Ellie’s Surprise

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Ellie woke up slowly, she always had. But this morning was different, though she wasn’t quite sure why yet. As she sat up, she gasped and slid under the covers again. She was naked. Ellie knew she hadn’t gone to bed naked last night, but, leaning over, saw her nightie and panties in a pile. She reached one arm out of the cocoon of her warm blankets and grabbed her clothes, shimmying into the top. She stood up and walked out of her room closing the door quietly, and gasped slightly to see her brother sitting on the balcony, seemingly waiting for her to wake.

“Joss, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

He didn’t say anything, standing up. Ellie then realized that Joss was only in his boxers and undershirt.

“Joss, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.”

Joss put one hand on her shoulder, pushing her back into her door roughly.

“Morning, slut.”

“Joss, I don’t understand. What are you talking about.”

He snorted, grabbed her shoulders and slammed her into the door.

“I am talking about the fact that the whole fucking soccer team was discussing what a great lay you are, sis.” Ellie’s eyes widened and her eyes filled with tears. She’d never dreamed that anyone would find out what had happened, and she certainly hadn’t been with the whole team.

“Joss, how could you believe them? They’re lying.”

Ellie had been with some of the team yesterday. She was going down on her boyfriend in the locker room when two other members of the team, Tyler and Drew, walked up and joined them. She’d given them all a blow job, but she certainly hadn’t fucked them, or done anything with the rest of the team. Ellie cried out suddenly as Joss pulled on her hair hard, pulling her up into his face. He leaned in and bit her lip hard, and then pushed her to her knees.

“Take out my cock and suck it, whore.”

Ellie shook her head, refusing, tears streaming down her face. Joss slapped her with his open palm. “I am not fucking joking around, cockslut.”

Crying, Ellie pulled down her brother’s boxers, and stared at her brother’s erect cock. The boys cocks yesterday had all been decently sized, but there was no way this was going to fit in her small mouth. Her brother slapped her again, “What the fuck are you waiting for, sis?”

Ellie opened her mouth just slightly and her brother took advantage, shoving his cock in her mouth.

He placed his hands on the wall behind her and fucked her mouth mercilessly, laughing as she choked on his huge cock. He grabbed her hair and pulled roughly, “Suck me, slut.”

She puckered her lips as best she could and sucked on her brother’s cock as he continued to force himself into her throat. He started moaning loudly. “Fuck sis, you are great. How many guys have you fucking been with?”

“What’s going on here?”

Ellie looked over in relief bursa eve gelen eskort bayan as her brother’s cock left her mouth abruptly, her father standing on the stairs looking shocked. Joss started to explain, “Dad, you’ll never fucking believe what-“

“Go to your room, Joss.”

Joss looked upset, but knew when not to argue with his father. Ellie stood up and ran to her father, collapsing in his arms sobbing.

“Come on, baby, let’s go to your room and you can tell Daddy what happened.”

“Ok, Daddy,” Ellie whispered through her tears.

Ellie and her father entered her bedroom and sat down together on her bed. John, her father, put his hand on her knee. “Ok, baby girl, what’s wrong?” As Ellie broke down and told her father everything that happened with Joss, explaining then the basis for the rumor going around the team, the look on her father’s face changed. He got up and walked to the window, letting her finish her explanation.

“So, you’re brother was right.”

“What, daddy?” Ellie was positive she’d heard her father incorrectly, John called for his son.

“Ellie, get on your knees on the bed and face away from me. Now.” Ellie scrambled to do as her father asked. He walked up behind her and grabbed her by the hair, angrily saying in her ear, “There’s no way any daughter of mine is going to parade around like a little slut for the whole school. You understand?” Ellie nodded. “I’m not quite sure you do. Get on your hands.”

John shoved her forward so Ellie was on her hands and knees, her head hanging. Ellie trembled as she heard her father’s pants drop, his fingers sliding up and down her slit.

“Not wet? Maybe there’s hope for you yet, whore.”

Her father put one knee on the bed and leaned forward, grabbing her jaw with one hand. “Open up.” Ellie opened her mouth, able to feel her father’s cock between her ass cheeks. He thrust his other hand in her mouth, wetting his fingers. He leaned down and licked her slit from clit to asshole. He shoved his wet fingers in her cunt, forcing her open. Ellie cried out, never having been touched there, feeling both pleasure and pain as her father used her roughly.

Joss walked in then, saw what was going on and smirked, rubbing his cock. He slapped her face with it, laughing. “Finish what you started, bitch.” Ellie opened her mouth again, wider this time as her brother fucked her face, keeping her in line by pulling her hair.

Her father stood up, and grasped her hips, sliding his cock up and down her slit.

“Ready for this, slut?” Ellie whimpered and tried to shake her head no but her brother yanked on her hair. John grabbed her hips, positioned his cock, and slammed as far into her cunt as he could, merciless. Ellie screamed loudly as he ripped into her body.

“You bursa eskort bayanlar are so tight, you’ve never had sex have you, you little tease…” He rammed her with his cock again and again until he bottomed out; Ellie’s crying slowed as her body numbed. Joss shoved his cock in her mouth one last time, pulling on her hair to get it all the way in as he came deep in her throat, forcing her to swallow. He let his cock fall out of her mouth, still hard. John saw that his son was still hard, and they shared a look. John licked his finger and circled Ellie’s asshole, slowly sticking a finger in as he fucked her damp cunt. Ellie moaned in protest as she felt her father’s hand penetrate her ass.

“No, Daddy, no, please don’t..” she pleaded. Her brother laughed and left the room. Ellie hoped he was done, but started crying as he walked in again holding lube. John let his cock slide out of his daughter, and pulled his finger out of her ass. Ellie tried to crawl away but Joss was quick to grab her ankles and yank backwards, making her collapse on the bed. Her father grabbed scarves off of coat hangers in her closet and tied her hands to the bed posts, and also used one around her mouth to muffle her crying.

John slid onto the bed, grabbing Ellie’s hips and holding them up so he could get under her. He buried his face in her breasts, biting and sucking them roughly. He motioned to Joss, who stepped up to the bed and got on his knees, smacking Ellie’s ass hard. She cried out.

“That, you little slut, is for trying to get away. I bet you didn’t try to get away from the soccer team, did you cockslut?” Joss said as he angrily slapped her again. The thought of his baby sister with so many disgusting guys made him sick, and he continued to slap her ass harder and harder.

John started to thrust fingers in and out of Ellie’s cunt in time with Joss’s slaps. He could feel Ellie starting to get wet and laughed darkly. “The truth comes out, you really are a little slutbucket.” Ellie shook her head fiercely.

“No daddy, no… please stop this, it isn’t right…”

“Shut up whore, you should have thought about the consequences of your actions yesterday.”

Joss stopped smacking her and she soon felt something cold on her asshole. She realized what was about to happen and tried to get away frantically. John slapped her face. “Stop it. You’ll come to appreciate what we’re doing for you, baby. We love you.”

Joss’s finger slipped easily into her asshole, coating it with lube as his hand coated his hard cock. He placed the tip of his cock at her asshole and slowly pushed until it popped in. Ellie screamed at the invasion, sobbing. John coated his fingers in her juice and shoved them in her mouth. “Taste yourself baby. Don’t you taste good? Stop crying.” Her father started to pet her hair görükle escort bayanlar and Ellie was confused, he had been so mean.

Joss’s cock had filled her asshole, his balls resting against her cunt. He stayed as still as he could, letting her get used to him but she was so tight, he could barely stand it. His hands bruised her hips as he fought to keep from ravaging her ass.

“Dad, please, can we get on with this?”

John smiled at Ellie and slid down beneath her. Joss pushed her legs wider so her cunt was just above her father’s huge cock again. John slid his cock in her wet pussy, moaning loudly. Being inside his daughter, and feeling his son’s hard cock at the same time was the better than he could have ever imagined. He looked at Ellie’s face as she bit her lip and hung her head, trying not to react to the wave of pleasure his cock gave her. He leaned up and kissed her deeply as he started to rock his cock in and out of her. Joss took this as his cue and found a rhythm with his father’s thrusting, gasping and moaning.

Ellie’s hands fisted in the covers next to her father’s head and she whimpered slightly. He smiled at her and leaned up to kiss her neck. Joss leaned forward and grabbed her breasts as he thrust into her. Ellie’s moans got louder and she began to rock her hips, meeting her father’s and brother’s thrusts into her tight little body.

“Fuck Ellie, you’re so tight, I’m going to cum.” Joss yelled. His hands tweaked her nipples hard as he thrust fully into her a few times, emptying his cum into her body. His cock slipped out of her ass and he leaned forward to kiss her back before leaving the room.

John had stopped thrusting into Ellie when Joss came. They looked at each other for a moment before John reached up and removed the gag from around her mouth and the restraints on her hands. John sat her up, and pushed down on her hips so his cock slid fully into her hot, wet little pussy. Ellie’s eyes closed and she whimpered as her father filled her.

“Daddy, please,” she whispered.

“Yes baby, finish it. Cum with daddy…” John said, pumping into her slowly. Ellie gasped and started to ride his cock, moaning louder and louder as their thrusting got harder and faster. She leaned down and put her hands on her fathers chest, her nails biting at his skin as her body tightened. John felt her start cumming and slammed into her cunt fully, feeling her milk his hard cock. Their cum overflowed from her pussy, gushing out of her as the fucked each other until they stopped cumming.

Panting, Ellie laid down on John’s chest, sore but strangely content. John brushed his fingers through her hair, saying, “Baby, you’re not done yet. Clean my cock.”

Ellie moaned as she slid off her father’s body, his cock slipping out of her. She crawled between his legs and slowly licked their cum from his balls, thighs and cock, unable to keep from moaning as she tasted them together.

“Oh, god, baby that feels so good,” John said with his eyes closed.

When Ellie was done she turned around and laid down next to her father again, her arm across her eyes. She whispered, “I love you daddy.”

He answered, “I love you too, baby.”

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