Emmanuella Tilahun of Israel

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Meet Emmanuella Tilahun, a young Israeli citizen living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the environs of Tel Aviv, Israel, to an Ethiopian Jewish father, Raphael Tilahun, and an Italian Jewish mother, Isabella Tartaglia, Emmanuella Tilahun is the daughter of two unique worlds. Six feet tall, curvy and stunningly attractive, with light brown skin and curly dark hair, Emmanuella is fiercely proud of her interracial family and her Israeli Jewish heritage. Haters be damned.

In her hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel, Emmanuella Tilahun ran into a lot of racism, for people didn’t like seeing her African father with her white mother. This hardened the young biracial Jewish woman’s heart, while also sharpening her mind. Emmanuella learned to be quite smart and charming, but also ruthless when she had to be. In a hostile world, Emmanuella did what she had to in order to survive. There was quite simply no other way.

At the age of twenty one, Emmanuella Tilahun already holds a bachelor’s degree in organic chemistry from Tel Aviv University. She decided to seek a master’s degree in the same discipline at the University of Ottawa in the Capital of Canada. While at the University of Ottawa, Emmanuella experienced a brand new world. She met interesting folks from all over the world, and also explored her sexuality. Emmanuella Tilahun identifies as a bisexual Jewish woman, and doesn’t care what die-hard dykes or straight society have to say about it. Nothing wrong with any of that.

Emmanuella Tilahun met a tall, handsome Nigerian student named Ivan Adewale and they dated for a while. Emmanuella enjoyed some steamy sex with Ivan, but didn’t want the pressures of a relationship. After splitting from Ivan, Emmanuella had a tryst with an older French Canadian woman Casibom named Carleen Gravelle, who liked to hang out in the University of Ottawa library, supposedly doing research. Once that fell through, Emmanuella looked for her next challenge. Women or men, black or white or brown, Emmanuella likes a good fuck, that’s all there is to it.

Emmanuella decided that her next target would have to be a real challenge, so she began hanging out in enemy territory, so to speak. A lot of Israeli citizens staying abroad are warned about the strong dislike that some Arabs have for them, especially Arabs of Palestinian descent. There are lots of Palestinian Canadians in Ottawa, and many are involved in the BDS Movement. Emmanuella began hanging around such crowds, pretending to be just another pretty young black woman exploring the collegiate political scene. That’s how Emmanuella met Rana Al-Husayni, her next target…

Women who love women, and women who love both women and men, can sense each other. All it takes is eye contact. When Emmanuella Tilahun looked into Rana Al-Husayni’s eyes, she sensed that the fiery Palestinian Canadian Muslim gal who couldn’t shut up about Israel’s many sins, is part of the Global Sisterhood of Pussy Eaters. Deciding that nothing would be hotter than seducing her ideological enemy, Emmanuella went after Rana like a shark smelling blood. Let the games of seduction begin…

“Palestinian pussy is delicious, if yours is any indication,” Emmanuella paused to say, before burying her face between Rana’s golden brown thighs. Things were heating up in Rana’s apartment, located in the Glebe Area of Ottawa. The young Palestinian Canadian activist, writer, Muslim feminist and avowed BDS supporter held her breath as her Ethiopian Casibom Giriş Jewish lover continued eating her pussy. Try as Rana might, she simply couldn’t help but feel attracted to women, especially the ones from Israel. What gives, seriously?

“Shut up and eat my pussy,” Rana murmured, and Emmanuella grinned like a she-devil before doing just that. From the moment they met, during a spirited debate on the BDS Movement at the University of Ottawa, Rana knew one thing for certain, she strongly dislike Emmanuella, and wanted badly to fuck her. Well, as luck would have it, the two young women later ran into each other at the Lotus, Ottawa’s only lesbian bar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I don’t take orders from you,” Emmanuella said, as she flicked her tongue over Rana’s clit, knowing that it would drive the other gal absolutely wild. Rana resisted the urge to slap the hell out of Emmanuella’s beautiful, smug face, which at the moment was buried between her legs. Dammit, why do those women from Israel excel at eating pussy so damn much? Probably some Mossad trick to help these Israeli bitches corrupt bisexual and lesbian Palestinian women, Rana mused, in between happy sighs.

“Oh shit,” Rana squealed, squirming on the bed as Emmanuella worked two fingers into her pussy while teasing her clitoris with her tongue. Emmanuella grinned, knowing she had Rana right where she wanted her. Emmanuella worked her entire fist into Rana’s pussy, one finger at a time. Rana cried out in sheer pleasure and wicked pain, loving what Emmanuella was doing to her. The biracial Israeli Jewish gal was good in bed, and Rana wanted more of what Emmanuella had to dish out. This was too damn good…

“Cum for me, bitch,” Emmanuella demanded, and Casibom Güncel Giriş she reached for Rana’s tits with her free hand, squeezing them none too gently. With her other hand embedded inside Rana’s pussy, Emmanuella totally controlled the other woman and they both knew it. Rana moaned softly, and tears of joy streamed down her face. Impulsively, Emmanuella kissed Rana, and amazingly, Rana kissed her back quite passionately.

“Fuck, I love what you do,” Rana said, sighing happily, after Emmanuella withdrew her fist from her pussy. Emmanuella nodded but said nothing. Impulsively, Rana threw her arms around Emmanuella and kissed her, caressing that curvy, sexy body of hers. Emmanuel smiled shyly as Rana caressed her tits, then kissed a path from her breasts to her belly, then downward still. Rana held her breath as she reached Emmanuella’s crotch, then kissed her sex. Without further ado, Rana began eating Emmanuella’s pussy…

“Hmm, Israeli pussy tastes wonderful if you’re any indication,” Rana teased Emmanuella, as she ate her out. Bitch, Emmanuella thought, grinning, as Rana fingered her pussy and licked her down. Emmanuella moaned softly as Rana pleasured her, pinching her tits, fingering her pussy and licking her sweet spot. Rana took her sweet pleasure exploring Emmanuella’s body and pleasuring her. This was eons of sexual repression getting purged, and both ladies wanted, no, need to make up for lost time.

“Hmm, that was fun,” Emmanuella told Rana, who grinned and nodded. Outside the apartment, a fast-driving snow blanketed the Capital of Canada. Rana did not ask Emmanuella to leave, and Emmanuella did not leave the bed, or the apartment. It was cold outside, and they lay under the covers, keeping each other warm. That’s when it happened. The moment when the lines between Palestinian and Israeli, Jewish and Muslim, bisexual woman and lesbian woman, simply faded. The lines vanished and two human beings in need remained, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting, no, needing that human touch.

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