completely off.

“Madison get on your back. Evie will help you with your split.” Jenna and Madison change our positions, moving me around to their liking as I am like a rag doll in their grasp.

Madison lays with one of her legs in the air. Jenna sits me in-between Madison’s legs so that I’m pressing against the raised one. As I lean in to help her stretch, I gently shift my hips into hers without thinking.

I gasp in surprise as my sopping wet centre presses against hers. In my exhaustion, I had forgotten that Jenna removed my underwear. Madison rests her hands behind her head and smiles, seeming to enjoy it.

I bite my lip as the lust grows inside of me. I can’t stop. As I continue to stretch Madison in her split, I cautiously pull Madison’s bloomers to one side, exposing her bald pussy.

She doesn’t react noticeably, but I can hear her breathing become more audible. Being met with no resistance, I experiment boldly by lowering myself bursa elit escort so our pussies touch and begin grinding into her. I continue teasingly rocking myself over her petals, mixing her juices with mine and spreading them all over. Madison’s back arches as she digs her nails into the floor, appreciating the slippery friction between us.

Can I get her to orgasm? Maybe I can drain their stamina and get my phone back that way. Just max them out. Two cheerleaders. I won’t forget that this time.

I gently pinch and rub Madison’s erect clit as she squirms beneath me, knowing how good this will feel. I continue rolling my hips as our dripping cunts and pleasurable moans encourage me.

This feels so fucking good.

Madison gropes her breasts and plays with her nipples as she matches my thrusts. I watch her convulse beneath me as she reaches her peak, soaking our skirts.



I quicken my pace as I’m reaching my limit and losing control. Watching Madison orgasm and feeling her cum on my pussy is sending me over the edge. [STA:1]

Before I can climax, Jenna entangles my hair in her grip and yanks me to my feet. She pulls me into her and shoves her tongue down my throat. I gag at the intrusion, but submit to her advances as I am still fatigued.

I reach to her and discover that she’s removed her uniform and is sliding herself against me, naked. I moan into her kiss as I slip a hand onto her mound, brushing my fingertips over her clit. This must’ve stirred something in Jenna as she deepens the kiss and wraps one of her legs around my waist.

Now having some control of the situation, I guide us so that my back is against the bleachers and she’s angled on top of my lap. As I shift her into this position, I gently knead my fingertips around her clit, feeling how soft and engorged it is. Jenna buries her face into my neck as she hugs herself to me, her erect nipples poking mine as she bounces on my hand for more.

I almost have her. Almost there.

Jenna leans down and takes one of my breasts in her mouth, gently nibbling as she caresses the other. Caught off guard, I moan as she hungrily molests me. The previous buildup I had once cooled down now starts to rise as she explores my soft globes, teasingly licking my areolas until goosebumps form.

Before her hands can get to my lower body, I penetrate her tight folds with my index and middle finger until she bottoms out on my palm. Jenna looks down at my hand and glances back at me in defeat as her nectar drizzles down my knuckles like a leaking faucet.

I begin pumping my index and middle finger with purpose, twisting them roughly inside until she’s moaning. Her wetness allows me to pummel into her with no resistance, and I can sense her climax building as her walls spasm.

I start sliding my front against her in rhythm with my fingers, adding a third to widen her.

Jenna hangs limply against me in a slight daze, letting out blissful moans as I find her G-spot. Taking this opportunity, I swiftly increase my thrusts, fucking her so deeply with my fingers that she’s bouncing on them. I use my other hand to tenderly stroke her clit between fingers, rolling the stiff nub with merciless pace.

My effort pays off as Jenna arches her back and gasps loudly, her bodice vibrating with ecstasy as she leaks her orgasm all over my lap.




Still experiencing the fatigue from no HP, I slump against the wall and slide us down to the floor. “Can.. Can I get my phone back now?” I say, panting as I try to catch my breath.

I wanted to cum with Jenna, but I couldn’t risk having no health and stamina.

Fuck that was hot. My stamina regenerated to full, shouldn’t my arousal have subsided? Why am I so turned on?

Jenna dismounts from me and twirls a lock of my hair playfully. “Sure! We’re done practice for the day, anyway. You did great!” She giggles, returning to her chipper attitude.


Okay, focus.. How do I get to the second level? Is there a quest I need to complete? Room I need to discover?

As I go to question Jenna and Madison, I notice that they are no longer in this area. If they are, then they must’ve camouflaged themselves into the other cheerleader squads.

I open the map on my cell phone again, muttering to myself, “One of these doors has to lead to the second level.”

I stiffly walk back to the locker room as I can feel my pussy aching to finish. I need to max myself out somewhere private.

Picking up my bookbag, I venture forth to the next closest room.



Seriously? Would’ve been nice to have this bookbag two encounters ago! Is this tutorial over yet? I wish I read the game reviews!

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