Elle’s Adventure Ch. 15

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I must have fallen asleep. I had a vague memory of Fabienne going, and then nothing – except the warmth of Mum next to me. I snuggled into those gorgeous tits and slept like a baby.

I was woken by movement. As there was light streaming through the window, it must have been after five. It hit me where I was.

“Back in a moment, darling.”

It was Mum!

Oh, fuck, I ached.

I stretched. My arsehole ached. OMG! It came back to me. Had I actually begged Mum to fuck me in the ass? I had. The thought made my pussy tingle. It felt well-used too.

“Back, just needed to pee!”

Mum smiled as she got back into bed, her tits flopping back as she got in.

I leaned over and kissed her.

“How are you love? Not too sore I hope?”

Our eyes locked.

Fuck but I loved her – and not only as a Mum. She’d shown me how to please her, as well as pleasing me. I knew that now. I may have been submissive, but she and Fabienne had planned the whole thing for my benefit. If that was what Mum could dish out, I was guessing that it was also what she could take. I’d bide my time. I’d already walked before I’d worked out how to run; I was not going to make that mistake again.

Sure, I’d make others, I was young and had a lot to learn, but Mum would be a great teacher – and I’d learn how to give her the submission she needed.

Such thoughts were banished as Mum kissed back, her tongue sliding along my lips. I was instantly aroused and, wanting to please her, and be a dirty bitch, I slid down the duvet and, without asking, parted her thighs and pushed my face onto her smelly pussy.

It still tasted of piss, but I wanted that.

“Oh baby, baby, you don’t need to, I, I should have wiped!”

“Fuck off, Mum, I love your pee!”

She moved to get her legs over my shoulders, which gave me access to both her holes. I was damn well going to use them.

I loved the earthy taste and smell, licking from her asshole and up, along the line of her lips, pushing in and tasting her more, before moving to the tip of her pussy and teasing her clit.

She gripped my head, pushing me in, squishing her wetness over me. I pressed in until my tongue found its way between her swollen and wet lip flaps.

“Fuck, fuck, you dirty bitch! Yes, yes!”

I wanted it, so I pushed my face against her, smearing my face with her cream, smelling the strong scent of her early morning pussycunt. She pressed back, and we settled into a rhythm of push and pull, with her grabbing my hair to smear my face, and me gripping her bum.

Naturally, with my hands down there, it was not long before my fingers followed the trail of saliva and cream to where it was wetting her arsehole. I knew she loved assplay, so, even as I was sucking her clit, my fingers began to open up her arsehole before she pressed hard to fuck herself on them. Dirty bitch, was I? Wonder where I got that from?

I slid my thumb into her wetness, my fingers now firmly pushed into her arse. Mum moaned loudly, screaming:

“Fuck me in the arse, fuck my fucking arse you dirty bitch of a daughter!”

So, being a good daughter, I did that, thrusting deep and pushing her back so her legs were in the air. She gripped them behind the knees. Rising, I could see how wet she was – and how vulnerable too. Thrusting three fingers into her wet mummy cunt, I heard her squelch, so I wriggled the two I had up her bum, which made her growl obscenities.

“Oh yeessssssss, please!”

“Please what you dirty cow?”

“Please fuck my arse and pussycunt, Elle!”

“Who owns your arse and pussycunt, Mum?”

“You do darling, my sexy bitch of a daughter owns my arse and pussycunt. Can I fucking cum, please, please?”

Smiling at the role reversal, I pushed hard into both holes and then, before I bit her clit, said:

“Cum you Mummyslut, show your daughter what a dirty bitch does!”

And she did – cum, that is, and showed me what a dirty mature bitch did. Fuck, I wanted to be like her when I grew up!

“Don’t stop!” Mum cried. As if I was going to!

“Over, now, all fours!”

Mum complied eagerly, which allowed me to reach for the strappy which she has discarded after fucking me with it. I swiftly pulled it up and got behind her.

Arse or cunt? Choices!

I decided to have both.

Gripping her hips tightly I pulled her to me. I adjusted the girl-cock escort so that it could press into her pussycunt from behind. Fuck! That sexy mature Mummy arse. There was just something about older women. I wanted her so badly.

I thrust in, jerking my hips and rolling them until I felt I had her, and then, methodically and firmly I began to fuck her, thrusting in, pulling out and pushing in, making her cunt squelch as I pulled and pushed, my mound smacking tight against her arse as I took her as deep as I could.

Mum had lost it, wonderfully lost it, gasping and panting and begging over and over again:

“Fuck me, fuck me!”

It became an exciting mantra. I gripped her hair and pulled her head back toward me, making her arch her back and giving me maximum penetration – to her evident pleasure, given the decibels of her screaming. I was so turned on too.

I discovered that if I fucked at the right angle, the girl-cock could be made to push up just enough to stimulate the area round my clit, so began rutting Mum like that, which made her scream out her next orgasm. As she came, it set me off, and we collapsed together in a sweaty mess on the bed, my big tits squashed against her wet back.

The girl-cock must have slipped out, as Mum began to whimper.

“Fill me, fill me baby!”

Only one thing to do!

I turned her over.

With her big tits slightly saggy, her Mummycunt swollen, her hair a mess, she was as sexy a sight as I had ever seen. I impaled her on my girl-cock and kissed her, our tits squashing wetly together.

“Fuck, fuck Elle! You fucking know I am so going to do that to you, don’t you?”

Her smile lit mine.

“Fucking better do. Oh Mum, you are just the sexiest woman ever!”

She looked at me with the love I looked back at her with.

“Only for now,” she said, “you will be before long!”

“Going to teach me?”

“You bet!”

And with that, I fucked her for another hour or so before we were both too spent to orgasm again. The net result was that Saturday morning was spent exploring each other. We both agreed that we loved each other and would share according to our moods.

“There is one thing love,” Mum said to be before we decided it really was time for a shower, “I would like you and Amy to be friends again.”

“So would I,” I admitted. “I was such a bitch to her and Fabienne. I’ve made it up to the French tart, but not Amy. Hey,” I said, inspiration striking me, “would you be up to taking us both?”

“Assuming she’s up for it, yes,” Mum responded.

I texted and waited.

We decided to grab brunch after our shower.

“Do you know what Fabienne is up to today, love?” Mum asked me.

“No, let’s see if we can find out, but I don’t know about you, but I am fucking ravenous.”

“I’m too sore,” Mum replied.

“Dirty bitch,” I giggled, “I just meant food! One track mind you!”

“Well even in your leggings and tee shirt you look hot as fuck!”

“Not too shabby yourself Mum,” I said, admiring her arse in those jeans.

We decided to grab a bite at the restaurant near Fabienne’s so we could pop round later. I took a second look as we entered. There, waiting tables was the unmistakable petite figure of Fabienne, tight shorts showing off that cute arse.

“Hi Elle, hi Anne, be with you in a second, grab that table there,” she said cheerfully, as though it was the most natural thing in the world for me to find my teacher serving food in a restaurant.

“What the fuck’s going on?” I asked Mum as we took the table Fabienne had indicated.

“Looks like your teacher is moonlighting,” Mum said. “She looks a little cutie in that outfit.”

I agreed and we giggled.

“The specials are on the board,” Fabienne told us, handing us lunch menus.

We decided we’d go for the late breakfast baps – heart attack on a plate, Mum called it.

“What’s happening?” I asked Mum.

“Well, to judge by the way Fabienne is looking at that pretty waitress with the long legs, I’d say something is going on there!”

“Ooh, I said, “you think they are an item?”

“From the look on her face, I’d say Fabienne wanted them to be.”

“Hey, Teach,” I asked her when she came to take our order, “what gives? You moonlighting?”

“Sort of, June at reception had been let down so I volunteered to help.”

“I bet you did,” Mum joked, “she’s bursa eve gelen escort pretty. Your sort?”

Fabienne was, unusually for her, tongue-tied, which for me confirmed Mum’s guess.

“I like helping,” Fabienne grinned and, winking at us, added “as you both know. Nice morning after by the timing of brunch?”

Mum blushed. So cute when she did that.

“Yeah, and thanks Teach,” I said, patting her bum.

Fabienne giggled rather fetchingly, and went off with our order.

The place was busy, Fabienne and June and a third woman seemed pretty much rushed off their feet.

“There,” Fabienne said, bringing us our food, “enjoy!”

“You free later, Teach?”

At that point my phone pinged.

“I’m helping June tonight too, so probably not. But hey, if you are still here, the place quietens down about three, so shall we catch up?”

Mum smiled.

“Well, we are going nowhere, so why not?”

Fabienne’s bum did look so cute in those shorts. I shot Mum a grin.

“I reckon you are right. Let me see who that was.”

I looked at the text:

“I am soz 2 – kiss n make up? Amy xxx”

I texted back:

“Yes, wanna join us? At Wolfie’s with Mum xxx”

“Yeah, see ya! xxx”

“That was Amy, Mum, she’s going to join us.”

Swallowing a large portion of sausage, Mum grinned.

“I like sausage! Good, you girls made up?”

“Gawd Mum, you are a dirty bitch. I love it. Yeah, seems so. She’s coming here.”

Mum smiled.

“Does that mean I am on my own tonight?”

“Might mean you have more than one lover,” I gigged.

“And you call ME a dirty bitch!” Mum laughed.

We were more or less through the food when Amy turned up.

“Hi Anne, Hi Elle,” she began, nervously.

Sod that! I got up and kissed her.

“Forgive me?”

“Do more of that and yeah,” Amy grinned.

She sat and joined us.

“Hey, is that…?”

She said, pointing at Fabienne.

“Yup, Teach is moonlighting. Mum and I reckon she’s got a girl-crush on the tall girl with the long sexy legs.”

Amy looked.

“Bloody hell, I would, wouldn’t you?”

“Wouldn’t say no,” I said, squeezing Amy’s thigh.

“Not so fat now?”

“I am SO sorry, Amy,” I said, sincerely, “that was bloody stupid of me. You’re sexy and all woman. Forgive me?”

“Yeah, okay, I know you were a bit out of it!”

“No fucking excuses,” I said, “but I will make it up to you.”

“Oh, really?”

I grinned.

“Amy,” Fabienne said, coming over to our table, “how are you. What are you having?”

“Elle’s pussy later,” Teach, she teased.

“Sounds good to me.”

“What you up to Teach? By the way, you look hot!”

“You can come again,” Fabienne said, “oh, you did!”

“Can I have what they had?”

“Certainly. Coke like Elle?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

It felt good to be back on terms with Amy. I was glad I’d reached out and apologised. I’d been such a bitch, but hopefully, I could make it up to her.

I noticed that the restaurant was beginning to thin out.

I was eying June. She seemed nice. I’d have put her at about five six or seven, but in those heels, she was only just shy of six foot. Her legs were yummy, nice tits too, about 34 and C cup I reckoned.

“Eying up the competition, Elle?” Amy grinned.

“Hey you, no competition, you’re my girl if you’ll have me.”


Amy’s voice rose with surprise. I could see the shit-eating grin on Mum’s face.

“Yeah, really – I’ll even let you fuck me up the arse for being such a bitch to you!”

“Amaze!” Amy’s grin was as wide as Mum’s.

“What about Teach?”

“She’s wonderful,” I replied, “but I think I see it now!”

“See what?” Amy said. Bless her, she could be so obtuse.

“Yes, see what?” said Mum.

“Put it this way. She swept into our dull, repressed lives and gave us the chance to do what we had all wanted to do, and without asking anything for herself.”

“Yes,” Mum said, “she’s a classic pleaser.”

“Well,” I continued, “I think her work here may be done. We three have each other.”

“Three?” Amy made me giggle. “You mean you and me, Anne?”

“She does,” said Mum.”

“And Penny makes four,” I added. “Looks to me like Teach may need more time for that June. Least we can do is not be selfish bitches görükle escort anymore, and let her.”

Darling,” Mum said, breathing heavily, her face a bit flushed, “I am so proud of you.”

“What did I do?”

“You grew up!”

I don’t often blush, but felt myself colouring.

“She looks even cuter when she blushes, Anne,” Amy giggled.

“You two! Cut it out!”

But it felt nice all the same. It was as though something important had just happened. Time would tell me what, but I reached out and grabbed Amy’s hand.”

“Thanks, darling.”

I kissed her.

“That’s a lovely sight,” said Fabienne.

We broke off and looked at her.

“Well, you are one for sore eyes in that outfit,” I riposted.

“Thank you!” Fabienne smiled. “Anyone for coffee or tea? We have a lull and I’ll join you.”

“Me too,” said a voice from behind me.

I turned. It was June.

“Sure,” I said.

“Fabienne, can you get the coffees?”

“Sure,” she said, scurrying off.

“You must be Elle,” June said.

“The very same, and this is my Mum, Anne, and this is my girlfriend, Amy.”

“Charmed,” June said.

“It’s kind of Fabienne to help you.” I added.

“Seems to be in her nature, from what I can gather.”

“She told you about us,” I hazarded, as a guess to explain the tone of her voice.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m not going to get in your way with her.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” Mum butted in, “it’d be fun to have you between me and her!”

June did not look as amused as Mum might have hoped, so I hastily tried to retrieve the situation.

“Ignore Mum’s joke. There is no ‘us,’ June. Fabienne has been a fabulous help in so many ways to us, but we’re not her girlfriends. As far as I know, she doesn’t have one.”

“Not sure I understand,” June said, sounding very puzzled.

At that moment Fabienne came with the coffees and some cake.

“Is that what you were working on earlier?” June asked, pointing at some rather yummy fruitcake.

“The same,” Fabienne added.

“Well,” I said, “as it’s empty in here, why don’t we go to the table outside?”

Everyone agreed it was a good idea.

We sat round the table.

“I’ll be mother,” said Mum, giggling.

“You are Mum,” June smiled.

Sitting there, in the April sunshine on that warm spring afternoon, I felt so good. Mum and I were lovers, Amy was back, and I knew we’d make a go of it, at least before I went to uni, and there was Penny too.

“Penny for them,” Amy said, which made me laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking about Penny, and Mum and you,” I told her. I could see June was hanging on my words. I needed to say something that would help Fabienne, so fuck it, I went for the truth.

Fabienne was looking nervously at June, and given the look on her face, I sort of saw why.

“It’s just that, well,” I said, turning to Fabienne, “you’ve helped all of us to get closer to what we wanted, whether we knew it or not. I think we all owe you.”

There was a murmur of assent from Mum and Amy.

“No thanks needed,” Fabienne replied, “it was a pleasure, you’re all lovely and you have made me so welcome here.”

“But,” I said, “and there is a but – you, darling Fabienne, you need someone for yourself. Mum will always have me, and I have her and Amy and Penny, but then as you all know, I’m a selfish bitch,” I giggled. “But you, Fabienne, you deserve someone.”

“She’s got all of you,” June said with, I thought, a tinge of sadness and regret.

Fabienne looked sad, suddenly.

“No,” I told June, “there’s a difference that even someone as inexperienced as me can see between hot sex and love. Fabienne has always kept the most private part of herself just that – private. I’d love to be the woman who persuaded her to share that, but I’m eighteen and she’s not. There’s a gulf there, and even if I wanted to cross it, I think I might be too late.”

I looked at Fabienne. Were they tears?

“How so?” June was not easily dissuaded.

“Because she’s met someone.”

June looked at Fabienne.

“Have you? I thought…”

“I have,” Fabienne said, pausing for effect. “You!”

The penny dropped. June grinned and looked at me.

“She’ll say anything to get into your knickers.”

“Not mine, June, yours!”

She looked at Fabienne, who looked back.

“Go on,” I said, “we all like a romantic ending!”

June leaned in and kissed Fabienne.

I looked at Mum and Amy, who looked back at me.

As a chorus we all said:


Breaking off the kiss, June and Fabienne looked at me. But that, as they say, is another story.

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