Eleanor’s Descent Ch. 05

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I took the three girls out to my car and we set off for a local piece of greenbelt land. We ended up at a place called Friern Barnet Park. Parking the car in the car park I walked with the girls over to the entrance gate. Passing through I chose a dirt track path running off to my right, on we walked for several minutes, all the time their eyes darting left and right to see if anyone else was about in this park approaching dusk.

I removed the rucksack from my shoulder and then ordered them to strip. As each one removed the last of their clothes, they deposited them into the rucksack and crouch on all fours whilst their lead was attached. This act of attaching their lead was the cue that they now needed to act as dogs and each in turn stretched their legs as a dog would before a walk.

Thinking about it, it must have looked really weird to anyone seeing us, there was this man, leading three woman on leads and the women all acting like dogs. Imagine all this and in a London park too. Eleanor, either getting into the role, trying to impress me or maybe even fearful of facing another challenge, began to sniff the arse of Emma, just like dogs do upon meeting. So by way of reward for her actions I stroked her head as any owner would and tickled her behind her ears, saying “good Dog”.

I then walked them on until we approached a bench, set before a small clump of trees, may be five or six trees in close proximity to each other. I tied their leads to the bench saying “Now don’t go away!” I walked into the trees, the girls must have thought I was going to relieve myself, but I was actually looking for something. Over by the last tree I spotted what it was I was seeking, removing a heavy gardening glove from the side pocket of the rucksack, I put it on before grabbing a handful of the stinging nettles, I sought.

Hiding this hand behind my back, I slowly walked back to the bench. The girls still apprehensive about being see or worse approached were frantically scanning the horizon looking for anyone who could come near. As I approached I said “Roll over” and all three girls rolled on to their backs with their legs in the air, just as a real dog would do. “Aah you want your tummy tickled,” I said to Teresa and in stooping to do so I quickly brushed the stinging nettles across her nipples and then her cunt lips ensuring that I missed her clit. I then repeated this on Emma and Eleanor. Discarding the handful of nettles, I untied their leads and coaxed them into walking further.

By the time we had reached the point at which I had intended to turn round, I knew their agony brought on by the nettles would be turning to ecstasy as the stinging played on the nerves in their nipples and their cunt lips, causing the rush of blood to excite their erogenous zones. It was at this point I noticed Emma having difficulty in moving, the cheeks of her arse quivered ensest porno in the moonlight as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to sag moaning. I remember thinking to myself, we have been out in a park for thirty minutes, it’s been only twenty minutes since I applied the stinging nettles and here was Emma Cumming like a fountain.

I also witnessed Eleanor and Teresa trying desperately to rub their legs together to ease the tingling sensation clearly driving them mad. I urge the girls on as we turned and headed for the car. Emma’s climax seemed to reduce the tingling she felt as she move quite freely now, but for Teresa and Eleanor the itching tingling sensation must have been growing ever stronger. The pace they were crawling now was down t a snail’s pace as they concentrated more and more on solving their need to cum.

Eleanor was next to climax; she stopped suddenly and lay down as her wails of passion rang around us. Twice she started to bring her hands towards her cunt to speed up the process and twice I warned her of the consequences of doing so. After a couple of minutes she was back up on her hands and knees crawling along beside me.

By the time we approached the gate, Teresa, the only one not yet to come, was in agony or ecstasy but not quite able to release the flood gates of her cum. I looked towards my car, thinking of how I could let Teresa cum before she got into my car with out being seen to be unfair. So her using her hands to bring herself off was out of the question. Just then a young couple came from another car walking towards us.

At the same time I saw them, Emma must have seen them too, for she said “Master, there is someone coming our way!”

I could read the panic in her voice. “So what, I am only exercising my bitches!” I replied. The three girls stared in silence as the two figures walked ever nearer. As the stepped through the gate, the must have recognized what they took from a distance to be dogs, now as women.

I broke the silence “Good evening!”

“Oh Good evening” the man said staring straight at the three cowering female forms.

“I see your admiring my bitches!” I commented.

He nodded and said “They look unusual bitches, may I enquire what breed they might be?” he asked delighting in the view of the three naked figures beside me.

“Oh, these are nothing special, they call them Master’s hound’s” I offered.

“Oh, are they a common breed then?” the continued. “OH yes common as muck these three, funny thing though I have never seen a male of this breed only ever come across bitches!” I giggled.

He turned to his female partner and said “Think we should get us one of those breeds”

she replied slightly embarrassed “No you can’t have one of them”

He then turned back to me and said “Are they alright, only two asyalı porno of them look flushed and the other one looks real fidgety?” I informed him that they strayed into a patch of nettles and they are just cooling from the effects,

“but I must confess that the one with the blue collar seems to be on heat at the moment!” I continued.

“How can you tell?” he enquired.

“Oh that is simple, if you place your hand between her rear thighs; she tries to hump against your hand!” I offered “would you like to try?”

He turned to his partner and said “Susie, you try it, see what you think!” she shot him a dirty look but stuck out a trembling hand and parted Teresa’s legs.

“Oh my.” She said, “Her poor cunt is so hot and wet, she needs help with that?” with that she pulled her hand back, it glistened in the moonlight as she held it up for all to see.

“You see what you think John!” she said. John reached forwards but with a cupped hand rather than a straight one, his fingers touched her cunt and the tips of three of them entered into Teresa’s cunt. She suddenly forced her self backwards trying to embed so much more of them up her.

“OH yes, dear, I see what you mean, her cunt is on fire!” he said. “What ever will you do, to help this bitch out” he asked sounding genuinely concerned.

“Oh I will take her to be serviced by a young pony, I know” I responded.

“Why a young pony, surely another dog would be better?” he said.

“OH no, last time a dog tried to solve this, the bitch would not do as she was told for weeks after, May be a much longer penetration in length and time would be the solution, hence the young pony” I replied.

Teresa shot me a look, pleading with her eyes that she hoped I was kidding. I turned to the young couple just in time to see John remove his fingers from Susie’s mouth, the self same fingers that had just been up Teresa’s cunt.

“I have an Idea, maybe you could help me.” I said gazing into the eyes of Susie.

“OH what’s that?” John asked.

“Well to have sex with her in this state could result in puppies, but oral would not and it may just cool her down enough for me to get her home?” I said slowly and deliberately.

John said “may I just talk to my girlfriend and give you your answer in two minutes!”

“By all means!” I replied. John took Susie to once side where a brief discussion took place, Susie kept glancing first at me then at Teresa.

John came back over and said “Susie won’t let me do anything, but she knows I have always wanted to see her with another female, she says she will if we go somewhere where we would not be seen, like just over there where those bushes are?”

I nodded and said “Let me just put these two back in the car then!” I handed John Teresa’s lead and walked Emma and Eleanor through gizli çekim porno the gate before saying you better stand these stones will ruin your hands and knees. I told them they could enjoy themselves together in the car till I came back. I turned and walked back to John and Susie. Leading Teresa down to the bushes, Susie told me this was her first time with another woman but she wanted to please John.

“In a way, this seems perverted, because implying that she is a dog makes this animal sex” she added.

“Yes but in the loosest terms sex between man and his wife is animal sex as well” I offered.

In the edge of the bushes, I commanded Teresa “Roll over” she did and John and Susie were now openly staring at her red gash of a cunt.

John said “Susie, babes, don’t you think it wiser to remove your clothes as well because you don’t want to mess them up and it would avoid having to explain to your dad, why your dress what dirty.”

Reluctantly she agreed and slipped her clothes off.

I said to Susie “Susie, your body is divine, have you ever had a dog sniff your genitals and then lick them!”

“I had a dog once push his nose up my dress but it never went further!” she replied. Teresa eager to be made to cum took the hint and sniffed at Susie’s cunt before snaking her tongue across her cunt lips.

Susie shivered and said “If I knew it felt that good, I would have encouraged the dog further!”

Susie then brought her head down to Teresa’s cunt and inhaled the randy fragrant aroma of aroused pussy, before diving in with her tongue. John slowly undid his trouser belt and exposed his prick; he began sliding his hand along the shaft as he watched his girlfriend eating cunt. Soon the air was full of moans and groans as the two women climbed to the crest of their orgasm. John even managed to get Teresa to suck him as she was eaten by Susie. When they had cum, John thanked me for the most exciting experience of his life and Susie added mine, too even though John got sucked, I really don’t mind.

Looking at my now bulging pants, Susie licked her lips and said “May be John should suck you or at least let me take care of that for you”. John Blushed.

“No it’s alright, Susie, I have two further randy bitches back in the car that will do to me exactly what I tell them too” I replied.

With that, I wished them well as they were dressing and then led the satisfied bitch back to the car. I allowed the girls to dress before driving back to their flat.

As we drove home, Teresa said to me “Master, were you serious about having me mated by a pony?”

“Why?” I asked

“She has always had a thing about animal sex, especially animals with bigger than human cocks!” Emma announced.

“Well you never know what the future holds!” I answered.

Eleanor and I slept alone that night, but we could hear Teresa and Emma, chatting away in Emma’s bedroom until the early hours.

Eleanor told me next morning “its Teresa’s birthday on Thursday so Saturday night we will be having a party. So please don’t plan anything for next Saturday night”

“We will see!” was my reply.

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