Eileen Goes Dogging

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When I woke after my session with the guys and Tom I felt a whole range of emotions — firstly that Tom would feel I had behaved like a slut.

Secondly quite ashamed that I had let myself go completely and laid myself open to be talked about in the village. Thirdly that in spite of these feelings I had enjoyed the fact that three younger guys has found my body so attractive that they had wanted me again and again. Fourthly in spite of the fact that I was almost totally exhausted and slightly concerned at the damage my body may have taken as my bum was on fire and my bowels felt very badly bruised I had enjoyed it physically and especially the hard firm cocks and bodies of the two younger guys. Overall I felt I had crossed a very dangerous line from which I might not be able to go back.

It certainly seemed to have turned Tom on because when he realised I was awake he kissed and cuddled me telling me how fantastic I had been before he asked me to turn round and I felt him part my bum cheeks and I felt the cool salve of cream on my anus. I murmured “that’s good” but I knew from his huge erection he wanted to have this newly opened up area. In spite of some discomfort I was keen to please him and when after he had come off and we lay cuddling I realised that the whole episode actually appeared to have brought us together.

He also appeared to want to repeat the exercise but I told him that I would have to think about it and would only consider it if the guys kept quiet about it. I said what I really wanted was more cock from him.

I really enjoyed the next few weeks as it was like when we were first married except much more experienced and comfortable with our bodies. I bought a lot more sexy clothes and with no limitations such as my rear being no longer out of bounds , Tom and I had a lot of sex. The more I got the more I wanted and I think Tom was quite relieved when my mum took ill and I had to visit her for a few days — he later told me he had been getting quite worn out.

When I was away- to be crude – I couldn’t believe how much I missed getting cock and I made sure I made up for it when I returned.


The next morning after her night with me and the three guys, Eileen was slightly ashamed of having let herself go and said that her insides felt as if they had been trampled by a herd of cattle. However she admitted that it had been a real turn on to see how much the guys fancied her. Although her rear was still tender from Rob breaking her in with both his huge cock and the end of a pool cue she didn’t object when I mounted her there and told her that having waited so long to get into her ass I was going to make full use of it!

Although I was tired from the night before the sight that I had longed for so long, of my wife putting her big creamy bum cheeks up to be mounted really stimulated me and as I parted the big cool cheeks of her ass to get at her rosebud I had one of the largest erections I had had for some years. Although she must have been in some discomfort from the use made of her virgin ass the night before she put her ass up willingly to meet my thrusts and I was soon depositing my load deep in her bowels.

When I later pushed her to see if she was up for further sessions with the guys she said she would think about it but only if they didn’t blab about it in the pub. She didn’t want everyone in the village talking about her.

That night when I went down the pub all three guys had broad smiles on their faces when they asked how Eileen was. I quickly took them aside and said she would probably be up for further sessions if they kept it to themselves. They all said how they couldn’t believe how randy she was and so up for it and what a good body she had been hiding for years. Most of all they were all wondering when the next session would be!

When I went home Eileen was already in bed and I thought asleep from her exertions the night before, I knew I was. I slipped into bed beside her with my back to her and was surprised when she turned round and her questing hand found my cock. With my exertions that morning and the night before there was no immediate reaction but when she put her other hand between my legs to grab my balls and worked my cock a little I managed a semi erection. She murmured “Mmmm that’s better, I thought I had used you all up this morning and I want some of that in my pussy tonight.”

I have to admit that it was a pretty poor erection that she got when I went between her legs but with a bit of puffing and panting I managed to climax which seemed to satisfy her.

Over the next few days it became obvious that the session at the weekend had really turned her into a “cock hound” because when I came back from golf on the Monday she was waiting for me in the miniskirt and stockings. It was all I could do to persuade her to wait until I had a shower. When I emerged from the shower she was on me with her mouth and hands and I ended up shagging her against the wall of the hallway.

We spent the rest of the afternoon Bayan Escort Gaziantep in bed and I gave her a couple of climaxes with tongue and hands while she stimulated me to ride her a couple more times — one with her on top with her big breasts dangling and the other with her easing back on to me with her big ass and rather opening up until she could take as much cock as possible into her pussy.

During the next few weeks she appeared similarly insatiable and I have to admit I was rather glad of the rest when her mother took ill and she had to go to stay with her for a few days.

When the guys down the pub said they were sure I was missing her I had to admit that she was quite wearing me out with her demands for sex and I was glad of a break. When they heard this there was no shortage of volunteers to help me out.

When she came back from her mothers a couple of weeks ago she was similarly insatiable and I began to think I genuinely needed some help in servicing her. However she wasn’t mad keen on a repeat session with me and the mates because she thought the more we did it the more some loose tongues could wag. She said if they kept quiet she might have another session with them again later.


I realised that Tom was flagging a bit and was once again spending more time down the pub. Initially he said that it was to brush up his darts but finally admitted that while he loved “servicing” me he wasn’t as young as he was and was finding it had to keep up with my new sexuality. He suggested getting the lads back in to help.

While I said that if he was up for it I wasn’t against having other guys with him, but I was concerned that I could be the object of a lot of gossip so I told him that I would consider it if the guys had kept quiet but for now let us just keep things going ourselves.

I suggested that I take him out the next night for a good dinner and see if that perked him up a bit.

The following morning I travelled over 40 miles to a larger town to go shopping with a mission to get something to wear that would get him going again. I was delighted at my purchases of white semi sheer cross over top which not only held and pushed up my heavy breasts to show a deep cleavage but also was transparent enough to show my nipples and dark aureoles and a very short 12″ flared miniskirt which I thought could be verging on showing the lot. To go with this I got a tiny transparent black g string and a pair of black lace top hold ups.

That night when I dressed and looked at my outfit in my full length mirror I thought if this doesn’t get Tom going nothing will. When I paraded for him I knew that it had “hit the spot” when I asked him did he think the skirt was too short andI put my hand between his legs, his big erection showed me I had got it right.

I had booked for a fairly lively spot out of town as I was determined to “show what I had” to not only Tom but all the guys there to let him see what a lucky man he was and if he didn’t want what he had, plenty of other guys would jump at the chance.

I normally would go into the bar with my longish coat closed in case we see anyone we know but on this occasion I knew my boobs looked great and was determined to show them off.

I was delighted by the stir that my unbraed and well displayed boobs and short skirt caused and the very obvious interest displayed by guys when I got up on one of the bar stools and flashed a bit of thigh and stocking top.

I also noticed Tom’s eyes and those of quite a lot of the guys go to my crotch as the skirt rode up when I was getting down of the stool to go into the restaurant.

In the restaurant I took off my jacket to the approving glances of the waiter and the male diners and some disapproving glances from their female companions.

I probably had more to drink than normal and felt dangerously exciting from the obvious interest not only from Tom but many other guys of all ages. So when I got up to go to the loo and Tom offered to help me on with my coat I declined as I felt confident enough that I looked good enough to show off my assets.

I was a little bit taken back when I reached the bar, through which I had to go to the loo, as it was packed with young people in their 20s including large groups of guys.

I realised as I pushed my way through that I was displaying more than I thought because apart from hearing a number of comments about my breasts such as “look at the tits on the blonde,” “she’s not wearing a bra,” ” I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on those,” etc I heard a number of comments about my butt cheeks being on display including “Bloody hell that’s what I call a short skirt, you can see her big ass cheeks.”

On my way back past the bar I felt a hand on my arm and turned round to see two “drop dead” gorgeous guys in their early twenties. One who I later found out to be Mark smiled and said ” hello darling can we get you a drink?” I said that I couldn’t as my husband was waiting for me in restaurant. But when Peter the other flashed a cheeky grin and said if my husband was silly enough to let me out of his sight I could stay for one drink with two real admirers.

I said I would have a quick one with them and while Mark got me a large G&T, I asked Peter would he and his friend not be better saving their money to buy drinks for the younger talent rather than waste it on mature married women. He flashed me his infectious smile and said they could pick up younger girls any day of the week but really hot mature women like me rarely were available.

When I asked what made him think I was “available” he said he wasn’t saying I was available but that I had obviously dressed to attract attention and show off my considerable assets. I said I had dressed to tease and please hubby.

Mark asked why — ” was hubby not giving me enough?” When I smiled at his forwardness and said ” He’s giving me plenty but I am not adverse to more” hastily adding “from him.” Peter grinned and said “well with those tits, those thighs and that rear you could certainly have more from us.”

To lighten the conversation I asked them would they not rather have younger tits, thighs and ass. Peter said he had rarely ever seen a more lovely or desirable woman with better breasts or legs. .Mark grinned and added or a prettier set of bum cheeks which I wasn’t afraid to show off! As he said that he emphasised it by putting his arm round my waist and rested his left hand on the top of my hip.

I thought things were going to fast and Tom would be getting worried so I refused a second drink and pecked Mark on the cheek saying I was flattered but was quite satisfied with hubby. As I turned to go I felt his hand slide down over my rear to cop a feel of my naked bum cheek and I head him say ” you really do have the most fantastic ass.”


Last Saturday night she suggested that I looked a bit jaded and said she would take me out for dinner at a pub out of town — she said she had bought a new outfit and would like to see if it perked me up.

I have to say when she came down she looked absolutely stunning in a white low cut semi sheer cross over top that showed not only her deep cleavage but the complete outline of her heavy breasts with their thick nipples and a flared 12″ skirt ( the shortest yet) that was literally crotch skimming from the front and just about covered her bum cheeks from the rear. When she walked the big naked bum cheeks and hold up stocking tops were clearly displayed. She smiled wickedly and asked me if I thought if the skirt was too short. When she groped my balls and rapidly rising erection she murmured “Mmmm seems about just right!”

She wore her coat open when we went into the bar and she seemed to enjoy the stir her outfit created with guys of all ages. Quite literally conversations were stopped as eyes went to her exposed breasts and thighs. I was a little surprised when she suggested we sit at the bar while we waited to order and when she perched up on the high bar stool and allowed the coat to drape open and the skirt to ride up over her stocking tops I realised that she was determined to show herself off to tease me to rekindle my flagging libido. Needless to say the two barmen and most of the young guys at the bar ogled her mature thighs and tits that were clearly on display. As she got off the stool to go into the restaurant I could see clearly, and so could probably a lot of the guys in the bar, that she had only the tiniest piece of transparent fabric covering her big shaven pussy mound.

When we went through to the packed restaurant her brazen behaviour continued as the coat came off and she insisted on sitting under a light probably in order that her big heavy breasts were clearly displayed to the waiters and our fellow diners. She drank quite a lot of wine on top of the two G&Ts she had in the bar and she flirted outrageously with the young waiter.

She really was enjoying the attention she was getting from him and most of the other male diners and when I was ordering coffee she asked for a brandy chaser before deciding to go out to the loo. When I offered to help her on with her coat she declined and I realised she wanted to put on a show for the guys in the bar through which she had to go to the loo. She must have known that she looked fantastic coming and going with her heavy unfettered breasts bouncing and her big creamy bum cheeks partly exposed as the short skirt road up when she walked.

She was away for quite a while and I was just starting to get concerned when she came back and said I hadn’t told her that her skirt was so short that her butt cheeks were exposed when she walked. When I asked her how she knew she smiled and said two young guys had stopped her on the way back through the bar and told her they had never seen a shorter skirt nor a nicer set of bum cheeks. When I asked her did it worry her, she smiled and said not really because they were “drop dead gorgeous” and had insisted on buying her a large G&T. They also hade made it very clear they liked what they had seen and would be happy to help me out with her!

She really was quite tipsy after she had downed our coffee and brandy but when I suggested going she said she would quite like a night cap. When we went out into the bar I found a table near the exit and went up to the rather crowded bar. As I waited to order I glanced back at Eileen to see she had crossed her legs and was displaying a lot of thigh and stocking top. I thought she had waved across at me but when I saw a young guy at the bar raise his hand I realised she had waved at her two admirers further along the bar.

When I took her drink back I asked her was she trying to pick them up. She smiled and said ” Would you like me to?”

” It’s up to you.”

“It’s tempting but I think I’ll concentrate on you tonight.”

When I came back from the loo I thought she might have changed her mind as the two guys both blond six footers in their mid twenties had joined her for a drink. She introduced them as Peter and Mark and I thanked them for the drink they had bought us.

The chat was fairly light hearted and Eileen appeared to be delighted to be the centre of attention of three guys, certainly I noticed whether through carelessness or design Eileen had let her skirt ride up over her lacey stocking tops and was showing a fair bit of thigh.

There appeared to be a lot of sexual tension but no one appeared to be the first to make a move. When Eileen got up to go to the loo I noticed the two guys took the opportunity to look down her top and their eyes were glued to her the sway of her big ass and the flashes of bare bum cheeks when she walked. I broke the ice and asked “Do you really fancy her?”

Both admitted that they couldn’t believe that they could have got the hots so much for a woman of her age but said she was absolutely fantastic for any age and certainly wasn’t afraid to show of her considerable assets. When I asked them would they up for a session with Eileen and me they said “like a shot.”

I suggested they go back up to the bar and I would put it to her. Eileen seemed disappointed that they had left the table but was mollified when I told them they really did fancy her and would love a session with her. She said “I’d probably enjoy that but not tonight — I have had too much to drink and this night was for you.”

That didn’t stop her having another couple before we were going and when she went to the loo again, I slipped up to the bar and told the guys she had said no but might be open to persuasion. I suggested that I would take her to a well known dogging spot and if they met us there she might be up for it after I had given her a bit of cock.


It seemed to perk up Tom’s interest in me when I returned and told him about the young guys interest and he was happy enough to suggest a nightcap in the bar. When we found a table and Tom was at the bar I noticed Mark and Peter were still at the bar and they waived to me. When Tom asked was I trying to pick them up I said no but he then asked would I like to. I was tempted but felt I had too much to drink and told him I would rather concentrate on him tonight.

However when he was at the loo the two guys joined me having bought Tom and me a drink. The conversation was a little stilted and when I went to the loo the two guys were back at the bar. Tom told me they had offered to join us and he had said he would put it to me.

I really was tempted but said I would prefer another couple of drinks and when I returned from the loo before we went the two guys had gone.


When we left the restaurant and headed the long way round for the riverside car park. I hoped the guys were in position as she was really up for it including opening my zip and going down on me as I drove.

When I got her there I pulled her over to one of the wooden picnic tables got her big tits put of her top and pushing her over the table, I raised the skirt to expose the big creamy cheeks of her big rear. I hoped the guys liked what they saw of her body with her big tits dangling and big ass exposed as pulling her black g-string aside I mounted her doggy fashion.

I was hoping Peter and Mark were enjoying the show and wondered how I would get them involved them when I heard Eileen hiss “There’s someone watching us.”

I quickly turned her round and as I kissed her whispered that we were in a dogging site and the guys wouldn’t bother us unless we wanted them to join us.

She relaxed enough for me to get her up on the table on her back with the skirt round her thighs while I mounted her big shaven pussy missionary. As I said she has really started to enjoy cock and I think she was turned on by the fact we were being watched because she was soon responding to my thrusts. I soon came off and as she was pulling down her skirt the two guys emerged.

I don’t know whether she was embarrassed or just surprised when she saw who they were but quickly realised I had set her up. I was pleasantly surprised when she made no attempt to hide her big exposed 39c breasts and even more surprised when she said, “I suppose Tom has conscripted you guys to help service me.”

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