First Bi Experience

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I had been visiting a friend for several years now. It broke the drudgery and monotony of army boarding life. Recently I had been signing out for week-ends and spending the days at his place. We were both 19 and had many similar interests in sports, music and just hanging out together. Little did I know what other similarities we had!!!

One night after a busy and tiring day my world was changed and awakened.

It was a warm, still summer night. Typical for the time of year. The stillness was palpable and heavy. I lay on my bed, hot and listless. I tossed around for some time trying to find a comfortable position. Looking back I think that my state of unsettledness was due to the air of expectancy and want more than the weather!!

I finally lay on my back and drifted off to sleep. The night settled down and all was still.

I was awakened to the feel of something brushing my naked stomach. It took a while for me to return to full consciousness when I could see faintly against the glow Göztepe travesti coming through the window the frame of a form. I realized that it was my friend who had been asleep in the other bed in the room.

His touch returned, barely a flutter against my skin but this in itself cased me to pull in my breath involuntarily. He stopped. I held my breath willing him to continue. My mind screamed at him” Go on”. After what seemed an eternity he resumed but this time he increased the pressure of his fingers and began tracing circles on my belly. Slowly letting them widen and widen until they barely touched the top of my sleeping pants.

I felt hotness and stirring lower down. As his touch increased so did my awakening and soon I was fully erect, and straining at the confines of my shorts.

No words were exchanged, nothing was spoken. The stillness s of the night was broken by the sounds of my heavy breathing. I was hot and stifled. I wanted this to go on forever. My skin Küçükyalı travesti pricked with his touch. My senses were alive and I was floating in a warm pool of languid pleasure.


I was jolted out of this when I felt his other hand tug at my pants. Unspoken he willed me to raise my hips and in one movement he pulled my shorts down and away. Instantly I sprang free and erect, throbbing and hard. My head swollen.

He now moved his fingers to my pubes where he began to rub them and tease them. With an ever so gentle touch he grazed my swollen balls. This brought an instant reaction. I jerked and twitched my body and a small moan escaped my lips. He froze. Had anyone heard I asked myself. Please go on. Please.

After what seemed an eternity. An eternity in which I thought I would explode his hand returned and this time he clasped my shaft and squeezed. I jumped and almost screamed out. He began to now run his hand up and down my shaft pausing at my head to rub and Avrupa yakası travesti squeeze.

I bucked my hips and clenched my ass cheeks while he began moving his hand faster. I was delirious with pleasure and was lost in my emotions.

Before I knew what had happened I sensed wetness. I opened my eyes and looked down. The sight that greeted me was of him over me. My cock in side his warm, moist mouth and his hand cupping my balls while the other held me upright.

Such a sense of pure pleasure rushed through my body that I could no longer hold back and I began to spasm. Sensing this he pulled away and I released my self in a long, spurt of thick, warm, fluid. I came in several bursts of orgasm. Each one released a load which landed on my belly.

Gradually I was satiated and I returned to a state of drowsiness and contentment. He released my cock after squeezing it and wiping the head and then licking his finger of my juice. He used his fingers to rub in the drops onto my skin and ran his slippery fingers down to my balls.

Only then did he speak. And asked me how I felt. I was so intoxicated that I mumbled a reply and sank further into a warm pool of satisfaction and pleasure. Slowly I sank to its bottom as its warm waters enveloped me in their darkness.

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