First Time in a Little Black Dress

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Anna Bell

I was 18, not a virgin, but only had sex twice. I had never been with a girl before, but I knew I was bi-curious, wanting to explore the unknown realms of another women’s desire. I had been invited to a hotel party by my friend Kathy, who was bringing a couple of other girlfriends as well. Eager as always to go to a party, I dressed in a tiny black dress that had a low V neckline. My breasts are small, so I didn’t need to worry about wearing a bra. Being 5’1, my heels were 5 inches stilettos, allowing me to be the same height as most of the other girls I was with. We were picked up in a limo, and then whisked away to downtown Vancouver, to enjoy the night view in the 34th floor of an expensive hotel.

Music was blasting, drinks were being made, and dancing was in full force. I looked over at Victoria, and she was beautiful; of Asian descent, full figured yet petit. Her looks enabled her to have a career in car modelling for imported cars. Her personality was wild, untameable, and exotic. That was what turned me on the most. I walked over to where she was dancing with Kathy, and joined in. We grinded and swayed our hips in rhythm, my butt against her crotch. Giggling and tipsy, I grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom because I needed to pee.

As soon as I shut the door, I turned to see her sitting on the bathtub. She beckoned me to sit beside her, to that I followed her command. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I was staring at her voluptuous breasts, which suited a tiny frame. She traced her hand along my face, staring into my sea-green eyes. She leaned into me; I could smell her perfume, a mix of sweet and spice, causing my mouth to water. Gripping my face, she pulled my lips onto hers, her velvety tongue caressing gently against mine. gölbaşı yeni escort She tasted of coke and rum, the drinks we had been sharing all night. Instantly I thrust my hand in her silky thick black hair, groaning into her mouth. She released her lips from mine, and I shuddered from the erotic event that had just unfolded. Victoria then grasped my hip, and led me to sit on the counter.

Again she ground her mouth on mine, tongues wrestling with one another, like a race that couldn’t be finished. Lifting her head up, she gave me a seductive smug look, and started trailing kisses down my neck. I moaned in response to the lovely sensation, each kiss leaving a tingling reminder that she was going lower. She parted one strap of my dress, to reveal a tiny pink rosebud. Licking around it, she then took a perky bud into her mouth and gave it a little nip. It was enough to give me shooting sensations of electricity in and around my wet little mound. I grabbed her butt, and started kneading her firm behind. After she was done playing with my highly sensitive nipple, she hiked up my dress past my thighs, to my waist. She touched my now damp black thong, and purred in approval.

Giving me more deep kisses, she parted my panties to the side with her right hand, and parted my pink folds with her gentle fingers. The touch was so light, it heightened my senses and I ground my sopping wet pussy into her fingers. Her thumb found my clit, and she began circling around and around in slow notions. I whimpered into her mouth, and she complied by thrusting two fingers into me. I came so fast, my pussy convulsing around her now damp fingers. She giggled, took her hand out and licked her fingers so seductively, I thought I was going to gölbaşı otele gelen escort orgasm again. My body was sated, but I knew that we had only just started…


“Oh, Victoria,” I moaned in her mouth. My body was still shaking from the aftershocks of the orgasm she gave me. I looked into her russet eyes; dark with a hint of red. They were half lidded in lust, her cheeks blushing. Putting my hand on her waist, I got off the counter and made her trade me places. Immediately I grabbed her lips with my teeth, suckling and nibbling. Stroking my tongue in her mouth, I reached around to her back, and pulled on the zipper on her dress.

Now I had never been with a girl before until this moment in the bathroom. I had watched porno flicks, watching girls vigorously rub themselves and their tongues against each other’s clit. It always looked so fake, so unnatural. Knowing myself, my sweet spot is super sensitive, needing to be built up slowly. Every girl is different, so in this minute I was unsure what to do.

Going with my gut, I hopped her off the table, still in locked lips. I managed to pull the zipper to the end, and shrugged the silky dress down her body. Luckily it was a strapless dress, so there was no need to maneuver around. I brought my head up and gazed at her stunning figure. An hourglass waist, size c boobs and a small, yet firm butt. I trailed my hand down past her breasts, to her navel. She shivered from the light sensation. I motioned her to turn around, where I undid her bra. Not turning her back to face me, I kissed her neck, tasting her sweet salty skin. My hands reaching around her, I toyed with her nipples, and she instantly arched her back into my chest and gasped. Excellent I thought, she is as sensitive as I am. Turning her around, I got to see her naked chest, nipples a dark shade of burnt amber. Closing my mouth around one, I suckled it while lightly pinching the other. Gradually I had her back sitting on the counter, not taking my mouth off of her. Moving my mouth onto the other bud, I took my right hand, and slid it down her panties. MY GOD was she wet, just soaking. Using my middle and ring finger, I took her juices and moved it around, making sure everything was lubricated. I stroked her sweet spot in and around, making her squirm in delight. With a slight pop, I took my mouth off her protruding bud, and kissed down her belly.

I licked around her navel, and stopped touching her to remove the panties that were blocking my delicious goal. Looking up at her face, she was panting and had a sheen of sweat covering her chest. I continued my new kissing trail down past her navel, until my tongue hit the jackpot. Slowly I licked around her clit, using my hands to part her folds. She tasted like sweet nectar, how a woman should taste. I enjoyed torturing her with my tongue, until she put her hands on my head and pushed my mouth onto her. Suckling away, she was moaning and pulling my hair, a little hard but I liked it. I could feel her start to shake, so I put one finger in her tight little hole. Victoria jerked up in reaction, but my elbows were pressed down on her thighs, she wasn’t going anywhere. Crooking my index finger, I stroked in and out of her simultaneously in rhythm with my tongue. She started groaning and panting, and I knew her climax was coming. Suddenly she screamed, I swear the party heard her even with the music bumping loudly in the background. Her shaking made me focus, solely on getting every sensation I could give her. I felt my finger get wetter, and her hands dropped from my head to her sides as she went limp. Lifting my head up, I looked at her lovely little face. Taking my dripping finger, I licked up every drop. “So sweet, my Victoria.”

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