Fat Sharon’s Solo Bathroom Pleasure

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The continuation of “Fat Sharon’s Fun Alone, Ch.1”, I have plans for further stories, but do not intend them to be ‘continuations’ of this story.

Thank You for your feedback on my previous story, it’s good to know that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Sharon deliberately took her time, with small steps and an exaggerated wiggle of her generous arse in the course of the few steps to the bathroom; she knew that a relaxed approach allowed her to better appreciate the stickiness of her thighs coated with her morning piss and that if she were alert, she could better smell the odour of her golden rain, with each forward step; perhaps the friction of her over-sized thighs rubbing together as she walked caused a little heat to assist to release the sweet smell of the urine.

She could also enjoy the clinginess better of the wet leggings, the wetness started with a sizeable damp puddle at her crotch; she knew it was wet to the touch, but it was fun to remind herself again and again, putting her fingers back there, just to check; to feel the fading warmth and press the toy, still nestled up her cunt, gently up herself an inch or two; knowing it’d fall back a little with gravity and need re-inserting very soon.

Her mind wandered to the familiar image of the trails of wet piss escaping from her crotch, down along her generous thighs, pockmarked with cellulite, tiny pools of piss nesting in the small cavities created by the pockmarking.

To her knee and beyond, changing course slightly to travel down the back of her lower leg, skirting her beautiful calves made so much more prominent by the wearing of the strappy ‘Fuck Me Heels’

…out of the opening of her leggings and into the pointed to area of the shoes, creating a small squelch if she trod heavily enough with each small footstep and a warmth around her naked toes, short and stubby, just like the rest of her; but beautiful.

Sharon had completed the few steps to the bathroom and leaned into the Shower, quickly withdrawing her arm to avoid the cold jets of water from the showerhead, it would take a moment or two for the water to run warm

Her Hazel eyes caught her attention in the mirror and she took a moment to smile to herself; noticing a certain sparkle, the product of the first of the day’s orgasms.

She felt the familiar pull of the Calf muscles in her lower legs as she stood straight in her ‘Fuck Me Heels’, and turned her eyes downwards to look side on beyond the shelf of her spare tyre to the graceful arc of the rear of her lower limbs, tapering down to her ankles.

Her friend Melissa had spent hours caressing, kissing and adoring her there; all those years ago, back at the Hotel, playing with the rolls of soft spare flesh and, photographing her from every angle. They both knew that they would never see one another again when the holiday came to an end and had avoided sharing personal information of their real names, businesses and families.

The anonymity had helped Sharon to find the freedom to permit herself to surrender herself to her lover completely; but she was not forgotten; Melissa had been as good as her word and presented Sharon with a USB Drive full Bahçelievler escort of images of both of them; for them to both relive the memories and pleasure themselves all the better, whenever they chose.

The wild and passionate love-making that they had enjoyed had been the catalyst to help Sharon to realise her beauty, but months later it was those sensations with Melissa at her feet, that most readily came to mind, that needed no photograph to create a warmth within her crotch.

Her hand travelled automatically to her side, resting on the swell of her outer thigh, her fingertips could never be as sensual or as unpredictable as Melissa’s, but when she thought back to those nights, she knew instinctively where to touch herself; didn’t need any deliberate, logical thought process, to bring herself off.

Her hand travelled upwards and she enjoyed the feeling of her touch via the texture of the Blouse, just a cheap polyester fabric, but in a pretty Polka Dot pattern; sadly fat girls have limited choices for clothes choices, but feeling ‘cheap’ isn’t always a bad thing.

She placed a finger between the rolls of fat that marked the upper and lower extent of the edge of her stomach, seeing how deep they would sink into her generous flesh, , but she was hindered by the Blouse; she would need to take it off.

She stood facing the mirror, being her very own striptease Starlette, undoing first the upper-most button to allow the top of her magnificent breasts above the cups of the plain black Bra, in the Vee that the undone buttons created immediately beneath her double chins.

‘Work it girl’ she thought to herself, and resisted the temptation to undo the next button down, instead rubbing her fat thighs together, crossing her legs and shimmying a little to adjust the vibrator, still held up her pink cunny by the knickers and leggings.

She ran her hands towards her navel, to undo the bottom-most button of the blouse, snaking her hand briefly under the hem and upwards to stroke her stomach, aware of her excitement building and resisting the urge to simply rip open the garment and play.

Instead she sat down upon the closed lid of the toilet pedestal, with a brief thought to how often she had ‘accidentally’ sat there with the lid closed to enjoy being seated in her own piss, rather than pissing in the toilet in the usual way. Not today though, she wasn’t ready; now she needed to remove her shoes.

Leaning forwards Sharon felt the pull of the wide shoulder straps of the practical Bra biting into her fleshy shoulders, gravity and the weight of her soft heavy tits exerting some force on them.

Her left hand slid briefly alongside her piss soaked knees and to undo the clasp of the ankle strap of her shoe. Stepping out of the first shoe, she took a deep inhalation of breath to appreciate the odour of the piss that had seeped all the way down her leg to eventually reach her toes and pool in the shallow bowl created within the shoe.

Removing the shoe, she emptied the trickle of piss into the adjacent hand Basin and noticed the true ‘Golden Rain’, deep yellow colour of her morning pee against the bright white of the Basin. She took Bahçeşehir escort bayan a sniff; it was a shame she hadn’t had the shoes on longer, if she were wearing them for an evening, partying perhaps, they would smell hot in her shoes.

Sharon repeated the process for the other shoe, briefly eyeing the sexy shape of the beautiful heels, before rinsing them and putting them neatly to one side.

The bathroom had started to steam up now and the shower was running warm, there was no longer any view in the mirror, but there need not be.

She took a couple of steps into the shower, still dressed in the white blouse with its black polka dots, black leggings and big black knickers and began to massage the expensive shampoo into her long hair, feeling the rivulets of foam as they ran either side of her neck and into her Blouse and Bra; enjoying the sensation and knowing that where the water was travelling now, her hands would travel later.

Satisfied that her hair was taken care of, she took a half step to position herself so that the warm water sprayed onto her shirt just above her breasts, travelling deliciously against her skin along each curve and valley. The tiny rivers of warm water saturated her clothing and caused it to cling ever tighter to her womanly figure, her sensible black Bra clearly obvious beneath the sodden material.

Sharon reached for the Shower Gel and squirted a generous portion of the pink scented Gel into her hands, caressing her neck and upper torso above her breasts, before massaging each breast in turn through the material of the Blouse and Bra.

The exquisite feeling could only be improved upon by removing the clothing; she unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it down each arm in turn, the sodden material curling up as she eased it along her generously proportioned arms.

She reached around her back to unclasp the Bra, shuddering with pleasure involuntarily as she touched herself beneath her hairy armpits and shook the shoulder straps down each arm in turn; abandoning the Bra at her feet.

Reaching for the Shower Gel, she hurriedly squirted rather more than she intended into her palm to massager herself along the soft, dangling expanse of flesh that hung from her upper arms, lathering the expanse of fair hairs in her armpits and bringing her attention around to her Breasts to massage above and beneath, deliberately brushing past her erect nipples and tweaking them briefly before simply allowing her enormous tits to make a break for freedom and to extend themselves longitudinally towards the floor; almost as if her nipples were doing their best to see her feet.

There’s something magnificent about a beautifully presented Bosom, properly supported by a well-fitting Bra, but also; there’s a freedom to allowing one’s tits to simply ‘hang’ as nature intended, towards one’s belly; she thought, as her hands moved lower, towards the waistband of the leggings and the promise of the plain black knickers beneath; and that toy up her cunt, which could really do with being switched on.

There was no longer time for sensuality, or for teasing herself, she had brought herself to the edge and she was going to Escort Bakırköy give herself the damn good fucking she desperately needed.

Grasping the waistband of the leggings she began to roll them down past her wide thighs and was surprised by the stench of her yellow piss, disgusting but erotic; she desperately needed to remove the knickers and hold them to her nose to breathe in the scent, not just of the pee, but of her excitement; the opaque white cunny juice that she knew she produced plenty of.

Hurriedly she rolled the soaking wet leggings down her thighs, stepping out of them and kicking them to one side. Next her knickers: she stepped out of the spray to avoid them getting any wetter than they already were: she needed to smell and taste them, it’d be no good for the shower to rinse her juices for them before she has the opportunity to sniff and taste them.

Ensuring that her toy wasn’t about to fall out, she took the opportunity to switch it back on, selecting a medium pulsating rhythm and losing herself in the simultaneous assault on her senses of the knickers she held to her nose, and the beat of the vibrator.

Surrendering to her passion and glad of her large stature, she balled up the knickers and put them in her big mouth, ensuring that the wet gusset was towards the outside, tasting herself. The sensations were quite something, but she needed to frig her clit with her fingertips to finish herself off.

Reaching down through, around her belly, past her thighs and, using the toy protruding from her cunt as a guide; she launched an assault directly on the bud of her clitoris, rubbing it in a circular motion

But the toy was in the way of her successfully getting up a nice rhythm that also took in her fat thighs, the best thing she could do would be to take it out of her cunt and stuff it up her arsehole, it’d be plenty lubricated enough with her lady cum to slide up her anus with ease.

Turning herself around for a moment onto all fours, so that she could pull her fat arse cheeks apart as best possible with one hand, she unceremoniously stuffed first one finger then a second up her arsehole in readiness for the toy. She could only reach to one knuckle as much of her reach was taken up with manoeuvring her arm past her generous bulk, but it was only a preliminary, just to ensure that she was ready…and she definitely was.

Quickly, she replaced the two fingers with the large toy so well lubricated with her cunt juices and eased it up her arsehole. A couple of thrusts and it was all but lost between the plump pillows of her arse cheeks, but by exiting the shower, seating herself on the closed toilet seat and fucking herself with all the energy she could muster, while intermittently giving her clitty a gentle buffing, she knew she’d be expelling something other than piss from her groin area.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes of hot sweaty action, a good job; as one of the few down-sides of being so fat is having limited energy; she felt the familiar building of her orgasm from deep within her groin.

Now plunging her fingers up herself, with the toy seated nice she didn’t always squirt, but when she took her time about her pleasure; it was often the case.

Satiated, Sharon allowed herself a minute or two to relax before kneeling on the floor to taste her own ejaculate and returning to the shower, naked this time; but for the toy up her arse, that she could remove and clean if necessary, under the stream of warm water. For the moment though, she was satisfied…

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