Fishing for Trouble

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In my last chapter I told you about Kim being pregnant, thank god John was not the father. I also had sex with my dad again and it still felt good having sex with him. I also told you about how I was falling for John’s aunt DeRonda.

This chapter starts out in the early spring. Kim has moved away to live with her aunt in another state where she will have her baby that she gives up for adoption. It is spring break for John and me both. John is going away with his dad on a week long fishing trip. He and I stood in the driveway waiting for his dad to come out.

“Janet you do know I would rather spend my spring break with you.” “But I could not tell my dad no on going on this fishing trip,” John explained as he stood there with me in his arms.

“I know,” I replied as I hung my head down. “I am just going to miss you,” I added as he took his hand and lifted my head.

I had moved in with John back in February as both my mom and dad had said it was OK as long as I finished school. I had planned on finishing school. Then I could go to John’s college in the fall. I was looking forward to being with him on campus just as it was when we were in High School. The only difference this time was going to be me being his girlfriend.

“Janet I will be back in a week.” “It will do you some good to get away from me for a while,” John said as he wrapped those lovely big arms around me.

“Oh is that why you are going; to get away from me?” I asked in a rather bitchy tone.

“NO and now you sound like some one else I know,” John replied removing his arms from around me.

“I’m sorry, I did not mean it to come out that way,” I said when in fact I had meant it too.

About this time, his dad comes out and he asks John if he is ready to get on the road. John shakes his head yes and he takes me into his arms giving me a deep and passionate kiss. I return his kiss standing there in his arms. John breaks our kiss and he gets into the truck. His dad comes over, he gives me a hug, and I give him a kiss on his cheek.

“I will have him back to you in a week,” John’s dad said to me as he got into his truck.

I just stood there as they pulled from the driveway. I watched them going down the road until they were out of sight. As I stood there, DeRonda pulled into their driveway and she got out of her car.

She walked up to me and said, “I see the boys are off to get their horny worms wet.”

I stood there totally lost as I replied, “What do you mean?”

DeRonda looked at me with a surprised look as she replied, “You mean to tell me that boy did not have the balls to tell you the truth.”

“What Truth?” I replied loudly.

DeRonda put her arm around me as she explained to me. The last three years or so they have been going off on this so-called fishing trip. However, they never brought any fish home from the trip. They never took any photos and if questioned on it. Either they had forgotten to pack the camera or it fell out of the boat.

She told me that her sister had figured it out when bills from Las Vegas started to show up on credit cards the next month. DeRonda told me that both her and her sister knew the whole story. DeRonda told me she pretty much had to threaten John to get him to tell her. She told me that her and her sister never left on as if they knew what they were up too.

“If they are not fishing then where did they go,” I asked still in wonder.

“Those two are heading to Las Vegas for gambling and the fucking whore house,” DeRonda replied. “I told that boy to tell you the truth or I would,” “Sometimes that boy has his brain in his dick I swear,” DeRonda added as she shook her head.

I was at a lost for words, I did not know what to say back. I was hurt that John had not told me the truth. The gambling I did not care about but him out there paying some bitch to fuck him. What in the hell is wrong with him I thought?

“I can’t believe John did not say anything to me,” I said to DeRonda as a few tears ran down my cheeks.

“Don’t let it upset you Janet.” “They are fucking MEN every now and then their brains go dead and their cocks take over.” “Yes that boy should have told you the truth and yes I know; why in the hell is it a big deal to visit a cat house when he has you at home,” DeRonda replied as she hugged me.

DeRonda told me she was sure that John was going to tell me the truth as she had talked to him last week about it. DeRonda told me not to worry about him. DeRonda told me that she would handle his dumb fucking ass when he got back. She told me to come along with her and her sister in a week long shopping spree.

“That is how we deal with it,” DeRonda said.

“Thanks but I will be OK,” I told her as I gave her a little hug and a quick kiss.

“Are you sure Janet?” DeRonda asked me taking my hand into hers.

I shook my head yes, as I got into my car. I drove back to John’s and mine apartment. I threw myself down onto the sofa and I cried my eyes out. How could he be doing this to me and why was he doing it. I felt betrayed by John for not telling me the truth. I cried more as I thought he just did not want me any more.

I spent two days in our apartment cleaning and crying. To make matters worst I found some letters to John from that Julie woman down at the porno store. They were in a box hidden on the top shelf of his closet. Julie confessed in those letters her undying love for him. She stated that she would do any thing for him if only he would be hers.

Julie even told him in her letters about my little fun in the back room at the glory hole. She told him how I had drooled over that big black cock. Julie told him I was just a blonde bimbo who needed n ____ r meat shoved up my pussy and my ass.

Julie told him that if he ever did marry me he would have to watch me day and night. She told him that I would be fucking every black dick in town. I cried each time I read her letter wondering if that was why he had not told me the truth about this fishing trip. By the fourth day, I was no longer crying; I was pissed instead. I decided to go have a little talk with the fucking bitch.

It was a little after eight in the evening I slipped on one of my sport bras, a red tee shirt, my tight black jeans and a pair of squared toed black boots. I was going down to the porno shop and kick her fucking little bitch ass. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail in case she was a hair grabber. I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror I looked like a dyke biker bitch.

I drove down to the porno store and I walked in. I saw Mike at the counter but I do not think he recognized me dressed as I was. I walked around as if I was looking at the toys. There were a few men in the store and they all were checking me out however I was there for another reason. I even watched a group of men go into the back room.

I finally walked up to the counter and I asked, “Is Julie working tonight?”

“No that fucking bitch was stealing from me; I had to fire her,” Mike said in an angry tone. Then he smiled as he asked, “Is there anything I could do for you?”

I thought for a second or two and I replied, “Yes there is give me some quarters for the back room,” as I handed him a twenty.

Mike just smiled as he handed me the rolls of quarters. I took them and I walked into the back room. There were about three or four men talking when I walked in. They grew silent as I walked by them and I walked into a booth closing the door behind me.

I did not even get a chance to put a quarter into the movie box before I saw two fingers come through the hole in the wall. I dropped to my knee as I touched my fingers against his. He withdrew his fingers and slipped his cock through the hole. I took it into my hand and I rubbed on it for a while making it hard. His cock grew to about average size right at about six inches I would say.

I took his cock into my mouth and I worked it up and down on his cock. I got my mouth down against the hole and I sucked hard on his cock. I removed my mouth and I licked at the head of his cock while I pumped my hand on the rest of it.

I felt his cock throb in my hand as cum started to ooze from his dick. His cum did not fly out it just oozed out over my hand as I pumped on it. He had not even come that much really. I did not even lick it from my hand I just wiped it off on my black jeans.

I watched him pull his now limp cock back through the hole. I was a little let down in the fact I had only played with his cock for a few minutes. I thought about just getting up and leaving when another cock slipped through the hole. This cock looked a lot bigger than the first one as it hung down the wall.

I took it into my hand and I started to pump my hand back and forth on it. I could feel my pussy juices start to warm up as I felt his cock growing hard in my hand. His cock grew to a nice fat seven inches or so. I wrapped my lips around it as I worked it down my mouth. I ran my mouth up and down on his cock as fast as I could as I squeeze my lips tightly around it. I also worked my mouth right down to the wall on his cock.

I removed my mouth and I pumped on his big fat cock as his pre-cum oozed freely from it. I used my tongue to lap up the pre-cum oozing from the head of his cock. When I had cleaned all of his pre-cum up I took him fully into my mouth again. I worked my head up and down on his shaft as sucking sounds filled the booth. I heard a moan come through the hole in the wall as I sucked at his cock.

I worked my mouth to just the head of his cock and I sucked at it wildly. His cock throbbed a few times before I felt it give a jerk. His cock started to squirt his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed as he filled my mouth. I was able to take all of his cum into my mouth and right down my throat.

I never took his cock from my mouth I just kept sucking on it taking every drop he had. I was still sucking on it, as it grew soft. I could feel him trying to pull it away from me but I was still sucking at it. He finally managed to pull it from my mouth as it came out with Sex hikayeleri a little pop sound.

I heard him say, “Damn girl,” as he pulled his cock back through the hole. I wanted another cock and I wanted it right now. I took my hand down to my pussy and I rubbed it hard through my black jeans. My pussy had my jeans all wet with its juices.

There I was in the booth on my knees with my hand between my jeans rubbing wildly at my pussy. I regained some of my composure when I saw fingers come through the hole. They were big black fingers as well. I went over to the hole and I touched his black fingers with mine. I leaned toward the hole.

“Steve is that you?” I asked.

There was a slight pause before I heard him reply, “Yes it is,” “Do I know you?” Steve asked in that deep voice of his.

“Yes but give me a second,” I replied.

I got up off my knees and walked out of my booth over to his. I went to his door and I just opened it. Steve jumped from the little bench with his eyes big and bulging.

“Sorry about scaring you but I am a friend of DeRonda I was here with her before,” I said with a smile standing in the doorway.

“Damn girl give me a heart attack thought you was some angry husband or something,” Steve replied.

I was still pissed over Julie and at John. My mind was not right and my pussy was throbbing from sucking that last cock off. My pussy rather took over when I found out it was Steve on the other side of the wall.

“Steve I want that big fucking cock of yours but I do not want it through this dam wall,” I said. “How about you just come over to my place instead?” I asked as I placed my hand against the front of his pants feeling the big black snake of his at rest.

My pussy throbbed and twitched in my tight jeans. My juices started to flow freely when my hand brushed against that big cock. My big tits were heaving inside my sport bra. They wanted to come out and wrap them selves around his head.

“I would girl but I am here with my buddy,” Steve replied.

“Bring him along as well,” I said as I rubbed at his cock with my hand.

Steve shook his head OK as he stood up I noticed he was the same height as I was. In fact, I may have been an inch or two taller. I told him where I lived. Steve told me he knew where it was. He told me that we would gather up his friend and be over in a little bit. I put my arms around him giving him a kiss.

His lips felt strange on mine but good at the same time. He kissed me back as I felt both his hand go to my butt. He pulled me tightly against himself as he returned my kiss. I felt his cock ramming against my front as he pulled me into himself. I almost thought about letting him take me right then. However, I broke our kiss telling him I would see him later giving him that evil little grin of mine.

I walked out of the back room and as I walked up past the counter. I remembered those two rolls of quarters Mike had given me. I fished them from my purse as I walked by Mike. I placed them onto the counter.

“A tip for you Mike,” I said as I gave him my evil little smile before walking toward the door.

“Thanks Janet,” Mike replied.

When I heard him call me by name I turned flashing him a smile as I said, “Your turn next time,” as I blew him a kiss.

I got in my car and drove home. I had nothing on my mind other than that big fucking black cock. I was not thinking about Julie anymore. I was not thinking about Mike knowing what I may be doing tonight. I was not even thinking of John. All I was thinking about was taking that big black cock.

I got home and I slipped into a tank top with a built in bra. My tits flowed nicely over and out of it. I slipped out of my tight black jeans feeling the wetness in the crotch of them as I removed them. I do not know why but I slipped a pair of see thru black lace panties on before I slipped into a pair of my short shorts.

I looked at myself in the mirror, my shorts showed off my long legs very nicely. The tank top had the girls in full form. I took my hair from the ponytail and fluffed it into shape. I gave myself a smile as I looked at the reflection in the mirror.

I went to the kitchen and opened myself a bottle of wine. I did not even get a glass. I stood there as I took a big drink right from the bottle. I walked back into the living room where I put some music on and I flopped down onto the sofa with wine bottle in hand.

About an hour later and a half bottle of wine later, there was a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole and saw Steve and another man standing there. The other man was white and he had a case of beer with him I think. I left them in showing them to the sofa.

“Damn girl I don‘t even know your name,” Steve said to me as he sat down.

“It’s Janet,” I replied.

Steve looked like he was searching his mind or something then he said, “This is my buddy Phil.”

“Nice to met you Phil,” I replied as I turned to him.

Phil put the beer down as he stuck out his hand but I just brushed it to the side as I walked up to him. He was smaller than I was as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I gave him a long deep kiss onto his mouth as his arms wrapped around me. I slipped my tongue into his as we kissed deeply. I broke the kiss and walked away.

“Now that’s much better than a hand shake,” Phil said with a big smile as he sat down on the sofa

“Got a place for this beer Janet?” Phil asked pointing to it from the sofa.

“I sure do,” I replied giving him my evil little smile.

I bent over in front of both of them making sure they got a lovely view of my big tits. I broke one of the bottles out from the box and twisted the cap off. I stayed bent over with my tits hanging in front of them. I ran my tongue over and around the bottle top. I took the neck of the bottle into my mouth and ran my mouth up and down on it a few times.

I stood back up as I took a big long sip of beer. I saw them both checking my long legs out as well as my short shorts. I put my beer onto the table before I bent down again to pick up the box of beer. I made sure my butt was sticking right at them.

“Here let me get that Janet,” Steve said as he stood up.

Steve got up right behind me and he rubbed his big cock against my butt as he sidestepped around me. I bumped my ass back against him when I felt it against my ass. I showed him where to put it in the kitchen.
Before we returned to the living room, we locked into a deep passionate kiss. As, we returned to the sofa I felt him run his hand over my ass. I sat down on the sofa between the two of them.

Steve had brought them both beers back in and he reached over me to give one to Phil. Steve brushed his hand against my tits as he did. I moaned softly as I reached for my beer. I took another big sip and I noticed my nipples had gotten hard as I sat my beer back down. I could also feel my pussy twitching and leaking juices as I sat between them.

“How about a little smoke,” Phil said as he pulled out a bag of weed.

I just shook my head OK however I had never smoked weed in my life. I had been to parties with John where people were getting high but I never joined them. I grabbed for my beer and finished it as I watched nervously as Phil twisted one up. He handed it to Steve who lit it and took a deep hard drag on it.

I watched Steve as he took a hit from it, as I was not even sure how to do it. I was not sure about taking a hit from it when Steve handed it to me. I looked at it for a second then I took it into my mouth I sucked at it getting some smoke as my eyes went closed. I blew the smoke back out as soon as it had entered my mouth.

“NO girl you got to hold it in,” “Think of it like you are swallowing a nice load of cum,” Steve said as he place his arm around me.

I took it back into my mouth and I puffed on it again. This time I held it in and swallowed it. With my mouth full of smoke, I handed the joint to Phil. I no sooner handed it to him than it felt like my throat was on fire. I blew the smoke back out choking a little as I did.

“Now you got the idea girl,” Phil said as he handed it back to me.

I took another toke from the joint. This time it went down a little easier. I sat there between the two of them smoking on the joint. I got the hang of it the second time around. I was starting to feel very relaxed as I hit it.

“Hey baby pass it on,” Steve said with a smile and a little laugh.

“Oh sorry,” I replied with a little laugh that seemed to just go on and on.

I reached across Phil to get my bottle of wine down on the floor next to the sofa. My tits ended up right over his cock. I gave my tits some movement as I reached for the wine. I was pretty much grinding my big tits into his cock as I took hold of the bottle. I sat back up noticing that Phil had a big boner sticking up in his pants.

I took a long hard drink from the wine bottle. With the wine bottle in one hand, I ran my hand over his boner in his pants. I gripped at it through his pants. It felt like he had a nice size cock tucked in his pants.

I smiled at him as I asked, “Did I do that?”

Phil did not reply he just took me into his arms as he kissed me deeply and hard onto my lips. I kissed him back as I squeezed hard on his cock through his pants. My pussy was twitching and dripping as I rubbed on his cock. I broke our kiss removing my hand from his cock as I took another big sip from the wine bottle.

I turned to Steve as I heard a slow song come on the stereo and said, “Dance with me.”

I almost fell over when I stood up but Steve caught me. Well his hand caught hold of my big tit as I fell his way. He just smiled and helped me up with his hands still on my boobs. I put my arms around his neck as we danced. Steve put both his hands down onto my butt. He would squeeze my ass as he pulled me into him. I could feel that big cock of his rubbing against me as we danced.

I could feel my pussy getting wet as I rubbed it into his cock. I started to kiss at his lips as we Sikiş hikayeleri danced. Steve kissed me back hard on my lips as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I slipped my own tongue into his mouth as well. I started to bump my pussy into his cock each time he grabbed at my ass.

I broke our kiss and pushed myself away from him as I asked, “Do you think that it is hot in here?”

I did not give him time to reply as I slipped my tank top up over my head. My big round tits jiggled as I turned to Phil on the sofa. I tossed my tank top over by him. I could see that he was just gawking at my big tits. I gave them a little squeeze with my hands as I looked at him.

I turned back to Steve who took me back into his arms. He leaned his head down and licked at my nipples as he danced me around the room. When the song ended, he stopped dancing but he was still man handling my tits. Steve sucked at my tits as I looked back at Phil giving him a big smile.

“Hey buddy, bring her over here,” Phil yelled out as he patted the sofa.

Steve walked me back to the sofa where I sat between the two of them again. Steve was sucking on one of my tits as Phil was groping the other. Phil pinched and pulled at my nipples as I leaned toward him. Phil and I kissed as I felt Steve remove his mouth from my tit. I broke my kiss with Phil to see why Steve had stopped sucking on my tit. I watched him rolling up another joint, as I played with Phil’s cock in his pants.

“A nice big fat one for us to enjoy,” Steve said as he fired the joint up.

We passed the joint between us as we sat on the sofa. When I did not have the joint in my hand, I was rubbing their cocks through their pants. My head was spinning and my pussy was throbbing now. We finished the joint and we all just sat there staring out into space.

Phil stood up and he dropped his pants as he said, “Girl it is hot in here.”

Phil sat back down onto the sofa with just his shirt on. His hard cock throbbing as it stood there. It must been the weed that I smoked. Because I swear, I heard it call my name as I leaned over and I took his cock into my mouth. I ran my mouth up and down on it a few times. I then took it into my hand and I pumped on it as I kissed and licked at the head of his cock.

Phil had a nice cock it was about average in size but it was thick. I felt Steve’s hands at my waist; he was picking me up so that I was on my knees.
I sucked Phil’s cock back into my mouth; I buried my face all the way down onto his cock. I sucked at it, as it throbbed deep in my mouth.

Phil put his hand to my head as I heard him say, “Damn buddy she sure can suck some cock.”

“I told you she was just a slut,” Steve replied.

When I heard him call me a slut, it turned me on even more. I started to run my mouth up and down on Phil’s cock. His hands locked into my hair helping to push me up and down on his cock. I felt Steve’s hand running all over my ass. Steve put his hand between my legs and he started to rub at my pussy through my shorts.

“Dam girl your fucking pussy has your shorts soaking wet,” Steve said.

I did not reply I just sucked harder on Phil’s cock. I took my hand and I rubbed at his balls as my mouth went up and down on his cock. I felt Steve reach under me and he unsnapped my shorts. He pulled them down and slipped them off me; leaving me in only my see thru panties. Steve pulled my panties to the side as I felt one of his big black fingers enter my pussy from behind me.

“AHhhh,” I moaned out taking my mouth off Phil’s cock.

I pumped on his cock with my hand as Steve ran his finger in and out of my pussy. My pussy was sucking at his finger and I was rocking back toward it. I felt Steve put another finger into my pussy. He started to run them in and out. I felt him curl them downward in my pussy as he ran them in and out.

“AHHHOHhhh,” I screamed out as I felt his fingers hitting my special spot.

I tried to fight it but I could not. My pussy started to convulse on his fingers. I pumped wildly on Phil’s cock with my hand. Steve plunged his two big black fingers deeper into my pussy as he curled and uncurled them.

“FUCK,” I screamed out as a big orgasm over came me.

My thighs started to shake as my pussy juices started to squirt from my hole. Steve just kept fingering me deep and hard. My pussy sent its juices splashing out everywhere. I started to moan loudly but Phil pulled my head back up and onto his cock.

I ran my head up and down on his cock as fast as I could. I sucked at it while I did. Steve slipped his fingers from my pussy. I could still feel my juices dripping from my pussy as I sucked at Phil’s cock.

“Oh yeah girl that’s it,” Phil moaned out.

I felt his cock give a twitch in my mouth and he removed his hand from my head. I took the first couple shots of cum into my mouth then pulled it off his cock. I watched his cock throb more as I pumped on it with my hand. He fired off another three to four more blasts of cum from his cock. They shot into the air and splashed down over my hand. Phil just moaned loudly and rocked on the sofa as I milked out the last drop from his cock. I left go of his cock as I sat back up. I licked at his cum that had dropped on my hand.

Phil said, “Dam girl you got one hot fucking mouth,” as he laid his head into the back of the sofa.

I gave him a smile as I licked the last bit of his cum from my hand. My pussy was still twitching. I saw the sofa was wet with my juices as I sat there. I turned to Steve who was standing taking his pants off. He turned to me with that big black hard cock sticking straight out from his body. I grabbed for his cock with my hands. I wrapped them both around it and I started to pump on it. I pulled Steve and his big fucking cock toward me.

I licked at the head of his cock for a second or two. I took his cock into my mouth sucking on it as I worked my mouth down on it. I only got about half of it into my mouth. I still had my hands wrapped around it. I pumped on his cock while I worked my mouth up and down on his cock. My whole body was tingling as I sucked on his big black cock.

I took his cock from my mouth and I looked up at him as I said, “Fuck me.” “I want to feel you big cock in my pussy,” I added pleading with him as I pumped both my hands on it.

I left go of his cock and I jumped up onto the couch on my knees. I put my big tits up onto the back top of the sofa. I reached down to my pussy and I rubbed at it. My pussy was soaking wet so I knew I was ready.

I looked back at Steve as I screamed out at him, “Take me like this,” “Feed my pussy that cock.”

I turned back away and I braced myself on the sofa. Steve got behind me I felt him take hold of my panties and he just ripped them from my butt. I felt him rub his cock up through my pussy lips. He then placed the head at the entrance. He pushed the head in as I moaned softly. He shoved another few inches into my pussy as I moaned even more. Steve just held his cock in my pussy not moving at all.

“Give me that cock,” I cried out as I started to rock on it.

I felt Steve push a little bit more in. I figured that I had about half of it in me. I started to buck back against his cock trying to take more of it. My pussy was wrapping itself around his cock as he fed it up into it. I felt Steve’s hands move to my hips. Steve started to fuck my pussy slowly with his cock.

“AHHHhh,” I moaned as I felt his cock sliding in and out.

Steve fucked my pussy slowly with about half of his cock building up to a faster pace. My pussy was getting the air knocked out of it each time he shoved it back up into my pussy. I felt my juices coating his cock as he gripped at my hips. Steve was shoving more of that big black cock up into my pussy each time he shoved it back up into me.

“AAAAHHHhhh FUCKING SHIT,” I screamed out as he pushed even more of that big black cock up into me.

I tried to pull away but he had a firm grip on my hips. Steve started to fuck me harder and deeper with that big black cock. My pussy felt like it could not take anymore of his cock. At least that was what I had thought.

“Fuck her man,” “Give the fucking slut all of your cock,” Phil yelled at Steve.

I looked over to Phil who was jacking on his semi hard cock. I suddenly felt pain in my pussy. Steve had shoved the rest of that big black cock into my pussy. He had it all buried inside my pussy, it felt like it my pussy was on fire, it was burning deep in my pussy. Steve started to plow my pussy deep and hard with his big black cock.

“Fuck that’s too much,” I screamed out as I tried to pull myself away.

Steve just pulled me down against his pussy driving it back up into me. I screamed out again as my pussy felt like it was going to explode or something. I had never been so full of a cock this big before.

I could feel his cock stretching my pussy out each time he slammed it up into me. I do not know if it was the drinks, the smoke or if my pussy just got used to his cock because in a few minutes I was rocking my pussy onto his cock. I was bucking my hips back onto to his big black cock.

“The fucking slut loves it,” Steve said as he and Phil gave each other a high five.

“FUCK ME FUCK ME,” I screamed out backing my pussy harder onto his cock.

I felt my eyes roll up into my head. A strong and powerful orgasm came over me. My pussy gripped at his cock as my body rocked with my orgasm. I rather went limp as my orgasm rocked through out my body.

“SHIT man the slut is coming on my cock,” I think Steve yelled out.

I felt him slam his cock deep in and out of my pussy. I felt his big black cock as it throbbed in my pussy. Steve buried it deep up in me and moaned loudly. I tried to yell out for him to give me his cum however I do not think anything came out of my mouth. My orgasm had left me unable to say anything. I felt his cock twitching in my pussy that was all I could feel. I was almost hanging over the back of the sofa. Steve was blasting his cum deep into my pussy.

My Porno Hikayeleri pussy was so fucking wet I did not even feel him remove his cock. I whether heard it as a big loud wet pussy fart escaped. My pussy burped up his cum a couple of times. I could feel it or at least something starting to flow freely from my pussy. I had no control of my pussy or of myself.

“Damn dude you fucked the piss out of her,” I heard Phil yell out.

It was then that I realized he had. I was peeing from my pussy as I hung onto the back of the sofa. I managed to push myself up from the back of the sofa. I almost feel over when I tried to stand up. I ran for the bathroom with pee and cum running from well-fucked pussy. I got onto the toilet and sat there for a while. My pussy was a little sore as I wiped at it.

I returned to the front room naked and with a bit of a sore pussy. I was a little embarrassed over my lack of controlling my pee. I sat back down between the two of them. I hung my head down onto my chest.

“Sorry about that you guys,” I said sheepishly.

“Hell girl don’t be sorry I loved the hell out of it,” Steve yelled at me.

“Girl you are one hell of a slut,” Phil said as he lifted my head up from my chest. “Don’t ever be ashamed of that,” Steve added just before he kissed me.

Steve and Phil got up and they took the rest of their clothes off. Phil asked me where the bathroom was at he said he had to drain the lizard before he put it to use again. I show him where it was at and returned to Steve on the sofa. Steve got up and he returned with a few beers. He handed me one which I put down on my pussy it was cold however it did feel good with the bottle against it. Phil returned to the sofa from taking a piss.

“Hey guys how about we move this to the bedroom,” I said as I stood back up.

They shook their heads OK and they both went into the kitchen and grabbed some beer. We all walked down the hall; I was staggering a bit, as I made my way to our bedroom. I flopped down onto the bed onto my back. Steve slipped in next to me. Phil dove in between my legs and he started to kiss lightly across my hairless pussy.

“You might not want to do that,” I said thinking about Steve’s cum that may still be in my pussy

“Its OK girl that boy loves sloppy pussy,” Steve said as he started to play with my tits.

There I was laying in John’s and mine bed with two men I had just met. Steve was playing with my big tits. Phil had his tongue lapping at my pussy. I closed my eyes as Steve’s playing with my tits had gotten me horny again. I spread my legs apart further and reached for Phil’s head pulling it into my pussy.

His tongue dipped into my pussy licking at my pussy walls. It hurt a little but when my juices started to flow again it turned to all pleasure. Steve was now sucking and biting lightly at my tits as Phil started to flick his tongue across my clit.

“AHhhhh that feels good you guys,” I cooed out as I lie there with my eyes closed.

Phil rose up onto the bed and he flipped me over. I got up onto my hands and knees on the bed. Steve slipped across the bed so that big black limp cock was lying right below my face. I took his cock into my hand it felt all sticky from my juices and his cum. I pumped on it as I felt Phil get behind me.

“Please be gentle Phil my pussy is a little sore,” I said as I gave him a quick look.

Phil took his cock and he rubbed it on my pussy as he replied, “That’s OK girly that asshole looks tighter anyways.”

I was about to tell him NO but it was too late. I felt him easing his cock into my asshole. At least he was gentle about it. His cock slipped pretty much in with no pain at all. Phil buried his cock slowly into my ass. I felt his balls touching my pussy so I knew he had it all in my ass. Phil started to fuck my butt with slow shallow strokes.

“MMmmm that does feel good,” I moaned out as I felt Steve’s cock start to get hard in my hand.

Phil picked up his pace as he fucked me in my ass. I pumped at Steve’s big black cock watching it grow in my hands. No wonder it had hurt so much when I saw his cock fully hard. I knew that his big black cock had to be at least 11 inches if not 12 inches long.

“Yes fuck my ass,” I moaned loudly out looking back to Phil.

Phil worked his cock a bit faster and harder into my butt. I took Steve’s cock into my mouth. I worked my mouth down on it a small bit at a time. I finally had all that I could take in my mouth. I could feel myself starting to choke on it. I wrapped my fingers around where my mouth had stopped.

I pull my mouth from his cock to see that there were still about 3 inches of his cock below my fingers. I knew there would be no way I could take it all into my mouth with out gagging on it. I started sucking on the head of his cock as I pumped the rest with my hands. I tasted his pre cum oozing from his cock.

I removed my mouth from his oozing cock. I licked at the pre cum flowing from his huge dick head. Phil started to slam his cock into my butt by then. I was moaning as I licked at Steve’s big black cock.

No it was more of a soft whimper as his cock really did not feel good in my ass. I tighten my butt cheeks around his cock. I also took Steve dickhead back into my mouth. I sucked hard on it as I pumped both my hands up and down his cock.

“ AHhhh Shit going to cum,” Steve yelled out.

I took the first couple of blasts into my mouth and as I swallowed, I felt Phil ram his cock deep into my ass. I moaned out as I felt his cock filling my ass with cum from his throbbing cock. I just pumped on Steve’s big black cock watching cum ooze out. His cum was so heavy it did not shoot far into the air. It rather just flowed out in big globs as I milked his cock dry.

I felt Phil pull his cock from my butt. His cum poured from my asshole. I felt it dripping down across my pussy. He got off the bed and told us he had to pee. I just rolled onto the bed as I left go of Steve’s cock. I wiped his cum from my hand onto a near by pillow.

I lay there spent from the fucking or just too high or drunk to move. I saw Phil come back into the room. I watched him walk over checking out the pictures on the wall and the few trophies I had gotten from DeRonda.

“FUCK girl is John your fucking boyfriend?” Phil asked as he sat back down onto the bed.

“Yes he is,” I replied. “Why do you ask?” I added as I looked at him

“No reason I just saw those trophies and I had to take a look,” “That dude can play some fucking football let me tell ya.” Phil replied as he took a long hard drink of beer and gave Steve a long troubled look.

“JANET DAM,” That is why your name sounded familiar,” “That’s how you know DeRonda you’re fucking shacking up with her nephew,” Steve said as he sat straight up in the bed with the same troubled look on his face.

“Yes, is there something wrong with that?” I asked as I sat up in bed as well.

“No I guess not,” Steve replied. “That is as long as he knows what you are doing,” he added as he gave me a long serious look.

I did not say anything. I just sat there quietly on the bed. The bedroom was dead quiet you could only hear a clock ticking in the background. I looked at Steve then at Phil they both were waiting for me to answer.

“FUCKING Christ girl he doesn’t know,” Steve said as he jumped up.

“AH FUCKING SHIT,” “That fucking woman will have our balls,” Phil yelled out as they both ran from the bedroom.

“Who will have your balls?” I asked following them out of the bedroom.

“DERONDA that’s who,” Steve yelled out as he slipped his pants and shirt back on in a hurry.

Phil was already dressed when I looked over his way and he said, “Girl you’re a good fuck and all,” “But how about we play this like it never happened.”

“GOD DAMN IT,” “That woman will cut my fucking cock off,” Steve yelled out as he shook his head.

Steve and Phil ran out the front door. They offered me neither thanks nor told me good-bye. They left me standing there naked in the front room with Phil’s cum still dripping from my asshole. I went and locked the door and turned the lights out. I returned to the bedroom where I flopped across the bed.

I lie there on my back trying to figure out what just had happened. Every thing seemed to have been OK until they found out I was John’s girlfriend and that DeRonda was his aunt. I lie there wondering how these two men could be so scared of her. Suddenly the phone rang making me jump from the bed. I answered it and John was on the other end.

“Janet I lied to you, I am not fishing, and I am out in Las Vegas with my dad.” He said into the phone.

I started to reply but he said, “Don’t talk just listen.”

John went on to tell me the whole story. How the fishing trip was just a big cover for them to go to Vegas. John even told me about going to the whore house out there. John told me that was where his dad was at right now. John told me he could just not bring himself to go. He told he felt bad about lying to me. John told me that his Aunt had told him to tell me the truth.

“I should have listened to her Janet,” “Janet I love you to much too ever fuck around on you without you knowing about it,” John said.

I just listened to him as I saw cum stains all over on the bed. I started to cry profoundly. John told me that he was sorry when he had heard me crying. He told me he could not stand to hear me crying on the phone. He told me that he loved me one more time and that he would see me in a couple of days.

The phone went dead in my ear. I just held onto it as I cried more. What had I just done? Why did I ever doubt him? I hung up the phone and I buried my head into my pillow. I cried even more when I smelled the fresh sex on it. I was in trouble and I had no one to turn to this time.

I cried all night long and into the morning. I was trying to think of what I should do. Do I just tell him the truth? Do I ask DeRonda what to do? If I did ask her what would happen to Steve and Phil? Which took me back to another question I had? Why were those guys so afraid of her?

That ends this chapter. I hoped you enjoyed it and as always please let me know if you did.

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