First Lesbian Sex

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Her name was Emma, she and i were best friends since we could remember, our mums had been friends since they were at Primary school as well. Ever since we could talk properly we would always joke about marrying each other and moving to Australia, our parents always said we would be bringing the friends “Together,” (In Family Terms). Once we started Primary school we dated the whole way through (Though not properly as at that age it was just a “Crush,”) and started to properly date during secondary school.

Now of course at this stage in our lives we started to…”Develop,” We both developed quite quickly, her breasts were enormous by the time we were in Year 11! Now i had developed a fair bit as well, i was a good 7 inches by year 9 and 9 inches by year 11. Once we were near our GCSE’s we began to kiss more passionately and i always wanted more, but she said she wasn’t ready and i fully understood. Now along with me and Emma there was one other friend…Johanna.

Now both Emma and Johanna were gorgeous, by far the hottest girls at school, and i suppose as a boy i wasn’t bad looking either. We’d had become friends when we first started secondary school, we’d be called “The three Musketeer’s,” which at first we put up with but then we began to think we were to “cool,” for that sort of thing. We’d always been popular so Emma and Jo were always being hit on, although usually by older guys. Emma would always say no, as we were together, but Jo would always get the guy…though it usually only lasted around 2-3 weeks! For my age i was always tall so i would never have any hassle from the older kids, and definately not Üsküdar Escort the younger kids, i would always play football, rugby and cricket with the older years (in year 11 i played with the sixth-formers.”

Johanna had had much experience with the men, she would always tell Emma everything, and then Emma would usually tell me (which Johanna didn’t mind as she trusted me).
Once we had to go to college, we were both going to separate ones so we realized we would have less time together, but we vowed to try and make it work (Johanna had gone to the same college as Emma).
I was always worried that Emma would find someone else and decide to be with him….”him?” I couldn’t have been more wrong…

We had both finally hit 18, (I was a month and twelve days older) and by now she was the Hottest Brunette on the planet! We would still kiss, and i would still try and touch her, but i would always get the “She’s not read,” but still i accepted this.
One day after College i received a text message from Emma asking if i was free tonight, as she needed help with “Studying,” she put at the end that if i helped her she had a surprise waiting for me…
I arrived around 6-ish and said hello to her parents then made my way upstairs, I knocked on her door and in i went, there she was sat on the floor with Johanna doing work from books. I helped them and about after an hour her dad went out, but her mum stayed in. Once her dad had left she told me to go outside, so i went downstairs and helped her mum clean her car. I received another text message asking were i was so i finished off the car and went upstairs.

I Üsküdar Escort Bayan could hear them giggling as i approached the door and when i entered i felt a rush of excitement , they were still looking at books but they were both naked! As soon as they saw me they told me to sit down on the chair in the corner and “Enjoy.”

So i sat down and they started to stroke each others hair, then started to kiss. I could see the tongue’s dashing for each other, and the sweet exchange of saliva, i was so excited…i was already beginning to get hard!
They stood up and held each other passionately, still kissing but touching each other all over…Emma ran her hand down Johanna’s body and down to her cunt, which was already wet, and began to rub, eventually speeding up until she started to moan, Johanna then did the same Emma.

The rubbing soon turned into fingering, they were ramming their fingers as far up as they could and were screaming like mad…I’m surprised her mum didn’t hear! You could hear the fingers entering the wet, slippery cunts over and over in a constant rhythm.

They stopped after about 15 minutes and Emma laid on the bed and spread her legs, Johanna then got down to her knees and began fingering and fisting all the juices out of her body, over and over..the sound was incredible! She began so suck her cunt, licking all of the juices from her vagina, sticking her tongue deep inside, Johanna then laid on her back and Emma did the same, Licking, fingering and fisting the hell out of that huge sobbing wet pussy!

After about 40 minutes of fisting they made their way over Escort Üsküdar to me and both stuck their tongues down my throat, i could still taste the sweet juices, and them trying to make tongue contact. They stool me up un-zipped my jeans and forced my dick into Emma’s warm, moist cunt. I began to thrust harder and harder, the moans were incredible! Forcing it deeper into her cunt than i thought she could take, i could feel her juices running down my leg, her cunt was sucking my cock deeper into her thrusting back and forth until i unleashed a huge amount of hot semen into her (Emma is unable to have a baby) her pussy was lapping it up, she slid my dick out of her and started to suck the rest of the juices from my cock.

She then went into the bathroom and grabbed a condom, put it on me and told me to fuck Johanna. Johanna spread he legs and almost forced my cock into her, she began moving her hips, making my cock thrust in and out like mad. Emma sat on top of Johanna’s face yet you could still hear here moan from the deep thrusting, he cum was running all over the condom and lubricating her pussy more and more so we ended up going faster. Emma began to let out a moan and juices flowed from her pussy all over Johanna’s face, i immediately forced my head forward and began licking the juices. I started to play with Emma’s huge breasts, pulling and pinching at her nipples and then i started to kiss her. Johanna was still licking her, so every time Emma started to cum she would shoot a ball of spit into my mouth (which still tasted like Johanna). We fucked over and over for about 4 hours until her dad came back and i left.

I must confess that although i adored making love to Emma, having sex with Johanna was more pleasurable, but she had experience on her side…

Date this happened:
14th August 2008

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