Field Trip

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Thanks to u/voila- for “requesting” this story. They were a pleasure to work with.

Summarized idea: A college volleyball team is invited to visit their sponsor’s brand-new underground chemical laboratory. During the tour, an explosion splits up the group and traps some of the girls deep in the facility. They’re mostly fine, but who knows what chemicals the explosion might have unleashed?

Contains: orgasm control, aphrodisiacs, and some confusion about sexuality.

My head hurt. Rubbing a hand over my face, I found that my cheeks were gritty, covered in something like sand. I opened my eyes, then had to reach up and touch them to make sure they were really moving. It was utterly pitch black, in a way I’d never experienced before. The darkness was suffocating, and the sound of my breathing was strangely muffled by the ringing in my ears.

What happened?

I remember coming into the huge room with everyone. After walking through what felt like miles of claustrophobic corridors and touring fancy new chemistry labs that were entirely lost on a college volleyball team, a big green open space was heaven. The domed ceiling was somehow illuminated to be bright blue, and a dazzling fake sun shone down on us with real warmth. The scientists escorting us had started to explain the importance of the experimental plants growing in the open hydroponic basins, but we were already running out along the network of white stone pathways, giddy after ‘escaping’ the underground. After letting us play around and bask in the ‘sunshine’ for a while, our guides had started to lead us back out the way we had come…

…and then the room shuddered, a horrible noise battered my ears, and I was thrown backwards into darkness. Right.



“What?” I said, or at least tried to say. I couldn’t hear my own voice very well.

“Ymm ommm?”


“You okay?” someone repeated, enunciating clearly. Lillie.

“I… I think I’m fine,” I replied hesitantly, attempting to sit up as the ringing in my ears began to die down. Little shards of rock and plastic cascaded down my shirt, but when patting myself down, I couldn’t find any injuries other than a general sense of being bruised. “Are you okay?”

“I’m soaking wet and flat on my ass in a bunch of plants, but yeah.”

I let out a stupid little giggle at the mental image of my tall blond teammate’s legs sticking out of one of the basins embedded in the floor. “What about everyone else?” I looked around uselessly in the pitch blackness. “Cheryl? Gail?”

“Here,” Gail groaned from further away. “Ow. God.”

“Cheryl?” I called again, to no response. “Jo? Tammy?”

Only silence answered me.

“They were ahead of us… right?” Lillie asked nervously. “Like, already in the hallway…”

“Maybe they didn’t get hit by it,” Gail offered. “Whatever it was that exploded. They were pretty far ahead.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. I didn’t want to think about the alternative.

A sudden spark of light was almost blinding, and I squinted at whatever it was until I could make out a phone screen a few dozen feet away. It illuminated Gail’s dark-skinned arm before she flipped it around and shined it around the room, barely highlighting the debris of the explosion and revealing Lillie’s lean form sprawled across a hydroponic bed.

“Hey girl,” Gail said. Lillie gave her a tiny wave and fished in her pocket to pull out a dripping wet phone.

“I think mine’s dead. Hannah?”

Realizing that I was sitting on my purse, I shifted to the side and tugged out a phone that felt entirely the wrong shape. The screen still lit up when I pressed the button, showing that the background photo of me and my mom was warped by the bent casing and shattered screen. “I fell on mine, but it works. Sort of.” I stood up on unsteady legs and carefully turned on the flashlight mode to make my way over to them. I also passed the beam over the walls to check out the exit – well, where the exit had been. The corridor was packed with rubble that extended out into the room.

“Shit,” Lillie muttered. “That’s gonna take a hot minute to clear out.”

“Yeah.” Gail blew out a heavy breath. “Are there any other ways out?”

I traced the light around the room, but if there was another exit it wasn’t an obvious one. Sighing, I offered my hand to Lillie, helping her out of the water. The three of us were silent for a while as I tried to find a semi-comfortable place to sit in my skirt, listening to the sound of Lillie’s soaked clothes making a puddle.

“Well this fucking sucks,” I muttered after a while. “I didn’t even want to come here in the first place.”

“Sorry,” Gail said quietly. She had been the most enthusiastic about this trip to our team sponsor’s new lab. “But… we’re here now.” She reached out to rub my shoulder and gave me a weak smile. “We should probably try to save the battery on our phones.”

“Oh, yeah.” I checked for signal, unsurprisingly found it still zero bars, orhangazi escort and turned my phone off, setting it beside me as Gail did the same. The darkness returned like a suffocating blanket over my eyes and mouth, making my chest feel tight.

A wet hand on my shoulder made me jump, but I reached up and held it when Lillie murmured “Sorry” and started to pull away.

“No, it’s okay. I… I don’t like the dark.”

I was expecting to be teased about my childish fear, but Lillie just gave my fingers a squeeze. After a few moments, Gail’s hand found my leg, and I held both of my friends’ hands, comforted by their presence.

“Wonder how long it will be until someone comes and rescues us?” Lillie mused.

“Too ff-fucking long!” she groaned, digging fruitlessly at the top of the rubble as I held up my phone’s flashlight for her. “How much time can it take? Give us something!”

“Are you okay, Lil?” I asked. She was visibly shivering.

“I’m not ff-ff-fucking okay,” she muttered, climbing down from the heap of debris blocking the way out. “It’s f-ff-FUCKING cold now and I’m still w-wet.”

I waved a hand through the air, realizing that the pleasantly hot temperature of the dome had dropped gradually but significantly since the explosion. “You should take off your clothes.”

“Ooh, I bet you’d l-love that,” she said, suddenly grinning in the light of my flashlight, and my cheeks went a fiery red.

“No! I- I meant- they’re wet, so- you’ll be more cold-“

“I’m just teasing!” she laughed, and I could hear Gail giggling in the darkness. “You’re probably right.”

Lillie started tugging off her shirt, and I immediately moved the flashlight away, trying to ignore her snickering.

“Embarrassed, Hannah? You’ve seen more in the showers, and you love to stare there…”

“I- I don’t stare!” I lied, blushing hotly.

“You don’t have to t-take me so seriously,” she giggled. I heard the sound of wet clothing hitting the ground. “You’re just too fun to tease.”

“I never should have told all of you,” I grumbled.

“We would have figured it out on our own if you left it much longer,” Gail said, amused. “Straight girls do not react to a little playing around like that.”

My face burned as I remembered the time Tammy had given me a spank in the locker room in front of everyone. It had left me weak in the knees and blushing furiously as I told her off, trying to ignore the sound of the others laughing.

“I’m still f-fucking freezing,” Lillie muttered. “You girls got any extra clothes?”

“I’ve got my sweatshirt,” Gail offered. “Come over.”

I picked out the path with my flashlight, trying to keep my peripheral vision off Lillie’s tight body. She was only wearing panties now, and her small breasts were like magnets for my eyes. I let out a silent sigh of relief when Gail handed over the jacket and Lillie pulled it over her head, sitting down beside her on one of the soil beds that lined the edge of the room. As much as they liked to tease me, they didn’t understand how hard it was to constantly be around hot, athletic women, especially those who weren’t concerned about modesty.

“That’s b-better… Still cold, though…”

“Come’ere, girlie.” Gail wrapped her arms around Lillie and snuggled closer to her. “Hannah, you too. Body heat.”

My face still felt hotter than my whole body combined, but I sat down on Lillie’s other side and joined the cuddle, feeling her chilled skin against mine as her hand slipped around my waist.

“Thanks,” Lillie murmured. “That’s actually way better.”

“Mm,” Gail mumbled. I made a similar noise, nuzzling into Lillie’s shoulder. She smelled like wet hair and sweet perfume, and she gradually warmed up between us. After a while, I remembered to switch off my phone again. Linked together like this, the enveloping darkness was shared, comfortable. Almost… relaxing…

My eyes shot open when the shoulder I was leaning against moved, and I struggled to remember where I was for a few moments. I’d been having a dream about cuddling with Tammy on a bus ride, but the stiffness in my back and the smothering darkness quickly brought me back to reality.

“Ugh,” Gail mumbled, her voice husky in the way that I recognized after sharing a few hotel rooms with her.

“Did you fall asleep?” I asked as Lillie stood up.

“Yeah,” Gail admitted.

“I sorta dozed off too,” Lillie said. “Thanks for warming me up. Shit, I’m really thirsty now.”

“I guess there’s a good thing about being trapped here,” Gail said. “We’ve got all the water and food we need.”

“Is this stuff safe?” I turned on my broken phone to look over the hydroponic basin closest to us. There were a bunch of green leaves rising out of the water with the support of some wire and tubing, but I had no idea what kind of plants they were.

“Doesn’t the water have fertilizer and shit in it?” Lillie asked, crouching down at the edge to peer closer.

“Um…” nilüfer escort Gail said. “Probably? But these are all edible plants. I remember them explaining it.”

Lillie snorted. “Of course you were actually paying attention, Miss Straight A’s.”

“I’m guessing the water can’t be that bad for us if you’re supposed to eat what grows in it,” Gail continued, unfazed. She knelt down and cupped her hands to get a taste, then made a face. “It’s a little… earthy, but it seems okay.”

Lillie shrugged and gulped down a few mouthfuls as Gale continued to drink. I set down my phone and joined them, taking a long sip from my cupped hands. It did taste like… well, mineral water and dirt, but it quenched my thirst. After not having any water for hours, we all ended up drinking quite a bit. We sat back on the squishy soil bed when we were satisfied, and I remembered to turn off my phone once more before reaching out to hold Gail’s hand in the darkness.

“What do you think the others are doing right now?” Lillie murmured after a while.

Gail let out a soft chuckle. “Probably sitting in the staff room drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies.”

“While the scientists are freaking out about the PR disaster,” I added, and the others laughed.

“Yeah, seriously,” Gail said. “I wonder if we’ll get to sue them.”

“That’d be nice,” Lillie said, a bit dreamily. “Give us each a million dollars for… mental distress, or whatever bullshit.”

“Reckless endangerment, more like,” I said. “Though we had to sign all those things to come in here… Hopefully that doesn’t just mean they get off for free.”

“Yeah…” Lillie murmured. “Hey, did they turn the heat back on?”

“I think so,” Gail said. “I’m getting kind of hot.”

“What?” I asked, bewildered. I had goosebumps from the chill in the air. “What are you… talking… about…”

Then I felt it. It was like my whole body was starting to blush, leaving every inch of my skin flushed and hot.

“What the…?” I blindly traced up Gail’s arm until I could feel her forehead. “You’re burning up…”

“Yeah, it’s getting way too hot in here,” she said, brushing away my hand. “Shield your eyes, girls, I’m taking off my top.”

Lillie laughed in the darkness. It sounded like she had stood up, and I could hear the rustle of clothing coming from both of them. “Me too. Goodbye, sweatshirt.”

“But- wait, hold on- This- This isn’t normal-“

“Aw, Hannah, are we embarrassing you again?” Lillie teased. I opened my mouth to explain and was left gaping when hands found my head and pulled me against warm, firm flesh. I could feel the toned muscle of Lillie’s stomach pressing into my face, and the sweet smell of her skin filled my lungs as she giggled. “Oh- Oh my God, I wish you could see this, Gail. She’s blushing so much.”

She was right. The heat in my body was nothing compared to the fire in my cheeks, but I managed to push her away and sputter, “No- No, this isn’t right. Th-The heat, I mean. Doesn’t it feel weird?”

“I guess so,” Lillie muttered, letting go of my head. “I feel kind of… hot all over, not just hot…” She paused. “Yeah, actually. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know…” Gail said vaguely. “Um, do either of you… do either of you, um…”

“Spit it out, girl,” Lillie urged.

“Um, well, are either of you… kind of… a little… turned on…?” I could hear Gail cringing as she spoke.

“What? What do you mean, turned on…” Lillie trailed off, and we were all silent for a few moments before she added, “Oh.”

I started to ask what was wrong with them, but it was suddenly wrong with me, too. A rush of wet, tingly warmth between my legs left me speechless. The feeling only grew, building up from a little thrill of arousal to a full-on ladyboner that had me clenching around nothing. “I… I kind of… also…”

“Oh no,” Gail whispered. “Was- Was it the water?”

“Shit,” Lillie groaned, a breathy inflection to her voice that I’d never heard before. “You drank it, and then me, and then- Hannah.”

“Those fucking scientists,” I muttered, involuntarily pressing my thighs together and clutching handfuls of my skirt. I was hyperaware of my hard nipples poking against my bra. “What the hell are they feeding these plants?”

“Some kind of hormones- maybe?” Gail managed in a tight voice. “Oh, God… I’m sorry…”

Lillie’s breathing was becoming fast and labored next to me. “Not your fault, G…”

“Um,” I managed, my body on fire and my pussy screaming for attention. My shirt was stuck to my sweaty chest, and I struggled out of it without a thought for modesty, leaving my short hair a mess. I could already feel a dampness in my underwear, and the need to touch myself was so strong that I had to dig my nails into my thigh. “I’m- I’m not the only one about to stick a hand down my panties- right?”

“Way ahead of you,” Lillie said, letting out a half-laugh, half-moan. Gail gave a little whimpering gasp that I could only assume türbanlı escort meant the same thing: we were all so horny we couldn’t control ourselves.

Well, if everyone was doing it…

My fingers slipped under the waist of my skirt and into my underwear, finding my folds already soaked and swollen. I lay back on the cool dirt as I started to make passes over my throbbing clit, biting my lip hard and blushing furiously as the reality of the situation crashed over me. I was masturbating with my friends. They were close enough for me to reach out and touch, and their little noises of pleasure fueled the fire of my unbearable arousal. It was a fantasy I’d shamefully indulged in many, many times, except usually I was in the showers with the whole team, all soaped up and slippery and dripping wet in every way as we touched ourselves… and each other… To have even a version of that happen was insane. Insanely hot. And wrong, sort of, but I really didn’t care at this point, and I didn’t think either of them did either. We lay in our own little worlds in the darkness, connected only by sound and shared pleasure.

At least, until a few minutes passed and Lillie startled me by letting out a loud, frustrated moan. “God- fucking damnit- nnnrgh… This is the worst…”

“W-What’s wrong?” I asked. My voice came out far more breathy and high-pitched than I intended.

“It’s so fucking hard for me to get off with just my fingers…”

“Oh,” I murmured. I couldn’t sympathize; my climax was already close, a hot pressure built up in my abdomen.

“God I wish I had my vibe… fuck… FUCK!” Her shout rang off the ceiling and made me jolt. “Fucking cramping already!”

Gail let out a low noise that could be interpreted as sympathetic, but it mostly just sounded like she was coming her brains out. Listening to her orgasm pushed me over the edge, and I failed to hold back a moan as I went tense, little tremors wracking my body. Lillie cried out in frustration as I shuddered and worked my needy clit faster, drawing out every last second of ecstasy until I was lying on the soil, panting and weak and still full of need.

“You two are killing me here,” Lillie whined. “I need to come so bad…”

A very inappropriate idea popped into my head, but when we were this far into debauchery there wasn’t much point in keeping it to myself. “Um… I could… help…?”


“Sorry,” I whispered, filled with sudden shame. What was I thinking?

“No, um…” she mumbled. My heart skipped a beat. Or three.


“Um… fuck me… I… I’m not gay, okay?”

“I know,” I said, breathing fast as my fingers returned to stroking circles over my oversensitive clit, sending pleasure coursing through me once again.

“But…” Lillie groaned. “Christ. I can’t believe- I’m asking this, but… please. Oh God please. I’m gonna go fucking insane if I don’t come.”

“I- I- Um- Okay.” I reluctantly pulled my hand out of my panties and crawled closer to her, my pulse pounding in my ears. Pleasuring Lillie wasn’t as good as being pleasured by her, but it was still unbelievably hot that she was begging me for it. I traced my hands up her muscular thighs, trembling with excitement and feeling her shiver underneath me as I positioned myself between her legs. “You want me to, um, eat you out…?”

“Fuck, I don’t know… You’re the lesbian. Whatever you waNT-” Her voice went tight as I nuzzled down her firm stomach, finding her heat with my chin. I dove in without hesitation, making her gasp as I pushed my tongue through her smooth folds and lapped up all the wetness from her masturbation.

“Oh, God,” Lillie whimpered. “This is so weird.”

She tasted salty-sweet, not at all unpleasant, and the heavy musk of her arousal flipped a switch in my brain. My hand slipped back into my panties, pumping fingers inside myself and grinding over my clit as I lapped blindly at Lillie’s heat. Each touch drew out little involuntary noises, and she moaned profanity whenever I took her swollen nub between my lips and sucked. Occasional gasps reminded me of Gail’s presence only a few feet away, but she didn’t seem inclined to join us and I didn’t mind. I was focused entirely on the hot pleasure coursing through me and Lillie as a tight knot grew in my belly once again.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Yes- God- Yes-“

I released her clit and lay my head against her hot thigh as a second orgasm ripped through my body. I clenched around my fingers over and over again, stomach flexing with each wave of bliss that shot through me. I tried to catch my breath as little aftershocks made my legs twitch, but Lillie’s hands wove in my hair and pushed me into her folds.

“Fuck, come on, Hannah… I was so fucking close, come on…”

I wrapped my lips around that hard bundle of nerves again, earning a moan from my friend. Even two climaxes had only taken the edge off the burning need in my body, and my hand slipped right back into my soaked panties to rub myself as I sucked Lillie’s clit. I could see why it was hard for her to get off with her fingers; it seemed to take a lot of stimulation for her to come. She bucked her hips into my mouth, grabbing at my hair and holding me down as she swore under her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32