Extended Hours at the Gym

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The cold water against my body always felt so rejuvenating, but today it was especially so after a hectic day at work yesterday followed by a night of restless sleep. I pushed myself forward through the pool, letting the stress of the day before melt away as my muscles worked. Finally finishing my last lap and being content with my workout, I climbed out of the pool.

“Hey, Jon!” It was a familiar voice and I knew before I turned that it belonged to Chris, a trainer at the Gym who I’d gotten to know over the past few months. Chris was a few years older than me, maybe in his late 30’s and we’d hit it off the first day we found ourselves swimming laps in the pool together. We’d even gone out to grab a beer every once in a while after the gym. He was sitting in the adjacent hot tub, the bubbles going at full blast.

“Hey to you, too. No laps for you this morning?” I replied.

“No time. My shift starts in 20 minutes.”

I joined him in the warm waters and we started the usual conversation. We often vented to each other about our home and work life, and even the occasional complaint about our sex lives. At least that’s how I thought of it at the time, but looking back I realized he was always pretty ambiguous about his, saying things like, “I know what you mean” and “We’ve all been there before.” After 5 minutes of boring conversation, we both got out and headed to the locker room, still talking as we each grabbed our towels and picked a shower.

I never thought I would be the kind of guy that was comfortable talking to another man, knowing he was naked, showering in the stall next to me; but apparently I was, as our conversation didn’t slow down one bit. I heard him turn off the water and get out. I did the same in my stall and we each walked to our lockers, towels around our waists. I realized I was going to be in a rush to make it to work on time, so I quickly dried myself off and started getting dressed. Chris obviously didn’t have the same urgency today, as he was still drying off as I sat on the bench between us to put on my shoes.

As I bent down to slip on my shoe, I glanced over at him just as his towel moved up to dry off his short, brown hair. Now, I am a firm believer that every grown man that finds himself in a locker room with naked men will occasionally steal a quick glance. I had always convinced myself that it was to scope out the competition, in hopes of feeling better about myself, knowing someone out there was less endowed than I. When I looked at Chris, however, I did not feel better about myself; and I realized that somehow, I’d never stolen a peek at him before. Chris’ cock was not huge, but definitely larger than mine. It was by no means hard, but about half engorged, giving me the impression that it never looks small and shriveled as most do; even fresh out of the slightly cold shower water.

I realized I was still looking at it and repositioned myself on the bench so that I could pretend to be focused on tying my shoes while I secretly watched him. By the time I started blindly tying my second shoe, I could see his cock move slightly as he dried the rest of his body. It started to fill with blood even more, first the tip grew very slowly and then the rest of his smooth shaft caught up. It was now about half-hard, and pointed almost straight out, away from his body. I looked up the rest of his body, admiring how much hard work he had put into maintaining such sleek muscle, and wishing that I had been more diligent with my own workout routine. He stopped moving and I quickly realized that I wasn’t being as secretive as I had thought. He was staring right at me as he swung the towel around his neck. He must have been watching me watch him the whole time, and it actually turned him on! I expected to feel a wave of nausea come over me, but instead I was frozen in fear. Did he actually think I was checking him out? Surely he must understand that it was all harmless, I was just doing what all guys do, right? I suddenly felt myself drawn to take another look to see if it was now fully hard, wondering just how much he was turned on by being watched. Instead, I convinced my feet to push me to a standing position and look away from him as I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the locker room, obviously embarrassed.

“Jon, hold on. It’s ok” I heard him say as I turned the corner and pushed open the door, quickly hurrying across the gym floor and out to my car. I tried to put the situation out of my head as I Travesti drove across town to work, wondering how I would ever face him tomorrow morning.

It turned out to be another stressful day of work and I got home late, rolling into bed next to my beautiful wife Amy at just after 10:00. She made some indecipherable sound and pushed up against me as I draped my arm over her waist, loving the feel of her soft skin as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling unrested and reset the alarm, allowing me one more hour of sleep. Besides, it was a good excuse to not swim my usual laps and run the risk of bumping into Chris. When my alarm went off again, I rolled over and stretched my arms over my head, feeling hardly more rested than I did an hour before. As I rolled over, I realized that my cock was hard. No, not just hard. Rock hard, and pulsing against the bed as I lay on my stomach. I laid there for a moment more, very slightly rubbing my body against the bed, relishing in the feelings traveling through my rigid cock. I turned my head to look over at my wife, thinking maybe I could talk her into a quickie before we left for work. The empty spot on the other side of the bed reminded me that she would have gotten up and gotten ready after the first alarm had gone off, leaving me to fend for myself, sexually speaking. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine something sexy, some sexual act perhaps that my wife dutifully performed on me recently. The first thought that grew in my mind was the night she surprised me with some candles and a new piece of lingerie that she had bought. I smiled to myself as I slid my hand down inside my boxers, feeling my hardness as I wrapped my hand around it.

The image of my wife, barely covered by her new purchase quickly slipped away and I remembered what had happened the day before at the gym and how embarrassed I was. I expected myself to lose all interest in the task at hand (no pun intended), but was amazed to find that my cock began to throb even harder in my hand. I found that I couldn’t control myself from running my hand up and down my hard shaft as I imagined what Chris’ cock had looked like to watch it grow ever so slowly. I ran the skin of my cock over the sensitive head again and again, allowing my mind to roam and imagine how big it would have been had I glanced down one last time. In my mind, I was back at the gym, looking back down his toned body until I could see his cock again; only this time, his hand was wrapped around it just as mine was on my own cock. I pumped my fist up and down to the speed of his, squeezing myself harder each time, wishing I hadn’t run out so fast yesterday. I saw him through closed eyes, as he stroked his cock faster and faster, walking closer to me, holding his cock out to me, wanting something from me. I could feel my pending explosion building deep inside me as I imagined his cock exploding, close enough for some of it to land on my face. I imagined what it would feel like. I thought about the warmth of it as it dripped down my face, amazed at how turned on I was by the thought of another man not only masturbating for me, but cumming on me.

Just as my cock shot its first stream of sticky, white cum, I rolled over to lie on my back. It splattered onto my stomach and I stroked furiously as I came more and more. Keeping my eyes closed, I used my other hand to gather the cum from my stomach and chest, and watched in my mind as I tasted his cum, while in my bed, I was feeding my own to myself. Even though I had pictured it as warm, salty and sticky, it still caught me off guard when it hit my lips. What caught me off guard even more was that I couldn’t get enough of it. My cock still hard in my hand, I continued to gather it up and lick it off my own fingers until it was all gone. When the pleasure had subsided, I allowed myself to lie motionless in bed as I thought about what I had just done. Why did that turn me on so much? What does this mean? Am I really into guys? What am I… Gay? BI? How do I tell Amy? Do I HAVE to tell Amy? All these thoughts raced through my head until finally I opened my eyes to the day and got up, telling myself I would put it out of my head and not worry about it.

I found myself energized for my day, accomplishing much more at work than I had expected to. I worked again until late, finally leaving the office around 8:00, proud of my day. I drove past the gym on my way home and at first, had the same feeling of İstanbul Travesti embarrassment I had felt the day before. Then I decided that the odds were pretty good Chris wasn’t there, as he usually works in the morning. Besides, I should reward myself with a good swim and a relaxing hot tub.

I flew through my 50 laps and found myself in the hot tub after only 30 minutes, relaxed and relieved to not see Chris anywhere. I felt my muscles loosen as I slipped more into the hot water, letting my thoughts come and go as they pleased. I felt more content than I had in a long time.

The sound of a glass door closing startled me and I realized that I must have fallen asleep while sitting in the hot tub. I slowly puled myself out of the tub and walked toward the locker room, planning to just dry off and get dressed, showering at home. As I opened the door to the locker room, I realized that half the lights were off, which meant closing time. How long had I been asleep? Well, at least whoever closed the door that woke me meant that I wasn’t locked in yet. I heard a shower running and as I walked toward my locker, glanced over expecting to see the faded, white shower curtain pulled closed. But the shower curtain had not been pulled shut, and what I saw instead made me stop dead in my tracks.

It was Chris…In the shower…Naked. I watched as the water flowed down onto his head, over his muscles and hit the floor as he moved, his back turned to me. I felt the familiar sensation in my groin grow as I watched him. I realized I was starting to get hard inside my swim trunks, but couldn’t bring myself to move. He turned slightly to the side and I thought for sure he’d see me, but still I couldn’t move. When he didn’t acknowledge me, I realized that he had his eyes closed. I started to look at him as a whole, not just the individual parts of his body and realized that he was bracing himself against the wall of the shower with one hand. His other hand I couldn’t see as he was still turned mostly away from me. He let out an audible noise, a moan perhaps? I found myself stretching my neck to the side, not wanting to make any noise, trying to see what I already knew was happening.

And there it was. Chris’ other hand was indeed wrapped around his cock. He was moving it quickly up and down, jerking himself off right in front of me, with no knowledge that I was even there. He moaned again and I had to focus on not making any noise as I was getting more and more horny watching this dirty act, wanting to walk over to him, let myself go, do whatever happened. I struggled to maintain perfect silence, but with the next set of noises out of his mouth, I couldn’t contain myself any longer. “Ohhh, yea.” He moaned softly. “Just like that, Jon.” I drew in a quick breath; too quick apparently, and not quietly enough, as he stopped suddenly and opened his eyes, turning to face me fully.

And so here we were again, both frozen staring at each other, not 20 feet from where we were frozen yesterday. And just like yesterday, I was drawn to focus on his cock. Unlike yesterday, however, I allowed myself to. My head dropped and my eyes landed on his cock, still engulfed by his hand. I still didn’t know what to do, so I simply stood there and looked at it. He must have taken the fact that I didn’t run this time as a promising sign, and without saying a word, started his hand moving on his cock again. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and felt dirty for it. But I loved the feeling. I relished in the feeling. Man was meant to feel dirty and love it. And without saying a word, here were two men who knew they were going to feel dirty together tonight.

Finally, my feet started working and I walked towards him, closing the gap between us quickly. I reached down to lower my trunks and tossed them aside. I turned off the water in the shower and joined him inside it. I took his hand off of his cock and replaced it with my own. I quickly started to massage his hard shaft as I reached down and pulled gently on his balls. My hand found a rhythm quickly, as if I had been jerking off men for years. He was starting to pump his cock against my hand. I was so incredibly horny, but I knew I needed more. At that moment, I knew that what I needed tonight was to feel like a dirty little slut. What I needed tonight was a thick, stiff cock in my mouth.

I dropped to my knees and before he knew what was happening, I covered the head of his cock with my mouth. I closed Ankara Travesti my lips tightly around him, licking the tip of his cock with my tongue. I removed my mouth to study his cock as I stroked him quickly. It was probably a little over 7 inches, smooth, thick, hard and beautiful. It was larger than mine, but not significantly. I once again put his cock in my mouth and reached down and grabbed my own cock, playing with myself as I gave my first blowjob. I could feel every vein and crease on his cock against my tongue. I moved one hand up and down his cock as I licked and sucked him, the other hand keeping the same pace on my own prick. I looked up at him to see him looking down at me, standing over me, holding power over me. I had never felt so dirty in all my life. Chris was making me his personal little slut, and I loved every tasty second of it.

I took my mouth off of his cock and traced a line down to his balls and took each one of them in my mouth, sucking hard. I nibbled gently and he responded by moaning louder, so I nibbled a little harder and a little harder until he was panting and groaning. I felt as though my cock was going to explode any second, and I wanted to savor this experience and make it last, so I took my hand off it and squeezed each of his balls while kissing and licking up the length of him and back down again. Back up again and now I wanted to see how far I could take him.

I slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock further as I played with his balls. Farther still and finally I gagged, having to come up for air. He didn’t allow me to take much of a break, however. He grabbed my head and feed his cock to me, pulling me to him. This time, he started to actually fuck my mouth. Oh my god, I couldn’t believe this was happening! We hadn’t even spoken a word to each other since yesterday morning and here I was with his cock fucking my mouth. He very slightly spread his legs as he started to fuck my face faster. I decided I was past the point of no return, so I might as well go for it. I slide my finger up the inside of his leg and quickly found what I was looking for.

The second my finger touched his tight little asshole, his cock pulsed and throbbed in my mouth. He stopped thrusting into my mouth for a second, so I started again sucking up and down the head of his cock. I pressed harder against his asshole and finally felt it give way and open up. Once the tip was in, the finger slid easily all the way in and I could tell it drove him wild. I wanted his cum so badly. I still didn’t know why all of this was turning me on so much, but I knew that I needed to feel and taste his cum. I started moving my finger in and out of his ass as he fucked my mouth quicker and quicker. I pushed it as far in as I could get it and ran my tongue along the head of his cock as he pulled it out of my mouth each time, only to have it thrust back in again.

I managed to pull my mouth off of his cock for just long enough to look up at him and say the first word I had spoken to him all night. “Cum.” That was all the added encouragement he needed. I felt his cock start to pulse and throb even more wildly as he forced his cock back into my mouth. My finger was still moving around, deep inside his asshole. I felt his whole body tense up as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I quickly started jerking him off as I grabbed my own cock again, unable to contain my cum anymore. I aimed his cock at my face as I quickly stroked him, building his orgasm rapidly. I felt his cock jerk rapidly just before the first splash hit my face. I hadn’t even had time to open my mouth, but I was ready for the second one, which shot a line across my mouth, some of it hitting its hungry target.

As soon as I tasted his hot cum, my own cock began to erupt. I moaned loudly as my cum shot out from my cock and landed in a puddle in front of Chris’ feet. His cock continued to blast my face with deliciously salty, sticky cum and I savored it. I slowly pulled the finger out of his ass as his cock started to slow its attack on my face. I grabbed his cock and brought it to my mouth again, tasting one last time his cum, licking every drop off of him. I licked him and sucked him until his cock grew soft in my hand. I continued to play with my own until it lost its hardness as well.

Chris and I stood up, gathered our things and left without saying another word to each other. I laid in bed that night, processing what had just happened and wondering whether or not Chris would want to do it again. That question was answered the next morning, when I opened my locker at the gym and found a note that simply said, “Extended gym hours again tonight.” I couldn’t help but smile as I felt my cock growing hard again in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32