Erica and Mr. Hargreaves Pt. 07

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It was Erica’s first day back at work after the Christmas holidays and she could barely wait to get home. She had felt increasingly sex starved over the preceding days and the anticipation of what she hoped would await at her apartment made her feel exceedingly randy. So wet, she feared her pussy might make a squelching sound when she walked.

Christmas had been a long and boring affair. The Haydens from across the hall had spent the holiday period with their daughter’s family and were due to fly off to a villa in Spain for most of January. The plumber, Mr. Cirillo, had packed up his tools early on Christmas Eve, the bathroom renovations still not completed. It was a good thing the Haydens had been considerate enough to leave a key with Erica and her boyfriend, Stuart, so they could enter the apartment across the hallway and use the shower.

This all meant that Erica’s usual outlets for sexual release were unavailable to her. No Mr. Hargreaves, Stuart’s boss, tricking her into sex with his big, gnarly cock, no lesbian trysts with Jolene, the wife of one of Stuart’s work colleagues, no possibility of nipping across the hall and fucking old George Hayden while his wife was out at bingo, and no opportunities for Mr. Cirillo to forcibly take her while Stuart’s back was turned.

If it hadn’t been for the Hayden’s hand-held shower attachment, and the wonderous effect it had when she widened her legs and directed jets of water at her pussy, Erica suspected she might have gone mad with sexual frustration.

While at the office her excitement grew because she knew it was also Mr. Cirillo’s first day back working on their bathroom. He was a small, fat man in his late fifties. The type with oily, sweaty skin and thick, black hair on most of his body, only not so abundant on his head. Nothing much to look at, but he was possessed of a big cock and had taken her twice before and, while on neither occasion he had given any consideration to her sensual needs, there was no getting away from the fact she found it deeply arousing to be under the complete control of someone whose only consideration was their own sexual gratification. In the days that passed over the Christmas holidays, it was fair to say her views on the bad tempered, little plumber had softened in anticipation of his return to their apartment.

When Erica finally arrived home that evening, she was sorely disappointed to find not only her boyfriend, Stuart, but also her mother, Wendy, there already. There was to be no alone time with the plumber. Wendy had arrived unexpectedly to invite the young couple to her upcoming birthday celebrations, and she was still rooted to the couch, and prattling on endlessly to Stuart, when Mr. Cirillo left the apartment, grunting an unintelligible goodbye and looking at no one in particular.

“What a peculiar little man,” said Wendy when the plumber had left. “Stuart, you virtually pass by my house every day on your way to work. While your bathroom is out of commission, you must pop into my place for a shower and a change of clothes each morning. It’s all well and good showering at your neighbor’s the night before, but nothing beats a good soaking first thing in the morning to set a person up for the day.”

“I couldn’t impose on you like that, Wendy,” said Stuart. “Besides, I’ve been assured by Mr. Cirillo, the work will be completed in the next couple of days.”

“Come now, Stuart, it’s no imposition,” replied Wendy brightly. “You know as well as I do, that plumbers, builders and the like, are notorious for underestimating how much time they need to complete a job. It may be another week before you finally see the back of him. I’ll expect you at my place first thing tomorrow morning. No excuses.”

“Thank you, Wendy,” said a smiling Stuart. He often remarked that Wendy was just an older, slightly shorter version of Erica. The same blonde hair and blue eyes, but fuller in the breasts and hips.

Erica’s own relationship with Wendy tended to be fraught and burdened with what had arisen between them in the past. She often found herself feeling unaccountably jealous at the easy connection that existed between her boyfriend and her mother.

“It’s a pity Erica works on the opposite side of town,” said Stuart. “If that wasn’t the case, we could both use your shower in the mornings.”

“Erica will just have to make do, I suppose,” said Wendy unsympathetically. “It’s a pity she didn’t listen to me and work harder when she was at school. Then she might have gotten a good job in the financial district, just like you, Stuart. However, all my warnings fell on deaf ears.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Mother,” said Erica sarcastically.

Later that night, as they lay in bed, Erica reached across and took hold of Shane’s flaccid cock. She used her hand to caress it into hardness and eventually Stuart climbed on top and fucked her. Her boyfriend’s cock was smaller than those she had experienced recently, but that did not wholly account for the experience being uninspired and leaving her unfulfilled. Stuart’s performance escort gaziantep bayan numaraları had none of Hargreaves’s innovation or expertise and lacked any of Old George’s good-humored eagerness. Even Cirillo’s aggressive, self-centered pounding of her pussy was infinitely preferable to Stuart’s second-rate performance.

Once Stuart shot his load, he rolled off an exasperated Erica and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

The next day the level of Erica’s frustration and horniness had grown to the point it had become unbearable. A quick finger-frigging of her pussy in the toilet wasn’t going to cut it. She knew it was time to take action. Lying to her boss that she had a doctor’s appointment and needed to take an extended lunch break, she headed home, knowing she’d finally be alone with the plumber.

Once inside her apartment, Erica removed her coat and undid three buttons of her blouse to ensure the soft, fleshy curves of her large breasts were easily visible beneath the magenta coloured, satin garment. Normally, on arriving home, she’d have kicked off her heels, but not today. Wearing one of her shorter work skirts, she wanted to show off her long, sculpted legs to their maximum effect.

Erica turned on the radio and filled the apartment with music before she sashayed down the hallway and stood in the doorway of the bathroom with one hand on her hip while the other loosened and removed the black ribbon that kept her hair in a ponytail. Much to her surprise, Cirillo, the plumber, barely looked up to acknowledge her presence. The man, who had taken her by brute force on two occasions, must know they were alone in the apartment, so why was he being so nonchalant towards her?

“I came home for lunch,” said Erica for the want of anything better to say. “Would you care for a sandwich?”

“If you’re making one,” said Cirillo casually. Finally, he looked her up and down in that sleazy way of his, but only briefly, before returning his attention to a length of pipe he was cutting.

When Erica returned to the kitchen area she began to fill the kettle with water at the sink. Her ears pricked up when she heard Cirillo’s heavy work boots on the tiled floor behind her. On previous instances, when they were alone and she had her back to him, he had availed of the opportunity to come up behind and roughly take hold of her, so she braced herself for the feel of his corpulent body being pressed against hers, but nothing happened. When she plugged switched on the appliance and turned around, she found the plumber unconcerned sitting at the counter on one of the kitchen stools.

As she set about making sandwiches, neither of them talking, the only sound in the room being music from the radio, she deployed a couple of tricks she had seen work on porno movies. Whenever possible she bent over the counter to maximize the display of her cleavage and went looking for items in low cupboards knowing her short work skirt would rise up, squeezing her shapely arse and revealing her nylon stockinged thighs. However, the plumber refused to take the bait.

When the coffee and sandwiches were ready, Erica sat on a stool beside Cirillo. She bent forwards, maximizing the amount of her cleavage on display, and looked earnestly at the old, balding man with her big, blue eyes, and asked him about the progress he was making on the bathroom. He mumbled something about the job needing an extra man and that was why it was taking so long. As he spoke, she sat back in a manner that projected her breasts and made the ample flesh strain against the confines of her satin blouse. Then she crossed her long, shapely legs for a moment, before opening them a little wider than was necessary. None of this elicited a response from the plumber.

Her frustration mounted when it occurred to her that, despite what had happened in the past, the plumber was simply not interested in her. In a moment of pique, she thought of just grabbing her coat and going across the hall into the Hayden’s apartment for a shower. Or more precisely, to use their miraculous hand-shower attachment with its flexible hose to get herself off. And Erica might have done just that if she hadn’t looked down and noticed Cirillo had a bulging tent in the trousers of his overalls. The man was clearly aroused, so why wasn’t he making a grab for her?

It was then that she finally realised his game. Something he had said the last time he had forced himself on her, they were in the bathroom while Stuart was preparing their evening meal in the kitchen. On that occasion Erica had initially resisted him, saying, “Take your hands off me, you ugly, fat pig.”

When he continued mauling her, she had insisted, albeit only for a brief moment, that she didn’t want to fuck him, and this had made Cirillo angry. “Liar. I should make you beg for it, you horny little slut, but we haven’t the time.”

Erica finally realised that on this occasion it was she who needed to make the first move. She reached over to Cirillo escort bayan gaziantep reklamları and, placing one hand on his shoulder, drew him close enough to kiss. He did nothing to resist her approach. Her tongue played with the opening of his mouth, while her other hand alighted on his bulge, where she gave it a long and tender squeeze. He still remained impassive. Then she withdrew her lips from his and moved them close to his ear and whispered, “Fuck me with that big cock of yours, Mr. Cirillo. Please. I’m begging you.”

“You’re a nasty, little slut,” said Cirillo.

“But I want to be your nasty, little slut,” replied Erica smiling.

The old plumber, who was several inches smaller than Erica, placed his strong hands firmly on her shoulders and forced her from the stool and down onto her knees. When she was kneeling before him, he slowly unfastened his old, black leather belt, and drew it free of the loops around the bulging waist of his trousers and placed it on the kitchen counter.

Erica, looking up and never breaking eye-contact, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down. Then taking hold of the waist of his underpants, she unleased his already engorged cock so it sprang up mere inches from her face. Close enough to see the pre-cum that had escaped from its blind eye and was rolling down the slope of the glans.

Cirillo took hold of his manhood and slapped her lightly on the cheek a couple of times before he pushed it towards her mouth. He allowed her a moment to lubricate his organ with spit before he drove it between her lips. When it was about halfway in, he placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her forwards, compelling her to swallow the rest of his cock.

“Ah, fuck, yeah!” moaned the old man.

What followed was a blow job rather than a face-fuck because the plumber stood still while Erica set to work. Experience had taught her to overcome her gag reflex and now she was easily able to take his big cock as far into her throat as it would go and hold it there until it was time for her to breathe. Cirillo whimpered inarticulately as she repeatedly swallowed his phallus whole.

Erica dropped her hand into her panties and began to play with her wet pussy lips and clitoris. Her long awaited orgasm had already been steadily rising, so it only took a matter of seconds for it to engulf her. It was so strong and distracting, she removed the old man’s cock from her mouth, wanting to concentrate on the sensations that ran through her body, and didn’t realise she was squeezing the base of Cirillo’s cock very hard, causing the plumber to wince with pain and pull his member away from her hands.

Even before Erica’s euphoria had subsided, Cirillo pulled her up onto her feet by the arm and, taking her by the waist with his rough, calloused hands, lifted her up to sit on one of the kitchen stools. Using the stool’s lever, he lowered the seat until they were at eye-level, then kissed her unceremoniously on the mouth while his hands grabbed onto her breasts, squeezing and pulling at them forcefully.

Erica placed her hand on Cirillo’s chest and pushed him away. At the rate he was molesting her tits, she feared her blouse would be pulled asunder, so she unbuttoned it fully and took it off. The satin garment was soon followed by her bra. Once her large breasts were hanging free, the plumber descended on them again, this time taking her right nipple into his hungry mouth, licking, nibbling and sucking on the hardened teat and surrounding aureole. Despite his earlier resistance, Cirillo was clearly now all in.

The old plumber dropped one hand down to Erica’s sodden panties and pulled on them. The young woman had to raise her arse up off the stool to facilitate the removal of her underwear and felt the wet, cotton garment slip past her knees towards the floor. She widened her legs to allow the plumber greater access to her pussy but, when she felt the sensation of his palm coming into contact with her swollen lips, she instinctively closed her thighs again, grinding on his hand, sending an electrifying pulse through her body.

Almost as if it were someone else, she heard herself moan loudly in anticipation of her next climax.

“You’re a filthy, little whore,” said Cirillo.

“Shut up and fuck me, you greasy, fat fucker,” replied Erica. Enough with the foreplay, she wanted his dick inside her.

Cirillo pulled Erica away from the stool, turned her round and motioned for her to kneel on the seat while holding the back for support. The old plumber then lifted her skirt and pushed it up over her hips, something that required effort because it was so tight fitting, to reveal her perfectly rounded buttocks. Unseen by Erica, he picked up his belt, folded it in two and brought it down with a smack across both her buttocks. She squealed with the shock and pain and raised herself to her full height on the stool.

Cirillo said, “I’ll teach you to show some respect, you little slut, or you’ll get more gaziantep escort kız telefonları of the same.”

Even as Erica spoke, she felt the pain subside to a heated glow across the cheeks of her arse. “I’m sorry for being so disrespectful, Mr. Cirillo.”

“That’s more like it,” said the old plumber.

Using his hand, Cirillo parted her thighs and pushed the head of his cock against her expectant pussy. When her inner pussy lips absorbed the glans, he introduced more of its length. On this occasion he was proceeding slower than he had done in the past. Erica supposed it was because, unlike their last tryst, this time they were alone in the apartment and had plenty of time.

The old plumber suddenly grabbed hold of her waist and she felt his fat, hairy belly slap against her arse as he pushed his meat stick all the way inside her. Erica’s vaginal walls, now accustomed to bigger dicks than Stuart’s, stretched accommodatingly and, as the old man began his riding motion, his long schlong repeatedly bumped up against the sensitive nerve endings of her G-spot.

She called out, “Oh God! Yes! Mr. Cirillo, More, more, I want to come so bad.”

Her next orgasm was building, but Erica was acutely aware that on the previous occasion Cirillo had fucked her, he’d selfishly ejaculated before she had climaxed, and she didn’t want that to happen again.

“Fuck me harder, please, Mr. Cirillo,” she said. It seemed politeness was the best way to avoid being punished with the belt for a second time.

“I’ll fuck you whatever way I want, you whore,” replied Cirillo through gritted teeth.

Erica immediately regretted having said anything because the old man stopped pounding her pussy and she felt him withdraw his cock. She was about to begin pleading with him not to use his belt on her buttocks again when she registered the sensation of the head of his penis pushing up against her anus.

“Stop that!” she said, her concern making her drop her pretense at being submissive. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, slut!” The plumber pushed the head of his cock against her resisting anus even harder, saying, “It’ll be easier if you relax. Either way, I’m going in.”

Erica tried to relax her muscles. As she did so, she felt the bulbus head of the man’s cock push inside her rectum and then withdraw, but not completely. She thought, at least he wasn’t going all in at once, like the first time he had fucked her pussy. For the next short while, Cirillo repeated this process, pushing ever deeper but seeming to know to pull out just before the pain got too much for Erica to bear, before slowly reentering again.

Eventually, Cirillo’s cock was all the way inside Erica, and despite it still being too painful for her, he steadily increased his motions until suddenly, like a dam bursting, Erica felt the pain give way to a highly pleasurable sensation. It wasn’t long before the now familiar signs of a spectacular orgasm were brewing within her.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, yes! I can’t believe that feels so good,” she whimpered.

Erica could hardly believe she was having anal sex for the first time in her life and enjoying it so much. Soon her only fear was that her virgin anus was so tight, it might bring the old plumber to climax before she had reached her own peak. She called out, “Please Mr. Cirillo, fuck me harder,” and held her breath for a moment, unsure as to how the plumber would react. However, it seemed her words had the desired effect because he was soon grunting with effort as he pounded her arsehole even harder and faster than before.

Suddenly, Cirillo lent forwards and his hands reached out and clasped onto her tits, pulling on them very hard. Erica could feel him shuddering as he lay upon her back, his gasping, hot breath exhaling into her ear. The old plumber was coming with his dick buried deep inside her arse, his semen spurting repeatedly against her insides.

“Oh, yes, you dirty, little whore,” he said, almost shouting. “Take all my spunk. All of it, you little slut.”

Erica came almost at the same moment. She felt her sphincter contract, squeezing the thick circumference of Cirillo’s still pumping pecker as wave after wave of delightful pleasure rolled through her body.

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned Erica, her brain unable to apply any filter to her utterances. “Pump me full of your old man’s cum. My arse and pussy are all yours, Mr. Cirillo.”

When their bodily motions and the intensity of their sensations finally eased, they both stayed as they were for some time. Erica supposed that if they had been in a bed they would have fallen peacefully into sleep. Eventually Cirillo’s cock softened, and she barely noticed when it made its slippery exit from her anus.

Cirillo was the first to move. He straightened himself up, then pulled up his trousers and underpants.

“That was fucking great,” said the old plumber. It was the first time he had ever said anything that might be considered a compliment, or for that matter, vaguely pleasant.

Erica bent down to retrieve her panties from the floor. She may have saved the buttons from being ripped from her blouse, but her skirt was crumpled and stained with bodily fluids, both his and hers. She would have to change before returning to work. As she made her way to the bedroom, leaving Cirillo in the kitchen area eating the sandwich she had made him earlier, she turned and said, “You’re right, Mr. Cirillo, that was the best ever.”

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