Fantasy 01

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Soft music playing in the background, lights down low. A hand explores the length of a chest, feeling bone and muscle under taut skin. Fingers curl and claws dig deeply running the length of neck and stomach. Muscles tense, chest forced into the air as a back arches and ecstasy flows through muscles as they are stretched. Deep breathe taken, body relaxing, hands moving once again over ribs and stomach as they make their way lower. Sufficiently relaxed from an insufferable day hands begin their play upon genitals. Moving, grasping, pulling, and teasing as mind works too shape a fantasy.

She is younger than he and confident but ignorant, not fully understanding what she has gotten her self into. “Remove your clothes,” he commands, her smile fades a little before regaining it’s self. Her mouth opens to speak but he cuts in, “Do not speak, only do as you are told. Now, remove your clothes.” She stands there for a time but does comply. ‘She will learn,’ he thinks. A little timid now but not willing to show it she tries to cover herself but without trying to look like she is. It’s doesn’t work. “Take your clothes şahinbey escort and put them in that box, over there.”


“Do not speak; only do as you are told. I do not fancy repeating myself. You are here, naked, and in my power. You belong to me. I know you do not yet know that you do but in time, before this night is over, you will gladly kiss any part of myself I present to you to show your devotion to me. Now, put your clothes in that box before I lose my patience.” She hesitates again, perhaps thinking she should try to leave. ‘Do it, go; leave me now.’ She takes her things and places them within the box and he smiles as his silent command is not fallowed. He moves over to her and takes her by the hand, dragging her to a chair. He sits and pulls her over his lap, her ass beautifully presented, “You will learn what it means to disobey me. You will do what I say when I say, you will never hesitate again. Now, you will count every strike of my hand until you reach fifty. If you miss a single one then that one does not count.” Without any more warning his hand comes down hard and she lets out a startled cry and his left hand comes over her mouth so not a single sound can escape. Ten hard, fast, stinging slaps of his hand fall upon her behind before he removes his hand from her mouth too hear her soft crying. “I said for you to count not to scream, do as you are told and you will not be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” the title coming to her lips as if, well she thought, ‘what else should I say?’

Bringing his lips down close he kisses the redness of her rear before whispering in her ear, “That’s a good girl.” His left hand firmly held within her hair he begins to punish her and she begins to count each and every strike. “Get down and on your knees, between my legs, and sit on your heels.” She does as he commands but slowly, carefully resting her aching ass onto the heels of her feet. Removing his penis from his pants he says, “Show me how grateful you are and kiss me.” Not wanting to give him another reason to abuse that part of her body she will feel for the next week every time she sits down she leans forward and begins to kiss him. Lightly at first but with boldness growing she begins to bath his growing erection with soft kisses. Stopping, held there by what she is seeing for just a few seconds, taking in the fullness of his erect penis, devouring it with her eyes.

She turns her head to the side and kisses the shaft of him before sucking it into her mouth. Sliding her tong and lips up to the tip, she takes him into her mouth fully. Cheeks pulling in as she sucks, her mouth begging for what is held within this treat. Hands finding their way to his thighs, moving, rubbing, holding him as her head, her body moves over him. Her breasts shaking in the air as her mouth slides over him. His hands digging into her hair as…

A hand moving faster as thoughts are lost, discarded with the need for fulfillment. With the rising tension within this body, shaking, begging as an arm threatens to give out. Orgasm washing, cleaning away all the troubles of this day. Left breathless my fantasy moves of its own accord.

Regaining himself he takes some time to enjoy the feeling of her cleaning him. “I told you to do as you are told but I think, I think that this time I will let it go. Now come, there is much for you to learn and this night is young.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32