Feline Fantasy

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So basically I spent the day picturing this kitty cat slave rubbing her face against her masters’ swollen cock and decided to write about it It’s my first time writing anything like this so please be kind to me, comments are welcome!


I anxiously sat watching as the minutes tick by on the clock, is it time yet? How about now? Awaiting my master’s return from work. I sit thinking about the night before, the collar he had presented me with a gorgeous red with a silver bell, after I had opened my present I looked at it curiously, are we getting a pet? No it’s much too large for that almost human sized. My pussy spasmed in excitement as I realized that the collar must be for me. Without a word I un-fastened and then re-fastened the collar around my throat, it was a perfect fit.

“I knew my little kitten would enjoy her present.” my master said with a smirk, “now this is how I expect you to welcome me home from now on.” he reached behind him again and pulled out a pair or cat ears and a pair of what looked like black fuzzy boxing gloves. “Understand my pet? You are nothing. You are not human anymore, do you understand.” I opened my mouth to say yes but he gave me a look and said “do animals speak?” I shook my head and opened my mouth again and this time a meow came out. “Good girl” my master praised, I purred and rubbed up against him.

The sound of a car pulling in the long driveway brought me back to reality, I look down and realize I am still fully dressed, if my master comes in now he is going to punish me. I run to my room throwing my clothes neatly into the hamper so as not to make a mess. I throw the collar and the ears on then grab the gloves. When I put them on I realize they allow no movement from my hands, it was too late to question though I throw myself down şahinbey escort onto my hands and knees and bow my head in front of the door just as my master steps through.

“I’m home my pet” he calls as he looked down upon my kneeling form, “did you miss me?” I meow and enthusiastically rub my body against his legs. “Good girl” he murmurs moving so that his body is directly in front of me. My Master begins to stroke my head and tickle under my chin. I crawl forward and brush my cheek against his already noticeable bulge in the front of his pants, he lets out a low moan so I proceed to nudge against his swollen cock with my nose and cheek purring as I go.

“Suck my cock my little pet” he orders urgently. As my hands go up to undo the button of his jeans I stop I can’t do anything with these gloves on. Looking up at my master I begin to nudge the button of his jeans with my nose with a questioning mew. He chuckles “do you need a hand my pet?” and I nod. He unbuttons his jeans and lets them drop to the floor kicking them away. I look at his crotch, his impressive cock straining against the fabric of his briefs and proceed to nudge his cock again this time harder, I rise up slightly. As he pulls off his shirt I take the elastic of his briefs with my teeth and I pull alternating from side to side until there is nothing left in the way of Masters’ amazing cock.

Master kicks the briefs away and urgently pulls my hair turning my face back towards his cock “suck it deep” he commands. I take him into my already drooling mouth and suck him as far back as I can comfortably go bobbing my head back and forth on his thick meaty cock. “I said suck it deep, pet! are you being disobedient?” he grabs the back of my hair and proceeds to ram his cock powerfully into the back of my throat, I gag and tear up but instead of slowing down he speeds up until I begin to lose my mind, he pinches my nostrils shut and my lungs begin to scream but he keeps ramming into me, finally he pulls out to let me breathe but I barely catch my breath when he shoves back into my throat his balls slapping against my chin, he keeps fucking my face and almost as quickly as he pushed himself in he pulls himself out.

“Do you want more of this pet?” he asks rubbing his cock on my face. I meow and purr in agreement, he grins at that and says “all right but first I’m going to give you the present I got you today.” he walks over to his bag and pulls out a shopping bag, “turn around” he says “it’s a surprise.” I turn around my gloved hands slipping on the hardwood floor, I hear him pull something out of the bag and walk over, he then begins to rub my already dripping wet pussy, something large is pressed against my opening and I gasp as a large toy is slid inside, “do you like that?” I hear my master ask? I meow and nod in reply. “Well that’s not even the best part.” suddenly I feel the toy in my pussy begin to vibrate and I whimper with pleasure. My master walks around to the front again and stands there. “Beg for my cock my little kitty cat.”

I bring my gloved hands up and curl them in front of my tingling breasts, meowing and whimpering pitifully I buck squeeze my things together and beg. Master grins “good pet.” at that he walks over to the sofa and sits down “come here little kitty, for once I’ll allow pets on the furniture.” I crawl on my hands and knees trying to hold back the waves of pleasure pulsing through my vibrating pussy and proceed to bury my face in my master’s crotch licking and sucking his balls and his cock. He reaches down and pulls my face up to his. As he roughly jams his lips against mine his hand trails downwards towards my breasts, I gasp as he pinches my nipples pulling and twisting them as I moan in pleasure. Finally the combination of him teasing my breasts and the toy in my pussy became too much and I began to whimper and beg again rubbing my sopping pussy against his leg.

“Do you want my cock in you pet?” he asked with a smirk on his face I nod breathlessly “beg for me a little more and I’ll consider it.” I whimper and meow until I can barely speak then he finally reaches down and pulls out the toy. He turns off the vibration and throws the toy aside pulling me onto his lap the thrusts himself into me burying his amazing cock as far as it would go, after a few moments of torture I begin to grind on his cock and he begins to bounce me up and down squeezing and pinching my breasts as I bounce. The silver bell at the base of my throat jingling uncontrollably.

He stops and pulls out and I let out a moan of protest until he rearranges me so I am on my hands and knees again. He begins to thrust into my pussy again the, feeling of his balls slapping against my ass is almost too much to bear the, the waves of pleasure keep building and building until I can’t hold back anymore, the powerful orgasm almost making me black out and I can hear my master groaning with pleasure as my pussy tightens around him he pulls out and whips me around his cum spilled onto my face and breasts, “suck it clean he commands.” I once again suck my master’s cock into my mouth tasting the salty cum he is allowing me to taste. After his cock is cleaned up he pats my head and tickles my chin yet again and praises “good kitty”.

After a few minutes he stands up “I’m going to take a shower” he says turning to look at me, just the thought of it turning me on again already. My master sees my eyes and his cock begins to stiffen again.

“Would you like to join me, my pet?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32