Fawn’s Friend

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Among other things this story has elements of some fetishes, mostly breast and hair.


The girl who was standing at the sink looking out through the window at the moonlit backyard didn’t seem to be aware of my presence, and that gave me a chance to do what I had spent much of the night doing earlier, which was staring at her.

The girl, who I never met until about 5 hours ago, was my daughter’s roommate in college, and when I first saw her I was taken aback at what my wife had called her “severe” look.

Her name was Phyl, which was short for Phyllis, and to say she had a different look about her would be an understatement. Phyllis had her jet black hair cut very short, not much longer than a crew cut and slicked back on the sides, and wore horn-rimmed glasses that looked more masculine than feminine.

She had come to the house dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, and while my wife didn’t say it I knew what she was thinking. This girl is either a lesbian or was doing her best to fit the stereotype. What I didn’t know was what my daughter was doing with this girl. Could Fawn be…

No. Not sweet little Fawn, who was so sweet and innocent. They were just roommates back at college, probably thrown together at random for the housing, and Fawn was just trying to be nice in inviting her to spend the holiday week with her family.

Phyllis was not wearing sweats and jeans as she stood at the kitchen counter, but was wearing a white nightgown. From what I could see of it from behind it certainly wasn’t anything from Victoria’s Secret but just a plain thing that hung on the skinny girl rather loosely.

Skinny. I couldn’t really tell before the way the was dressed, but now with her arms and lower legs exposed it was clear that she was very lean. That was something that she had in common with our little Fawn, who had always been painfully petite despite always having the appetite of a horse.

Her legs were quite long but not very shapely, but what I could see even from across the room was that her legs were a bit hairy. Back in the living room after supper I thought I had seen hair showing between her pant leg and her sock but figured I was seeing things.

Phyl’s legs were definitely not shaved, with the hair rather dense on the insides of her calves and the backs of her thighs, and since the hair was black it stood out rather starkly against her pale skin.

Funny that as we got ready for bed my wife Diane had been discussing our daughter’s roommate and I had raised the possibility that this Phyllis might be one of these natural types like from back in our youthful pseudo hippie days. She had already expressed her disgust at Fawn’s friend rather butch appearance, and when I suggested perhaps Phyllis was a furry chick underneath the baggy clothes my wife made a face.

“You wish,” Diane had said, and she was right there.

I had a girlfriend back in my youth who had never touched a razor in her life, and I had discovered that not only didn’t the presence of her body hair bother me, but it turned me on. I had told my wife about that long ago when I asked her to not shave.

“Why didn’t you marry her?” Diane had chided.

“Because I couldn’t stand the rest of her,” I had explained, and to her credit my wife did go along with me for a while, but she had so little body hair and it was so fine and light in color that you could hardly see or feel it.

“Can’t stand being so hairy,” Diane had said before going back to the razor, which was funny because she had to be the least hirsute woman on the planet, only having 14 hairs under her arms, at least her left one.

I knew that because I had counted them one night, which says a lot about me as well as about my wife’s good nature back in those days.

“What do you think, Mr. Karl?”

The sound of Phyl’s voice startled me out of my daydreaming, and even though she was still looking out the window it was obvious she had been aware of my presence. Damn reflection in the glass.

“Uh – hi Phyllis,” I mumbled. “Didn’t want to startle you.”

“It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep. Different bed and all.”

“Um – there’s a cot downstairs I could bring up,” I started to say, but Phyllis shook her head and said she liked where she was just fine.

“How about you Mr. Karl?” Phyllis asked. “You couldn’t sleep either?”

“Yeah, I guess it comes with getting older because lately I…”

My sentence stopped abruptly because Phyllis chose that moment to slowly turn around to face me, and as she did so, leaning back against the counter and looking at me in a matter-of-fact way, my brain froze.

Sensory overload. I was unable to comprehend what I was looking at because for one thing there was so much to look at, and for another I was trying my best not to look at anything and was doing a piss-poor job of that.

“Lately you what?” Phyllis asked, a hint of a grin forming on the edges of her mouth as she seemed to relish seeing me in the condition I was in, which could only be described as addled.

“Uh – need a drink,” I said as I moved toward the gaziantep bayan escort sink while trying to look past Phyllis as I did.

“Don’t you have anything harder than that?” Phyllis asked as she swiveled enough to let me at the sink.

“Um – gotta get up in the morning,” I said while trying to fill a shaking cup with water.

“Looks like you’re already up,” Phyllis snickered as my boner bounced into the counter, my arousal obvious even with a robe on over my pajamas.


“Don’t be. Frankly I was kinda hoping either you or Mrs. Karl would come out so we could get to know each other a bit,” Phyllis explained. “Me and Fawn – we get along together really well, but she probably already told you that.”

“Yes. She said you’re a great roommate.”

“Am I making you nervous? How about if I stand over here? ” Phyllis asked as she moved over to lean against the stove.

“That’s – I mean – I better go back to bed.”

“You don’t want to do that,” Phyllis said. “Do you?”

“No,” I admitted. “But I’m married.”

“So is your wife,” Phyllis said. “I’m guessing that things aren’t all that great around here these days.”

“Been better,” I admitted, wondering how this girl could figure out in a matter of hours that the new empty nest not only hadn’t helped but had actually hurt our marriage.

“You can look at me, you know Mr. Karl,” Phyllis said. “Unless I’m reading you wrong that is, but something tells me you find me attractive.”

“Of course. I mean you’re a lovely young woman,” I mumbled.

“No I’m not,” Phyllis said plainly. “If 100 people looked at me about 95 of them would make with the fake puking sounds and rude comments. I do know that I have an appeal to certain people though. Fawn has a picture of you and your wife at a Dead concert from way back that she showed me, and I had a feeling about you.”

“It’s okay,” Phyllis whispered, and only then did I turn to face her.

It’s not hard to say what surprised me the most. I had already noticed the hair on her legs, so seeing the hair under her arms that was visible even before Phyllis raised her arms provocatively to reveal it was no surprise. The amount was rather startling, since the hair that filled the deep pockets was unlike anything I had seen outside some porn I remembered.

Neither was I surprised at what seemed like a jungle between her legs, the dark image visible even through the white nightgown.

The surprise, or should I say surprises, were her breasts. The slender, K.D. Lang-ish looking woman had what looked like watermelons under her nightie, and how she had managed to conceal them under that baggy sweatshirt astounded me.

“You like them?” Phyllis asked when she saw where my eyes ended up, and then brought her hands up to cup those enormous jugs, at least as best as her little hands could manage.

“Why do – you know – hide them?” I managed to ask.

“I don’t like to have people staring at me,” she explained. “At least most people. People I like and trust? Those I let look. You should see the things I wear around our dorm room. Maybe I’ll wear one of my tank-tops tomorrow.”

“I dunno. Diane, she’s kinda funny,” I started to say but Phyllis cut me off.

“How long have you two been married?” Phyllis asked. “Thirty years?”


“You don’t know much about her, do you?”

“Yes, I mean, I used to.”

“She’s a lot like Fawn, and I don’t just mean looks either, although your wife is really hot for being almost 50,” Phyllis remarked. “Both of them have a lot going on inside of them. Fawn sure did. You thought you knew your little girl too I’ll bet.”

“You and her…”

“Are roommates,” Phyllis interrupted. “If you want to know more you’ll have to ask Fawn.”

“I could never.”

“Fawn knows a lot about you,” Phyllis told me before reaching down and grabbing the hem of her nightie. “Do you want me to take this off?”

“No. I mean, what if Fawn comes out here?”

“She won’t. She promised she wouldn’t.”


“She said she wouldn’t.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will eventually.”

“But what about Diane?”

“I wish she would come out here right now,” Phyllis declared. “That would be awesome. The three of us could work this all out. Now how about this nightie? Off or on?”

“Off,” I said meekly, whereupon Phyllis took her horn-rimmed glasses off and set them on the counter before grabbing the bottom of her nightie.

“Your old flame – what was her name? Becky? Was she hairy too?”

“Yes – how do you know about her?”

“How did she know?”

“Girls talk,” Phyllis said as she slowly lifted the nightie up to her waist. “Becky’s pussy. Was it as hairy as mine? How about her pits?”

“God no,” I said, my voice shuddering as I looked at the wild untrimmed triangle of hair that spilled over to the insides of Phyl’s skinny thighs, with a thin trail that went up towards her navel.

“Is that a bad thing?” Phyllis asked, and I shook my head no.

“Does gaziantep bayan escort ilanları your wife know about your – I hate to call it a fetish because that makes it sound bad – your fondness for women’s body hair?”

“Sort of.”

“Well, let me get this up and off,” Phyllis said, and with that she slowly lifted the nightie up over her head, pausing after it went over her face to give me the full look before setting the garment down.

“Well?” Phyllis said as she played with her plump nipples which were centered on gigantic crimson aureolas that were bigger than drink coasters.

“Are they real?” I said as I stared at breasts that you would see on silicone riddled strippers, and on Phyl’s slender frame they looked even more outrageous.

“Of course. Everything about me is all natural, or haven’t you noticed?”

“How big – I mean what size bra do you wear?”

“Oh come on Mr. Karl? That sounds like a high school kids question,” she chided. “I have been asked that a lot though. I think Fawn even asked me. In answer to your question, my older sister got married a few years ago and when I got fitted for my gown the woman who owned the store offered to fit me for a bra too because she said with that dress my sister picked out I would need one.”

“I guess my sister must love me because she picked out gowns that would hide my legs and armpits,” Phyllis explained. “She also made sure I didn’t catch the bouquet so my dress didn’t get hiked up. Anyway, she did fit me for a bra that she ordered from someplace. Want to guess the size?”

“Uh – I don’t know. 70?”

“70?” Phyllis cackled, and I waved my arms to keep her quiet, which only made her laugh more.

“I don’t know about those things,” I confessed while looking at the torpedoes that went down to Phyl’s waist.

“38,” Phyllis finally said.

“38?” That’s impossible. My wife is…”

“32,” Phyllis said. “32B to be exact. You know what size bra Fawn wears too, don’t you?”

“I do not.”

“Mr. Karl?”

“Fawn wears a 32 also. A cup,” I said explaining that I knew because, “sometimes I did the laundry.”

“Right. You see, it isn’t so much the number measurement as the cup size.”

Oh. So you’re like a D?” I asked, and after Phyllis shook her head with a smile I asked, “Double D?”


“H?” I asked. “I never heard of that.”

“Neither had I,” Phyllis admitted. “That woman who fitted me for it, well let’s just say she taught me a lot.”

“You mean…”

“Let’s get back to you,” Phyllis suggested. “Do you still have that box of porn in the attic? The magazines and those movies? What was the title of that one? Hirsute Lovers?”


“You don’t think Fawn spent her whole life studying, do you? She’s curious just like you are,” Phyllis explained. “So she knows all about your attraction to hairy women. She thinks that’s why you never made a move on her, because she’s like her Mom when it comes to body hair.”

“Fawn? I would never do such a thing!”

“Thought about it though. Admit it. At one time or another most daddies at least think about it.”

“I doubt that.”

“I know most daughters dream about their Daddy fucking them,” Phyllis admitted. “I know I did, and so did Fawn.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“She told me right after we moved in together,” Phyllis said. “We got talking and Fawn said, boy I always wished my Dad would come into my room some night and stick that big dick of his in me.”

“You’re making that up. Fawn would NEVER say anything like that! Furthermore, even if she did say something like that she was only kidding and wouldn’t appreciate you telling me this.”

“She knows. Fawn knows exactly what I’m telling you. She wanted me to, because she knows how screwed up you and your wife are. Fawn certainly knew about your cock being big. Why don’t you let that thing out of confinement? You look silly standing there with that tent down there.”

“You think I’m like you? Brazenly exposing my self and taking advantage of people’s weaknesses?”

“Yes. You are like me. We’re all screwy sometimes. Some of us admit it and others don’t. Open your robe and take out your cock. You know you want to show me how big you are. It must be uncomfortable all cramped up like that. I want to see it. Fawn said you had about 7 inches.”

“She came home early one day and saw you jerking off in the bedroom while watching one of your movies,” Phyllis explained. “She always regretted not walking in and taking care of you.”

“Why are you doing this do me?” I pleaded.

“I’m not doing it to you, I’m doing it for you. Take it out.”

Was this me opening my robe and lowering my pajama bottoms and letting my throbbing erection bounce around in front of me?

“Oh, Fawn wasn’t kidding,” Phyllis sighed while bringing a hand down and rubbing it into her bush. “Looks even longer than 7” because you aren’t all that big a man. Got a little bend to the left too. I like that. Nice balls too. You should gaziantep bayan escort reklamları have let Fawn sample that.”

“I couldn’t.”

“What’s the difference? You watched her undress and dress plenty of times,” Phyllis said, and before I could deny it she told me not to bother. “You used to looked through the keyhole at her when she got out of the shower. Fawn used to practically model for you, hoping that you would want her someday. Sad, both of you looking through the keyhole at each other and neither acting on it.”

“Your cock is dripping,” Phyllis said as a long string of pre-cum hung on the tip of my dick before dropping off. “That’s a compliment.”

“I feel gross,” I admitted.

“You aren’t. You’re human.”

“I want to fuck you,” I said, sounding like the animal I felt like.

“I know, and you will, as soon as we’re done here,” Phyllis said. “Let’s talk about your wife.”

“What about her?”

“She’s got another side of her too,” Phyllis said. “A side you don’t know about.”

“And you do know?”

“Girls talk,” Phyllis said. “Do you know about what she likes?”

“Of course.”

“Really?” When was the last time you two fucked? I know you don’t talk, but do you make love?”

“Couple months ago,” I admitted with a lot of embarrassment, although actually it was probably closer to 6 months ago.

“Do you know Diane has had an affair? At least one?”

“Diane?” I said. “She would never.”

“The name Henderson ring a bell?”

“Henderson? Ed Henderson?” I said too loud, the thought of that jackass touching my wife making my blood boil.

“I didn’t say Ed Henderson.”

“I don’t know any other Henderson,” I said.

“No? What’s his wife’s name?”

“Marci? I said. “Marci and Diane? That’s crazy. You don’t know my wife. She’s very against that sort of thing. You should have heard some of the things she was saying about you.”

“Ever hear the saying, ‘Me thinks you protest too much?'”

“Not Diane.”

“When you were in the bathroom your wife came into to Fawn’s room and asked if we needed anything. That was bullshit because she just came in to see what we were doing,” Phyllis said. “I was wearing that nightie, and when she saw me she looked at me a lot like you did. After she left we were giggling about it. Fawn was like, I can’t believe my Mom was practically drooling over you!”

“Diane?” I whispered to myself.

“I don’t know if Mrs. Karl was crazy about the hair,” Phyllis said as she flashed her armpit at me before reaching down and hefting her breasts. “I think she was more interested in these. Guess your wife is a tit girl. Fawn said that Marci Henderson had a big bust too, and so did another woman Fawn suspects your wife spent some time with. Alice Potter?”

“Porter,” I mumbled, recalling our old neighbor, and the thought that my wife could actually have some kind of big breast fetish was unsettling. The more I thought about it, I recalled how she seemed to take an interest in the girl who played Maude’s daughter on that show, and then there was her fascination with Wonder Woman.

“How did Fawn know?” I asked while my head spun

“She walked in on the two of them accidently one day. Just like she did when she caught you jacking that big boy off,” Phyllis explained. “Fawn’s got timing, that’s for sure. They had a talk and she got told that you two were having problems, but Fawn knew there was more to it than that.”

“I can’t believe Diane cheated on me.”

“Hey, better than with another man, right?” Phyllis asked, and while I suppose that was right it still stung. “Look at it this way. Anybody who watches his daughter coming out of the shower every chance he gets doesn’t have that much of a high moral ground to stand on.”

“I guess.”

“All of this hasn’t affected your boner, has it Mr. Karl?”


“You still want to fuck me, don’t you?”


“You want to do it the way your wife won’t?” she asked, and by then I gave up wondering how she knew all about me and just stood there as Phyllis walked over to the kitchen table and bent over, exposing an ass crack that was every bit as hairy as I had expected. “I already oiled it up for you, but be gentle at first because you are damn big and thick.”

I moved up behind Phyllis and spread her little ass cheeks wide while bringing the head of my cock to the furry ring. I squeezed my dick into that tiny hole and came almost right away, spurting my load into her steamy rectum, but I was so excited I leaned into her to keep my cock in her ass.

“That’s it,” Phyllis hissed after I filled her bowels with my seed. “Keep that big boy in my shitter until you get it up again, and you will too you horny bastard. Here, play with my tits.”

Like an obedient puppy, I reached around Phyl’s ribs and grabbed her tits, which were even heavier that I had imagined. I kneaded the doughy jugs roughly, and when she didn’t complain I kept mauling them hard.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Phyllis said. “I know what you really want.”

With that Phyllis reached back, careful not to move too far so we kept engaged, and as she grabbed my head and pulled me close I let Phyllis bring my head under her arm.

She was whispering things that I wished I could have heard better, but what I was able to make out with her arm pressed against my ear sounded like she was telling me what a kinky bastard I was, and even if I wanted to I couldn’t argue because I was too busy devouring her armpit.

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