Enslaved Ch. 01

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*All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years old*


Four men in expensive suits sat around a conference table, as another man made his presentation. The four men were all at the main office of the new and improved United States Male Slave Organization. They had been invited because of their wealth and influence for the possibility of buying into the highly lucrative business of providing young men as house slaves for exclusive clientele. The owning of personal sex slaves and the use of sex slaves was made possible by the Indentured Laws. These laws allowed for the acquiring of anyone convicted of a crime punishable by more than a year in prison. The laws also allowed for a person to ask to be granted the indentured status in lieu of prison or if they feel that they would get a better deal for volunteering as opposed to being selected against their will. Once a person is categorized as being indentured they lose all rights and are subject to the will of their owners.

Most of the purchasers of the slaves were gay men, who enjoyed owning their own private sex slave. The current USMSO had begun decades ago when the growing market for young male sex slaves began to pick up in the US. Each of the four men have owned their own slaves over the years and were always on the lookout for fresh meat. Most slaves that were sold by the USMSO were sold to brothels, private owners, or the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry had become quite lucrative when they began using slaves for pornography. Why hire an actor when you could just buy a slave to do the same things? The USMSO had quickly expanded and thrived, buying out or putting most of the other competition out of business. They were now the best and most exclusive acquirers, trainers, and sellers of young male slaves in the world, though most of their business was conducted in the US.

The presenter continued with his run down, “As you all know, our organization is always on the lookout for new slaves. We have numerous talent scouts all over the US. We only deal in Caucasian males, as they are the leading desirables in the industry. Our selection process includes medical examinations, drug screening, mental health examinations, and numerous other screenings for certain identifiers in order to acquire the best stock possible. Most of our new acquisitions consist of volunteers: hustlers, rent-boys, and so on. Young men that may not be gay, but are already experienced in serving the sexual needs and desires of men. From time to time, we also employ some subterfuge in order to acquire certain choice specimens. We have numerous law enforcement agencies and law firms on retainer, who keep us apprised on attractive problem boys and in order to make the specimens’ voluntary acceptance seem like a good idea for them.”

“We simply have them arrested for prostitution and then make them an offer of employment in jail. We tell them that we can have all the charges dropped, in exchange for a certain amount of time working for us. Once they have signed on, there is no going back for them. We have found that convincing the virgin volunteers is best, as opposed to just taking them because they are more docile to begin with. But obviously, they are not specifically told what they will be doing, they are told that they will be butlers, yard workers, etc. Now this is an easy choice for the ones already accustomed to serving the desires of men, but we use the same procedure for young straight males who have also found themselves, with a little help from us, on the wrong side of the law.”

This comment caused a chuckle to sound from each man sitting at the conference table. The presenter continued, “We like to choose from the more athletic and well toned options available to us throughout the country, and we never have to work to hard to make sure that we are their only option to avoid prison. Recent high school graduates and current high school students, are our primary targets for this last option. They usually have few prospects open to them, so with a little gentle nudging we have then sign up for service. The straight boys are most sought after, as it gives the owners a greater sense of domination to be serviced by and to fuck a straight boy. Now we also have had parents voluntarily bring a problematic young man to our attention, and if they are attractive and meet our standards we take them.”

“Now the last targets are the really expensive acquisitions, in so far as training and indoctrination. The actual acquiring of them is nonexistent. We simply snatch them up and bring them to The Center. They do take longer for proper training and indoctrination, as they are usually inexperienced in the ways of pleasing a man, but that is part of the desire to have them. All of our acquisitions start out with at least two weeks of pain compliance just to get them docile enough for training. We have perfected this pre-training routine down to being able to get a boy right to the edge of breaking, but with still enough will and spirit to keep going. We do not want unfeeling robots, after all. We want a boy that Beşiktaş Escort squeals when you shove a hard cock in his asshole for the first time, am I right gentlemen?”

Another chorus of laughs and affirmative answers, before the presenter continued “All of our scouts get a bonus for the acquiring of certain specimens, so we are never short of stock. Now we train them all in proper etiquette, hygiene, form, obedience, and pain compliance. We never scar them or leave permanent marks during training, but a docile young man does take a certain amount of proper tutelage in order to serve the needs that we provide our customers. We also train them in proper oral techniques and anal sex. Our boys are always delivered ship shape and ready to serve. Their holes are clean and tight, especially the virgins that we offer. Only the virgins are not fucked properly here, so as to give the future owners the chance to break their cherries. But all of our stock is trained how to properly and thoroughly suck a cock and swallow all that is given to them without complaint, but also with thanks afterwards.”

“Now like I said the virgins, while they are taught how to suck a cock and swallow, are not fucked here. But we do instruct them in proper riding techniques and everything else they will need to serve. The volunteers who are not virgins, are properly fucked in order to train them to work and take a hard cock in their asses, but never so hard as to stretch their tight assholes. This way we can insure that our stock of boys are ready and able to meet the demands of our customers. We also give them daily spankings and submission training, to ensure they are all docile and compliant. But again, no permanent damage or lasting effects are ever administered by our training staff. We have become so knowledgeable in the training and indoctrination of these boys, that numerous owners of slaves that were trained my past or other slave organizations often send their boys to one of our advanced slave training academies in order to train them up to our level of expectations. As well as private owners of new slaves, that wish for them to be properly trained by the best in the industry, if they can afford us that is.”

“Now we will take possession of any attractive slave that meets all of our expectations, train and indoctrinate them. But payment is due in full once the training is complete. If the owner fails to pay us in full, the slave becomes our property and is henceforth sold by us with all profits remaining with us. Not only proper training, but our new dietary system has made our company the leaders in our industry. We begin by weaning all the stock off of solid food. This is a process we start by feeding them what we call ‘oats’ as a starting point of our transitional dietary plan to wean them off of solid foods and put them on a purely liquid diet. This has the benefits of keeping the boys thin and attractive, but also allows the owner to better control vitamin intake, and no longer requires the slave having to expel solid waste. Which is to say they won’t be defecating anymore, once they are completely on our diet. Every bit of waste will be expelled through urine.”

“We developed this formula, because it will allow the future master to fuck their asses as much as he wants and not have to worry about making a mess. The slave’s asshole and interior anal canal will be clean and tidy by the time we sell them. Now the dietary transition also helps the slave, because it gets them used to swallowing a generous amount of semen without gagging or anything else. Our transition will take them through several different formulas, getting closer and closer to the taste and consistency of semen, until their entire diet consists of the semen-like formula that will be their future food supply. That will be what they imbibe for the last of their time here, and the rest of their time after they are sold off, unless the owner decides to give them solid foods again, but most don’t. Their starting formula has the consistency of oatmeal puree, but as time goes by it will change little by little. The majority of our trainees do not notice the slow transition into the semen like formula. We wean lots of young soon to be slaves from solid food to our formula, and we rarely notice that they can tell that it is happening at all.”

“Once they are on the permanent semen formula, they view actual semen as a food supply and will swallow all that is given and be grateful for it. This was a real breakthrough for the company, as the slaves are completely indoctrinated into taking pleasure from swallowing semen. We had a serious up swell in our compliments from owners once we had initiated this program. We also provide the formula for purchase to our customers for the purpose of feeding their slaves. We sell the formula in pre-mixed multiple gallon allotments or the powder form, if the owner wishes to mix his own. The pre-mixed is easier to deal with, but costs more. We are the only provider of the formula, and the ingredients are patented and kept as a trade secret, under another name obviously.”

“Now Beşiktaş Escort Bayan we do have other subjects aside from the sex slaves, such as manual laborers, cooks, cleaners, and other subcategories. These are all handled by our other locations. They do not cost as much to own, but they are also not up to the rigorous standards of our sex slaves. But they serve a purpose. We also have a sister company owned under our umbrella that deal with the acquiring of female slaves, as well as their training and indoctrination up to the extent of our male slaves. The females are bought by like minded people or organizations that purchase the males, but who want females slaves instead. But you gentlemen are not here to hear about the female slaves.”

“As I have said, we have numerous scouts and acquisition teams throughout the US. As well as several locations for training and indoctrination, but the best and most prestigious is the location known as The Center. At The Center, we train only the best slaves that will secure the highest prices. But at all locations, we provide laser hair removal, enema cleanings, training, and indoctrination. Once a slave arrives at any of our locations, all of the slaves’ body hair, with the exception of the hair on the head, eye lashes, and eyebrows, is surgically removed and is guaranteed to never grow back. Once a group of slaves are properly trained we send out emails and notifications, allowing our customers to browse our new stock. We then offer an auction or private sale, if the price is right.”

“Now the majority of our fully trained slaves go to our brothels, throughout the US. We keep them in a good supply of fresh meat. We also own several all gay male cruise lines that use our slaves on board. All of the other slave go to private ownership. We get the most return money from our cruise lines, because not only does the customer have to buy a ticket, but he also has to rent a slave for his desired length of time. The cruise liners operate year round, with a week layover for maintenance and rest after every voyage. The brothels are another good investment and keep the money constantly rolling in, but not as much as the cruise lines. Now the direct sales to private owners generate a lot of money, both from the sale and the formula expenses. The private sale will give a big one time payout, that is comparable to what a brothel slave brings in in about five years. From time to time we will sell a brothel slave or cruise ship slave if the price is right. Now sometimes we do offer to get a specific young man and send him through The Center, if the customer is ready to pay a premium price. These are rare occasions, but sometimes you see a boy that you just have to have for yourself, am I right gentlemen?”

This question resulted in another round of laughter, as all the men could appreciate choosing a certain lovely boy and wanting him trained just for their own purposes. Having finished his presentation, the speaker opened the floor up for comments and questions. The first question came from the center of the room, from a man of explicit taste and high expectations, as he asked “When will the new arrivals be brought to The Center and when will they be available for purchase?”

The speaker smiled as she said, “We have out acquisition teams returning with twelve volunteers as we speak, eight hustlers and four straight virgins. Unfortunately we do not have any involuntary acquisitions, at this time. But should that change, I assure you we will let you all know. The training and indoctrination takes about six to ten weeks depending on the requirements of the stock. But by that time we will have at least twelve attractive young slave boys for purchase, with the full guarantee of the USMSO that you will be acquiring the very best in sex slaves for you enjoyment.”


I was in high school when my life changed forever. I had always been on the small size. I had been told by doctors that there was nothing actually wrong with me, but that I would probably not grow any bigger than I already had. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, with pale white skin that refused to tan. I am 5′ and weigh 110lbs. I am not toned or anything, but I don’t have a gut or any obvious signs of extra fat. I had what other people referred to as a swimmer’s body, though without a six pack unfortunately. I swam as much as possible and that seemed to give me such a good physique. My parents were not well to do, but not poor either. I had been walking home from school and had decided to stop for a swim in a nearby lake that I frequented. I remember swimming for about an hour, and I think I had gotten out and was toweling myself off when it happened. I am not sure what happened exactly, but I came to feeling very groggy.

I was unable to move more than a little bit and for some reason my arms wouldn’t work and I couldn’t see. I had difficulty focusing on the other voices around me, and I soon lost consciousness again. I came to once again, feeling a little clearer headed and began to notice that I seemed to be in a vehicle that was moving. Escort Beşiktaş I thought I heard a male voice say, “Oh, he’s up again.”

But I could not be sure. I felt a strip of cloth covering my eyes and also realized that I had something in my mouth keeping me from speaking. I seemed to be in a kneeling position, with my hands and arms secured behind my back. I tried to move and struggle to my feet, but my head touched some kind of metal fencing above me that rattled when I touched it. I began to move my head against the metal to try to determine exactly what it was. I felt along the top, found the corners, and the sides. I finally realized fearfully, that I was in fact in some sort of metal cage that kept my in my kneeling position. I had been kidnapped!

The vehicle continued to drive for an unknown distance, but finally came to a stop. I heard the sound of sliding doors of the vehicle opening, like the side door of a van, and the sound of people getting out of the van. I then heard the back door open and someone rattling the cage and what sounded like a padlock being opened, along with a metal latch and what sounded like the door to the cage. I then felt strong hands grab me and pull me from the cage and onto the ground. I felt my legs shake in fear and probably with whatever effects were still lingering from what I assumed had been a sleeping drug. I was forced to walk up some stairs and into a structure that had concrete or some form of rock flooring. I was led through other door until I finally reached the area that they wanted me in.

My blindfold was taken off and I blinked as bright lights assaulted my eyes. I finally focused on the two men in front of me. They were both muscularly built white men and wore all black clothing. One of them said, “Ok, boy, here is the deal. Your old life is over and done with. No one knows where you are or that we have you. Your best chance to survive this is to do as you are told. You won’t be going anywhere and no one escapes the center. We’ll talk more in the morning. Tonight is the first night of your new life, slave.”

With that I was roughly shoved into a concrete room without any furnishings. The heavy metal door was then shut and I heard the sound of a heavy metal lock being latched. My arms and hands were still restrained and I still had my mouth gagged. I tried to look around the room, but there were no lights so I was in complete darkness. I had heard rumors of this happening, but never really believed them. Had my parents sold me or was I just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Knowing what happened to slaves, I fell to my knees as sobs wracked my body. Thankfully sleep came to me easily, as the drug’s effects still had me a little tipsy. I woke up to being poked with a wooden club in the side. It didn’t hurt, but it did rouse me. I looked up to see the two men from last night standing over me and smirking down at my prone body.

I finally realized that I was completely naked. I moved and tried to cover up, but with my hands and arms still around my back, all I did was make the two men laugh. They then pulled me to my feet and led me out of the cell. My mouth and throat were incredibly dry and I felt like I was dehydrated. They placed me in the center of the room into a sort of tiled enclosure. It had a drain in the center of the enclosure and had about a foot high lip all the way around in a square. It was like a small shower floor without walls or curtains. My hands and arms were taken from behind my back, but then secured to metal chains above my head and hoisted until my body was stretched from head to toe. The two men then walked around me, examining my naked body.

One of them said to the other, “See, I told you I would find at least one boy as requested. The others are the more attractive of the hustlers, rent-boys, stable boys, and gigolos we found. Those are the voluntary ones. They know that if they play their cards right, they will be taken care of. But this one is a snatch that I found on the way here. It was by accident, but I knew as soon as I saw him that her would be perfect for our more choosy clientele. I bet he’s a virgin too. Look at him, I bet he brings more money than most of the other voluntary ones combined, if we train him up and make sure he’s docile enough come the presentation and auction.”

The other guy nodded, as he listened and continued to appraise my naked and terrified body. Silently, he grabbed a leather harness and approached me. I was terrified, but he calmly fastened the harness around my waist and to my thighs. The harness had a set of metal rings, one that my boy cock was fed through and the other he manipulated around my balls. The set of rings that fed over my cock, forced my cock into a downward pointing position. It was actually several rings lined up to keep my cock pointed down and secured, without any ability for masturbation. My ass cheeks were completely bare, but I could feel a few leather straps dangling against my skin. He finally spoke up, “Ok, boy, here it is. We are going to train you to be a proper house slave. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to survive your training, fetch us a good price, and serve whichever master wants you enough to pay for you. You are now property. You have no rights, and how well you are treated is dependant upon how well you act and how fast you learn. Do you understand, boy?”

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