Family Affair_(0)

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Byron and Omar started up the trail. It was blistering even at that hour in the evening but this was a daily ritual for the two to hike up the side of the mountain trying to best their previous time but always wondering off exploring beyond the bounds of what they’d planned.
Omar was in the lead as usual. Younger than his brother-in-law at nineteen Omar was five feet six inches tall and slim. He, like Byron, was very athletic and it showed. Muscles didn’t bulge under his skin but when he flexed you knew they were there.
Byron was close behind. Going up the steep incline he was face to face with Omar’s ass and in spite of being married and in fact being married to his sister he couldn’t stop his shaft from twitching in his shorts.
“Let’s go this way,” Omar called back.
Already they were going off trail.
Byron nodded, “Sure no problem.”
Each carried a backpack with water in it. In Byron’s he also had his camera and tripod and this was the reason he always trailed behind.
He fancied himself photographer and though an amateur was getting much better with his landscapes. Once they reached the peak they’d stay until past sunset and he would shoot away until the last light faded.
Omar stopped and took a sip of water. Hand on a tree the bottle to his head he took multiple swigs to quench his thirst.
Byron took the chance and did the same before they started off again.
The sound of nature around them and the smell of the outdoors encompassing them the silence only broken by their foot falls it wasn’t long before they reached their destination and thankfully so.
Both of them had chugged water all the way up to combat any chance of dehydration and now they both had to go.
Going off path had them on a portion of the mountain that was their own, for the time being. Byron set his pack down and found a tree. Omar did the same.
Byron did his business then went back to his pack.
Omar didn’t go far and from where Byron stooped to take his camera out he could clearly see his brother-in-law.
Wearing a pair of soccer shorts red with white stripes and a blue tee shirt Omar had chosen to pull his shorts down past his ass his legs spread.
Byron moistened his lips as he squinted watching him. Omar had a great ass it was a nice bubble of sweet brown flesh but his cock was even more impressive yet not as impressive as Byron.
Omar must have sensed him looking because he turned.
Their eyes met for a split second.
Byron turned away pulling his camera out.
Omar finished up not at all phased that Byron was watching him.
Byron set the camera on the tripod. Throwing the backpack back on his shoulder he walked the clearing in search of the spot. He found one.
Setting the camera and tripod down he used a fallen tree trunk as foreground interest and the hills and foliage below with the clear sky as the fill for the remainder of the scene. Focusing and checking it he took a few shots before finally settling into the exposure and aperture he wanted.
“Like what you see?” Omar asked plopping down nearby.
“Yea,” Byron said making sure the focus was set.
The sun still had an hour to go but after coming up the hill he could do with the break.
“We came up pretty quick,” Omar said. “I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow.”
“Maybe Maggie can give you a rub down.”
Omar laughed.
A rare breeze came by but did nothing to cool them luckily they found shade.
“Man her hands are way too small.”
Maggie was a petite thing. She was five foot even and weighed about one hundred pounds. Next to Byron who was five feet ten inches she was a dwarf but he liked them small. All of his girlfriends up until then were petite but unlike all his girlfriends Maggie was a firecracker all around with plenty of surprises especially in bed.
“Well dude if you that sore I’ll rub you down punk. You don’t see me complaining and what did you say yesterday…. I’m an old man.”
“Whatever. Last thing I want is you fondling me.” Omar shoved him playfully.
“So what are you getting your mother for her birthday?”
“Don’t know yet. What do you think? A gift card?”
Byron shook his head and said, “Really dude. Come on how about something nice, a dinner or something maybe take her shopping. Keep her company.”
“What with the big bucks you’re gonna to give me.”
“You carry my pack down and maybe.” Byron countered.
They joked and talked for the next hour as the light faded. Conversation drifted aimlessly as did with them but before long Byron was pleased with his shots and was packing up.
Once the sun was down light faded quickly.
“Wanna see who gets down first?” Omar asked.
Competition was always rampant between the two and no matter how dangerous it always managed to only spur them on.
Byron was the older one and was supposed to responsible but as Maggie often said, “You’re worse than he is.”
Headlamps on they secured the backpacks and Omar gave the signal and they were off.
Lithe and nimble what had taken them and hour took a little more than half the time as they picked their way back the way they came sliding and jumping as if they were deer fleeing mountain lions.
At the base back where they’d parked the duo were doubled over panting sweat pouring down as they had when they’d made it up.
Byron had won that race. “Mature and steady young buck.”

On the drive home Maggie called. She wanted him to pick up some food on the way. She and her mother had been out all day and she didn’t have time to prepare anything.
“Sure hon,” he said. “Love you. Later.”
He stopped at KFC and got a family meal. The smell sent both their stomach growling loudly in the car.
“Wait until we get to the house,” Byron said.
The drive was quick. There Porno hikayeleri was little traffic on the road.
Pulling into the drive they unpacked and brought the food in.
“You two stink,” his mother-in-law said when they came in the kitchen. She and Maggie were sitting at the island sipping wine.
“You two started early,” Bryon said.
“Go wash up,” Maggie said, “both of you.”
“Join me,” Byron teased.
“Jeez,” Omar said and headed upstairs to his room. He stayed over sometimes when his mother was out of town and had clothes there.
“Jeez is right,” his mother-in-law said to Byron’s remark, “You’d think you don’t get enough.”
“You’ve been telling tales again.” He said to Maggie.
“I wish. It’ll give an old lady some pleasure to hear someone is getting some but your wife always has that glow. I know. Trust me.”
“Mom.” Maggie protested.
“We’re adults.” Her mother countered.
“I’m going to shower. Be right back. Don’t finish all that up.”
Byron had a quick shower emerging from his bedroom just as Omar emerged from his.
“You took your time,” Byron said catching up with him on the landing.
“I had to wash some images of you and my sister from my mind.” He joked.
“Ah please.”

The family of four enjoyed the meal offered by The Colonel and relaxed in front of the television for a couple of sitcoms before Maggie’s mom declared it was time to go.
Since she was a little tipsy Omar would drive.
At the front door Maggie promised to pick her the next day.
They waved good-bye. As the car pulled out Byron asked, “You’re shopping again?”
“We’re going to get her a dildo or vibrator or both.”
Byron was caught off guard. He always was with his wife.
“You’re going shopping for sex toys with her?”
“Why not.”
He shrugged setting the alarm while she turned off the lights. She was right. Why not?
“Maybe you should get something too.”
“A strap on so I can peg your ass.” She said.
“Depends if you get me in the right mood,” he joked as she led him up the stairs.
“Well I’ll surprise you but for tonight I think I prefer a dildo that is hot and moist.” She reached back and grabbed his crotch.
She let go.
He knew she was smiling even though he couldn’t see her face. He watched her silhouette her hips moving with much more exaggeration than normal as she headed into their room.
For a second he couldn’t shake the image of her mother with a dildo.
Janice, his mother-in-law was only fifty-one and for fifty-one she wasn’t a bad looking woman. Brown skin like her son where as Maggie had lighter skin almost Caucasian she was Maggie’s height but with a little more weight.
He shook his head. Maggie was quick. In the room she was on the bed naked waiting for him.
“You don’t mess around.” He said.
“We’re married now. Time to get to the action besides I’m horny as fuck talking about dildos and vibrators.”
Byron peeled off his shirt and dropped his shorts and underwear. Crawling into bed he was on her kissing her squeezing her C cup. It didn’t take long for his manhood to rise.
Her lips were wet and hot and her breasts soft and supple. He kissed her neck suckling the flesh his mouth moving to her chest and to her nipples giving each the attention they deserved while he squeezed the sweet delightful mounds.
Maggie moaned with delight squirming under him. She grabbed his shaft and caressed him stroking him slowly. He got harder in her hand as she did so. She moved to his balls squeezing and rubbing them alternatively delighted each time he pushed down against her.
Bryon broke free of her grip moving lower to his favorite spot.
Maggie’s snatch was smooth as a baby’s bottom if ever a comparison should be made. He kissed it and then slid his tongue down her slit flicking it against her clit before probing her hole.
She pushed up against him moaning.
He spread her legs and pulled her closer peeling back the cherry red lips glistening with her internal lube.
Delving in savoring the sweet flavor he sucked her clit and licked her cunt until he had his fill. He was hard against the bed and rubbed against it slowly.
One finger then two and he was in her stroking her rubbing quickly and firmly against her G Spot.
She moaned louder her hands in his hair pressing his face deeper into her sweet slit.
She came unable to contain herself her back arched the orgasm sending tremors through her body that they both felt.
Byron crawled back up to kiss her so she could taste her own sweet juices.
She took his cock when it was within arms length and guided it into her.
Her warm body enveloped him.
She sighed as he went in.
Nine inches of manhood filled her petite body. He was the epitome of a black man though she’d known others who claimed to be black studs and didn’t have the goods. The stereotype wasn’t always true but she got lucky.
Byron moved slowly. He knew the drill. She needed to be brought to the climax slowly a second time around and slow is what he did.
Hands on either side of her he pushed down to meet her as she came up.
Maggie spread her legs wider.
Byron took the hint and slipped his hands behind her knees and pushed them back towards her head.
She winced when he thrust into her his pace quickening. He was delighted at the scene before him a wet pussy yielding to his massive cock.
Maggie whimpered her eyes closed and her lips pursed. Her hands spread she gripped the sheets.
Byron didn’t hold back. He could have gone longer but he’d been horny ever since Omar and now this.
Hot cum shot into her but he didn’t stop. He kept stroking until his cock was empty and continued on until the sensations overwhelmed him.
Dropping her legs he plopped down on her and kissed Sex hikayeleri her.
She was breathing hard as was he a layer of light sweat on them both.
Wrapping her hands around him she pulled him tight keeping him inside her, as he grew soft.
Byron closed his eyes. It wasn’t the first time he’d have desires of Omar and it probably wouldn’t be the last but usually after a sweet climax as just had the urges to experiment faded. They didn’t. His cock softened but as he lay in his wife he wondered what it would be like.

Byron was right. When he went to pick up Omar later the next day, they were all going out to a movie that night, the boy was sore.
“Man it hurts all over,” Omar complained.
“Did you take a hot shower? Usually that helps.” Byron said plopping down in a stray chair that didn’t seem to belong.
Omar was at his mother’s house in his room. They were to head over to Byron’s house where Maggie and Janice would be after shopping.
“Tried that.”
“Maybe you just need a good rubbing.” Byron still hadn’t gotten the idea out of his mind. All day at work he thought about Omar.
Omar said nothing.
Byron took the initiative. “Where does it hurt man,” he said.
“My calves and hamstrings.”
“On your stomach.” Byron ordered and found some baby oil. He had a good idea what Omar used that for.
“What’re you going to do?” Omar was on his stomach his head turned so he could se Byron.
“Give you a gay rub. Shut up and try to relax.” What Byron said wasn’t far from the truth.
He pushed Omar’s shorts up and dripped oil on both his legs. Maggie had done this for him before and it worked wonders but it often ended up with both of them oiled and fucking like rabbits.
Moving slowly at first he started with his calves working both at the same time then the right and then the left running hands over his smooth flesh.
Omar closed his eyes and relaxed.
Byron watched his body fall limp.
He dripped more oil on him and continued to work his calves, up and down pushing into the flesh to force the stiffness out.
Moving up to his thighs Bryon worked one at a time trying to spend equal time on each.
He was hard, rock hard and Omar’s glistening flesh made it worse. He closed eyes as he worked moistening his dry lips with his tongue. He chanced it pushing his hands higher grasping both cheeks through the shorts.
Byron’s heart raced his breathing fast driven by sexual excitement.
Omar’s moment was broken and he moved.
Byron opened his eyes.
Omar didn’t but his mouth opened slightly as he pushed his ass up to Byron.
Byron took the invitation quickly before it was withdrawn and slid his hands under and up the legs of his shorts and underwear. He grasped his ass the meat firm. He caressed the flesh as he did the other muscles lower not venturing beyond his ass to the ass crack he so desperately wanted to finger.
Omar pulled his hands away and rolled over.
Was it over? Bryon asked himself kicking himself for not thrusting a thumb in his virgin ass.
Omar sat up on the bed. “I’ve never done this before okay.” He said and reached for Byron’s pants.
He unbuckled him and let the trousers fall to the floor. Pulling the hard cock from the boxers he caressed it tentatively before leaning forward and tasting the tip.
A shudder passed through Byron when Omar’s tongue touched him and he wanted more.
Omar moved again tasting his cock then taking into his mouth sucking it as he caressed it.
Byron moved closer.
Omar took him deeper.
Byron could see his mouth was stretched taking in his massive shaft. Byron put his head back. He had his hands on his hips pushing forward slightly as his cocked was slowly sucked.
Omar didn’t know it but each time he pulled back Byron was on the brink. If he did know it he was good. In the end Byron decided to take it a different route.
Stepping out of his pants he kneeled before Omar pre-cum dripping from his tip.
He pulled Omar’s shorts and underwear down to his ankles and sat him on the bed. He took Omar in his mouth. He’d never sucked another man’s cock before but in the heat of the moment especially when he was away on from home and horny as hell watching all manner of porn clips he was game for anything until he shot his load. Would he regret this after he shot his load?
He sucked slowly as did Omar toying with his balls and rubbing the base of his cock to match the stroke of his suck.
The pre-cum was salty but he wanted more. He’d never even tasted his own spunk. That wasn’t true he’d tasted it when he kissed Maggie after a blowjob. She’d left some in her mouth once before she swallowed. He didn’t like it and changed his diet since but since had never tasted it again. Maybe that was a good thing, she didn’t want to share anymore.
Omar pushed up. Byron could hear his breathing fast and erratic and the reason was clear when the creamy fluid filled his mouth.
It was all he could do but to swallow it loosing some of it down the corner of his mouth.
Omar thrust into his mouth as another shot of cum went down the back of his throat.
He relaxed and Byron pulled away wiping cum from his face with the back of his hand.
“Should I finish you?” Omar asked reaching for Byron.
“Let me cum on your ass.”
Without a word Omar turned and slipping a pillow under him. He was on the edge of the bed his feet on the ground.
Byron caressed his still glistening ass and rubbed his cock with baby oil.
This was no lube especially for a virgin ass but he would give it a go. Tugging his dick he rubbed pre-cum on Omar’s butt. It was a delicious sight. He slid his head up and down his crack trailing wetness as he did.
Omar reached back and spread his ass revealing the chocolate puckered hole Byron Sikiş hikayeleri wanted to violate.
Byron put his tip on it and teased it. He felt it tighten. This wasn’t an invitation but he pushed against it. It tightened further yet he pushed again.
“It’s too big!” Omar said though he didn’t move away.
Byron backed off on the pressure rubbing his dick while his tip was still on the hole.
Omar relaxed and Byron pushed.
He tightened instinctively and Byron waited until he relaxed again and pushed.
His head flared and broke through the tight muscle.
Omar moaned out loud. He was digging his fingers in his ass.
Byron barely had his head in and wanted it so but held back barely poking his ass as he stroked his cock.
Omar relaxed once more and he was in. There was no way he’d get his cock in the rest of the way. In fact Omar was reaching back towards his cock to try to get it out yet again he wasn’t trying to pull away.
With shallow thrusts barely moving the stimulation much more than he’d imagined Bryon came in him pulling out immediately much to Omar’s relief.
Cum oozed from Omar’s ass and onto the carpet. He turned to Byron. “Next time it’s your turn.”
Byron smiled he was game.
The two cleaned up. They took showers in the same bathroom but not together. Byron thought he’d feel dirty and ashamed but as they dressed he didn’t and Omar seemed okay with what they’d done.
One the drive to the house he said to Byron, “You know I’m not gay right.”
Byron said, “Neither am I.”
“So what do you call that?” Omar asked.
Byron shrugged. He didn’t know.

On the way to the house they drove with the windows down Bryon called Maggie but her phone went straight to voice mail. It was something she hated when she called and here she wasn’t answering.
“Looks like they’re still out,” Byron said hanging up.
Music was on the radio and they were already planning a hike for the next day. It was almost as if nothing had happened between them but it had.
Pulling up in front of the house Byron saw both Maggie’s car and Janice’s car. He frowned as the two of them got out.
“Guess they are here,” Byron said.
Inside Byron was about to call out when he heard a curious sound from upstairs. It was a whimper.
Both Omar and Byron looked at each other quizzical expressions on their faces. They started up the stairs slowly.
The sounds were coming from Byron’s room. It was a mixture of whimpering and squishy sounds.
The door was open.
Both Omar and Byron looked in and were shocked.
On the bed lay both Maggie and Janice in a sweet sixty-nine both with a dildo in hand working each other’s pussy.
Omar turned away.
Byron’s eyes were glued to the sight his cock twitching in his pants.
Janice’s body was hot for a fifty year old though a little cellulite here and there to be expected with age.
Maggie was on top moving viciously with the dildo in her mother’s cunt as if trying to pay her back for something bad she’d done.
Janice had stopped fucking Maggie with hers. She was instead trembling beneath her as her body rose with delight at the brewing climax. She let out a cry her body tensing then relaxing but still breathing hard and face from the workout.
Maggie slowly her pace pulled the dildo out and sucked before sliding the glistening piece of plastic back in cleaned of the sweet cum juices of her mother.
Janice would not be outdone.
Omar turned when his mother came. Like Byron he was hard. What’d they’d done was questionable but this was taboo too and they were now both aroused by it. What did that make them?
Omar’s mouth was dry. His mother was fucking his sister with a dildo. She was moving slowly in and out deeper and deeper.
From the door the two had a perfect view. Both women were visible but they couldn’t see their faces. Their bodies glistened with sweat. They’d been going at it a while.
Byron’s mind drifted to how it could have started. Wine maybe and then Maggie unwrapping the toys and before long instead of just turning them on they were probing each other with the phalluses eager to fulfill a building urge to cum.
Who knew? He suddenly wished he’d been home sooner.
Knowing the signs when Maggie was cumming Byron knew she was about to climax..
Her mother was good. She knew her secret but then again if they were doing this together what other things did they do together. Did Maggie tell her about their escapades in bed? Was that how she was able to get her to a climax with such ease.
Maggie was loud not holding back expecting to be alone. Her eyes fell on the two at the door but the orgasm was cumming and she couldn’t stop it. She wouldn’t stop it. She shivered with delight on top of her mother cum dripping down into her face.
Both Byron and Omar fled downstairs to the living room sitting in silence.
The two stayed upstairs for quiet some time and then the two downstairs heard the showers and then they were upstairs even longer only emerging an hour later.
“You two ready for the movies?” Janice asked.
“Avengers I hear it’s great.” Maggie added.
Byron and Omar looked at each other.
“Sure,” Omar said.
“Who’s car are we taking?” Maggie asked.
Byron drove the bigger vehicle so he said, “We’ll drive mine.”
“Let’s go before it gets too late,” Janice said.
At the door Byron stopped. He turned to say something about the elephant in the room. Maggie squeezed his arm and whispered in his ear, “Leave it be and next time we’ll let you in,” she whispered in his ear.
A chill passed through Byron and he turned and they headed out.
This was new territory for him. Not only had he just fucked her brother but also it seemed they’d be a chance to fuck her mother and her and the same time.
It blew his mind as images danced before his mind of the four of them in an incestuous orgy of massive proportions before long and truth be told he was all for it and had the distinct feeling he was not alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32