Fake It to Make It Ch. 05

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As the school year progressed, Sonia came into her own despite Dave’s absence at the school. He had finished his assignment at Fulton at the end of the first semester as planned and returned to the college.

Far from leaving her behind, he and Sonia had moved well beyond the titillating but incomplete relationship they had started with. For Sonia, it was an earth-shattering start, but she found that as he revealed himself to her, she was drawn more and more under his wing. It wasn’t just the dominance that she submitted to, but the care and attention he provided her. Dave was very strong with her, but she could feel that there was something much deeper with him.

Mr. Hunter, the teacher, had declared her a good student. It was becoming apparent now just how much she gleaned from him. It was obvious that she had learned to mostly obey his explicit direction, except when she was in need of his correction. What surprised her was the transformation occurring in her as a result of what she observed. She had never been a shrinking violet, but her carefree attitude was now tempered with a strength she hadn’t expressed before.

She became quite adept at handling the supplicating boys at the academy. She was never malicious with them; that wasn’t her game. However, when one of them attempted to repeat the skirt-lifting scene from the last semester, there was no doubt left in any of the boys that this was not something to ever be repeated.

Carol was impressed as they talked over coffee.

“Say that again?” Carol queried her about a difficult return Sonia made at a department store.

“You heard me. It’s really hard to describe but it almost feels like because I have Dave’s ‘blessing’, that I handle myself more confidently.”

“The spankings have gone to your head, little slut,” Carol teased.

Despite the banter, Carol was a little jealous. She couldn’t see herself in Sonia’s shoes but couldn’t deny that the guys she had dated didn’t really offer anything other than a good time.

“You could use one yourself, witch.” Sonia continued, “Really, I never realized before how much the simple act of submitting would increase my authority. Mom and dad never did that for me. They gave me some passive guidance, but were maybe a little too loose with me. Daddy was a little surprised with me the other day when he was asking about Dave. Last year, I’d have been apologizing and trying to make the best of things, but I stood up for myself. I didn’t get mad, but was very clear about Dave’s place in my life. I think it was the lack of beating around the bush that swayed Daddy. Now, go get me another coffee.”

“Yes. Right away, Mistress Spankypanties. Your wish is my command. Would you like whipped cream with that?”, Carol howled at her spontaneous word play. “Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me.”

“Look into my eyes. You are getting sleepy. When you wake up, you’ll get me one cream and one sugar,” Sonia shot back.

“Silly girl, everyone knows Jedis take their coffee black.”


Hearing her name called, Sonia turned from the attendant at the school book store to come face to face with Vanessa.

“Oh my frickin’ God!” Sonia exclaimed to herself, not sure what to do.

They had only met once but it was burned into Sonia’s mind. Sonia wondered what she might be doing there.

She quickly put on a game face and cheerfully greeted back, “Vivian, right?” very deliberately getting her name wrong.

“Close. Vanessa. We met before Christmas in Dave’s office.”

Was she here to see Dave? Thank God he’s not here anymore.

The two women sized each other up, head to toe.

Sonia could still appreciate Vanessa’s attraction. She was slim and not too tall in her ever-present stilettos. Her blonde hair flowed so smoothly past her shoulder blades, and she managed some subtly provocative makeup. Her dress was definitely not discount and fit her slim figure perfectly.

“And always with the stockings, too,” Sonia noticed.

Vanessa was similarly impressed with Sonia, even more than on the day of their first meeting. It seemed that somehow Sonia was demonstrating a maturity she hadn’t seen before. A lot of that assessment came from how she carried herself even in the flat shoes she faithfully wore at school. Vanessa was brought back briefly, smiling at the thought of Dave exercising his budding dominance over this sweet young thing, wondering what fruit it might be bearing in him.

“What brings you to the academy, Vanessa?” Sonia asked, attempting to inject a little authority, as though Vanessa was intruding.

“I met with a guidance counselor here. My niece is exploring some options and Fulton is on her radar,” Vanessa replied. “I was wondering if Dave, errrr Mr. Hunter is around.”

She was toying with Sonia, spontaneously attempting an end run to ply the younger woman for information.

“Oh…That’s a shame. You missed him. He left 5 months ago after his assignment was finished. I assume you haven’t spoken to him?” The dig felt weak but Ankara travesti that was what Sonia had at the moment. Plus it didn’t give too much away. It really only identified Vanessa as the vanquished, not that Sonia was the victor.

Sonia didn’t realize how effective the response was. Vanessa was left with the notion that if Sonia and Dave had connected, she should know if Vanessa had turned up. Vanessa openly replied, “I haven’t seen him and thought I’d catch up. Hey. Do you want to get a coffee? Maybe you can dish on Fulton for me.”

Sonia’s guard was up immediately. She hardly knew Vanessa, but she had no real reason to not trust her. Still, she had her claws in Dave at one point. To be fair, they were nicely manicured claws, and Sonia didn’t blame her. As she considered the request, she realized too that Vanessa didn’t seem to be playing any games with her.

“I’ve got a bit of time. Sure. Come with me.”

Vanessa could see that Sonia was protecting something. It could simply be lack of familiarity or maybe bigger. Vanessa’s interest was picqued.

Sipping coffee, they talked about the academy’s rules and how the students behaved. Naturally, the discussion led to the instructors and even more naturally, it led to Dave.

“Have you heard from him?” Vanessa asked Sonia.

“We keep in touch. He’s an excellent teacher.”

Was that “he is” or “he was”?

“I’m sure he is. That’s part of his charm and why I wanted to see how he was doing. Things didn’t work but he’s got a special place in my heart, and you never know. Maybe?” Vanessa pretended to muse, though she actually found herself a little jealous now at the prospect of Dave with this very sexy, young woman: a sexy young woman who most definitely had come under some guidance in the last short while. Maybe she had sold Dave short.

Sonia felt her confidence waning, attempting to maintain a ruse. Thinking to how she dealt with her father, she opted for the straight up approach.

“Can I be honest with you, Vanessa? Dave and I began seeing each other at the end of last semester.” Sonia wanted to gauge her reaction as well as relieve the burden of gamesmanship.

I knew it!

“That’s wonderful!” she beamed, but suddenly, it was Vanessa’s turn to be surprisingly crest-fallen. She recalled the little game she played in Dave’s classroom, ruefully reminded now that she was not immune to the effects of what she learned was called pre-selection.

“Girls just love to know that other women dig their man.”

“Enough of that though. How’s everything been for you?” Sonia redirected, not wanting to get into personal details.

“Aaaaahhh, work work work, dear. A little playtime, too, mind you. Listen, I have to get going. I have a meeting at work I have to get to. But, I really do want to meet again. Can I have your number?” Vanessa asked, more sincerely than she realized.

Sonia opened her phone, brought up a new text message and said, “Sure, put yours in here and I’ll text it to you.”

“Thanks for the time, Sonia. You’ve been a very big help. I assure you; I’ll be in touch.”

The next day, Dave and Sonia were enjoying the late spring evening sunshine on his deck.

“Do you remember that woman who met you for lunch late last semester?”

Where the hell did that come from?

“Yeah, Vanessa. Why do you bring her up, little one?”. Dave sometimes used pet names as a prelude to control and he was immediately concerned that this could erupt into some kind of jealous rant. Sonia wasn’t given to that kind of behavior, but there’s a first time for everything.

“I happened to run into her at Fulton yesterday. She said she was there for business, but I think she was really there to see you.”

“Oh. It would have been nice to see her,” Dave deliberately reinforced Sonia’s insecurity. She knew better than to wonder if Dave was stepping out on her.

Sonia started to see red. Dave wasn’t prone to upsetting her, but this was too far. She could see the allure of Vanessa and it felt like Dave was throwing it in her face. A torrent of different emotions overcame her: jealousy, anger, arousal, a mate-guarding instinct, and curiosity.


Sonia and Carol were close but neither had the inclination to experiment as college girls sometimes do. The thought of messing around with her best friend repulsed her. But Vanessa, chic, seductive Vanessa, why would she enter her thoughts right now?

While arousal now dominated her awareness, Sonia spontaneously hatched a plan. Adopting her submissive side, she fought with her anger and slid up against Dave. “Mr. Hunter, I think that I am more than enough woman for you and I want to show you,” she purred into his ear.

“Mmmmm, little one. I knew you’d come around. Come with me to the couch.”

“Uh, uh, uh, Mr. Hunter,” Sonia interrupted as she put her finger to his lips. “I have a surprise for you. Give me 5 minutes and go lie on your bed and wait for me.”

Sonia had “surprised” Dave on several occasions Antalya travesti and he immediately immersed himself in a lurid fantasy. He was eager to let her mind run wild, but nonchalantly replied, “Whatever my little one wants.”

Sonia turned on her heel, glancing back to complete the subterfuge. “Oh, and whatever you do, don’t touch yourself!” she now ordered as she headed inside the house and up to Dave’s bedroom. She had found a spot in the guest room closet that she could hide surprises she had for him and pulled out what she needed and went to the guest bedroom.

Dave went to his room and lay on his bed as requested. He was getting uncomfortably hard at the thought of what was to come and had to adjust his erection in his pants. He was just finishing as Sonia appeared in the doorway.


Standing akimbo, Sonia was a very different person than he’d ever experienced her as. She looked at him very disapprovingly, her expression in contrast to the rest of her presentation. Her presence and attitude were abundantly clear from the PVC teddy, fishnet stockings, and pumps that she wore – all black.

Completely agog at her, Dave was at a loss for words and actions. Sonia used this to her advantage and slowly made her way to the bed.

“Now Mr. Hunter, what was this about wanting to see that skank? Are you turning into a man-whore?” Sonia rebuked Dave, rather pleased with herself for the opening.

“Sonia! What’s gotten into you?” was all Dave could muster.

“No questions, Mr. Hunter: only answers,” Sonia stated. “And, that is Mistress Chase to you, man-whore.” She then crawled onto the bed to straddle his. She was getting so turned on in this role she had never played before. She was angry but it surprised her at how that anger and her arousal combined into a delicious attitude. She was going to get what she wanted, but Dave was going to pay.

With one hand on his chest, she leaned into him and lightly slapped his face. “Do you really think that I am going to let my little slut entertain the possibility of another woman? You’re mine.”

“But, Sonia…”

“MISTRESS CHASE! It seems my slut needs some correction.”

She sat up on his lap and ground her now dripping wet pussy into his hard on. The PVC, however, refused to allow Dave to feel just how horny she was. Resting a good deal of her weight on him, her tightly wrapped clit was driving her to rock on him. Dave, on the other hand, was not quite enjoying this so much. The vision before him was incredibly erotic, but the pressure and friction on his cock was past the threshold of discomfort.

There was respite as she fell forward, taking one of his nipples in her mouth. For Dave, it wasn’t exquisite, but soothing. Until Sonia bit.


“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Son-…Mistress Chase…”, Dave started, a little worried about what had come over his little one.

“I’ll let that slip pass. Continue.”

“I was just, ummm, teasing.”

Sonia sat up and slapped his other cheek.

What the hell’s come over her?

“You, Mr. Hunter, have to learn that there are things you can tease about and things you cannot. That is one of the things You. Can. Not. Plus, you didn’t apologize.”

“I’m sorry Mistress Chase! I’ll…”

“Quiet! Maybe later, but right now is too late for apologies.”

She slid down on his legs, undoing his pants and pulling them down on his hips, revealing his throbbing and chafed-red cock. Crawling back up his body, she planted her PVC-sealed pussy over it.

Grinding harder with each rock of her pelvis, she put a hand over his mouth. “Now, what is the correct answer to the question?”, she asked, punctuated the demand with uncomfortable thrusts against him.

“I’m yours alone, Mistress Chase. Please…”

“Good answer. Now, you’re going to prove it.” At that, Sonia raised her pelvis, and undid the crotch of the teddy. She crawled up his body, dragging her pussy across his chest and marking her territory. She was then straddling his head, her pussy mere inches from his face. Pressing her hands against the wall, she commanded, “Please me,” and pushed her smooth, wet cunt against his face.

She wasn’t in this to torture, so Sonia made sure Dave could breathe, but she was going to get her pleasure. There was no technique involved, nor was there any needed. The whole of the time – her emotions, the plan, getting dressed, taking control – had her on the edge already. Her pussy greedily extracted every maneuver it could from Dave’s mouth and tongue. Sucking on her protruding lips and tongue-fucking her pussy were just the start.

“My clit, man-whore! Don’t you think Vanessa would be more generous with my pleasure?”

Where did that come from?

As Dave pressed his tongue hard against her button, Sonia began rocking her hips against his face. She dropped one hand, grabbing his head like it was a saddle-horn, and increased the pace of her thrusts against his tongue.

“Gaaaawwwdd!” İstanbul travesti Sonia was suddenly overwhelmed with the release she was craving. The power and the scene she was part of drove her to the brink. Clenching her thighs against Dave’s head, she breathlessly rode him through her orgasm.

“Fuck fuck FUCK!”

She lifted her hips from his head and leaned against the wall, breathing hard. Dave’s hands stroked her thighs.

More weakly, Sonia continued to chastise, “Are you ever again going to tease me about another woman?”

“No, Mistress Chase.”

“Good. Now, I’m going to get changed and we’ll eat dinner.”

FUCK! What?

Sonia crawled off him, slowly walking towards the bed room door.

Will he?

Dave was now pissed off. Sonia knew better. He was fine with her little role reversal, but this wasn’t going to end like this. Jumping off the bed, he quickly pulled off his pants, leaving them on the floor. Grabbing Sonia by the waist, he pushed his cock against her ass and started rubbing.

Thank god. He’s not leaving it like that.

Holding her tight against him, he spoke. “MISS Chase, I accept your punishment. Now, has my little one ever had cause to believe that I would cheat on her? Hmmmmm?”

“No, Mr. Hunter.” Sonia’s pussy was freshly inflamed with lust for her man.

“I am glad you understand that. Further, do we ever, EVER, leave each other unsatisfied?”

“No, Mr. Hunter.”

“But, you were just going to walk away?” he pressed as he walked her to the side of the bed.

“Ummm sir, you see…”

“Enough.” Placing his hand against he lower back, he bent her over the bed. Fucking her ass cheeks as he had, he was now fully hard. Her heels always put her at just the right height for him, and gripping the base of his cock, he pushed hard into her sloppy, wet cunt.

“Are you ever going to leave me unsatisfied again, little one?”

“N-ooooo sir!”

I couldn’t leave the bedroom in control. I just crave him fucking me like this.

Having Sonia exert her control was surprisingly exciting to Dave. Her dry-fuck, while uncomfortable, had nearly made him orgasm. Very quickly, as he violently thrust into her, he could feel the pressure building at the base of his cock.

It’s my turn to mark territory.

Pulling out of Sonia, he pushed his wet dick under the loose edge of Sonia’s teddy, just as he released his load. He pulsed streams of cum over her ass, while he fucked the fetish-like pussy created by the PVC and her skin. Withdrawing his cock, he pressed the material against her, squishing out some of the cum.

“Just so you know, Sonia…”

Sonia delighted at the change of persona.

“Yes, Dave?”

“I love you, precious.”

“Let’s get something to eat. Don’t change.”

Sitting at her desk at work, Vanessa’s fond memories of Dave Hunter started to simmer as she considered Sonia and their time over coffee. Her first encounter with Sonia showed a little vixen in waiting, probably a little over the top as would be expected from a young woman unsure of herself. It would have been very easy for Sonia to just slip into a slutty persona. On the surface, it would have served her well and she probably could have gotten any man she wanted, if only for a time.

But there this little thing was, all the more sexy in her demureness, knowing what she was capable of. Vanessa’s recognition of the contrast of sultry lurking behind the sweet began to percolate wonder at the thought of experiencing her as a seductress to see if the reverse effect was similar. Vanessa caught herself squeezing her thighs together at the thought.

She realized though it wasn’t just Sonia. She was enraptured at the thought of the man behind the woman. She now firmly believed that she had underestimated Dave. But then, her own attitudes had been evolving since their encounter. She’d had a couple of lovers since, exciting to be sure. There was much she didn’t want to change, but it seemed it was all the same. She was satisfied that Sonia wouldn’t be where she was so quickly if it wasn’t for the fact that Dave very probably cared for her and that Sonia knew it. Dave’s hesitancies with Vanessa were off-putting at the time; she wondered if, rather than weakness, it was some hint of that caring that was coming through. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” The quote she had heard somewhere echoed in her mind, tickling at her heart.

“To be raped by a man who loves me!” Vanessa chuckled at the ludicrous and tantalizing paradox.

The thought was never far away for the rest of the work day. By the time she arrived home, it was all she could do to drop her coat and purse in the entry and head to her bedroom.

Vanessa loved lavish sex and she carried that appreciation to her personal time. She had no thought to removing her clothes; that would happen as she made love to herself. Barely able to contain her fire, she mounted the corner of the bed with her feet on the floor and her heaving chest flat against the mattress. Slowly, she ground the corner of the bed against her aching pussy, falling into her newly sparked submissive fantasy. Her imagined lover had lifted her skirt and thrust her onto the bed, preparing to punish her for having such lurid fantasies, of stealing another woman’s man.

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