First Time Ch. 04

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“See you after work tonight.” Kelly smiled at Tess and gave her a quick kiss.

“Sounds great!” Tess replied. “I hope this math club meeting finishes up quickly. I want to get my homework done so we can just hang out.”

“Just hang out?” Kelly winked. “I was hoping for a little more than that…”

Tess laughed but it felt a tiny bit hollow. Her girlfriend kept things moving slowly… very slowly. They had barely done more than kissing, though, in truth, the eighteen year old was happy about that as she still felt torn about Brenda, her swimming coach and their episodes.

Tess gave her girl friend’s hand a tight squeeze and watched her walk away. Sometimes Kelly’s petite frame made her feel her own, taller and more athletic frame, seem too large. Though she knew she was in great shape from water polo, if only there was a little less muscle… Watching Kelly walk away, her thoughts drifted away. She really did love watching her girlfriend move. Even just walking, Kelly tight ass swayed in such a sensual way…

“Hi stranger.”

Tess jumped at the sound of the voice. She glanced at Brenda, looked away, and felt her heart pounding in her chest. She had avoided her coach since the last time she had babysat two weeks ago. Guilt washed over her and she stuttered out. “H-h-hi Coach. I’ve got to go.”

“Hold on one minute.” Brenda laid a hand on Tess’ arm and she almost flinched. “Why have you been avoiding me?”

“What?” Tess started to say more but words were choked off. Her eyes stung with tears. “I have to-“

“What’s the matter?”

Tess couldn’t speak. Just shaking her head, her vision blurred with tears.

Brenda grabbed her arm. “Come with me now.”

The older woman’s grip tightened on her arm and practically dragged the teen down the hallway. Silence built between them and Tess realized they were heading to the pool. Her stomach orhangazi escort turned into knots. What the hell was she going to say?

After they got into the office, Brenda turned and locked the door. “What is going on with you Tess?”

The teen’s cheeks burned with guilt. “Nothing.”


Tess’ eyes widened in surprise. Outside of a few locker room tirades after a poor meet, she had never heard her coach swear.

Brenda stepped closer. “What is it?”

“I – I can’t tell you!” Tess started to look away, but Brenda’s hand touched her cheek and kept eye contact.

“Yes you can. You can tell me anything.”

Tess took a deep, shuddering breath. “Last time I was babysat…”

Brenda’s mouth flew to her mouth. “I got so drunk Tess. I am sorry if I made a fool of myself!”

“You were perfect! It is just… well you were drunk and passed out on the couch. John caught me staring.” Her eyes began to water. “He saw me and saw that I had a crush on you. Your skirt was hiked up…” Tears spilled over onto her cheeks, unchecked now. “He said I could…” Her breath was heaving now. “So I went down on you.”

“What the fuck!” Brenda stumbled back, almost falling over the desk chair. Tess’ stomach dropped even further. Her coach hated her! “What was John doing while all this was happening?”

“He jacked off.”

Brenda stepped forward, and slammed Tess against the wall. “Did he touch you?”

Tess frantically shook her head. “N – n – no he just watched.”

The older woman spun away, muttering. Minutes ticked by and still Brenda didn’t turn around. Her coach’s shoulders remained hunched, but otherwise completely still. Tess began to wonder if she should leave. She took a step towards the door.

“Stop!” Brenda’s voice stopped her cold. “Step over to the desk!” Tess found her body moving even nilüfer escort before her mind registered what was said. “Hands on the desk!” The tall eighteen year old bent over. She felt Brenda step up next to her and hiss in her ear. “You take your hands off the desk before I give you permission, and I never want to talk to you again. Do you understand?”

Confusion roiled through Tess, but she nodded. In the next moment, she felt her yoga pants roughly pulled down. She yelped in surprise, but did not move. When she felt her underwear pulled down, she hung her head. Whatever Brenda wanted to do to her she deserved.


Tess yelped, stood up, and looked back at her coach.

“Put your hands back on the desk!” Brenda’s icy anger cut through and Tess immediately complied.


Now that the surprise was over, Tess truly began to feel the pain.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Tears again began to run down her cheeks.

A quick succession of shots of pain coursed through the teen. Just as suddenly they stopped and she felt the older woman’s hand moving back and forth along each cheek. Spank! Surprisingly, Tess felt warmth emanate. Spank! Warmth that mixed with the pain. Spank!

“You have been a very bad girl Tess.” Spank!

“I know.” Tears punctuated her hands, slight tickles but she dared not move.

“This is just the beginning. You owe me much more.” Spank!

“I know.” The hand returned to caressing her. Suddenly it dipped between her legs. She felt something wet run down her thigh… she was turned on by this.

Brenda must have come to the same conclusion. “Naughty girl.” Fingers dug into her. They moved back and forth. Each thrust in brought her new pleasure. Instinctively, she began to push back. Spank!

“This isn’t for your pleasure. Stay still.”


“I didn’t hear you.”

türbanlı escort Spank!

“Yes, coach. I will stay still.”

The fingers returned. “Good girl.” Each thrust was violent. Each thrust was heaven. Tess’ legs trembled as she fought to stay still.

So close…

Pleasure rising, she felt her climax nearing. Warmth from her ass mixed the movement of the fingers.


Abruptly, Tess was empty. The fingers withdrew. Instinctively, the teen pushed her ass back.


Pain exploded, fire burned through her body, and Tess gasped.

“I said do not move.”

“Sorry coach.”


“You do not get to cum after telling me what you did.”


The hand returned to caressing her ass. Moving from her left cheek to right… starting to dip between her legs and the back up… now to the small of her back… following her crack down… almost touching her pussy before back up to her ass cheeks.

It took all of Tess’ self control not to move as Brenda teased. Stockstill as the hands touch brought waves of bliss so gentle after the fingers were so violent. Softer and softer until the touch was no more.

Tess closed her eyes, trying to recapture the feeling of Brenda’s touch, but it was gone. She realized tears were still coming down her cheeks but it pain had warmed to a thrumming pleasure. Her body ached for orgasm.

“No, you certainly won’t cum today. And don’t think your punishment ends with this. You still owe me. Now, pull up your pants and turn around.”

The eighteen year old scrambled to obey. Her breath caught as she turned to see her Coach sitting on her chair, legs splayed, and skirt hiked over her hips.

Immediately, Tess fell to her knees. She deeply inhaled. Oh she loved the scent of her! Brenda’s hand grabbed the back of her head, and Tess willingly leaned forward and began to lick. Her salty tears mixed with the taste of her coach.

“Yesssss…” Brenda purred. “Oh, you will come over to babysit this Saturday, yes?”

Tess looked up and nodded without stopping her licking.

“Good girl. Now hurry, we don’t have much time.”

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