Exponential Log

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3rd of May, 20XX, 21:53

Today the air was thick with humidity to an insane degree. I came here to this desolate village through some old stone stairs along a cliff path away from L. town. The thick roots constricting the sides of my path did not help a feeling of claustrophobia brought about by the swampy air. I always imagined that this part of Asia would have been more rocky, but it seems I was misled.

I’ve come here because yesterday, while working at the hospital of L. town, I received a call requesting my help for a very peculiar matter: a young woman named R. of a nearby village seemed to be experiencing extremely rapid growth. Her mother is the one that lodged the call. The initial report was hard to believe. It seemed the daughter had grown around 20cm ( ~7.8″) taller in the span of a single day, and more every hour.

The townspeople where quick to welcome me upon my arrival, and hastily I met with the concerned family.

When I entered the house, the smell of dirt, typical of mold, assaulted my nostrils. R. was laying on a wooden bench overflowing with comfy looking fabric, propped up against the wall. Her long legs resting down in front of her, seemingly going on forever. She looked to be in her early twenties. Her well maintained silky hair spread down covering the seat and continued to overflow almost all the way to the floor in an imposing mass. The night gown she wore was obviously too small for her, while her legs and feet were kept bare. She seemed excessively skinny.

I’ve always taken pride in my professionalism when it came to examining patients, but even I would admit that she awoke emotions I usually detach from in such situations. Her beauty was striking. The angles of her face were well pronounced, her elongated look giving her a sense of elegance, despite her somewhat emaciated form. This was mostly apparent when looking at the thinness of her legs and the pronounced veins on her feet and forearms, hinting at a very low percentage of body fat.

But I am puzzled: yesterday’s report claimed she would be around 170cm tall, yet she definitely was taller than me right now. Much more than 180cm. I asked her to get up, so that I could start measurements.

Noted measurements of patient R. -third of May, 21:14-

Height: 196.52cm ( ~6’6″)

Foot Length: 34cm ( ~13.4″)

Hand Span: 24.5cm ( ~9.65″)

4th of May, 20XX, 11:21

Today, I sent a courier from the town. The measurements I just took are confounding. I do not understand what I’m witnessing. When R. woke up this morning, I could not believe my eyes. Her nightgown looked like a small shirt on her and her head had to stay bent in order to protect herself from hitting it on the ceiling. She was extremely imposing. I took some measurements as she woke up. They are as follows:

Noted measurements of patient R. -fourth of May, 8:21-

Height: 222.51cm ( ~7’4″)

Foot Length: 38.5cm ( ~15.15″)

Hand Span: 27.74cm ( ~10.90″)

Following this, I also added some blood samples which I sent to Dr. V. from L. town by courier, as mentioned previously. Hopefully the results will shed some light on the ordeal of R. I spent my time before lunch questioning the village, but found nothing of value that would help her case. I elected to do some more measurements a few minutes ago, as I noticed R. Couldn’t even wear any of her clothes anymore.

Noted measurements of patient R. -fourth of May, 11:12-

Height: 242.41cm ( ~8′)

Foot Length: 41.94cm ( ~16.5″)

Hand Span: 30.22 ( ~11.9″)

I’ve decided to calculate her growth per hour, but this is an approximation which, for some reason, I feel might be a bit erroneous. I will see if I can expound on this further tomorrow. In any case, here’s what I’ve found:

Estimated growth per hour of patient R. -third of May, 21:14 to 8:21- : 2.36cm ( ~1″)

Estimated growth per hour of patient R. -fourth of May, 8:21 to 11:12- : 6.63cm ( ~2.6″)

I will see what I can measure today and do a summary tomorrow.

5th of May, 20XX, 23:12

If yesterday felt like we were going downhill in a vehicle while the driver applied the breaks, today it like we simply pressing any pedals. The psyche of Patient R. seems somewhat affected by her symptoms. This Escort Kız morning me and her mother realized she could not leave the house anymore, as she has simply become too big for the door and now resorted to crawling around in order to get by. It seemed that hour after hour that we delayed action, trying to figure out what to do, the problem became worse. Her growth now at speed incomprehensible with yesterday. Around noon, I noticed a few more differences in the patient’s physiognomy, and with her permission I tried examining her more in depth. It seems that the area around her reproductive system had become somewhat inflamed, or gave the impression. Despite an unusually hirsute pubic area, which would normally hide absolutely everything, her outer labia seemed to be pushing out from all sides, crowned by an unusually fat clitoris. The patient did not show any sign of discomfort when I applied pressure to check for any form of pain.

For the past few hours, R. has been sitting down in a small corner, watching me as I write these pages. Her legs, ever longer, with feet the size of my torso, only seem to be getting closer to me. Hopefully I can have one last good rest in this house: it seems that very soon R. will have to exit this place with force. She must, by far, be the tallest human ever measured on this planet.

Noted measurements of patient R. -firth of May, 21:40-

Height: 3.97m ( ~13′)

Foot Length: 68.70cm ( ~27″)

Hand Span: 49.50cm ( ~19.5″)

Estimated growth per hour of patient R. -fifth of May, 13:01 to 21:40- : 9.02cm ( ~3.5″)

6th of May, 20XX, 12:29

Chaos today. I have very little time to write. As I predicted yesterday, today R. has simply pushed her way out of the house. I barely come up to her knees. The inflammation I noticed around her genital area has only gotten more pronounced and seemed to be causing intense bouts of libido. Me and her mother tried in vain to contain her wants, but she has now taken to using the few other young men of the village. She is currently… busy with another. So far, none have been hurt, but her current size could very well endanger someone if she is not careful. I’m writing down her latest estimated measurements, due to not having free way to measure her.

Noted measurements of patient R. -sixth of May, 12:20-

Height: ~6.7m ( ~22′)

Foot Length: ~115cm ( ~45.5″)

Hand Span: ~80cm ( ~33″)

7th of May, 20XX, 19:30

I’m spent. Most of the others except a few infatuated men and women have stayed in the village. The rest have fled. Today I received news from the samples sent earlier, but it feels far too late. They’ve discovered that not only were the lymphocytes inside the blood still alive despite being cut off from the source, and thus lacking oxygen, but they even reproduced and multiplied on their own at an unprecedented rate. The lab told me they had to burn everything in order to prevent a breach of containment. It seems they had to resort to absolutely extreme heat to even harm something as simple as blood cells. My partners expressed incomprehension and I understood all too well. I’m writing this right now while sitting outside, my back resting against her calves, which by now are taller than me with just their diameter. R. is now monstrously tall. Every few minutes I have to actually move a bit as her warm skin pushes me forward. She is asleep, which I was not sure would happen again: the past two nights she had been awake and supremely fired up. It seems she is slowly shedding her basic human needs away, except the need for some sort of reproduction.

Patient R. has, I must admit, spent the last two days trying to copulate in vain with everything in the village. Her genitalia is incredibly inflated without showing signs of roughness, redness or over use. It is simply, like the rest of her, bigger. Earlier I was able to take some cursory measurements by placing myself farther and, with a bit of trigonometry, deduce measurements that are as close to her real ones. Several measurements will of course eventually erase whatever margin of error that might have appeared. I took the liberty of detailing my chart a bit more while she’s asleep, and hopefully I can keep those up. I will try and see if I can ask for R’s cooperation tomorrow for proper, exhaustive tests. I will admit: I do not really know what to do now, but doing what I do best is calming. There is one more thing: I’ve made a quick graph earlier on another note, that I will attach. The summary is simply that her rate of growth seems to be exponential. I fear the next few days.

Noted measurements of patient R. -seventh of May, 18:35-

Height: ~19.6m ( ~64′)

Foot Length: ~339cm ( ~11′”)

Big Toe Length: ~77cm ( ~2’6″)

Hand Span: ~244cm ( ~8′)

Index Length: ~109cm ( ~3’6″)

Clitoris Diameter: ~19cm ( ~7″)

8th of May, 20XX, 8:10

I’ve been awake for two hours. R. woke me up suddenly by picking me up. I was able to hold on to one of her digits, but could barely grasp the half of its circumference, I’m unsure if I should even log what happened, but I feel that what I saw, with my own eyes is something no one else experienced before. R. is calling for me again. Her voice is deafeningly loud, with a deep rumbling tone to it that indicates how large her vocal cords must be. It’s the voice I could still hear when she pushed me inside her. Thick, fleshy red walls that compressed me as her finger pushed my feet. What would probably have been simple lubricant at a normal size felt like small waves washing over me. She expelled me back out with contractions after several minutes, and I dropped on her soft palm. R. finished herself with her other hand while fixing me. All around was sweat, grime, some fallen hair that looked like thin branches on her palm, and her nether region looked like a jungle canopy. When she put me down, I noticed her ankle now stood above me.

I want to experience more of her. I feel inexplicably drawn to what ever presence she seems to generate. The heat from her body is enough to warm the area. She just left her sitting spot and is heading to grab another of the few men left here. He’s waving at her with his arms to indicate his willingness…

8th of May, 20XX, 21:00

Zhang Ran is still wide awake. I will quickly log the daily measurements I’ve taken here. After that, I will ask her to bring me with her. I’m purposely breaching the agreed anonymity: the world will very soon know her well. Ran told us she plans on moving to other villages, towns and cities, that she can barely contain herself here, that we are not enough for her any more. While simply standing around and telling us her thoughts, she did not even notice how her left foot simply grew through the walls of a nearby home, and in the span of a few minutes completely obliterated it. In any case: I told her I wanted to keep following for as long as I could. I have a few minutes, so I will quickly write down my notes, as I’ve mentioned, and will try to describe what is to come as best as I can when the time comes.

Noted measurements of patient R. -eight of May, 09:27-

Height: ~31m ( ~102′)

Foot Length: ~5.5m ( ~17’6″)

Big toe Length: ~1.2m ( ~4″)

Hand Span: ~4m ( ~13′)

Index Length: ~1.7m ( ~5’9″)

Clitoris Diameter: ~30cm ( ~1′)

Noted measurements of patient R. -eight of May, 20:44-

Height: ~40m ( ~130′)

Foot Length: ~6.9m ( ~22’6″)

Big toe Length: ~1.5m ( ~5′)

Hand Span: ~5m ( ~16′)

Index Length: ~2.2m ( ~16’3″)

Clitoris Diameter: 39cm ( ~1’3″)

Estimated growth per hour of patient Ran -eight of May, 09:27 to 20:44- : ~141cm ( ~4’6″)

Estimated growth per minute of patient Ran -eight of May, 09:27 to 20:44- : ~23.5cm ( ~9″)

Estimated growth per second of patient Ran -eight of May, 09:27 to 20:44- : ~4cm ( ~1.5″)

9th of May, 20XX, 12:50

I’m on my way to the provincial capital. Yesterday, Ran told me she would stop for a while at the town of L, and to continue to the capital myself. She wanted me to witness her coming and to have fun at the inhabitants expense. Her finger pressed my back, and she lowered, giving me a kiss. For a split second, I was completely surrounded by the soft, darker tissue of her mouth. I embraced her. She told me farewell, that we would probably never meet in person again. I shudder while remembering, and I look at all these passengers riding on the bus with me, oblivious to the Goddess that is about to make herself known to the world.

12th of May, 20XX, 11:01

It’s been four days since last I saw Ran. I am standing alone in the city park. I can already feel the tremors. People around me are looking bewildered, wondering why the ground is shaking so much every two to three second. A scream, to my right. Someone saw her. There in the distance, over the nearby mountain range, Ran’s head is starting to appear from the blue haze of the horizon. Her head seems to be brushing the bottom of a Strato-Cumulus cloud. My hypothesis was right. She would now be around two kilometers tall, and if my chart holds, as it seems to have, she’s now probably growing around 2.74m per second. I have to restrain my erection. My heart is beating so fast. Everyone is running away. I have to sit down, the trembling is too much. She just stepped over the mountain. From this distance, I take some time to admire her skinny frame. Her ribs are still showing, and her emaciated look has not changed at all. Her long hair slowly fades behind her like someone trudging through water, and I realize she might be having a hard time moving against the atmosphere. The sound of her steps forces me to use the sound proofer I stole earlier today, and I put it against my ears. Ran has reached the city. She stretches so high, I can’t see well past the thick pubic hair. She is right above me. Her sole lifts over the city, and I see it come down. Darkness fills the sky, and for several minutes all I can hear through the dust are buildings crumbling down. The ground shakes constantly. I notice I’m still alive. Finally, just above me I see the arch of her foot, the wrinkles of her sole canyons in their own right. I realize what the trembling is: her growth keeps adding weight, and the ground seems to slowly buckle as she stays in place.

14th of May, 20XX, 22:00?

Ran has stopped moving for two days it seems. I’ve lost track of the time. Most of everyone are gone, some stayed for a bit to masturbate, men and women. I’ve noticed strong gusts of wind that come down periodically. I can’t see what goes on above, but I would bet Ran is also pleasuring herself, and the wind is what’s left of the echo of her voice. As the days passed, she simply stood still and let her feet overgrow the city. The arch of her foot now easily reach the now crumbled mountain range, and lands back over and past the city ruins. I’ve looted the food that I could, now used to the constant cracking and trembling of the ground. Much like when you get seasick, you become used to it. I wonder what others are seeing on the planet, but I know that it will only be a few days before the planet is overcome. I found a working car. I’m going to try and reach a point where her foot touches the ground completely. I should be able to carefully grab on to it. I’ve noticed from some pictures shared online that some people have started climbing in either the wrinkles of her skin or the alcoves made by the print under her toes. If I can climb on Ran, I’m certain I will be much safer. She is now truly a goddess. I leave my writings here, may they bring understanding to someone. The next page is only a few of my hastily written estimates of what is to come in the next few days.

Good luck.

Estimated Size and Growth on the 15th of May, midnight

Height: 25km (~15.5 miles)

Feet: 4.5km

Toes: 1km (~0.65 miles)

Hands: 3.1km

Fingers: 1.4km

Clitoris 250m

Estimated Size and Growth on the 16th of May, midnight

Height: 69km (~42.8 miles) — Note: At this point she will be taller than most clouds

Feet: 11.9km

Toes: 2.7km

Hands: 8.6km

Fingers: 3.86km

Clitoris 680m

Estimated Size and Growth on the 17th of May, midnight

Height: 188km (~116.8 miles) — Note: At this point auroras will come up to her breasts

Feet: 32.5km

Toes: 7.4km

Hands: 23.4km

Fingers: 10.5km

Clitoris 1.85km

Estimated Size and Growth on the 18th of May, midnight

Height: 511km (~317 miles) — Note: Only satellites will now remain higher than her, for a day.

Feet: 88.4km

Toes: 20km

Hands: 63.7km

Fingers: 28.5km

Clitoris 5km

By this point, Zhang Ran, the Goddess, will be growing at a rate of about 1.5km per second, and faster every passing moment. She should be bigger than the planet on the 21th. May some of us survive.

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