Faith Ch. 01

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Faith Boman quickly dressed after cheerleader practice at the Rolle College locker room. She knew that she needed to get home and finish her Calculus homework. As she left the locker room, she saw a group of basketball players standing around discussing the season and the upcoming game. She knew that they were discussing the suspension of Jim Thomas, the team’s star player. It was the subject of most of the talk at school that day. The College English Lit Professor, Christine O’Connell, had made a classroom behavior complaint against Jim, causing the Athletic department to suspend Jim from the next game.

As Faith walked by the players, she overheard them making comments about her and heard one of them discussing her chest and her bottom. She blushed as the boys talked about her “tits being nice and firm, just the right size, and her nice tight ass”. Faith hurried out of the gym before she overheard any more of the vulgar discussion. She knew that she was attractive and had a good, athletic build, but she didn’t understand why the players had to discuss her anatomy, especially in front of her and using such language.

Walking home, Faith decided to take a shortcut down the alley across from the Movie Theater. As she walked home, she decided to take a shortcut down the alley across from the Movie Theater. She saw that the current feature was rated R, and she had never seen an R-rated movie and her parents would be very disappointed in her if she did. She had been raised by very uptight parents, and anything containing cursing and inappropriate images was strictly forbidden. As a Freshman in College, she had been tempted to go to an R-rated movie but was always afraid that, in such a small town, the news would get back to her parents. She still lived at home, and her parents insisted the rules still applied as long as she was under their roof. Faith continued her reflections about her parents’ restrictions as she walked down the alley.

Faith passed a window facing into the alley; she could hear voices that sounded familiar. The lights in the room were on, and she could see the shadows of a couple. She stopped and listened; she could hear some throaty whispers coming from the couple. She was curious about the voices, and Faith stepped quietly up to the window. By pressing her face to the right side of the window, Faith could see into the room.

The bedroom was lit by a lamp near the nightstand. Faith almost let out a gasp as she saw Jim Thomas and Christine Ataşehir Escort O’Connell in the room. Christine was only wearing a man’s, long-sleeved shirt. Faith could see Christine’s hard nipples pointing through the shirt and could see a dark triangle showing between Christine’s legs. Jim was standing in front of Christine, caressing her face. The scene took Faith totally by surprise based on Jim and Christine’s conflicts at school.

Jim slowly reached forward and kissed Christine. Faith saw Christine’s hand reaching between them and caressing the front of Jim’s pants as Jim made low moans of appreciation. Jim slowly reached into Christine’s shirt and cupped her breasts. Christine leaned her head back as Jim kissed her neck. Faith heard Jim commanding Christine to do what she did last night. Christine smiled and began to shake her head, “no,” as she continued to stroke his pants. Jim’s voice was getting louder. “Come on, you fucking bitch, suck my cock!”

Jim pressed Christine down onto her knees as she unzipped his pants. Faith saw his penis as it emerged from his pants. It was the first time she had seen a man’s erect penis and she gasped in surprise at its size. How could such a large object fit into her body in any of the places that her friends had told her about?

Christine looked at the pole and ran her hands up and down it. Jim flexed his hips in rhythm with the strokes. “Come on, stick it all the way down your throat, suck it like the slut you are!”

Christine slowly stuck her tongue out and licked the head. Faith looked away in disgust. Her friend told her about this, but she thought that they were just teasing.

“That’s it, all the way.”

Faith looked back into the room at the sound of Jim’s voice. Christine had taken Jim’s cock into her mouth and was sucking on it like a lollipop. Christine began an up-and-down movement with her mouth taking as much in her mouth as she could.

“Come on, you bitch, suck it deeper!” Jim demanded as he put his hands on Christine’s head and started pumping in and out. Faith saw Christine fighting to get away and gagging each time his cock went deep into her throat. Incredibly, his cock was going into her mouth to the base.

Faith watched in amazement as Christine reached between her legs and started to rub herself.

“That’s right, you whore, play with your cunt! Make yourself come! Good, keep sucking, you’re going to make me come!”

Christine was now rocking her hips Anadolu Yakası Escort in rhythm to her fingers and making a moaning sound around Jim’s cock. Faith knew that the boys at college talked about touching themselves and had heard nasty jokes about girls doing it.

Her parents were so uptight about sex that she felt guilty about thinking about such things. Lately, she had been feeling funny between her legs but felt dirty whenever she thought about touching herself. Faith was now feeling the itch between her legs. She slowly ran her hand down into her slacks. She was surprised, at how wet she was. Faith experimented and ran a finger across her panties. Faith jumped and moaned as her fingers touched her down there. Now, Faith knew why Christine was touching herself and wondered why she had never done this before. Faith continued to run her fingers between her legs. She no longer cared if it was dirty, it felt so good.

Faith looked back into the room and saw Jim remove his cock from Christine’s mouth. “Now, you’re going to get it, turn around and spread your legs, you cock sucking bitch!”

Christine quickly stood up and turned around. She put her hands on the bed and bent over. As she bent over, her shirt raised, exposing her pussy to Jim and Faith. “That’s right, show me your ass!” Jim growled as he ran his fingers down between her legs.

Christine moaned in response to his words and the caress of his hand, “Shut up, you asshole, and put your cock in me. I need it so badly. Please, Jimmy, fuck my cunt. Jam that cock of yours into me.”

Christine reached around and grabbed Jim’s cock. She guided it between her legs. Faith watched as his large prick was slowly inserted into Christine.

Faith wondered how it could fit as she experimentally inserted her finger into the tight opening between her legs. Faith could only get her finger into herself about halfway. She could not believe something as large as Jim’s penis would ever fit into her. Christine let out a moan as the cock continued to enter her. Faith continued to rub herself and continued to push her finger in. As Faith inserted and withdrew her finger, she could almost imagine Jim’s cock pressing into her as it pressed into Christine. Faith pushed her finger in as far as she could. Faith withdrew her finger and began rubbing herself again.

Faith’s attention was drawn back into the room as Christine continued to moan. “That’s it, Jim, fuck me good!”

As Kartal Escort Jim continued to move his cock in and out of Christine, he began to pant and talk with each thrust. “Come on, Bitch, push against me, Fuck yourself on my cock!”

Faith continued to stroke herself and watch as Christine and Jim rocked together, making Jim’s cock go in and out of Christine’s pussy. Christine moaned louder as Jim increased the speed of his thrusts.

“I’m going to come!” sobbed Jim as he withdrew his cock and rubbed it between the cheeks of Christine’s ass.

“Come on baby, come for me,” moaned Christine as she reached between her legs and fingered herself.

Jim continued to rub against Christine and suddenly began to shake and yelled “I’m coming!”

At the sound of his voice, Christine spun around and took him all the way to her mouth. Jim suddenly became rigid and held Christine’s head down on his cock. Faith could see Christine’s throat move. It looked as if Christine was swallowing a large amount of something.

Faith watched and stroked herself; she felt an intense pleasure crash over her. Involuntary moans came from her, as wave after wave broke over her. Faith had heard comments about coming, and now she understood the desire for more.

Faith began to relax and suddenly realized where she was. Faith quickly pulled her hand out of her slacks, got up, and started to walk away. Faith took one last look into the room and saw Jim and Christine kissing on the bed. Glancing around, Faith made sure that no one had seen her as she walked out of the alley.

In her hurry to leave, Faith did not see the dark shadow of Ed Trask, the Dean of Students at Rolle College. Ed smiled to himself as he looked down at the images he had recorded on his phone. He had not only gotten pictures of Jim and Christine as planned but also found a new interesting subject.

Faith could not get the visions out of her mind as she got into bed that night. Faith lay in bed, and she kept seeing Jim’s body. Faith could not help but wonder what being with Jim would be like. She remembered the scene in the alley, and Faith took off all her clothes and crawled onto her bed. Faith reached down and began to run her fingers through the blonde triangle between her legs.

Faith had never really looked at herself. The sparse hair barely hid the lips of her vagina. Faith reached down with both hands and separated the lips. She could see that she was wet. Faith ran her finger between her lips, and, as she stroked, she ran her finger up across a hardening bud. Faith gasped in pleasure as she rubbed herself. Faith knew that this must be her clit, as it was referred to by her friends. Faith continued to stroke her clit until she was overcome with pleasure.

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