First Proper Date

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After our last encounter, I thought my lover deserved something a bit more romantic than just being fucked hard and then covered in my cum (although she has never exactly complained about being treated this way!)

What we would really love to do is to find the time to have a proper date together. Dinner, a few drinks and then spend the whole night together.

Personally, I would choose an Italian or Chinese restaurant. It seems strange given how intimate we have already been, but the only things I know about her taste in food is that she doesn’t particularly like curry and doesn’t have a huge appetite (which explains her beautifully slim figure). We will probably go for Italian as we have fantasized about going to Italy together one day.

I do know that she loves Champagne, but a good Prosecco might be more appropriate with antipasto. Either way it is a chance for us to relax and get to know each other a bit better.

After the meal we are both full and relaxed from the wine. We have a couple more drinks in the hotel bar and then decide that we are ready for bed.

In contrast to our previous encounters, in basic hotels by the side of major roads, this place is something special. The quality of everything about the room makes us feel so much more relaxed and we seem to forget that this is an illicit encounter. For once we can truly forget our tired real lives and enjoy each other without being grounded in reality.

When we enter the room it is nice and warm. She pendik escort reaches to turn on the light, but I stop her, thinking she might be more relaxed in the dark. I pull her close to me, breathing in her scent. She can’t wear perfume when we are together but the natural aromas of her body and hair excite me so much. It isn’t long before I am squeezing her tightly against me and reaching for the zip on her long black dress.

She turns round so her back is facing me and grinds her bum against my already stiffening cock. This drives me wild and I have to stop myself from pushing her forwards, pulling down her knickers and taking her roughly right there. I do allow myself to run my hands up her front and give her amazing boobs a squeeze, gently pinching her aureolae and making her gasp.

She breaks free from my embrace, turns and kisses me deeply, and I feel her hand pulling at my belt. It seems that any self-control that we had planned to exercise is evaporating fast. I grab at her bottom, mauling her buttocks roughly in my hands and pulling her close to my cock which is now straining inside my pants.

As we grind our crotches together we continue to grope each others arses, panting with excitement. The time has come for me to unwrap my Christmas present again.

I manoeuvre her gently towards the bed whilst reaching for the zip of her dress. I find it and pull it down just as the backs of her legs touch the side of the bed. This has the effect of pendik escort making her sit down suddenly, and her dress falls away, revealing her magnificent tits barely contained within a lacy black bra.

Her sitting down on the bed has brought her face level with my straining crotch. She reaches up to release my cock from its prison, rubbing the tip of it across her lips and face. I can tell that she loves to suck my cock and the anticipation of being in her mouth makes me catch my breath.

Finally she stops teasing me and allows the tip of my erection to penetrate her soft lips. In the near total darkness I can’t really see what she is doing but the sensations are amazing as her mouth slowly starts to move up and down on me, covering me in her saliva. I touch the back of her head, bunching her long hair in my hand and keeping it out of the way as she increases the speed and depth of her strokes. As I approach climax I take over, forcing her mouth onto my cock, making her take as much as she can and hopefully making her feel really slutty for having her mouth used in this way.

She likes to wear my cum rather than swallow it, so as I feel my orgasm building I pull back and spray her neck and tits with her reward. She is left panting from a combination of the effort and excitement and I take this opportunity to turn the tables on her.

Pushing her back onto the bed I pounce on her, licking and biting her nipples. I am still so excited I am hard enough pendik escort to push my sensitive cock into her warm and soaking wet pussy. As I thrust my cock into her I soften my assault on her tits, gently licking and kissing her now sore nipples. As I increase the speed of my strokes she moves back against me, our bodies slapping together as the intensity builds. I take her hand and guide it to her clit, knowing that her orgasm will be most intense if she takes control.

She rubs herself like a woman possessed, first moaning softly and then as the pressure builds she emits yelps and groans of pleasure. She knows that this will be the big one, where she will lose all control of her body. I continue to kiss her nipples and maintain a steady pace of thrusting my cock into her wet opening.

Suddenly her body stiffens, with her legs stretched out and her head thrown back. She maintains the speed of her fingers on her clit and I thrust deep into her and bite her nipples hard. I feel her suddenly become much wetter as she starts to cum, then her pussy spasms and squeezes my swollen cock mercilessly. This is more than I can take and I flood her with my cum, spurting into her again and again.

When we wake I am still inside of her, and we are holding each other tightly. We stay like that for a while, kissing and enjoying being so close. Eventually we move apart and she goes to the shower, freshening herself in the hot water. I join her and we spend a long time washing each other in the steamy bathroom. When we have finished I dry her gently, but cannot resist kissing her body all over as I go. I lead her back to bed and gently tongue her swollen pussy. She manages one more small orgasm then she is finished. We fall asleep again in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32