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“Here she comes boys,” he shouted, waggling his eyebrows at me as I walked through the classroom door. My eyes focused on him, I watched while he watch me saunter the ten feet to where he stood with his jock friends.

“Jared Casey, you are so full of shit.”

His grin widened, “I knew you were hot for me, babe. Come on, Adia, let’s ditch this class and find a quiet room to do studying up on our biology?”

“Christ, could you be anymore lame?” Students for our American History were now filing into the auditorium-like classroom in droves, each watching the insults fly with unsuppressed glee.

“You’re such a bitch.”

“Fuck you.”

“Anytime, Adia.” His eyes were flashing with a feral light. Suddenly, I felt a slight twist of panic, accompanied by a bright spark of unexpected lust.

Pretending indifference, I swept pass him, heading up to the last row of tiny built-in desks, where I usually sat. With deliberate nonchalance, I pulled my textbook from by bag, and let the pages fall open somewhere near the middle. Rereading the same sentence four times, I tried to ignore Jared as he trudged up the steps, past where he and his cronies usually sat, to the last row.

At least he thinks I’m ignoring him, I thought to myself.

He was standing now in the aisle beside my seat, silently contemplating me. “Excuse me,” he said, graciousness dripping like saccharine sarcasm from each syllable. I thought about ignoring him, but I knew that he would take greater pleasure in forcing his way by me. Without looking up at him, I slid my legs aside, allowing him passage.

I could feel his eyes on me as he moved slowly by, and as I began to shift my legs back, I started when I felt his hand gently caress my thigh. I let out a cat-like hiss, and he merely chuckled.

Just then, the teacher breezed in, dropping books on the table with such thunderous bangs and crashes that would make a librarian faint. Happy for the distraction, I sat up a little straighter in my chair, pen and notebook at the ready. Never usually this diligent, I determinedly ignored Jared’s raised eyebrow.


Damn, if that girl wasn’t something that stepped right out of a horny frat boy’s wet dream; walking in with that sweet little black skirt, and her silk, black tank top that showed off a glint of her bellybutton ring. Combined with those clunky, knee-high boots, and short cap of black hair that curled around her dark green eyes – Jared couldn’t help but razz her. It was that, or fuck her until she was screaming, right there on the teacher’s table.

Jared opted for the lesser of two evils. Besides, he loved watching her emerald eyes spit fire at him.

He had wanted to run his tongue up and down her body from the moment she walked in their History class, two months ago. He had settled, instead, for flinging insults and barely concealed innuendos. But he couldn’t take it anymore.

Now, watching her as she feigned being studious, he couldn’t help but think about how cute she looked: eyes focused on the teacher, pen at the ready, her back as stiff as his cock. This was going to be a long fifty-six minutes.

Finally, the teacher’s voice penetrated through his lust haze when he heard: ” Last of the Mohicans”

“We will be watching the movie for the next two days. No notes are necessary, as I’ll be spending this time grading your essays. But pay attention! If I’m nice, I may give you an extra credit question about the movie during your next exam.” With that, the professor pushed play on the DVD machine, and switched off the lights.

Jared really did try to concentrate on the movie. It should have been easy; he loved this movie. But Adia’s subtle scent was wrapping its way around his brain, clogging it of anything not related to her.

Sitting not two inches away from her, he could the heat of her body next to his. Despite the loud whooping coming from the speakers suspended directly behind them, Jared could hear each breath Adia took. He could see the gleam of her white legs teasing him in the darkness, begging him to touch. It was torturous.

It was, he suddenly realized, the perfect moment. He glanced around the half full classroom, noting that most everyone was now seated closer to the front in anticipation of the watching movie. Sitting at the back of the classroom, they were shrouded in a gloom that protected them from the teacher’s wandering eyes.

Slowly, never taking his eyes from the movie, Jared slipped his hand back on Adia’s satin smooth thigh. His heart skipped a beat at her quick intake of breath, then began galloping in overtime when she didn’t remove his hand.


His hand was sliding up my thigh, inching along, achingly slow, until he hit the hem of my skirt. It fleetingly crossed my mind that perhaps wearing the Ankara travesti mini skirt wasn’t the smartest thing I had done today, but then the thought was wiped from my mind as his fingers continued on his quest upward. Already, a tingling had begun in the pit of my stomach, and was steadily growing into a small flame of desire.

I held my breath as Jared’s hand slid down between my thighs. Without warning, his clever fingers slipped pass the barrier of my panties. My small flame burst into a smoldering fire, as he caressed my carefully shaved and trimmed thatch of dark, curly hair.

Jared seemed so detached, watching the movie with, what seemed to be, his complete attention. But I knew differently. Those clever fingers of his were working on my clit; expertly rubbing and fondling it. My breath was coming now in quick gasps, my vision of the now forgotten movie blurring as my eyelids drooped.

Then, they popped back open as Jared pushed a finger into me, then a second. They slid in with ease, lubricated by the wet heat that pulsed just for him.


She is so fucking wet! Jared marveled, as he stroked her. He was burning for Adia. All he wanted to do was bury his face in between those sweet thighs, and suck and lap at her. But he couldn’t. Not here.

Instead, he imagined that he was tonguing that sweet clit, as he worked it between his fingers. He dipped into her moist well, and nearly groaned at how ready she was for him. How hot she was. He penetrated her as deep as his two fingers could go, and could feel her straining against his hand, begging for more. Her hips were slightly lifted off the seat, pulsating in a rhythm his body begged for.

When he began to pull away, intending on paying a bit more attention to that lovely little nub that made her gasp so sweetly, Adia’s hand grabbed his and held it still and she grinded herself against his palm. While he was distracted with her, she had made quick work on his zipper. While one hand worked herself into a silent frenzy, the other delved into his pants. Unhesitating, she grabbed his cock and began to stroke it.

Jared was momentarily stunned by her sudden abandon, and then was thrilled. When he finally got her alone, she would be untamed and wanton. Crazy with passion, and beautifully shameless. When he saw the sharp gleam in her eye, he knew she would be a lot wicked, and slightly debauched.

He could see her, in his mind, crawling naked on the floor towards him, her breasts swaying gently with each movement. Adia would take his dick and suck it, pulling him deep into the warmth of her throat. She would tongue the tip of him, teasing him with scarcely a touch of her, before plunging faster and faster. Her hands, he could almost feel, would cradle his balls, massage them with sweet tenderness. Then she would suck them; the heat of her mouth, the wetness of Adia’s tongue driving him…


I sensed his impending orgasm, and abruptly stopped touching him. I pulled my hands from his pants, and pushed his hands away from me. My body was humming, the sensations pent up inside, violent to be free. But I ruthlessly controlled it, wanting a more secluded spot to scream while I was ripped apart by the intensity of my desire.

Like a man drugged, Jared looked at me from silted eyes, demanding an answer for stopping. Instead, I smiled a slow sensuous smile, and ran my tongue lightly over my lips, his eyes following every movement.

“I think I’m going to get some fresh air,” I whispered. At that, I stood, collected my belongings, and left class.

I love college.

Knowing he would quickly follow, I racked my brain for a place where we could finish what we started. My apartment was just too far away, and my car too small for what I had in mind.

As he burst from the double doors, Jared cast his eyes about wildly before locating me at the end of the hall. Stalked by a bloodthirsty hunter, I slipped into a deserted media room, and he quickly followed.

The door closed with an ominous click. We eyed each other warily for a moment, then launched into each other’s arms. Our mouths fused, and our tongues battled; slipping dexterously around nipping teeth. His impatient hands pushed down the top of my tank and bra, baring a large perky breast for our mutual pleasure.

He twisted my nipple between those lovely, clever fingers; pinching and rubbing until I was hot for the feel of his mouth on me. I push him back against a wall, attacked his mouth briefly before pulling his head down to my breast. I sighed as his lips closed over my nipple, moaned as he began to lick it with the tip of his tongue, then cried out in dark delight as he bit down on it.

“Oh god! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I chanted it over and over, until he replied in a low growl, Antalya travesti “Soon.”

A thrill raced through my body. He would fuck me. Hard and fast. But first…


Jared couldn’t believe his luck. Sexy Adia Jennings – the one girl all of the guys in American History loved to fantasize about – was in his arms, begging him to fuck her. Her scent was intoxicating. Her body was perfection. Her voice purred as she whispered dirty things in his ear. His ear. He could die happily, just as soon as he had his fill.

When she reached for his pants, he watched as she unbuckled his belt and pulled it away. A little mischievous smile lit her face as she held the belt before him, like she was going to tie him up with it. But then she tossed it aside in favor of pulling at the button and zipper of his pants. She dropped to her knees before him, yanking his pants and boxers down along with her.

She wasn’t naked, crawling on the ground before him, but she was now sucking his dick, and it was more heavenly than he had imagined. Her tongue swirled over the length of his staff. After making her way up, she worked the small grove at the tip with her tongue while she stroked him with her hands.

From the corner of one eye, he watched her suck and lick his cock; pumping him faster and faster. When her small hands moved over the inside of his legs to cup his balls, he just about came. His breath was ragged and uneven, and his hands were delved into her short crop of curls. For a second, he pushed his dick further into her mouth. He felt it slide down her throat and her lips tickled the hair at the base. Then he pushed her back, not wanting to waste the time he had with her on this one moment of selfishness.

He planned on having several moments of selfishness before he came, deep inside her body.


A little breathless, I looked up at him. Satisfied, I saw him struggle for control. He wouldn’t do me much good if he came from a little head, she thought.

Jared hauled me to my feet, his need barely restrained, and crushes his lips against mine in a bruising kiss. He plunders deep in my mouth with his tongue, branding my soul with his searing passion. My arms wrap instinctively around his neck. When he picks me up, my legs wrap around him so that he is tied up in my long limbs. My skirt rides up around my hips, and I can feel his length of steel pressed hard against me.

Unable to go far, he merely turns and slams me against the wall, knocking my breath from me. I am lost in the urgency of his mouth, in his rough hands that seem to touch everywhere. When he begins to grind his hardness against me, my mind fills with a dull roar as the heat builds.

He starts to tug at my shirt, desperate to feel more. Not quite mindless enough to allow him to tear it off, I pull it up over my head. One breast is still hanging out of my bra, and he savages it with his mouth; yanking and tugging on it with his lips and teeth hard enough to make me cry out in painful pleasure. I pull down the other strap of my bra and offer myself to him.

He feasts on me, laving my tender breasts with his sinful tongue; giving both equal attention. His lips trail down between my aching peaks, and he carefully puts me down so that he can run open-mouthed kisses further down.

“Smooth,” he mumbles, rubbing his cheek against my flat stomach. That tender caress sparks something wild in me, and, with an impatient moan, I push him down. He lifts my leg over his shoulder, and, starting at my knee, runs a line of kisses up the inside of my leg. I can feel the ball of heat in my stomach burning for more; to touch me more; to make me feel more.

And then he is there, running that delicious tongue between the lips of my femininity, to find the little nub that demanded his attention. When he takes it between his lips, I scream. When Jared begins to suck on it, I feel like I’m going to die from the sensations that are battering me.


Her flavor was like honey, and it dripped through him like an aphrodisiac. Delving into her heat with his mouth; sucking and pulling on her until she was thrusting her hips in an unmistakable rhythm that demanded more. As he worked her throbbing clit between his teeth and tongue, Jared thrust a finger into her moist well.

One of her hands was clenched painfully in his hair, the other fondled a breast. Jared watched as she rubbed herself with a palm, and when she took her nipple between her fingers to pinch and twist, he closed his eyes, groaning.

Ever since that first sarcastic comment she threw at him, Jared had wanted her. And now that she was here – the sexiest woman he had ever seen sprawled all but naked against a wall, touching herself as he knelt at her feet, begging him to fuck her İstanbul travesti – all Jared could think about was pounding that stubborn craving into oblivion.

As she pants harder and harder from his relentless assault on her senses, he can feel his own desire mounting, yet he holds it still in check. He pounds his fingers deeper into her instead.

Adia screams as her first orgasm hits, and he can feel her body clench around his fingers as her body shudders. She sags against the wall, drained of the painful heat that he stirred in her.

Instead of letting her drop to the floor, he holds her up. He slips his tongue delicately around her too sensitive nub, careful not to touch it. Her moans begin again as his hands slip in erotic, mindless trails up and down her long, slender legs, and up to her tight ass where he squeezes it gently. Using his hands and his mouth, Jared slowly works her again into a frenzy. When her hands begin to clench impatiently into his shoulder muscles, he pushes her leg down and glares up at her beautiful, flushed face.

“Do you want more?” he asks. She nods, and he demands, “What do you want.”

Her hips move slightly, showing him what she wants, but he ignores it. “I want you,” she states, pushing herself off the wall, “inside of me. Everywhere. Hard and fast. Now.”


His growl sent shivers up my spine.

Hard and fast. Now.

I asked, and by the look on his face, I was going to get exactly what I wanted. Slowly, he stood, pants on but undone, his large cock jutting out at a proud, arrogant angle.

He glances around the room, taking in the electronic systems, broken DVD players, and wires that veined the walls. There are no tables or chairs anywhere, and the idea of screwing each other’s brains out on the concrete floor is a little daunting for both of us. Instead, he grabs me roughly by the arm, and turns me to face our wall.

He takes my hands and places them on the wall, “Do not move them, or I’ll stop. Understand?” When I nod, he maneuvers my body to suit him: bent over far enough to have my bare ass thrusting eagerly out to him. With a foot, he spreads my legs wide. “Ready?”


Her sweet ass shines in the poor lighting, beckoning for him to push himself between the lovely curves. The position, and what he would do to her is purposefully demeaning. It excites him to cow this stubborn woman.

With her eyes fastened on the wall in front of her, he takes his dick in his hand, stroking it as she had done earlier.

Jared could tell she knew what he was doing. Her hips and ass moved as if to enchant him closer; sexy little moans escape her throat, begging for him. He moved in behind her, placing the tip of his thick head in the middle of her wet folds, rubbing its honey all over him as he continued to pump. She was becoming desperate, he could tell by the rigid set of her shoulders that kept her from turning around.

For a moment, the thought of teasing her a little longer crosses Jared’s mind, but then, with a quick and brutal thrust, he pushed his way in. Her warmth enveloped him, then suddenly, clenched tightly around his dick as an orgasm ripped through her body.

Riding the waves of her pleasure, he began to drive ruthlessly into her soft body. His hands gripped her hips, and he pulled her back to meet each thrust with a resounding smack! Harder and faster he rode her, his balls bouncing off the back of her thighs.

“Yes, yes! Harder,” she screamed, “harder!”

Again and again he pummeled his cock deep in her body; knowing that he was hurting her, and also knowing that she wanted it. Knowing that she desired to have her luscious back end bruised by his need. Then suddenly he staggered, beaten down under the weight of his release. He felt her body tighten around his again, and he exploded as her wet heat milked him. He jerked as her aftershocks pushed him over the edge again, pleasure surging through his body and into hers.


Jared laid his head against my back as I leaned against the wall. We were both dripping with sweat and his cum, and little shivers swept though me as my body remembered the breathtakingly sinful act we had just committed.

His hand tightened on my hips for a moment, then dropped. But he still didn’t move, and I was completely happy to have the wall hold us up.

Then he spoke: “Mmm… Christ, Adia, you are one fucking great fuck!”

When I laugh, he groans from the tightening of my muscles. “What now,” I ask.

He groans again, but this time it wasn’t from pleasure. “Statistics class starts at twelve.”

His voice, low and harsh, sends my nerves into a new tumult of desire. I grind my ass against his body, and delight as I feel his softening cock instantly harden. “I think we should have that little biology study session after all,” I whisper in his ear. I flick my tongue out, running it along the curve of his ear.

Jared shuddered as I sucked his lobe in my mouth and teased it with my teeth. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me closer, “Your house or mine?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32