Fantasies Ch. 1

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I met Amanda a little over a year ago; she’s a wonderful, bubbly woman. Always happy and cheerful, she never stops smiling. I first met her one summers evening as I walked into my local bar. The first thing I noticed was her bright smile lighting up the room as her laughter filled the air. Her shining eyes danced as she looked over and noticed me watching her. I quickly glanced away and headed towards the bar to get a drink and join my friends.

As the evening wore on I kept sneaking peeks of her over my beer. I wanted to meet her so badly, but mostly I wanted to find out if she was into other woman. I myself had never had a lesbian encounter but I was pretty damn curious, and had been waiting for the right woman to take my fancy. I knew instantly she was the one. The one that could help me find out what it was like to experience another woman.

As luck would have it I noticed her chatting to another of my friends, so I sidled over to him to say hi and, being the gentleman he is, he introduced us. We chatted a while until kağıthane escort she excused herself to go to the bathroom, and before she could return my friends dragged me off to a party.

I thought about her all evening, fantasizing about all the things I’d like to do to her, and as I crawled home after a hard nights drinking, I was horny as hell. I climbed naked into bed and closed my eyes, picturing her in my mind. Her beautiful face, long brown hair, flat stomach and creamy thighs. My hand traveled down to my already wet pussy as in my mind I saw her spread her legs and begin to play with herself. My fingers worked my clit as juices began oozing out of my hole. I leaned over and pulled a dildo out of the draw by my bed. It was my favourite one, big, black, 12 inches long and plenty wide enough to fill me. I slowly slid the dildo into myself, and I continued to massage my aching clit with my fingertips. As I pumped the plastic penis harder and faster into me I could feel the beginning levent escort of my orgasm welling within me.

I slowed my pace, wanting this fantasy to last as long as possible. In my mind she had been mimicking my every movement, doing to herself that which I did to myself. But then it changed. I could see myself standing in the shadows at the corner of the room. She noticed me and beckoned me over to her, but I was still unsure of my lesbian feelings so I hung back, happy to just watch my fantasy unfold.

Suddenly she picked something up and rolled over onto her front. Her chest and knees rested on the floor, while her ass stuck up in the air. She was still pumping her hole with a huge dildo; I could see the glistening of juices running down her inner thighs. GOD how I wanted to taste that creamy wetness, but still I hung back. As though she had heard me (well this is a fantasy after all) her hand suddenly trailed down her legs, scooping up some of her juices she raised her hand to her şişli escort mouth and slowly, seductively sucked it from her fingers.

She pulled the dildo from her dripping pussy and inserted the smaller vibrator which she had clasped in her other hand. After a few moments she pulled the vibrator out and spread her butt cheeks, exposing her puckered ring. Slowly she slid it into her arse, as her face showed the pleasure of the vibrations and the slight pain of the plastic intrusion. As the vibrations ran through her body she plunged the dildo back into her cunt, pounding it in and out as her other hand found first her nipples, then her clit. Her body tensed and then shuddered as she cried out at the intense orgasm that washed through her. She collapsed panting on the floor as my mind switched back to reality.

I was still pounding the plastic prink into my love hole, harder and faster as I tweaked, pulled, pinched and twisted my clit, bringing myself to orgasm. Juices squirted out of my pussy covering my hand and the dildo. I licked both clean, loving the taste and wondering what she would taste like. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to find out.

To Be Continued…

This is the first in a series of stories. Please tell me what you think, and come back to read the rest as I post them.

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