Fantasies Become Reality Ch. 01

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“Mia, can we talk about something?” a voice whispered from behind me.

It was Emily. The girl I dreamed of tasting. The girl my fantasies were made of.

“Of course,” I said, struggling to keep my breath steady. She was talking to me!

“Would you like to stay over at mine tonight?” she asked me, smiling a smile that could outshine the stars.

“Lead the way.”

I tried to act as if this wasn’t a huge deal. However, occasionally I would let slip and walk too quickly or beam at her. She didn’t seem to mind.

We were at her flat soon enough. She grasped my hand as she led me to the door and unlocked it. We had barely stepped inside when she asked, “Would you like to watch some porn?” I would much rather have re-enacted it with her, but I grinned naughtily, answering, “Yes.”

Emily turned the TV on and played a DVD called “Two Holes”. I was dripping. It was fast and hard sex flashing on the screen, making me moan and groan until I was delirious with excitement. She was watching me and my gradually wettening leggings. To my surprise, she was masturbating, her eyes flicking from me to the film, her mouth a happy “O”.

“Lick me.”

I was concentrating on the television at that moment and was sure I had misheard.

“That’s right, suck me.”

Suddenly, her hand thrust out and she pushed my head deep into her vagina.

“Harder, for bursa evi olan escort fuck’s sake, HARDER!” she yelled.

As she wiggled out of her jeans, I bit her gently all the way down the soft folds of her cunt. She shuddered. I sucked the drops of juice that came from within her. Once she was dry, I traced my tongue up her body to her sumptuous lips. I delved inside and passionately kissed her as I wrapped my arms around soft skin. I lifted Emily to her bedroom whilst my tongue fought against hers. I dropped her onto the bed.

Slowly, like a stripper, I disposed of my clothes. I pulled my socks off first, foot poised on the bed to show off my long legs. Her eyes never left me and she struggled out of her clothes hurriedly. Gradually pushing my leggings down, I lingered on my peachy arse covered in lacy lingerie. Ferociously, the buttons were undone from my blouse, the sleeves tugged from my wrists. I seductively ran my fingers underneath my bra straps and placed my palms over my nipples. I then unclipped the hooks. Letting it fall from my shoulders, I twirled before her. She was twitching, almost unable to control herself. I made my knickers float to the floor and stroked my wispy pubic hair.

This was too much for her. She moaned and clutched at my wrist, causing me to fall face-first on her tits. Licking her erect nipples, I stroked altıparmak escort her hair.

“Come on, baby, rougher, you know how I like it,” she grunted.

I sucked hard on her throbbing breasts. I chewed her nipples and she went mad- she spasmed uncontrollably.

I hesitated but she screamed, “No, don’t stop!”

I continued to nibble and lick her chest and I could feel her almost orgasming beneath me. I slipped my fingers into her. However, she gestured to a box of sex toys behind me. I leapt from the bed and clawed through it, finding a strap-on and a vibrator. I attached the strap-on to my thighs and shoved the vibrator into her asshole. It buzzed as it shook her entire body. Seeing her pleased face, I dove into her. Emily screamed in delight whilst it rubbed against her clitoris. She came all over the bedsheets, spurting. It seemed like it would never end, lapping up the sweet-tasting liquid. Clinging to the cheeks of my arse, she murmured, “Now it’s your turn.”

Ripping the strap-on from me, she massaged my flushed chest and stroked my nipples. Her tongue gently caressed my tits. I clutched her head closer to them and she clasped her lips to my breast but then slowly leaned away until only the tip of her tongue touched it. She repeated this several times so I was wet even before she pressed the vibrator against my cunt. gemlik escort It hurt, but my God, it felt incredible.

I was on the verge of screaming when she slipped the strap-on (drenched in her cum) into my mouth. The delicious sweetness flowed down my throat. It dwindled yet Emily made up for it by poking deep into her clitoris and the folds of her cunt. I sucked her finger ravenously. I was still grinding against the vibrator as she dipped her thumb further inside her and pressed it onto my tongue. Eventually, she pulled the vibrator away and let me simply lick the fluids from her pussy.

Then, with no warning, she flipped me onto my back. Her fleshy vagina banged hard up and down on my ass, hands cupped around my boobs and softly kissing my neck. She placed one of my hands on her tensing arse, which bounced back and forth. Slowly rolling off me, she muttered, “You should move in.”

“I agree,” I whispered, almost inaudibly.

I dragged the box of sex toys onto the bed, tipping out the entire contents. Out fell the cuffs… the benwa balls… the nipple clamps… and dildos. Lots and lots of dildos.

Including a huge, double-sided, vibrating cock.

Me and Emily both looked at it, then back at each other and grabbed it. After kicking the other pleasure makers off the bed, we plunged it deep within ourselves. We thrust it back and forth between us until our heads fell back, exhausted with climaxing.

Emily shook the dildo out of our cervixes and put it to our mouths to taste each other’s cum. It was like an exotic cocktail and I shoved it down my throat.

“You thirsty slut,” she giggled, removing it from my mouth. “Move your stuff in tomorrow.”

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