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I was 20 at the time and Cheryl my Girlfriends half brother stayed over. It was a Friday evening and while I have been out having a drink with friends he was busy studying for his college exams. Cheryl asked me to let him stay over as it was closer to the library so he should get more done.I was home late around 2.30am and Cathal was still up studying.

“Fancy a beer man.” He said as he walked over to where I was.

“Sure” I replied.

Cathal and Cheyrl were completely different, probably since they had a different father. While Cheryl was a a chubby little 5″6 blonde girl.

Cathal was a 19 year old 6″4 Black man whose muscles had developed very well.

As we were drinking the beer, Cathal got all worked up and said,

“Man the couch is covered in papers and i cant move them or i will forget the order i left my notes in”.

“So what can i do?” I asked as I looked up at him. He was wearing black shorts only and his muscular arms and chest stood out. To be honest he was quite the specimen.

“Can i crash in your bed,” He muttered.

“No way man, that is gay, you can sleep on the floor”

“How is it gay?” He said as he rocked his body from side to side.

“I cannot sleep on the floor because of my back and besides your my sisters boyfriend and i aint gay”

“Alright, Alright! I said in my drunken slur.

I was just about to go to Bed, when Cathal handed me a joint. Cathal had completely made himself at home now, taking his pants until off until he was naked I couldn’t help but glance over at my dark-skinned Friend, in all his glory.

My eyes traveled up along his toned and muscled legs, focusing finally on the crotch of his 10 inch dick. I became so intrigued by it I didn’t realize I had drawn his attention until I glanced over and saw him looking right at me.

“What the hell are you staring at? Are you sure you aint gay?” Cathal said in low voice.

“Huh!? What? Come on man, Why are you not wearing boxers?” I stammered. I was caught looking but lucky for me the boxers story was a great get out of jail clause.

“I always araban escort sleep nude, Cannot keep little Cathal confined you know” Cathal said as he stared me right in the eyes.

There was nothing little about him, In fact he should be called big Cathal

“Oh, well i am keeping mine on.” I said as hoped into bed trying to hide my own throbbing member.

“That is because you are uncomfortable with sharing a bed with a dude,” Cathal said as he continued to stare at me.

“No, i am not. . .” I continued to deny.

Glancing over at him nervously I noticed that his right hand had dropped to his dick, his fingers toying with it. He was getting a hard on.This made me even more nervous. But what was I going to do? I couldn’t not sleep in the nude now.

But I was too nervous and definitely too high to argue any more. I turned my back to him and stripped off all my clothes. I quickly hopped into the bed so my hard on would go unseen.

Soon he was lifting the blanket off the bed and getting ready to make himself comfortable as well.Realizing we were completely naked I quickly moved to the other side of the bed as he dropped his heavy body into bed.

I moved over as far as I could and wrapped the covers around me as I felt myself blush with excitement.

After about ten minutes or so, i heard a faint snore which gave me the impression he was asleep. Shortly i fell asleep also.

I woke up to find Cathal had curled up and was hugging me from behind. He was spooning me with his body and his face was nestled into the back of my neck, I could feel his hot breath on me.

His strong muscled arms were wrapped tightly around my middle and he was pulling me closer to his chest which was pressed firmly against my back.

I was actually scared and excited by what i felt. I lay there for a few minutes trying to decide how I was going to handle this when Cathal started to grind his crotch into my ass.

I gasped out loud when I felt his huge hard-on pressing against my ass, It felt like it was the size of a baseball bat.

He was wedging it firmly up into the crack of my buttocks. I found myself wishing it would penetrate my ass. Rotating my ass towards him, I wanted him to know i would be a willing participant to this, I was willing to through with something which would ruin my relationship with Cheryl.

Just then he woke up and tried to pull away, He then said

“I am sorry man, i don’t know what came over me, that weed sure made me horny”.

Cathal went to get out of the bed. I jumped on him.

“Cathal . . ..” I shouted,! Do not fucking move!”

I and reached for his cock and slowly started to wank him, I yanked open the drawer with my other and fumbling around in the dark and I found a small jar of ky jelly.

I scooped out a generous amount of jelly and rubbed it on his cock. I asked him

“Do you want to fuck me?”

He did not say anything but nodded his head. I then slowly sat on his cock.

After a bit of teasing I actually felt his dick sliding up and down the cheeks of my ass. Cathal groaned as he entered me, I tightened the muscles in my ass as tried hard to please him.

Just then as his huge cock head began to pull apart my sphincter. Cathal grunted loudly and kissed me for the first time, He quickened the pace and the unpleasant sensation of having such a huge dick packing my asshole slowly subsided from white-hot pain to a pleasure.He then flipped me over and began to pump his cock vigorously in and out of my asshole, gorging my widely-stretched asshole with his thick not rope of meat.

He then started saying

“Oh you like that slut?”

I could not believe he would talk to me like that but now my erection was getting harder and harder I felt Cathal’s big hands gripping my shoulders as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into my tight hot hole.

Before long the sounds of his sweaty pelvis slapping against my ass echoed off the walls of my darkened bedroom, his wiry pubic hair repeatedly scraping the soft plush cushions of my buttocks.

His swollen balls thudding wetly against my own ball sac as they quickly swelled with my excited seed.

This was my first time having a man’s dick in my ass and I have to say it was a pleasant experience.

With my face buried deep in my pillow I arched my back so he raised my ass up into a better angle for him. This allowed the him to really plunge his cock deeper into my asshole much deeper than before.

Cathal started to grunt and moan as he started to fuck me with more vigor , his big hard dick thrusting into the depths of my virgin bowels.

I actually started to enjoy the sensation of his rock hard cock massaging the walls of my rectum with mind-numbing pleasure. I was shoving my ass up to meet his down thrusting cock each time he slammed it home. Cathals huge dick now stretched my asshole wider than it had ever been before, plunging deep into my guts with ever increasing force.

Then he started to nibble on the lobe of my ear, actually taking it between his teeth and but not biting too hard. It actually made my dick harder than it was before, straining against the sheets beneath me. Then he wrapped one of his powerful arms around my own arm until it clamped against the back of my neck, his other arm gripped me from underneath, grasping my shoulder with his big hand.

Cathal increased the power of his cock thrusts with each new stroke, really pounding against my ass for all it was worth. I could tell from the way he was breathing and the way his body was stiffening up that he was close to blowing his load inside my ass.

A low rumbling growl rose from his throat, growing into a full throaty roar as his thick cum erupted from the tip of his dick in huge powerfully spurts. Exploding and drenching my anal walls with its hot, wet stickiness it quickly filled my insides until they couldn’t hold anymore.

But just as suddenly as it started it stopped. Cathal collapsed on top of me, completely spent, even though his huge dick continued to pump out the last few thick loads of hot semen. The powerful young man was gasping for breath as the last blast of cum entered me and his cock began to shrink inside my asshole.

Just then i came myself on the sheets, and as Cathal pulled out he said

“You know i think you could be good for my sister”

I just drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32