Eom and Steven

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Thoughts danced in my head. Desire perked up from within. She was exquisite in that red form-hugging gown. It was obvious she wore no undergarments. Her nipples were proudly on display under the sheer fabric. Her pert breasts couldn’t be larger than A-cup on her petite Asian frame. The fabric also hugged the curve of her hips and the firm globes of her butt. A delicate hint of her smooth pubic mound suggested her hidden treasure.

She is Eom, my sister by adoption. She was just barely a year old when she came to live with us. I was five years old at the time. I loved her from the moment I saw her.

We grew very close, told each other our deepest secrets. When we dated, we shared how the date went. Sometimes there were graphic details of necking and petting though Eom never talked about date sex. I was conflicted about whether she might still be a virgin.

Time has passed. I’m 29 and living in the home I grew up in and inherited after the accident that killed our parents. Eom is 24 and lives at home with me. The wills of our parents stipulated that Eom could live in the house as long as she desired and wanted. That was a stipulation I was glad to enforce.

Eom has a good job, earns a reasonable living in the current economy, and can afford to live on her own. I am an aspiring mid-level executive with a very good salary for two to live on. I told Eom she has no financial responsibility to me or the running of the house.

“Buy the things you need for personal comfort, Eom. Save your money.”

The only thing she bought as a major purchase was her car. “The dealer didn’t want to believe a little 20-something could write a check. “If it hadn’t been the Dikmen Escort car I wanted, I’d have walked away.”

Back to the present and the woman in front of me in a dress that yelled out.

“Your eyes are bulging out of their sockets, Steven. Is this dress bothering you?”

“No, I have no problem with the dress though the wearer is causing a hormone rush.” Another example of how we hold nothing back.

“Really, Steven? You like what you see?” Eom took a pose making the dress pull against her breasts, her cute butt tensing against the fabric.

I felt a surge go through my loins that I could not control and honestly didn’t want to. “My mind is racing with thoughts that aren’t healthy for a brother.”

Eom motioned me closer. My steps were cautious and determined. When less than an arm’s length away, Eom took my hand in hers. “It’s only a piece of paper that makes me your sister, Steven.”

That was the moment at which one bond was shredded and a new bond bloomed. The embrace and deeply passionate kiss ripped my sister from my arms leaving me, leaving us in a lover’s embrace.

“Steven, what’s next?” Eom was trembling in my arms. Her dark brown eyes blazed hot through me.

“We make love.” I breathed a whisper into her ear. I was certain she felt my arousal. I guided her toward my bedroom.

Eom confirmed my suspicion, “I’m a virgin.”

A sudden rush of new emotion ripped through me, a new passion. That moment cemented what I should have accepted long ago. I was beyond love; I was in love with Eom.

I lifted her up into my arms, the dress rode up her legs as she Eryaman Escort wrapped her legs around my waist and she locked her arms around my neck. My arms went to her hips to steady her against me. My palms naturally cupped the curve of her butt cheeks. I felt her shiver as a gentle sigh escaped with her breath.

“I can’t wait any longer, Steven. I love you and want you to have me now and for as long as life has to offer.”

“What took you, us, this long? My darling young sweetheart, I’ve loved you all your life.”

A thought abruptly burst into my head. “What if you get pregnant?”

“Not today. I’m safe.”

Eom hung on to me as I slowly paced toward my mattress. Each step sent a spark through my body. Eom was becoming more aroused as my knees bumped the bed.

As I slowly bent over the bed, Eom let her grip relax. I saw nothing but a hot burning need in her eyes. She landed lightly on the bed when her grip around my neck broke. She kept me in her grasp with her legs around my waste.

I had to release my arms and hands from behind her to take the hem of her dress easing it up. Over her hips and her virgin womanhood captured my gaze. Higher over her breasts where her nipples were stiff beads hypnotizing me.

Eom was panting already. She moaned noticeably as I took off my shirt and unbelted my pants. They dropped to the floor with my shorts.

Eom didn’t wait for me to ease up on the mattress with her. She grabbed me tight pulling me down on her. The sudden contact of once forbidden skin overtook me.

Eom took my cock in her hands and placed it where we both knew the next Esat Escort move meant lost innocence.

“Steven, now!”

Eom raised herself to meet my push. The hymen tore in an instant with a loud cry from Eom. Her body shook under me; her legs quivered against my hips. She sounded like she was talking jibberish for several seconds before calming down enough to speak.

“Look at me, Eom. Open your eyes.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be like that.” Her tone was a combination of satisfaction and demanding passion.

“It was to hurt and make me beg you to stop.”

“Tell me,” I panted into her ear.

“I came so hard. The pain made me cum, crazy, right?”

I began to move more in her. Pressed a deeper, withdrew slowly. “Is this okay, Eom?”

“Yes, oh fucking yes!”

I’m not big in the endowment area. Maybe a bit larger than average – about seven-by-one and three forths. I pressed fully in her only to begin feeling her contractions. I wanted to cum with her. I increased my pace.

“Cum with me, Steven! Please! Own my body!”

Her change in tone, demanding, wanting, needing, was a surprise to me. I began making deep hard thrusts as my glans stretched for the load about to erupt.

“Here it is! Here’s my cum.” As hard and deep as I could press, I turned loose a few billion sperms. Her pussy was gripping me tightly and pants and cries burst from her mouth.

Eom came really hard at the first blast of my cum. We were both groaning out union and the full mingling of our total essence.

We did a lot more of that overnight. Between bouts of playing wet the sheets, we promised ourselves to the other.

We were married five and a half months later. Two more weeks was the six-month anniversary of our first lovemaking and planned a special surprise night.

The two weeks past and the plans were set. I sent her a text with a special request to celebrate six months.

Eom returned a pic of a positive pregnancy test with a caption. “There’ll be three.”

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