First Meeting

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As a newly divorced guy, my self-esteem and confidence were pretty low. An advertisement I had placed in a “just friends” internet site had resulted in a few responses. I was lonely and depressed.

Signing on one afternoon, about a month since I had placed my listing , I had an email from a, “married and just looking for friends”, female about 200 miles from where I lived. After sharing 4-5e-mail notes back and forth we decided to “meet” in a chat room to have a one on one discussion. It was remarkable, Deb and I just seemed to mesh from the start and a friendship developed over the next two months that was completely platonic, but close, personal, and open.

She typed:

“I will be in Cincinnati on business next Thursday and Friday for a training seminar for my business. Do you think we should finally meet in person and maybe have a drink or dinner?” WOW! I was surprised and delighted. I immediately agreed and wrote down the hotel name where she would be staying and arranged for a meeting at 7 pm. the next Thursday evening.

The next few days my emotions went through many phases, involving lust, nervousness, fear of rejection, and even the chance of the loss of a new found friend. I am middle aged and not a “hunk” from a physical standpoint. Through our online chats, I knew that Deb was 28, 12 years younger then I. Although we had honestly described ourselves physically we had never shared a picture. She sounded “attractive” 5′, 4″ tall, short brown hair and green eyes. She had said she was 118 lb. and had a nice figure with a 34B bust.

I arrived at her hotel about 15 minutes early and sat in the lobby. Finally I got up the nerve to call her room. I went to the desk and they directed me to a house phone for the connection. A soft voice answered tentatively “hello”. “Hi, Mike here. ” I said feeling the nervousness creep into my voice. ” I hope you still want to do this, I am sure we can keep it purely platonic” was my next statement. ” Remember, I am married and the issue of anything but platonic should not even be considered.” was the next thing I heard from the phone speaker. “If that is still ok, I will be right down.” She said. “Sure, I am sorry I even said anything.” I replied.

She yenimahalle escort walked off the elevator wearing a light blue skirt that fell about halfway between her ass and her knees and a white “v” necked sweater with small pink flowers knitted in. I smiled and walked over to the elevator. I opened my arms and she returned my smile and gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. (My mind immediately said. Shit she does not like what she sees.”) Even though I was not expecting anything except dinner and a chance to meet this person whom I had become “friends” with, my male ego and libido had hoped for more. Oh well, reality strikes home hard!

During dinner in the hotel restaurant our conversation recapped a lot of what we had talked about online. We had a few drinks and shared a bottle of Chardonnay as we chatted. By 8:30 we had finished eating and I was again struggling in my mind for ideas that would keep us together for a while longer.

Deb said. ” Why don’t we get coffee and a piece of that lemon pie to go? It is still early and we can continue this chat in my room. My husband is supposed to call me at 9 and I want to be sure to be there.” I was thrilled but a bit remorseful about the hubby comment, sure that it was a subtle reminder that we were only going to be “just friends”.

There was a king sized bed and a desk chair in the room, Deb sat in the chair and I sat on the edge of the bed. Discussing her training class she commented on how stiff her back was and asked if I would mind rubbing her shoulders. I immediately got up and went behind the chair starting to massage her neck and shoulders as we continued the conversation. After a few minutes I could feel her starting to relax and my penis started to expand. Yes, I was getting turned on smelling her sweet soft fragrance as my fingers caressed her neck and shoulders. Deb tilted her head back and let out a soft moan. ” You do that so well, I can feel the tension fading.” She said. On impulse I leaned forward and kissed her lips. Fully expecting her to jerk away or at least stop the kiss. Instead her lips parted and her tongue flicked out and brushed my lips encouraging the continuation of the kiss.

I moved around ankara escort to the side of the chair and kissed her again, this time expecting a “kiss”. While kissing my massaging hands, seemingly on their own, slipped down and cupped her breasts. Her back arched a bit, encouraging my caresses. I felt her nipples start to swell as my fingers twirled her nipples through the soft material of the sweater and bra. Her hand found my leg and started wandering up towards the lump in my pants that was growing larger by the second. Fingers brushed my swollen member as we continued the kiss.

“RING”, “RING”, “RING” The damn phone!

Deb leaned forward towards the desk, grabbed the phone, and in a breaking voice said “Hello. Hi dear, yes I was just sitting here waiting for your call.” I could feel my erection fade and I knew “The moment had passed.”

As she continued her small talk she smiled at me and lifted a finger to her lips indicating “quiet”. The next motion was the same hand lifting her sweater up exposing her delicate lace bra. As she continued her conversation, I went behind her as she leaned forward and unclasped the bra from behind. My hands trembling lifted the material revealing small perfect melons with very hard, pink wrinkled nipples. I knelt down silently next to her chair taking one nipple into my mouth as my fingers brushed the other. ” Gasp! No dear it is a bit cold in here and I leaned back against the cold metal of the chair.” She said into the phone.

As she continued to talk I continued to suckle her swollen nipples as quietly as I could.

Her legs parted and my hand ran up her panty-hosed thigh. I could feel her wetness through the thin material of her panties. My lips and tongue continued their adventure on her nipples.

“Dear, I am sure feeling horny missing you.” She said into the phone. “Have you ever thought about having phone sex?” She smiled down at me. “Take your cock out and start stroking it for me and I will play with my breasts and pussy as we talk.” She said to her husband.

WOW! I could not believe that this innocent relationship had turned into one of the most erotic fantasies that my mind could imagine!

As her conversation continued, she lifted her hips off the chair encouraging my hands to slide her hose and panties down her legs. Once removed, I literally crawled around to the front of her chair. My lips and tongue explored her thighs as my teeth softly nipped her skin. My hands caressed her nipples. “Oh yes! That is wonderful dear. Are you hard and throbbing for me? I am rubbing my nipples as we talk.” Her husband was obviously getting into this as well.

My lips continued up and I could smell her sweet musk as I neared her swollen pussy lips. Her legs were now completely spread exposing all of her clean shaved pussy to my view. My tongue darted into her, eliciting another loud “Gasp” into the phone. “Oh yes honey I am stoking myself for you. I am so wet! I can almost feel your tongue licking my swollen clitty.” My tongue starting flicking the sweet, obviously aroused bud. Her hips were slowly humping back against me. I could her side of the conversation as her breathing got louder and faster between comments.

“Yes, Yes, I am almost here! Fuck my cunt with your fingers as you lick me!” she said to her obviously aroused husband. I gladly complied!

“I am cummming! Cummming!” She screamed. Her hips raised up pushing against my searching tongue. I could feel her cunt contract as a wave of sweet liquid filled my mouth. I lapped greedily.

“Dear, that was so good. Did you get yourself off? Good I am so glad that we did that.” She said into the phone her voice a bit gravelly from her orgasm. My tongue was cleaning the overflow wetness form her glistening thighs. She smiled down at me.

“Well you have a good nights sleep, I will be at the banquet tomorrow night so we probably won’t talk.” She said into the phone. “Yes dear, I will be careful and a good girl. Night.” She hung up the phone leaning forward and taking my head between her hands. “Oh that was wonderful! Your lips and tongue are so talented I don’t think I have ever cum so hard in my life.” She said to me.

I stood up took her into my arms and kissed her lips her tongue tasting her own juices as she licked the remaining wetness from my chin. ” My, I do taste pretty good.” She smiled.

She dropped to her knees and undid my belt, as my pants dropped to the floor she took my swollen dripping member into her mouth. It had been a long time since I was able to cum so many times in one night. About 2 hours later we fell asleep in each others arms exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32