Finding a Friend with Benefits

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The events related in the following “story” are factual. The names, of course, have been changed for the obvious reasons and there has been some editing of the chronology to make the story more readable. If you are a homophobe please move on. If you on the other hand appreciate the “bi-curious” male and his quest for satisfaction your comments will be appreciated and are welcome, both “tops” and “bottoms”.

I’ve been reading porn on Lit. for ages. I used to read the letters in Penthouse to get off but haven’t even opened one since I found Lit! I started with the Femdom stuff, then a little BDSM. That degenerated to some gay male. Women making guys suck cock to humiliate them just led to first time gay stories where a guy relates how he went down on his first cock!

The stories on cock sucking always seen to get me off but unlike most of the writers I identified with the guy getting his cock sucked not the other way around. I read the responses and noticed a common theme; there seemed to be a lot of wannabes but few takers. At least it seemed like all the cock suckers were having trouble finding a “friend with benefits.”

I started e-mailing any wannabe that was bold enough to identify himself. First I read his bio and eliminated anyone who was too far away. That left seven within about thirty miles of my home. For the next few weeks the e-mail traffic was hot and heavy; talking about cock sucking and how difficult it was to find a safe cock.

After a while one of the wannabes “wished” we could meet “for a cup of coffee”. I played hard to get. I detailed all the problems; especially my fear of discovery by friends or relatives. He worked his butt off trying to convince me he would be the perfect cocksucker for me. I didn’t expect that but it was fun; being shy, acting coy, letting him court me!

After considerable effort on his part I let him talk me into a face to face meeting. We settled on a chain breakfast place semi-convenient to both of us. I suggested he wear a red CSU cap so I would know him when I saw him; he agreed and asked me to wear a white golf visor. We settled on meeting in front of the restaurant at 9:30 on a Saturday.

I arrived early and parked within sight of the front door. The minutes really do seem like hours when you are waiting and excited. It was all I could do not to jack-off right then! At precisely 9:30 a slightly paunchy, middle aged guy walked towards the front door wearing a red CSU Escort bayan cap. I watched him fidget for a moment and then got out of my car to join him.

He looked very nervous as I approached, “Sam?” He asked hesitantly.

“Fred?” I replied. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you! At least it will be.” I offered my hand as if greeting an old friend.

We shook hands tentatively and eyed one another. Neither of us is anything special; average guys, a little over-weight, and hair thinning, just average. “Let’s get some coffee.” I suggested and reached for the door. He seemed relieved that I didn’t want to take him behind the bushes to suck my cock immediately.

Once inside and seated we ordered our coffee and then talked. It was uncomfortable at first but after a while he poured out his soul. He seemed happy and relieved that another man would share his secret fantasy. Before I knew it the time slipped by and the lunch crowd started to come in.

“Fred,” I started, “I think I want this as much as you but I’m not ready to take the plunge today. Will you be disappointed if we wait, maybe till next week?’ I could see relief and disappointment on his face at the same time.

“Sure, Sam, whatever makes you comfortable.” He agreed.

We decided to meet the following Saturday only at 8:30 instead of 9:30. The e-mails from Fred that week were full of descriptions about what he wanted to do. I knew that on Saturday I would get my cock sucked by a guy for the first time!

On Friday I told Fred to wear running shorts and no underwear. Saturday morning I drove my conversion van to the restaurant. “As I approached I suggested, “Let’s get our coffee to go.”

“Good idea!” Fred agreed enthusiastically. I think he was even more excited about sucking me off than I was at being sucked.

I drove to a shopping center and found a spot next to a building and backed in. Fred’s cock was making the proverbial tent in his shorts. “Let me see your cock.” I almost ordered.

“What?” Fred seemed startled. “Why?”

“Let’s get something straight, Fred. If you are going to be my cock sucker I’m in charge! You will do as I say, do you understand?

Fred was noticeably startled but nodded in agreement.

“I can’t hear you, Fred.”

“You’re in charge, Sam.”

“Good, now take off your shirt and shorts, I want to see how much you want to suck cock.”

Fred took off his shirt and slid Escort his shorts down to his ankles and kicked them off. His cock was nicely hard and pointing straight up. I locked the doors, turned in my seat and went to a captain’s chair in the middle of the van. “Don’t be shy now, Fred, I’ll watch for trouble, you’ve got work to do.” I pointed at the floor in front of me. “Kneel there, spread your legs and show me your cock.”

The rush I felt was enormous! I was lording it over this guy and he was going to suck me off and I was going to make him beg me to let him do it. “Stroke your cock and tell me what you want to do.”

He looked at me, and stroking his cock said, “I want to suck your cock, Sam.”

“And then what?”

“I want to make you explode in my mouth and swallow your cum.”

“Do you think my cock is ready for your mouth, Fred?”

“It looks hard.”

I was still completely dressed. “Why don’t you kiss my crotch, Fred? See if you can tell through my slacks if I’m getting hot for your mouth.” He buried his face in my crotch and massaged my cock and balls. It felt great to have this nearly naked man groveling at my feet, pleasuring my cock. I almost couldn’t tease him any more.

“Am I ready, Fred?”

“Yes, Sam.”

“Don’t you think you should call me “Master”? Am I ready Fred?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Then unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants.” I just sat there with my arms resting on the Captains chair arms. I felt like a king! I was really making another man do what I wanted sexually and he liked it!

“Before you suck my cock, Fred, I like to have my balls played with. Do you think you would like to play with my balls?”

“Please, Master let me play with your balls.”

“Very good! Fred. You know what to do. Rub them, squeeze them, pull them, and make my balls happy, Fred.”

He reached in my shorts and began playing with my nuts. I was sitting on my slacks and shorts so it was a little uncomfortable but he tried. “Don’t you think you should do something about these pants, Fred?”

He looked confused. “They’re in the way, Fred, what do you think you should do?”

He started to pull them down but I stopped him, “Aren’t you forgetting something, Fred?”

He cocked his head quizzically, “What, Sam?” He corrected himself, “I mean what, Master?”

“Ask permission, Fred.”

“May I pull your pants down, Master?

“Use your teeth.” Bayan escort Fred braced himself on the arms of the seat and bit on my pants leg. I lifted myself up to make it a little easier. It took some time but my pants were finally down to my knees. Watching him kneeling before me and working so hard to get my trousers off made me harder, if that’s possible. He went to work on my boxers, first one leg, and then the other. After much effort the elastic was hung up on my cock. He bit on the waist band and pulled it over my cock and balls, releasing them. He stared at his prize.

“Do you think you want to continue, Fred?”

His eyes never left my crotch; he licked his lips and whispered,” Please let me lick your balls, Master.”

I was through teasing him; I pushed my boxers down to my ankles and spread my knees as I pushed my hips to the edge of the seat. He crawled between my legs and kissed my balls, timidly at first but soon his tongue began licking one side and then the other. My cock lay against his face as he licked. Soon he was sucking by balls into his mouth, rolling them with his tongue and moaning. The feeling was incredible! A naked man was pleasuring me! And, he was happy to do it; enjoying being the sucker unlike some women who did it butt never really liked it!

I wasn’t going to last much longer. “Lick my dick, Fred.”

Reluctantly he released my balls and started licking my shaft from the base to the tip. His tongue lapped up the precum as it oozed out. “Are you ready for more, Fred?”

“Yes, Master, please let me suck your cock!”

“Are you going to swallow my cum, Fred?”

“Yes, Master, please let me suck your cock and be your cum slut!”

I can’t imagine what he was thinking or how he felt but I do know how enthusiastically he sucked me off! He devoured my cock, licking, sucking, bobbing, driving his lips to the base of my cock; I could feel it in his throat! He fucked my dick with his mouth like he wanted to. It was just moments before I lost my load to his hungry mouth and true to his word he swallowed every last drop.

As my dick went limp I pushed him away. “Let me see your prick, cumslut,” I ordered.

He straightened up and held his glistening dick in his hand. “Stroke it, cumslut, cum in your hand.”

He closed his eyes and jacked off; in less than a minute he came and milked his prick into his hand. “Now eat it, cumslut!”

He hesitated, I knew he wouldn’t want to eat his own cum but I wanted to confirm my control over him. “Eat it, or else we’ll never do this again.”

He brought his hand slowly to his lips and licked up his own cum, reluctantly, unenthusiastically but obediently. He was my cum slut.

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