First Time with Nipple Clamps

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I had known Susan for years. We had originally met on a naturist holiday in Spain when we were both happily married. It turned out that Susan and her husband John lived not far from my wife Helen and I and over the years we had all become firm friends. We had a jacuzzi in our garden and Susan and John had a sauna, so we would visit each other at least once a month for some rest and relaxation. Although I found Susan attractive there was never anything even slightly sexual between us.

Susan was a petite lady, only about 5’2″ tall with a well-toned athletic body thanks to her daily gym workout and frequent yoga classes. Despite 2 children her small pert breasts didn’t need any extra support and were tipped with lovely dark areola and nipples which remained slightly pointed all of the time.

Then last year we had both lost our partners to cancer. For a few months we both left each other alone but eventually I decided that it was time to get on with life. I called Susan and suggested that she come over for a relax in the jacuzzi and then have some supper and if she wanted to have a glass or two of wine then there was always a spare bed available.

The following Saturday Susan arrived about 3 o’clock. It was a nice spring day, so we headed straight for the jacuzzi. As always, we went in naked, much more comfortable than fighting with a swimming costume or anything and as we had known each other for so long there was no hint of shyness between us. It was just like old times, we drank some wine and reminisced about the past and discussed where we thought the future would take us.

After an hour or so basking in the warm water we were suitably relaxed and headed back in doors and sat chatting and generally enjoying each other’s company for another couple of hours. It was nice to just relax after all we had both been through over the last few months. All too soon it was time for me to go into the kitchen to start preparing some supper. When I returned I noticed a slightly guilty look on Susan’s face.

“Everything OK?” I asked.

“I went to move your laptop and the screen came on,” she replied.

I then realised what the problem was. My lock screen was a photo that I had taken of Helen some years ago, lying naked on the bed, her hands tied above her head and wearing a set of tweezer clamps on her nipples.

“Not to worry,” I said, “You’ve seen Helen naked enough şehitkamil escort times.”

“I know but…” She stammered. Just then the timer went off in the kitchen and the conversation was cut short.

We carried on chatting over supper and Susan seemed to have recovered from the shock of seeing her recently deceased friend naked and in a compromising position. During all of the years that we had all known each other I don’t think the question of our sex lives had ever even been mentioned. I guess we were of an older generation who just didn’t discuss such things.

Once we had finished supper and another couple of glasses of wine later it was time for me to tidy up. I collected up the dirty dishes etc. and took them off to the kitchen to load into the dishwasher. Although Susan offered to help I replied that as the kitchen wasn’t very big it would be just as easy if I did it myself. As I started loading stuff into the dishwasher and generally tidying things away I heard Susan go upstairs. I assumed that she was off to the toilet. After about 10 minutes or so I finished clearing up but when I returned to the lounge I realised that Susan had not returned.

I headed upstairs to make sure Susan was OK but to my surprise I found her laying naked on my bed with her arms above her head.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

“I thought we could try out those nipple clamps. John would never have done anything as kinky as that to me,” she replied.

I climbed on to the bed and knelt astride her and started to fondle her breasts, her nipples started to harden.

“Shouldn’t I be restrained?” she asked.

“If you are sure,” I replied, not wanting to push things too fast.

“I want the full experience, Helen certainly looked like she was enjoying herself.”

I leaned over to the top of the bed. The straps that I used to use to tie Helen up were still in-place, so I wrapped one around Susan’s wrists just tight enough so that she felt that she was tied up but loose enough that she could escape if she felt uncomfortable with the situation. I took her left nipple in my mouth and gently licked and sucked it until it was fully erect, then placed the first clamp as close to the base of her nipple as it would go. Gradually tightening the clamp, I kept an eye on Susan’s expression so that I got it just tight enough without being painful. I was quite surprised how tight I got it before I saw her flinch slightly. I eased the tension off a fraction and then went back to using my mouth on her nipple making sure that I pushed the clamp down as close to her breast as possible. I could feel her squirming underneath me, so I guessed that she was getting somewhat aroused.

I then moved over to her other breast. She knew what to expect this time and it didn’t take long before I had the second clamp in position. Her nipples were now held nicely erect and were clearly sensitive to the touch. I continued to gently stroke the tips of them while also fondling her breasts. With each touch she would wriggle and squirm, but I wasn’t going to allow her any additional stimulation at this stage.

“So, how does that feel?” I asked.

“My nipples have never felt so sensitive, but now you have turned me on so much I need more.”

“Well the picture you saw only told half the story, do you trust me?”

“Of course, I do, but please make me cum soon.”

With that I slipped off the bed and went to the bottom end. As with the restraints that I had used on Susan’s hands there were also a set of ankle restraints still attached. I picked the first one up and looped it round Susan’s left ankle and then repeated this on her right. I adjusted the length of the ties so that her legs were secured wide apart. She didn’t try to resist at all and she was now completely exposed to my view.

Kneeling between Susan’s legs I ran a finger up her slit, gently parting he inner lips which were slick with her moisture. When I got to the top I allowed my nail to just graze her clitoris. She tried to move he hips to increase the pressure, but she was sufficiently secured to not allow that to happen and anyway as soon as she tried to move I took my finger away. I heard a faint moan but wasn’t going to be rushed into anything. I took a third clamp and carefully positioned it at the base of her clitoris. To make sure it wasn’t painful or even too uncomfortable I was only going to tighten it just enough for it to stay in place. Once the clamp was in position it had the effect of lifting her clitoris up a bit and pulling back on the hood so that the tip of her clitoris became exposed. It was so sensitive and exposed that barely a touch from my tongue caused her to moan with pleasure, but I wasn’t going to rush things, so I ran my tongue down towards her vagina. I loved the taste of an aroused woman and licked round her entrance and then pushed it in as far as I could. She was clearly having trouble containing herself, so I extended my actions to lick closer and closer to her clitoris. Each time my tongue approached that bud she would try to force me to touch it, but I wanted to tease her just a little longer. After a few more strokes up and down her slit I finally ran my tongue along her clitoris. The effect was immediate, and she had a huge orgasm. I kept her going for as long as I could by continuing to lick and even gently suck on her bud.

When Susan started to calm down I took my tongue away and moved so that my cock was ready to enter her.

“Are you sure you are still OK with this?” I asked, not wanting to spoil our friendship by pushing her into something she would regret later.

“I have never needed a man inside of me so much,” she replied.

Slowly I pushed into her wet tunnel. She was so hot and wet inside and it was such a long time since I had had sex I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long. I thrust as deep as I could and then slowly pulled back so that just the tip of my penis was still inside. I slowly repeated this action until I could feel myself cumming. I continued to thrust slowly trying to delay the inevitable moment but soon I reached the point of no return and pumped into her as fast and as deep as I possibly could. At the same moment that I came Susan had another small orgasm. I could feel her pussy contracting around me and this extended my orgasm way beyond just ejaculation.

Once we had both calmed down I just lay still on top of her feeling myself soften inside her. We kissed and then I reached down and very carefully eased the clamps off her nipples. They remained pointed, so I kissed each one. I then reached up and undid her wrists. She wrapped her arms around me and we just stayed still for a couple of minutes. As I continued to soften eventually I slid out of her and so I got up and untied her legs and removed the clamp from her clitoris. She was clearly still sensitive because she sighed softly as I released it.

It was now getting late and it was time to settle down for the night, there was no question of Susan sleeping in the guest room now.

As we settled I asked if she was OK and she replied “Yes, I think you have awakened a new found lust in me. I never thought there was much more to sex than the missionary position but now I have a whole new world to explore with you.”

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