First Time

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I sat there and read the words for a second time:

Knock twice then open the door and come in. Close the door behind you. Remove your shoes and socks then stand and wait for direction. Do not say a word the entire time unless you are instructed to or are asked a direct question. Any deviation from these directions and you will be asked to leave immediately. Do you understand?

My fingers wanted to jump on the keyboard and respond but I was trying to be reasonable and think it through. I wanted this. I’ve wanted this for a while now and here it is in front of me and I’m wondering if I’m too scared to make the jump. So many things can go wrong. What if someone saw me going into his house? What if my wife found out? Those questions and more swirled inside of my head but I continuously came back to the same point; this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I needed to respond, its been too long and he’s going to wonder if I’m chickening out. I have to do this. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better situation.

Yes, um…Sir (?). I’ll be there shortly.

Ugh, why do I type like that. If I want to call him Sir so bad just do it until he tells me not to. I grab my things and rush down the hall to the bathroom. Quickly I wet some paper towel and slide into the stall and lock the door. If I were at home I could do some better freshening up, but if I were at home I wouldn’t be doing this at all right now.

Out of the stall, out of the bathroom, out of the building and into my car. A minivan, what a terrible vehicle to be driving to something so risque. Off I go into uncharted waters. I’m not as excited, appendage-wise, as I thought I would be. When I was emailing him I could have lifted weights with it but now it’s somewhere in between. I must be nervous.

Gripping the wheel tight with one hand I use the other to begin rubbing between my legs, trying to energize myself once again. Its working. Thankfully he doesn’t live far and within a few minutes of driving and grinding my palm into my zipper I pull into his driveway. Deep breath.

Getting out of the car and walking up to the door I feel butterflies. Any work I did on the way over is completely undone. I don’t know what he looks like. I know a brief description of him but nothing more. 55, short greying hair, kept in shape, 6 ft 1 in, 6.5 inch cock, thick, cut, D&D free. All of it perfect in what I was looking for but he could still look like an ape. What if he’s hideous and wants to kiss me? What if he reeks of cigarettes? Deep breath.

Knock, Knock. I open the door and slip inside, closing it behind me.

I turn around and take a glance around the house. A hallway to the right. A doorway to the kitchen directly in front of me. Living room to the left with the dining room behind it. He’s sitting on the couch in the living room facing the television, which is in my direction.

I remember my orders and remove my shoes and socks. I place them off to the side out of the way and slip my keys in one of the shoes so they aren’t misplaced later. I stand and wait for further instructions. I can see the flashes of color from behind the screen but can’t tell what’s on it. It must be on mute. I don’t look directly at him but also don’t want to appear too nosy so I move my area of attention from my feet to the doorway in front of me then after a few seconds back to my feet.

When the volume comes on I don’t move at all but I can tell he’s watching porn. He raised the volume a couple of notches so faint moans can be heard. A man’s voice asking whether or not another individual likes his cock followed by more moans and slurping sounds. My host speaks up and tells me to come and stand next to him and I hurry over and stand at his side.

“You like the look of that?” He asks me, nodding towards the screen.

Turning to look I see two naked well-built men, one on his knees providing oral sex to the other. There is a third naked man in the background watching them and silently stroking his impressive erection.

I nod and whimper pathetically, “yes…sir.”

His name is still a mystery to me. In the name column for his emails is merely his email address. He signs every email with a single letter, “D” and he answered my ad on craigslist and I never asked his name when we were communicating. He’s sitting on his couch, laid back and relaxing in a t-shirt that clings to his chest along with some grey briefs and nothing else. He is well built as advertised. Not overly muscular but enough that you can tell he has a daily regimen. His short, salt and peppered hair is fading but prevalent enough to cover from coast to coast. He has a strong, rugged face and looks like he always has a bit of stubble on his neck in need of shaving. His hands are large. His left between his legs massaging while his right grips the remote.

“You want to do that to me?” He asks. His gaze never moves from the screen.

I look towards him and then down, watching his left hand continuously massage between his legs.

I nod again, “ye-yeah.”

“Good. Fındıkzade Escort Then stand near the wall. Place your palms flat against it with your legs apart,” he orders.

He drops the remote on the couch and stands up. His briefs are being stretched out as his massaging has done its job perfectly. I move a couple of steps over to a blank spot on the wall so I wasn’t looking at a picture or decoration of some kind and place my palms flat against it and separate my legs shoulder width apart.

He moves behind me and wraps his arms around my waist while leaning his lips against the back of my ears, “I hope you’re ready.”

He unlatches his right arm from around my waist and moves his hand directly to the same spot on me where he was massaging himself and grips it firmly. I flinch and let out a moan. My backside jumps back into him.

“This right here,” he whispers, “this belongs to me now. You don’t control it anymore. You don’t cum unless I tell you that you’re allowed. You jerk off only to what I tell you to. You fuck only what I tell you to, which won’t be much. You are just a toy for me to play with. Chances are you won’t be doing much fucking anymore, just a lot of being fucked.”

This sends waves of heat rushing through my body. I felt like I was suddenly sweating and needed to strip off every layer of clothing. He should have been able to easily tell how much it was turning me on from his grip. This was perfect. He was everything I wanted.

His right hand let go and settled at my waist with his left hand joining the right. They both worked at the button on my pants then the zipper, undoing them both and letting them fall to my ankles. I was left with my t-shirt and boxer briefs.

He re-positioned his hand over my hardened member and gripped it again. This time cupping more into his palm with the flimsy fabric of my briefs. He moaned in my ear as his hand was filled my reaction in his palm.

“Do you like having another man grab your dick like this, bitch?” He didn’t stop to let me answer. He didn’t really need to hear my answer, he knew it already.

“What would your wife think if she knew you liked this? What would she say if found out you were such a fucking cock whore? That you enjoyed being groped by strange men?”

Normally I would think, naturally, that she wouldn’t be cool with it. But he hit my sweet spot. The idea of my wife finding out I was doing this was petrifying. It’s what kept me from doing anything about it for so long but in the heat of the moment it was the most exhilarating high I could experience.

I would lay in bed at night and fantasize about that exact scenario; her coming home from work early and seeing me gagging on another man’s cock while a second lined up behind me to plunge deep inside. My fantasies didn’t last much longer than that as I would orgasm fairly quickly but occasionally they would reach the point of her joining us in some way. Typically to degrade me further by fucking one of the men or grabbing a strap on and doing it herself while calling me names.

He didn’t want an answer anyways, he just wanted to push me further into ecstasy so I would be his willing plaything. I simply nod and try and hold back any kind of explosions verbally or physically until told to do so.

His hands were rough and strong. He had manly hands that worked hard in his life. I could feel his strength when he wrapped his arms around my waist. I could feel it when he grabbed a hold of my jeans and then my boxers. When he let go and then slipped his hand inside my boxers and I felt his palm against my naked excitement I nearly was moved to orgasm. I didn’t want to, not yet. It couldn’t end this quickly, we didn’t do anything yet.

I mumbled out some words between heavy breaths, “I’m going to cum,” as a warning.

“Not yet,” was his reply. He let me go and took a step back. “Strip. Now, or get the fuck out.” I obeyed instantly. I let my briefs fall to the floor and kicked them and my pants to the side. I lifted my shirt off and dropped it with the rest of my clothes and stood with my back to him, completely naked.

I wasn’t as impressive as he was. I was about the same height at 6’0 and not nearly as fit but nothing close to being considered overweight. Average would be a good word to describe my physique. My hair was short, letting me put as little effort as possible into styling it each morning. A nice muted brown, having not reached the age of its color fading yet at only 35. My own cock wasn’t as impressive in length but he commented on how thick it felt. Cut and D&D free as well, we fit together pretty well. He was the perfect dominant and I was a natural submissive. I didn’t move again until he told me to, trying to follow his orders.

“Turn around, back against the wall,” he ordered again.

I spun around and watched him take his shirt off. He had the remnants of a man who used to own a six pack, he was nice to look at from head to toe. He stepped towards me, only his briefs Fındıkzade Escort Bayan left on, and pressed his body against mine and pressed my back into the wall. I looked down, not feeling confident enough to stare him in the eyes.

His hands were gripping at my thighs and feeling my hips. I could feel his hardness pressed against me and he could surely feel mine.

He spoke softly then, “look up. Look me in the eyes.”

It was hard to do. I was still ashamed of all of this. Every deep desire I had was something I felt I shouldn’t want but couldn’t deny. I looked in his brown eyes and felt even more naked, like he could see my guilt. I felt like he could see every thought I have ever had. We weren’t smiling or angry or anything really, just simply staring into each other’s eyes. It felt like he was hypnotizing me the longer it lasted.

He could ask me to do anything and I wouldn’t blink an eye. I wanted to look away but was afraid to stop. He was making me want him. Not just in pure lust but physically want him like I needed his touch. My tensed muscles relaxed and I took a breath. More time ticked away as we stared back into each other’s eyes. It was silent, or at least I didn’t hear anything. The movie was still on but the sound was drowned out by his stare. That is when he kissed me.

I was on the verge of asking him to. I almost mouthed the words “please.” They were on the tip of my tongue before he pushed his lips against mine and kissed me. His lips parted and his tongue reached out to find mine. All of my desire was let out then and my lips parted to receive him. To let his tongue entwine with mine. My facial hair didn’t bother him and his clean cut lips felt perfect pressed hard against mine. I whimpered and moaned against his force. I welcomed it in and made it stay for dinner. His rough tongue pulled back from mine and we both gasped for air.

He walked away from me and stood in front of the couch and demanded more of me, “come here. Take off my boxers and get on your knees.”

Oh my god, I thought. This is it. After all of the fantasizing and chatting. The times writing stories and jerking off it was finally going to happen. I followed him and then stopped in front of him. The movie was well beyond where we left it and building another scene that was shortly going to result in a threesome. I dropped to my knees with the television running behind me. I slipped my fingers into his waistband and pulled down on his briefs, springing his own hardened erection free to the room and tossed his briefs to the side.

“Go on,” he began, “touch it. Stroke it. Kiss it. You’ll be spending a lot of time with it.”

My hand couldn’t reach up fast enough and grip his thickness. It was hard. Very hard. I slide my palm up and down the length a few times and admired its overall girth.

My other hand instinctively went to his balls and began running lightly over them the way my wife does to me. It feels so amazing when she does it I want to do the same for him. I want to make his entire body shiver the way she does for me in bed at night. He gives no reaction but I continue my strategy anyways. There is only one last box to check off and there is no sense waiting any longer. I remove my fist from around him and move my lips to his tip. The pre-cum not having settled yet, he must not be as far along as I am, I kiss the tip and open my lips wide and take his cock into my mouth.

The sensation wasn’t what I had thought it would be, not that I had a clue what it would be like at all. He filled my mouth pretty easily. I tried to push further down on it and there wasn’t much room left for him to go. After a moment of trying to go further I hit a wall and gagged on him, having to pull back and take a breath. This isn’t easy, I thought to myself.

As I took my breath he backed up and took a seat on the couch. He spread his legs and motioned for me to come to him and continue what I had started. I eagerly obeyed and crawled the couple of steps it took to get me below his lap. I grabbed him at the base and gripped my fist around him then lowered my mouth to his cock a second time. I reached back with my free hand and started stroking myself. I didn’t want to get too excited and finish before him so I stopped fairly quickly and concentrated on working him over.

I began bobbing my head up and down while using my fist to pump his shaft up towards me. This is when I first heard his moans creep softly down to me. I wondered how I was doing. Was I a typical beginner that wasn’t all that great or was I actually doing a pretty good job? I figured the moans were a good sign so I kept doing what I was doing. My free hand was back between his legs and running my fingertips over his well manicured balls. He wasn’t completely shaven but there was barely anything there as if he had just done so recently.

My mouth was feeling full again. My saliva was building up on him. I wanted to fit him all the way in. I wanted to reach his base with my lips but I couldn’t. Escort Fındıkzade I tried relaxing my throat and slowly taking him further into me inch by inch but he was too much. I pulled back and took another dive. Bobbing my head up and down quickly while meeting each dive with a pump of my fist around him.

His hand rested on the back of my head. He kept it there and I felt a slight push downward. Nothing forceful just the weight of his hand plus the most minuscule force downward imaginable. Enough to tell me he wanted me to keep trying to take him all in but that he was patient enough to realize it was my first time. I continue the effort.

I was able to go a bit further but still a few inches from my goal. I wanted it so badly I tried to force him down my throat and had to pull back and catch my breath after a few coughs from gagging myself. I looked up and saw him pointing his phone at me. His cock in my hand I quickly put my lips around it and waited for the picture to snap but it never did. He was taking video of me sucking his cock.

I have no idea how long he had been doing so as I was so concentrated on bringing him to orgasm that I wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing. I continued bobbing my head then. Slowly and consistently. He seemed to let it record for a long time. I continuously moved up and down, up and down. I looked up every once in awhile at him and saw him still focused on me. My eyes looking into the camera then shying away and dropping down to his waist again. Finally I hear a few snapping sounds of the photo app taking pictures. I look up and he takes a few of me looking into the camera then sets it down.

“Those are for later,” he says while reaching his hands down and cupping my face while my mouth was hosting his cock, “I’ll share them with friends. See if anyone wants to borrow you for a session or two. Do a trade. One of mine for one of theirs. Loan you out.”

Oh god. He knows every button to press. Every lever to pull. All of the places to go in my deep dark fantasies to make me writhe in want of him.

“Stand up. Follow me,” he stands and I stand with him.

He reaches down and takes my hardened appendage in his hand and leads me with it out of the living room and down the hall to the right. We enter the last room on the left and he pushes me to face the side of the queen-sized bed in the middle of the room. He walks behind me and then presses up against my back. His cock pressing against my ass. His hand reaching around and grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it.

His other hand bending my neck back onto his shoulder and turning my face towards his then leaning in and kissing me. Not as wild and deep as the previous kiss but still enough to make me moan into it. His tongue invading my mouth again, the gates willingly opened to receive him. His pumping of my own shaft growing faster. His lips firm and his tongue deep and tangled with mine.

I can’t keep it back much longer and moan out and he stops instantly and shoves me forward onto the bed, “face down. Ass up.”

I crawl into position. My face against his sheets. My knees spread and my ass high in the air. His voice spills over me, “we’ll have to go easy. Prepare you to take it all in until you’re nice and ready for regular fucking.”

He squirts some cold gel onto me and then rubs it up and down between my cheeks before pushing his thumb into my tight hole and causing me to jump forward and grit my teeth and groan.

“Easy now,” he says, “just relax. You’ll like it. We’ll keep up until you love it.”

I’ve done this before. Just not in a while. I bought my wife a vibrator once as a joke and she never used it. She said it was too big. When I started to really get into the mindset of wanting to explore what it would be like to be with another man I found the vibe and snuck it into the shower with me. I’d lock the door and get on my hands and knees, soap it up and slide it in. It hurt but it also felt good, just like now.

He pulled his thumb out and squirted a bit more gel onto me and himself. He then moved up behind me and grabbed my hips and pulled my knees to the edge of the bed,

“Congratulations, slut. You’re about to have a cock fucking your ass for the very first time.”

He pushed in and I winced. The pressure was intense. I need to relax but it was hard to focus enough to do so. He slide back and then forward with a nice slow pace. He was easing himself in. I mumbled and muttered moans and groans as I felt him slide back and then forward, increasing his depth each time he pushed forward. I closed my eyes tight and concentrated enough to finally ease up and relax. The next thrust forward felt amazing.

I opened my mouth and moaned, “oh yes fuck me!”

The latest push forward I felt his hips against my cheeks. His hands gripped my hips and pulled himself firm against me. He pulled back then thrust forward harder this time. Then harder the time after that. The pace began to build and he was fucking me in a nice steady rhythm. He was now grunting and groaning and his hips slapped against my ass in a constant repeat as he let me have it. I could feel his strong hands digging into my hips as he was nearing climax. I wanted it too. I wanted it to be dirty and to fill me. I wanted him to let loose inside of me, but he had other plans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32