Etienne and Monique Ch. 09

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[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne (Etiennette) and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental…but if you happen to know any conjoined, albino, lesbian twins I could do with some help on the research ;)]


Chapter 9: Pull up your socks


On the other side of the house Veronique was being lead by her leash, down well lit and plushly decorated corridors. Her walker was not exceptionally chatty, relaying only house rules.

“Ze mistresses are ze only ones wizout slave collars.” She said matter-of-factly.

“But you are not wearing ze slave collar.” Veronique mentioned in subdued tones.

“Ze lowest slaves are ze pets,” Mina continued as if not hearing Veronique’s comment.

“That will be your position for now.”

“All pets are required to wear ze tail or ears so zat zey can be identified at a glance. Most pets wear zem both,” The pretty slave mentor was about to explain in more detail when Veronique interrupted.

“You are of course making ze fun, no?” Veronique queried, her face flushed as she weighed up the implications of this realisation.

“Mes non,” Came the response from Mina as though Veronique’s query were absurd.

“And in answer to ze previous question; I am not allowed to wear a collar for ze health reasons.”

Veronique’s heart sank. Although this whole holiday had been agreed by her and her two mistresses she was starting to realise that the fun may be offset by a good deal of discomfort. She disregarded that thought in an instant.

“Ze Mistresses would not allow anything bad to happen to zis one.” She thought to herself

Veronique sniggered to herself, realising that she was thinking in slave speech.

At the end of the corridor that the girls had been walking down Veronique saw a large pair of double doors. Ominously the doors were black and gold and stood quite apart from the rest of the decor along the hallway.

“Zis is were you will be sleeping wiz ze rest of ze pets.” Mina spoke with a notable cheer in her voice making Veronique apprehensive.

Mina opened the doors with a dramatic flourish.

Veronique was unsure as to what she expected but she certainly never expected to be greeted by a bottom.

The room was well lit by uplighters, giving a dramatic feel. The walls were painted with a warm beige. As with elsewhere in the house there was plaster cornicing and artwork everywhere. However this section was far less cluttered than the rest of the house and the artwork was more contemporary.

The room itself was a large box shape with windows at the far end. A window bench with cushions stretched the length of the windowed wall. The room had six doors leading off of it, each door had a name label over it, Veronique’s had already been added.

The primary feature of the room however were the stocks, they were painted in a warm, candy pink and were currently housing a tenant whose rump greeted Mina and Veronique with the addition of a tail butt-plug to which Mina had alluded previously.

“Bonjour kitty Two-Socks,” Mina directed at the posterior facing them.

“Miow!” Two-Socks replied chirpily.

Veronique’s jaw dropped, unseen by Mina. Realising her expression of exasperation might be construed as rude she quickly snapped her mouth shut.

“What did you do zis time?” Mina quizzed as she stepped around the stocks to look the girl in the eyes followed tentatively by Veronique.

“Oh hello,” Two-Socks said to Veronique as she came into view.

“Just the usual Mina, this one can’t help herself you know that.” Two-Socks’ voice was well annunciated and clear, she was clearly of privileged English background or at the very least well schooled.

“Oh non Two-Socks, you cannot keep wiz doing zis, Mistress will get bored of eet.” Mina said with a tone of annoyance.

Two-Socks was a red-head, her hair began in a french plait and dangled past her left ear and would have easily ran to the base of her back were it loose. Her perky breasts dangled invitingly, they were conical and had puffy aureoles that were almost the same colour as her exceedingly pale flesh.

Veronique was intrigued that the girl’s skin was dappled with thousands of freckles, some of which had been joined up with marker pen to make erotic, but nonsensical dot-to-dot patterns. Whom may have done this was unclear, but there were at least ten such patterns and the lines seemed crisp hinting that it was both recent and that Two-Socks was probably not reluctant in receiving such sensual graffiti.

“Zis is…” Mina began her introduction.

“Veronique.” Veronique added, gingerly shaking Two-Socks’ hand from its raised and dangling position in the stocks.

“Charmed, itch me could bursa bayan eskort you? There’s a dear.” Two-Socks said, narrowing her eyes mischievously.

“Where?” Veronique responded.

“Don’t listen to ‘er, she’s a naughty pussy.” Mina interrupted, a tone of exasperation in her voice.

“Just under my tail,” Two-Socks continued, ignoring the suggestions of the aloof Mina.

“Where there’s that long vertical gash, the one that just got very wet when you came in.”

Veronique blushed.

“Told you,” Mina said eventually.

“Zis one is in ze stocks because she cannot keep ‘er ands to ‘erself.”

“Thats not true! I have my hands on myself all the time.”

“Sadly zis is also true.” Mina said in an exasperated tone.

By now Veronique was completely confused. Her senses were overwhelmed. It was only now that she noticed a scent in the air, something warm, creamy, musky and familiar.

Mina walked over to the window bench and lifted the middle seat up, within it was some sort of storage box.

“Oh hell, no wait Mina!” Two-Socks cried out.

“Eef you cannot stop because you don’t get enough, maybe you will stop eef you get too much.”

Mina pulled out a small pink egg on a wire, with a controller attached and a roll of tape.

“Zat is your room zere,” Mina pointed to the door nearest the window, gesturing for Veronique to enter.

“Get yourself comfortable and meet me out on ze landing in ten minutes, I just have a little job to do before I take you on ze tour.”

Mina gesticulated toward the room furiously, indicating that she wanted Veronique out of the way for whatever was about to happen to the unfortunate Two-Socks. Veronique obliged.

The room itself was quite spartan with mirrors either side and large windows over the bed. It did at least have a view out into the garden at the back of the house. Veronique took the opportunity to gaze out of it before inspecting the room. A wind was starting to pick up and so the few figures she spotted through the window were already shuffling off back into the house before she could make out any detail. The garden was separated into three sections; a lawn with some flower beds, a maze with a gravel frontage and raised stone dais with some sort of bandstand and a wooded area with a stream and a man-made waterfall. It was opulent, but tasteful.

Her room, now she came to inspect it, included a CCTV camera which shocked her immediately. Veronique then noticed that a cap had been placed over the lens with a sign saying “Cap may only be removed by slaves.” At least that was reassuring.

The room was quite small and contained only a basic bed, a desk and chair with a writing pad, a drawing pad, pencils and pens as well as a wardrobe with mirrors on it. The wall opposite the wardrobe also had mirrors. It did create some illusion of making the room seem larger, but also made Veronique incredibly self-conscious. Wherever she looked she could see herself and the echoing reflections of seeing hundreds of repeat copies of herself disappearing into the distance was disorienting. She dumped her bag onto the bed and sat down hard on it. Outside in the reception room where she had met Two-Socks Veronique could hear squealing.

As Veronique leaned back her hand rested on something that crinkled. Instinctively she grasped the large carrier bag that she had encountered and plonked it in her lap to inspect its contents.

She pulled out a note, opened it and read it.

Welcome to Liberty Hall.

All who stay here are guests, nothing is done without prior consent. Any slaves, pets or Mistresses who wish to step away from the activities may do so at any time. A quiet area is available off the main hall.

The camera is there for use by your Mistresses only. You may leave the lens cap on the camera if you wish, but failure to remove it will result in all voyeuristic play to be cancelled on the assumption that you are not comfortable with that activity.

All pets eat at the same time as their Mistresses.

Hereby follow the house rules;

Do not damage or remove any items from the halls without prior consent. The red roped areas are out of bounds and are only for use by the house staff. House staff are here to provide comfort and services, THEY ARE NOT PLAYTHINGS! Each room is for use by the slave or pet allocated to that room. Borrowing items from each other or sneaking into other rooms is forbidden after lights out. Masturbation in the public areas is strictly forbidden YES THIS MEANS YOU TWO-SOCKS! These rooms are for use by pets and slaves only. Mistresses are not permitted to enter this section, any Mistresses caught within the ‘Kennels’ is to be punished by the pets and slaves therein, this is YOUR area. You may communicate with your Mistress via the intercom below the camera and may attend their rooms at their discretion, relating to rule 6, you cannot call Mistresses to this section. Failure to comply with the rules will result in punishment from bursa evi olan escort your peers within this section. Pet uniform consists of your collar and tail and must be worn at all times, ears are optional. Clothing is forbidden. Slave uniform consists of your collar but may also include clothing if your Mistress has requested it. Please put on your uniform now.

Veronique looked into the bottom of the large bag which contained a pair of red ears and a red tail, it was slightly different to the ones she had seen so far. There was also a small bottle of lubricant. She tipped the contents out onto the bed, sighed and then smiled on one side of her face.

Veronique’s mind whirred and buzzed, this was far more intense than she expected. She also had not anticipated being separated from the twins so early on, or at all for that matter. In a flash she remembered the first night, the play in the bath and the unexpected thrill of all that had happened since then. She could consider this a prison or she could accept it as it was intended; a playful adventure. It was eye-opening for sure.

Veronique inhaled deeply, there was that scent again, she slapped her forehead in realisation. It was sex that she smelled. The place was permeated with the intense but low note fragrance of women in heat, everything here was saturated by it. It was thrilling enough to push her toward an enthusiastic revelation. Veronique stormed across the room and plucked the camera lens from the camera, she threw it onto the desk and the camera’s red LED blinked on.

She walked back across the room to discard her chauffer uniform; first the jacket which she neatly folded and hung in the wardrobe. She stepped back in front of the camera and shuffled off her hobble skirt, carefully hanging it with her jacket. She undid her tie and threw it on the bed and then discarded her shirt. As she unhooked the back of her brassiere a muted scream came from the reception room followed by some laughter, Veronique discounted it, focussing on stripping for her Mistresses whether they were watching at this time or not. She tossed her bra and then her knickers with her tie and removed her shoes which she pushed neatly under the end of the bed.

The room was warm, but still goosebumps formed on her skin. Veronique’s nipples were already firm and protruding, her aureoles engorged with blood. Her pubis was hot and emanating a heat, her fragrance joining the myriad of wafting scents from who knows how many other rampant females dwelt within these walls of debauchery.

Her heart raced as she pulled the tail from the bag. It was not like the others she had seen, no plastic bulb to press into her puckered anus, instead a filigree pattern covered the solid silver lump. It was cold to the touch and much heavier than she anticipated, it also had much greater girth and length than expected. It was going to be a tight fit.

Veronique turned away from the camera for the first time, leaning forward she steadied herself with her free hand on the edge of the bed and lifted the tip of the plug to her labia. She disregarded the lubricant In her mind she had plenty of lubricant elsewhere and planned to use it. Stroking the tip of the bulb along her valley the dew gathered in the filigree design. This was going to be a bugger to clean afterwards she thought. Then she remembered the time, she only had ten minutes to meet Mina, she was going to have to rush this last part.

There was a knock at the door.

“Are you okay in there? Do you want a hand?” Came the voice of Two-Socks who by now had now been freed from her place in the stocks.

Hurriedly Veronique moved to get the anal tail plug in place, but the sudden interruption tensed her up and now, even with her forehead on the bed and both hands pressing hard she could not push it in. The door opened suddenly and both Two-Socks and Mina caught a perfect view of Veronique’s clumsy attempt to get her tail in and failing, only for Veronique to have the monstrous bulb slip from her grasp and tumble across the floor with a heavy “Thud!”

Veronique blushed bright red, span to sit on the bed and was greeted with two beaming faces that had caught the whole spectacle.

“Hey, do not worry sister, we can ‘elp.” Said Mina conciliatorily.

“Wow!” Two-Socks blustered.

“That’s a gorgeous tail.” She continued.

Veronique giggled.

“Too big eet seems.” Veronique replied somewhat embarrassed.

“Nah, you just need more lube and you need to relax your cute little hole.” Two-Socks said, ending on a whimper as Mina elbowed her in the kidney.

“And you need help. Is the camera on?”


“Then lets give your Mistress a show.” Two-Socks said.

“Mistresses.” Corrected Mina and Veronique in unison.

“Two Mistresses? Woah, you are a sucker for punishment.”

“Eet is ze twins Two-Socks.”

“Twins! Oh god I’m going to have some dreams tonight. You have two Mistresses and they are twins? That is so hot.”

“You bursa rus escort ‘ave not ‘eard?” Mina quizzed Two-Socks.

“Heard what? I have missed every briefing for the last five days because I’ve been caged.”

“Sister Veronique’s Mistresses are conjoined, zey cannot separate.”

“Oh! Is that why Sonya and what’s her face have been tied together. Wow! Still very hot.”

Veronique was lost for words, her mind filled with confusing images.

“Sister Veronique still needs her tail sorted out. Roll onto your belly and spread your legs.” Two-Socks said in hurried enthusiasm, waving her hands wildly as if to spread Veronique’s legs with a gesture.

Veronique was aghast by the order from Two-Socks, but still she complied, taking it slowly Veronique rolled over as Mina picked the tail up off the floor.

“Now just lift your hips up off the floor a little and stick your finger in your bum.”

Veronique’s head snapped around as Two-Socks said this.

“You’ve got to loosen it up otherwise it will hurt, if you do this part yourself you’re less likely to tense up.”

Veronique delayed, but then slowly nodded, stroking her cheek on the floor as she did so. She was confused, bewildered even. In any other place that she had encountered in her entire life this would be mortifying. Instead she was flustered, excited and more than a little bit randy.

Veronique placed her left index finger in her mouth and sucked on it for a few moments, then reached back. She gasped as a pair of hands assisted by spreading her arse cheeks, she did not know if it was Mina or Two-Socks or even both of them and at this point did not care. Unseen she dripped. She tickled around the crinkled flesh, circumnavigating it twice with the tip of her finger before pressing in and up.

“Mmm, very nice.” Two-Socks moaned, crouched behind Veronique.

“Now just relax, when you feel eet loosen around ze finger, add anuzzer finger.”

“Tres bien!” Mina cawed as Veronique invaded herself with her middle finger.

“How does that feel?” Two-Socks asked breathlessly.

“You are not!”

“I bloody am!” Two-Socks chuckled.

Mina sighed in frustration.

Veronique’s heart raced as the two well-meaning strangers helped her to open up her anus. A bizarre scenario to her.

“Is eet always like zis?” Veronique queried her aides.

“Not always, I got help from Mina on my first day though.”

“Oh zat is right, you pissed yourself if I remember.”

“Hehe, yeah, I always have had a weak bladder.”

Veronique was still bemused, such a strange conversation to have whilst she was face down and in such a compromising position.

“Okay, little bit cold here.” Warned Two-Socks as she squeezed some of the lube down the length of Veronique’s fingers.

Veronique felt the cool sensation of it as it reached the rim of her anus, a few slow, swirling strokes spread it around her opening.

“Do you want to put it in now?” Two-Socks asked Veronique calmly.

“No,” Came Veronique’s response.

“Could you two do eet?” Veronique added.

“Certainement.” Came Mina’s welcomed reply.

Veronique breathed deep, she felt the tip of the bulb touch the extent of her butt cheeks and she acknowledged by pulling her fingers out of the way. To begin with it was just cold, Mina turned the plug left and right a few times giving it time for the gel to warm up and allowing Veronique’s sphincter time to acclimatise. Mina added a little more pressure and Veronique’s anal muscles reached what she believed to be her limit as the hands spread her cheeks once more.

Fingertips clawed at her bum cheeks, pulling the firm flesh apart a little more and the plug was inched in farther. Veronique felt a muscular burn, her belief was that she had reached and exceeded her limit, but the plug kept coming, and expanding. More pressure against the fragile hole forced a new sensation into an untapped region. It was beyond Etienne’s ministrations earlier that day, this was deep and felt like her innards were being forced apart but in the most exquisite way.

“Nearly zere little sister.” Mina said with some concentration in her voice.

“Oh good god eet will not go!” Veronique exclaimed in almost mock panic.

There was a brief pause with all three of them remarking on the size of the plug and its unusual design, before a shimmering of laughter rippled through them.

“It will go.” Mina chuckled determinedly.

Both Mina and Two-Socks focused on the task once more. To them this was no different than undoing a stubborn wheel-nut on a punctured tyre. They were at least ensuring that Veronique felt as little pain as possible and this was undoubtedly a unique bonding session.

“Right, the problem is that you are not relaxed enough. This is not the largest butt-plug I’ve seen by a long shot, but you have a fairly virgin arse.”

“‘Ow can you ‘ave a fairly virgin arse?” Mina followed Two-Socks’ assessment as Veronique dripped onto the carpet, unseen once more.

Veronique moaned, the sensations were intense and the situation comical, she closed her eyes and thought of Monique and how she might react to seeing this play out on a screen.

“Ah, eet is working non?”

“Keep thinking what you’re thinking.” Two-Socks steered Veronique’s thoughts deeper into her dreamworld.

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