Emilie Indulges Ch. 03

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Emilie and Marie had barely had to wait in the cooling Parisian air, before their taxi arrived. Informing the driver of their desired destination with aristocratic aloofness, Emilie slid into the back seat, her fingers still entwined with Marie’s.

As the taxi pulled away from the scene of their outdoor indulgences, Emilie and Marie huddled close together on the back seat. They indulged in the afterglow of their passion and the expectation of more to come. The smoked glass pane separating them from the driver revealed only the silhouette of the back of his head. Marie was the first to notice this.

In her still slightly inebriated state, she decided that the best way to apprise her lover of this interesting development was to run an immaculately manicured fingernail up Emilie’s stocking calf, then along the seam to the point where the hem of her dress met the sheer fabric. Her next gambit was to nuzzle her way through Emilie’s tumbling dark hair, and place her lips against her ear.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she purred. Emphasising her point with a flick of the tongue to the earlobe.

“Putain!” smirked Emilie.

“That’s rich coming from you, ma cherie. You smell like you’ve been fucking all day”.

And with this, Marie snaked a hand underneath Emilie’s dress. Reading her intention, Emilie lifted herself up long enough for Marie to tug the dress up around her waist, leaving her stunning long legs displayed to their fullest advantage. Marie slid along the seat until her thigh was pressed close, then leant back over and returned her tongue to Emilie’s ear. One hand cupped Emilie’s bare buttock, the other pushed the skimpy thong to one side and delved into the warm, furred cleft bursa escort bayan between Emilie’s tanned thighs.

Biting her lip, Emilie spread her left leg with all the natural flexibility of a gymnast, stretching it out over Marie’s lap.

Marie tongue snaked in an out of Emilie’s ear, interspersed with filthy suggestions and encouragements as she toyed with her lover’s soaked vulva.

“Mmm..you’resogoodtomemapetite..jeteveuxmapetitecornichon..wantyou..sobadly..everyinch..yourboobsyourcunt..yoursweetlittlearse”. Emilie was so aroused by now that she could have probably climaxed just from Marie’s dirty talking.

This precarious angle that Marie was leaning at caused her spectacular breasts to nearly burst free of her dress. Her expensive bra was doing little to contain them, and her swollen aroused nipples were being tormented by their confinement. Emilie would have no doubt tended to them, if her hands were not gripping the seat for dear life, as Marie fingered her towards orgasm.

Just as her breath began to quicken, and her stomach tensed before the inevitable climax, the taxi shuddered to a halt. The driver’s voice came over the intercom.

“On arrive”

Emilie, jolted from her sexual reverie, quickly tried to compose herself, and fished around in her expensive purse for enough cash to pay the driver. Her intense frustration at being denied satisfaction was only intensified by Marie saucily sucking her fingers clean of her cunt-juices.

“Bon soir”, grinned the driver as he pulled away, leaving the two desperately horny girls on the pavement outside Emilie’s apartment. They clung together for dear life, tottering on their vertiginous görükle escort heels, kisses open-mouthed, hot and erotic. As Emilie struggled for her keys, Marie was doing her level best to slide the straps of the black dress from her shoulders. She succeeded just as Emilie got the door open and the two stumbled into the hall, and collapsed together onto the bottom of the public staircase. Emilie’s mumbled protests disappeared along with all her inhibitions, as her dress unceremoniously slid to the cold tiled floor, leaving her sprawled on the stairs in her spectacularly expensive black bra and knickers.

Marie paid little regard for the expensive lingerie as she yanked roughly at the bra clasp, causing it to tumble as well. Emilie’s dark little breasts pointed proudly upwards, with the nubile firmness of youth. Marie’s fingers found the dark, earth-brown nipples and tugged them firmly. Emilie yelped in pleasure, then was stifled by Marie’s tongue desperately seeking hers. She awkwardly tugged down her panties with one hand, then kicked them off her ankle. Marie’s bare knee slipped between Emilie’s thighs and ground hard on her pussy.

Emilie barely noticed the temperature in the chilly lobby, so intent was she on the burning heat between her thighs, that intensified with every touch of Marie’s alabaster knee. Her mouth formed a tight seal over Marie’s and the two breathed as one, the little squeaks and groans emanating from her throat mixing with her spicy cunt-scent to drive her towards ever higher sexual rapture. The orgasm denied her in the taxi filled her veins with its warmth.

Emilie came hard, her pert arse bouncing against the tiled stair, as her hips described tight bursa escort bayan circles against Marie’s leg. The excitement of being nearly naked in such a public place only spurred her on, as the translucent juices leaked into her knickers and trickled down one thigh. In her 19 years, Emilie had experienced countless orgasms, from her first, fumbling adolescent explorations right up until her shuddering cum at the bar earlier that night. But none had caused her pink, flushed cunt to generate this much moisture. The fluid pooled in a shallow recession in the step below her, and as she writhed, smeared itself across her bum.

The sudden sound of a door opening upstairs reverberated round the hall.

“Fuck”, Emilie hissed, scrabbling for her dress and throwing it on over her head. She just managed to get to her feet, stuff her discarded brassiere into her bag, and more or less cover herself as Mme Dallaire, the somewhat prim businesswoman from upstairs came down carrying a suitcase. And sporting the look of a woman irritated at having to catch an early flight.

Marie leant casually against the banister, unconvincingly trying to look demure. Emilie, far more dishevelled, and red in the face, mumbled a hasty “Bonsoir” to her neighbour.

Mme Dallaire merely frowned and exited the building hastily, muttering something incomprehensible. Emilie looked down guiltily, and realised that her knickers were a crumpled, yet obvious scrap of black lace on the floor. Marie giggled, and scooped them up, inhaling their fragrance then dangling them from one finger.

“I think you’ve shocked your respectable neighbour”, she said, tucking the panties away down her cleavage.

Emilie, still a little unsteady from the wine and the sex, grabbed Marie by the hand, and started up the stairs.

“Come on then. I’ve been selfish. I owe you at least one good fuck before the sun comes up”. The girls headed up the stairs holding hands, and slipped into Emilie’s expensive flat, still nowhere near sexually sated.

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