Emily and Jo Ch. 01

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Emily and Jo were sitting in their dorm room studying for there finals. Emily was freaking out about her finals. She was so worried that she was going to fail them. This is was her second time taking two of the finals. The first time was last semester half way through the exam she forgot everything. Jo on the other hand was not worried at all. She is completely prepared for them. She is not a brilliant student but knows her stuff.

Let me explain what they look like. Emily has a tall soccer player body. With long flowing blonder hair and almond colored eyes. Know she is not a soccer player she cannot stand sports but looks like one. She medium size breast that suit her body. She loves hanging out with her best friend Jo and her many guy admires.

Jo is complete opposite. Long dark hair the color of midnight and these piercing green eyes she loves sports especially basketball. Jo and Emily have been friends for ages. They are both straight both having guys follow them day and night. They even have some ogling professors male and female.

Jo has been trying for the past half hour to calm down Emily but nothing she has tried has worked yet. Jo was getting ready just to leave and let Emily have a melt down. She was getting ready to leave when a book went zooming by her head hitting the wall behind her knocking over the picture.

“Emily you almost hit my head what is your deal,” Jo asked getting more frustrated as the minutes flew by almost like the book but a little faster.

“I’m going nuts I’m going to fail my exams and when I do the school is going to kick me out,”

“Ok Em, calm down you just need to relax how about a massage it’s worked before,”

“But I wasn’t this stressed as I was then,”

“Fine I’ll just make it the best fatih escort massage I have ever given you then,”

Jo got off her bed, went over the nightstand table, and got out her massage lotion. It was a gift from her former boyfriend they loved giving each other massages to each other. Before sex, it was like their pre sex ritual. She did not have any other lotion to use on Emily to make her feel better.

Jo took off her hoodie because she did not want any lotion to get on it. All she had on now was a pair of short shorts with no underwear on and a jock bra. Her prominent D cup breasts were falling over the top. Jo walked over to Emily on the bed. Were Emily stripped down to her underwear and no bra. They have seen each other naked many times in the past.

Jo got on the bed behind Emily between Emily’s legs. Jo could see right up to Emily’s pussy the underwear was pulled up into her crack. Jo felt a jolt in her pussy she did not know why though.

Jo put some oil in her hands to warm them up. She started to work Emily’s feet. Massaging the balls of her feet all the way up to her toes then she started on Emily’s right calf. She kneaded the muscles in her legs until they felt like dough in her hands. She moved past the knee massaging the thighs. Her hands were getting closer and closer to her friends ass. She lightly pulled Emily’s legs farther apart when she did that she lightly brushed Emily’s pussy. She heard Emily make a soft sound to soft for Jo to really hear it. When she was done with the legs, she moved towards the ass. She gently kneaded at it feeling the softness when she dipped her hands down again she felt wetness. Jo did not realize at the time what it was she just kept on going.

She poured more oil into her istanbul escort hands working her way up Emily’s back. Her hands were snaking out to the front trying to get the sides until she noticed that every time she neared Emily’s tits Emily moaned. Jo heard her that time. She finished the back and the neck and in a deep throaty voice she said, “Turn over Em I have to do the front.”

Emily did as she was told. When Emily’s tits came into view, Jo looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Emily grabbed Jo’s hand and brought it to her breast. Jo felt the nipple poking into the palm of her hand. She leaned down, grabbed both breast with her hands, and started to knead them as she did every other part of Emily’s body. She could tell that Emily’s breathing was different. Jo made a choice that would change their lives forever.

Jo leaned down and put her mouth over Emily’s tit. Emily let out an audible gasp that turned into a moan. Jo was biting and sucking one tit while her hand kneaded the other breast. Jo moved her mouth off one breast to the other leaving a trail of kisses behind. When she was done with that breast, she moved towards Emily’s mouth. Who gladly accepted Jo’s hungry mouth.

Emily broke the kiss because she was trying to get Jo’s jock bra off but it was not working. Jo backed away and took it off. Her tits spilled out jiggling in front of Emily hungry gaze. Emily grabbed hold of the swinging tits and started to pull and squeeze the nipples who were growing harder and harder as the seconds flew by. Jo could know feel her wetness leaking out leaving a small damp in the front of her shorts.

Emily noticed and started tugging at them. Jo got up and took them off and Emily took of her underwear that was drenched with her taksim escort juice.

Jo went back to kissing Emily and playing with her tits. Jo moved farther down Emily’s body leaving kisses in her wake. Until she reached her prize, she looked into Emily’s eyes and saw her nod her approval.

Jo began kissing the outer lips until they started to open up before her. She saw the slick wetness she licked at it. Liking the taste and went back for more. She dove for the clit. Sucking it into her mouth, she moved her fingers towards Emily’s hole and pushed two in. Emily moaned in response.

Emily was holding Jo’s head in place while Jo played and sucked at her clit. When she came, she screamed out. Jo just kept sucking and licking her clit until Emily pushed her off and then dragged her towards her waiting mouth.

“That was amazing,” and began kissing Jo again.

They were locked in another lip lock while Emily played with Jo’s pussy. Jo stopped kissing her and moved so Emily could have access to her pussy and she could have access to Emily.

They were in a 69 position when I walked in. They did not see me. Who I’m I well I am their American lit professor Julia Pills. I came to their dorm room to help them with there studying they asked me to stop by. I watched them locked to each other’s pussy they did not see me. So I just watched. It was actually quite erotica. I have fantasized about them for ages but never dreamed of doing anything. I kept watching them noticing that I was getting hornier and hornier.

I moved my hand down towards my skirt and pushed my hand in until I felt my silky pussy. I opened up my lips and pushed a finger inside. I was really wet. I played with my clit while I watched them cum repeatedly. I was so close to cumming when Jo noticed me. She removed her mouth from Emily’s pussy and just looked at me. I hand down my skirt playing with my clit while she sucked off her best friend.

“Professor what are you doing here?” I did not know what to say.


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