Finally Meeting Ch. 03

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So far I’ve had some fairly positive feedback on my first story, so here’s Part 3! Once again, in case anyone was wondering, everyone in this story is above 20 years of age and everything happening between all parties is 100% consensual. This story simply touches on the sub/dom aspect of an internet relationship formed on a cam-site that recently turned physical. Enjoy, if it’s your cup of tea; if not, I appreciate feedback all the same!


I couldn’t believe my ears. I had been completely obedient up to this point. You seduced me to the point that I felt comfortable enough to take vacation from work, fly all the way down to your hometown, and finally meet you, and you were considering letting another man watch. Honestly? It was both terrifyingly scary but terrifyingly hot.

I was starting to relax a little on the ground. My back wasn’t as stiff, I had allowed a slight curve. My arms weren’t completely rigid, I bent my elbows slightly as continued to suck your cock. Hell, I even closed my eyes. I was so used to my ass being groped by the stranger that I even spread my legs a little. I was starting to relax, yes, but I was still aware of what was going on between you and the stranger. You were attempting to assert dominance over him using me. Your schedule, your rules, your boy.

“How much?” He replied, “Hmm… well, I only carry cash while traveling… all I got is $100 bucks. That enough to see you and the little bitch for a few?”

You knew I was worth more than that. You knew that what we had was worth more than that. But it was early in our physically sexual relationship, and you wanted to establish complete and total dominance over me as well. After thinking about it for a few seconds, you looked down at me and cracked a devilish grin, and replied in a quiet tone,

“Tell you what, friend… you’ll need some money for food and emergencies. Keep the $100. It’s on me,”

My eyes widened. Suddenly I knew exactly what my place was. I was expected to be completely submissive, and you dictated who could watch, touch, fuck, and participate whenever you wanted. Rules could change, but only with your say-so. I was powerless, but taken care of, as long as listened completely and offered myself to you whenever you desired.

While all of this was running through my mind, the stranger on the other side of the wall was still touching my scrotum, except now he was gently stroking and squeezing my balls. You nodded your head towards his stall as you pushed my shoulder over a bit. I raised my eyebrow in confusion, and again jerked your head over towards his stall. I cautiously moved my ass closer to his stall, eyeing your reactions to gauge whether or not I was obeying properly.

You smiled and nodded; I was doing the right thing! At this point I was in quite the position… My head was high enough to where you could still abuse my mouth, but I was on my hands and knees, positioned with my feet, legs, and ass, almost squeezed under the stall. My legs were spread as wide as I could possible stretch my whore legs, completely exposing my hanging balls to the stranger in the other stall.

I was being used from two different angles: on one end my face and mouth were being used by you, my daddy, and the other I was being groped, squeezed, felt, touched, and rubbed by a random stranger.

“Thanks for the adjustment, cutie… love the feeling of these hangars.” The stranger called out to me in a low horny voice, then switching to a more business tone, “Hey so listen, what’s the plan for you two? And do you mind if I tug on these a bit? I get so turned on by straining the little boy… but at the end of the day, your pet your rules!”

You laughed as you replied, “Ha ha, of Bağdat caddesi travesti course not! Tug away! The little winces and yelps do wonders for me and my cock, and in turn, his mouth. Beautiful cycle…”

“And as for your plans right now…?”

“Right! Well, my plan is to fuck this cute little face till I cum, then we’ll pack up, him holding my cum in his mouth like a good boy, and we find a motel room. Hopefully by then I’ll be ready for another great round.”

“Sounds like a hot plan… fuck, I wish I could join you tw-” the man was cut off by the sound of his phone dinging with an alert. “Oh, one sec. Don’t move, boy, I’m not done feeling you up, ha ha. Like you CAN leave…”

You took advantage of the brief alone time and took a good long look at me. There I was, completely naked, on my knees on a dirty bathroom floor with your cock in my mouth. It had finally happened. I was in front of you, and you had your cock wrapped in my warm mouth, and I was sucking as hard as I could for you. I remember you smiling at me while you gathered my hair behind my head and used it to pull me farther onto your cock.

I remember it distinctly because your cock had finally touched the back of my throat and I made a loud gagging noise while I placed my hand on your stomach. I tried to push off, but you wouldn’t let me. You needed to feel me panic… you needed to feel the back of my throat with your cock. After a few seconds of your display of dominance you let me off your beautiful cock to get some air. My face almost dropped to the floor while I gulped as much air as I could, my vision getting blurred because of how much my eyes welled up. We could hear a chuckle from our neighbor as he deduced what was going on… He quickly perked up and let you know,

“Hey stranger, my flight got cancelled… mind if I pass off this $100 to you and join in on the motel fun?”

“Oh keep the money, man… this little bitch needs to learn his place, and I could use the entertainment. Quite the turn on knowing he’ll listen when I give someone permission to fuck him.”

“Seriously? Hell yeah, I’d love to join in!”

You two set terms of usage (of me) quickly between the stalls. It was agreed upon that you, of course, would fuck me first. His phone would be left in the car so no pictures and/or videos get out, simply for the sake of privacy, but everything else was fair game. I could tell you were both getting excited about the idea because your hands kept gripping my head and hair tighter and tighter, your breaths getting heavier and heavier, while the stranger was tugging and squeezing harder and harder. I could tell you were close… I had prepared for this moment forever. I would wager I was just as excited, if not more, than you and he combined…

“You got off lucky, boy, for now. I had planned on cumming, but this fine gentleman is looking for something to do, and we have a motel room to find. Let’s go – on your feet!”

You pushed me to my feet and buckled your pants around your waist. I struggled to hurry and follow, but you were too quick. The stall door swung open and I was left naked and exposed, scrambling to get dressed. The stranger in the stall next to us finally opened his stall. His jaw dropped when he saw me.

For the first time he laid eyes on my completely naked body. He had seen parts of me, of course, under the stall – my legs, my ass, and a little of my back, but a full on frontal view of me was enough for him to instinctively smile a wicked grin.


“…boy?” You replied, laughing. “Yeah, he’s a good whore, kinda cute too, if you ask me. Looks younger than he is, don’t worry. Totally legal.”

“Good! I mean he looks Bostancı travesti legal, of course, but he’s riding that line a little bit. I’d be cautious if he didn’t have some stubble around his jaw.”

The two of you washed your hands and grabbed your bags as I finished getting dressed. I don’t know how no one else walked in on us, but I was a little thankful they didn’t. I doubt I could’ve handled a third cock that day.

I rode with you over to the motel, of course. On the way there you initially kept your hand on my thigh. You broke the silence,

“I’m so glad you decided to quit being shy and brought that tight ass down here for me, boy.”

“Me too, sir.” I sheepishly replied.

“Here, unzip my pants, boy”

“Now? I mean, we’re in the car, and there’s traffic up ahead too.”

You shot me one look and I immediately understood the severity of your request. Thankfully you only wanted me to rub your cock. I don’t know what I would have done if you asked me to suck you in traffic.

“Take a look around, boy, you’ve received a stare or two. Tell me what you think?”

“Oh, I’ve noticed… what do you mean what do I think? It’s a little uncomfortable seeing people looking and judging me.”

“Would you rather not jerk me right now?”

“No no, it’s not that. It’s just a new feeling I guess.”

You smiled wide. We both knew that you were expanding your reach over me. I was becoming willing to do more and more, despite jerking someone off in a car is hardly a level above letting a stranger grope me in a public bathroom.

It was, however, a little more intimate and slower than before. I was able to really feel your cock. I could take my time with it. I noted the texture of it, the shape of the head, the way the top half of your cock was thicker than the base, I noticed everything. Just like the stranger in the stall, my hand got slicker the more I rubbed you. My heart began to race a little more than before. I could feel your cock pulsing in my hand. I was really starting to get into it when…

“Okay, enough of that, we’re here, boy. Leave your things in the car, we can come back for them once we have the room key.”

Disappointed, I obeyed, licked my fingers of the pre-cum, and followed you into the motel office. The stranger had beat us there (go figure) and the three of us walked in together. A young woman sat behind the desk, maybe 25 or 26 years old.

“Hey boys! What can I help you with today?” She sparkled.

“We need a room on the end, please. The more private the better.” You replied, straight forward and to the point.

“Oh, uh… um, okay, let me see what I can do for y’all” She replied.

I was mortified… she knew what you were asking for and I could tell she knew what my purpose was. She took down some information and handed you the room key. We turned around and you blurted out (I think on purpose)

“We’re gonna have some fun, aren’t we?” You laughed as you turned around and shot the girl a thumbs up.

It could have been worse, I guess, but that doesn’t mean the next few hours of my life would be easy. In fact, things were about to get, dare I say it, harder. Alright, so puns aside, I was a little nervous! I mean, I had only just met you and within the first hour of meeting you had me hook up with you in a bathroom, get groped by a stranger, and then jerk you off in traffic. We quickly grabbed our things from the car, but when I went to get my bags you placed a hand in front of me,

“No, boy, you won’t need any of that.”

“But daddy, my clothes…?”

“Like I said. Follow us and as soon as we get inside the room, undress in front of us. Be a good boy and hurry up!”

“Yes Kartal travesti sir.” I replied, a little nervous.

But this is what I signed up for. I came to terms with that while you were fucking my ass at the airport. I had come to terms with it while I let a stranger touch and squeeze my balls under the stall. And I had just come to terms with it again, as I obeyed you without hesitation. “Room 104” the door read. You and the stranger went in before me, he held the door for me. As soon as I got in the room I turned around, waiting for the door to close, but it never did.

“Well…?” I asked.

“Well, you aren’t getting undressed. So…?” You returned the question.

“Right. I’m sorry, daddy, I apologize.”

With the door left ajar I nervously took off my shirt. I turned around quick enough to see the girl behind the desk break away from stealing a peek. As I unbuckled my belt the stranger closed the door and chuckled a little. You both sat down on the bed and pulled your cocks out while striking up a casual conversation. I continued to slowly undress myself. I removed my shoes one at a time while you two discussed the hot weather. While I rid myself of my socks and belt you had switched onto airline delays and cancellations, but by the time I had stripped down to my underwear you both fell silent. I looked up as you two managed your hard erections diligently while studying every inch of my exposed body.

I could feel you two making note of different curves that turned you on, certain areas that maybe turned you off, but specifically the things that “just worked” for you both. The moment of truth. I only had my underwear left. I took in a deep breath, and after hooking my thumbs into the elastic band, I slid them off in one swift motion. The groans of approval I received from you two made me feel more comfortable for a moment, but slightly like prey, and I was staring at two of the biggest predators in the jungle.

“Come here, boy.” You snapped your fingers. Of course I obeyed immediately and walked over to you. “NO, no, all wrong… go back to the door and do it again. This time, swing your hips JUST a little. If I wanted a slutty girl I’d go find one, but that’s not to say I don’t want a dab of slut in you.” You ordered.

I nodded and turned around. The stranger hollered, “BOY howdy, look at him! Fuck, what a cute set of cheeks on this one. This should be the most fun I’ve had in a solid year, I tell you what… I think he’s even enjoying it, too! Look at his cock swell like that”

“Ha ha, fucking hell…” You replied. He was right, though, my cock was starting to stand at attention. Fuck, I did enjoy this. I enjoyed being treated like a piece of meat. Neither of you saw it, but I cracked a small grin while I had my back to you two. Approval is always nice, we can all agree on that, right? So I turned around and began walking back. This time I made my steps a little more exaggerated and intentional, just barely crossing them over the other with each step.

“Mmm, that’s more like it… Now come stand between the beds here, we want to get a feel for you, boy…” You ordered.

Without hesitation I walked between the two of you and you both began to feel me from my neck down to my calves. You seemed to focus on my abs and chest, while the stranger focused on my ass and my thighs. At one point he placed both of his hands around my thighs, rubbing them up and down, and all he did was groan; who knows how long it had been since he had touched someone like this. It seemed like both of you had found something you needed for so long. In an odd way it felt good to be wanted like this. You both could get off without feeling judged or obstructed by my own personal desires, even if my desire was to be used by you two.

He could tell I was enjoying it to some degree, as my cock was starting to rise some more. He smile and laid his face against my thigh and reached his hand out, asking you

“Can I touch your boys cock?”

[To be continued…]

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