Education of a City Boy

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Reader alert. I have submitted this story into the BDSM category, but it could easily end up in either the Incest or Exhibitionist/Voyeur categories, as it has equal elements of all of those. This is not a sweet and romantic tale by any stretch of the imagination. Please do not continue if any of the above topics offend you.

Inspired by and dedicated to Bob.



The year is 1970 and the place is a very rural area in upstate New York. For the vast majority of us, it’s safe to say that we all have skeletons hidden somewhere in our closets. Things that have happened or things that we’ve done that we aren’t exactly proud of.

My name is Robert Adams and this story is my skeleton, so to speak. It happened in the summer of my 18th year. I was a virgin when the story began and I was still a virgin when it ended but it changed me forever in so many other ways.

For thirty five years I’ve kept this story to myself, but it would never go away, not really. I thought that perhaps by telling the story I might finally be free of it at last, but the disturbing part is that I’m not really sure that’s what I’m looking for. I’ll tell my tale and let you, the reader decide.

1. Welcome to the Neighborhood.

It was quite a culture shock when my family moved out of the city and bought an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. My folks had always wanted to do something like this so when I graduated from high school they found this place, packed up and moved. Since I was going to be starting college in another month it didn’t much matter to me, so I went along with them.

Not that they were going to be actual farmers or anything like that. It was just the idea of living out in the sticks that appealed to them. The old man was still going to keep his job with the insurance agency and commute the twenty five miles into the city each day. Mom would have plenty of room to do her gardening and canning. As for me, it didn’t take me long to decide that this was a nice place to visit, but I sure as hell didn’t want to live here.

My opinion of the place changed a little when I met Rebecca. Rebecca was my next door neighbor, but the meaning of this was a little different out there because next door was a half mile down the road. Her family lived on a real farm, unlike our faux farm, with actual crops and animals. Her father also did small engine repairs, or so the sign in front of their house claimed.

Rebecca was the middle daughter of the three Brown girls. Her older sister Carol had moved away, so now it was just Rebecca and her younger sister Sandy with their mother and father taking care of that big place. We had met by chance at the local store and hit it off right away despite our obvious differences.

“You city folk sure are strange,” Rebecca told me as we got to know each other better. “Why in the world would you move out here for no reason?”

I didn’t have much of an answer for that, but when I explained how I was going to be going away to college in the fall Rebecca got this faraway look in her eye.

“That’s what I’d like to do someday,” Rebecca said wistfully.

“What, go to college?” I asked. “You should.”

“No, move away from here,” Rebecca said. “Heck, I didn’t even graduate high school so I don’t think college would want me. I had to drop out and work the farm after Carol went away.”

Her older sister had apparently moved in with their grandmother for some reason that Rebecca wouldn’t go into. This left her to work with her parents to keep the family going. This all made me feel kind of foolish, living out here like we were. What Rebecca made me feel was… horny.

I was a virgin, which was tough to be in 1970. The Summer of Love had never made it my way. I was very shy and awkward around girls in high school, and while I had fooled around with a lot of them, I was never able to convince any of them to go all the way.

Being about five foot nine and sort of skinny with long brown hair in the fashion of the times, I was no dreamboat but I guess I wasn’t all that bad looking either. Rebecca didn’t seem to mind, and we began to meet after dinner, each walking toward each other’s houses and meeting somewhere in the middle. The first few times we sat around and talked, which was enjoyable to me. Rebecca looked up to me like I was some sharp city slicker who was hip to what was going on in the world. This struck me as hilarious, because where we lived before I was considered pretty square compared to most guys my age.

“Let’s take a walk,” Rebecca suggested one evening, and she led me through the field between our houses and back toward the railroad tracks way behind our property.

There was a little stream back there that I wasn’t aware existed, and it was really a pretty and secluded little place. Rebecca took my hand as we walked, and I was embarrassed when I realized how sweaty my palm was. Rebecca seemed not to notice, or if she did notice she didn’t care, and we continued walking until we came to a tree that overlooked the stream.

Rebecca stopped next to the tree and looked bursa escort bayanlar at me, waiting patiently. Seeing that I was too dumb or shy to even move, Rebecca finally threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I came to my senses and took her in my arms and returned the affection.

Rebecca was about an inch or two shorter than I was, which made us a perfect fit as we ground our bodies together. I hadn’t fully realized what an incredible body Rebecca had until then, since she dressed rather like a tomboy. She was about average in weight, but she felt incredibly muscular, no doubt at least in part to her physical tasks she did daily.

Her breasts felt pretty big as they pressed into me. It was obvious even through the plain clothing she always wore that she had a pretty good sized pair on her, but feeling them against my chest really confirmed that. We necked for a little while until it started to get dark.

“Got to get home” Rebecca announced, and we got ourselves straightened out and headed back out to the road.

The bulge in my jeans was pretty prominent despite my rather modest endowment, and the little damp spot that my drooling dick had caused made it even more obvious. Rebecca noticed it and giggled.

“Did I cause that?” she giggled as she stated the obvious. “Maybe next time I can take care of that!” she announced, and with a kiss on the cheek and skipped away down the road toward her home.

I watched her shapely behind disappear down the road and then began shuffling toward my place. When I got home I made as little small talk with the folks as possible before heading up to my room.

I locked the door behind me and got undressed before climbing onto my bed and staring at the ceiling, thinking about Rebecca. Looking down at my erection, I realized that this was something that needed to be taken care of or else I would never get any sleep.

I took my boner in my fist and began stroking it slowly, trying to imagine it was Rebecca doing it. Maybe she hadn’t been with many other guys, so she wouldn’t realize how little my cock was, I thought hopefully. Since it was about six inches it wasn’t real small, but I sure wished it was bigger, probably much like every other guy does.

Thinking of Rebecca made my orgasm come quickly. I pulled my cock back toward me as I came, trying to control the mess I made as the warm jets of cum squirted onto my stomach. Maybe tomorrow night Rebecca would be doing this to me, I wondered hopefully as I cleaned myself up as best I could. Maybe even more than that.

2. Back to “our place”.

The next evening we ended up back at the tree and made out with even more enthusiasm than the previous night. I got to feel Rebecca’s breasts, albeit through her blouse and bra, and they were even bigger than I had imagined. They felt like they were the size of footballs, and just as firm.

Rebecca stopped me from getting under the blouse, but was happy to let me continue groping them from outside. My dick was as stiff as it could be, and I squirmed to give the little guy some room in my jeans.

As I wiggled, Rebecca’s hand came from around my neck and found the bulge in my pants. I was stunned momentarily, but when her hand squeezed my dick I came.

“Aaaarrrgh!” I moaned, as my orgasm exploded inside my underwear.

Rebecca seemed shocked at first, but then started rubbing harder and faster when she caught on to what was happening. I held her close to me as my orgasm subsided, far too humiliated to look at her. Rebecca giggled when she saw my red face.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Rebecca said as she took her hand off of the large stain in the front of my jeans. “I guess it means you like me!”

“You figured that out, huh?” I said sheepishly.

“Well, maybe tomorrow we can get each other excited. It’s Saturday so I can probably sneak away. Can you meet me here around two?”

“Try and stop me!” I told Rebecca excitedly.

3. Saturday afternoon.

I wasn’t at the tree at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon. I was there at 1. Rebecca arrived a little before 2, and I watched her as she cut across the field, her long strawberry blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and her smiling face lit up even more when she spotted me.

Rebecca was wearing a denim shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and it occured to me that this was the first time I had ever seen any part of her body besides her hands, feet and above her collarbone. She had a farmer’s tan, with the skin bronze on her arms from the bicep down, pure white above. Her arms were muscular and shapely, the pale light hair on her forearms fairly twinkled in the bright sunshine.

She had tight denim shorts on, revealing her incredibly sculptured legs to me for the first time as well. Rebecca lept into my arms as we met, her body churning into me with an almost animal-like passion. In minutes we were on the ground rolling around. After we necked for a minute, my hands found their way under her blouse and this time Rebecca didn’t stop me. Quite to the contrary.

“Wait” Rebecca said softly, and bayan sarisin escort bursa she unbuttoned her blouse.

Rebecca reached behind herself and began unhooking her brasierre. As she undid the hooks, Rebecca’s arms raised slightly, revealing that she didn’t shave under her arms. Abundantly thick tufts of strawberry blonde hair fairly exploded from her armpits, the sight of which made my excitement grow even stronger.

The last hook undone, Rebecca’s breasts lurched out of their harness. Even bigger than I imagined, her massive torpedo-like breasts stood straight out, begging to be touched. I cupped her incredible breasts, feeling the pale pink nipples stiffen in my palms as I admired them.

I leaned over and kissed the pebbly surface of the aureola, pausing to suck on the thick pegs of her nipples as my hands cupped her breasts. The back of my fingers grazed the hair that peeked out from under her arm, which got Rebecca’s attention.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that Bob. Guess you’re used to city girls” Rebecca said as she raised her arms briefly.

“Don’t be sorry” I said eagerly as I reached over and ran my fingers through the dense thickets under her arms. “Besides, a lot of hippie girls don’t shave their armpits back there. I love it. In fact, I’ve never seen anything so sexy before in my life!”

With that, I impulsively leaned toward Rebecca and kissed her underarm. The soft and slightly damp hair was lightly scented and incredibly erotic to me as my lips and tongue explored further, much to Rebecca’s delight.

“Ooooooh!” Rebecca moaned lightly as I moved to her other side, and she eagerly granted me access by raising her other arm. “That’s so nice! Here… let me.”

Rebecca leaned me back onto the ground and undid my belt. I raised my hips to allow her to get my pants down further. My underwear came down with the jeans, and I felt the cool grass on my buttocks as my dick sprang into view.

“Sorry it’s so little” I said with shame as Rebecca’s hand enveloped it.

“It’s not little, it’s nice” Rebecca said, and as she did she bent over it and took it into her mouth.

As Rebecca’s full wet lips slid down my aching dick, I fought the urge to cum. Her head slowly bobbed up and down my cock until she was soon taking it all, right down to my pubic hair. My nuts were rolling softly in Rebecca’s palm as she sucked with a greater intensity.

How I wanted this to last forever, I thought as my hand reached down to play with her breasts, but I was way too horny… too excited.

“Rebecca… I’m going to… ” I stuttered.

Instead of pulling back, Rebecca’s mouth slid all the way down my shaft as I came. She sucked furiously as I felt myself ejaculate down her throat, and she didn’t stop sucking until she was satisfied that she had drained me dry.

I lay on my back, looking at the sun peeking through the leaves of the tree, thinking about how wonderful it was to be alive and to have experienced such a wonderful thing such as this. My mind raced to thinking about what I should do to make Rebecca happy.

Would she let me go down on her? I had done that once before to a girl and had loved doing it. Would she let me make love to her? I had no protection on me, that much I knew. The condom I had carried faithfully in my wallet for years had finally rotted away recently. What should I do?

As Rebecca idly stroked my now limp dick in her hand, gently pulling and rubbing the sticky tip, my mind was made up for me. I still remember that shrill sound today after all these years.

4. “Oh-oh! I’M TELLING!!!”

The screeching voice, belonging to Rebecca’s kid sister Sandy, woke me out of my daze. Rebecca bolted upright, trying to pull her blouse together as the kid ran away through the field and toward their home.

“Sandy!!! Wait…. shit!” Rebecca screamed as she ran after her in what seemed like sheer terror.

I pulled my pants back up and ran after them both, as embarrassed as you might expect about being caught with my pants down like that. The mass hysteria did seem like a bit much because after all, Rebecca and I were of legal age. What was the harm in what we had done?

Sandy got to their back door a step ahead of Rebecca, with me trailing close behind. We all sort of charged into the Brown family kitchen and stopped abruptly. A heavyset and stern looking woman who I assumed was Rebecca’s mother was at the sink doing dishes and looked startled at our abrupt entrance.

“What in tarnation is all this screaming?” she demanded.

“I saw Rebecca playing with her boyfriend!” Sandy squealed, stretching out every word in an annoying sing-songy voice.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT, GIRL?” a voice bellowed from the basement, followed by the sound of heavy footsteps climbing the stairs.

The voice that sounded like the great and powerful Oz was that of the father, and while I prayed with all my might that the person didn’t match the terrifying voice, it did. In spades. The man that emerged from the cellar was a scowling man in his forties wearing bib bursa evi olan eskort overalls and no shirt. He had to be about six foot three and had muscles on muscles, and his skull seemed intent on exploding out of his bald head when he was mad, which was now. Not the kind of guy you would want to meet in a dark alley, and even less so in this situation. He looked at me like I was something that he had scraped off the bottom of his shoe, which was what I felt like.

“Rebecca and her boyfriend were in the way back down by the stream, and he had his pants down and Rebecca was playin’ with his thing!” Sandy breathlessly said while looking very proud of herself.

“Daddy, it’s not like it sounds… let me explain,” Rebecca choked out through her sobs.

“Get out!” her father said glancing at me, and while he didn’t yell it, it seemed like the cups rattled in the cupboard when he spoke.

“Mr. Brown…” was as far as I got in way of my explanation, because the look he gave me left no doubt that he didn’t want to hear anything from me.

“Best be on you way young man” Rebecca’s mother said, looking none too pleased with me either.

I looked at everybody in panic and confusion before I reached back for the handle of the door and opened it while backing out.

“I… I … I’m sorry… really sorry everybody” I stammered weakly before adding, “I’ll see you, Rebecca”.

“NO YOU WON’T!” bellowed the old man as I let the door close behind me.

I stood on the porch for a minute listening to Rebecca crying uncontrollably, not knowing what to do.

“Get out to the barn, Rebecca!” her father commanded. “I’ll be there directly.”

“DADDY PLEASE!” Rebecca wailed futily.

“His will be done” I heard her mother say, and the way she said it made it unclear to me exactly which of the two possibilities “His” was.

I scurried off the porch as I heard the creaking noise of the screen door opening, and when Rebecca came out onto the porch she was visibly shaken and upset. She looked at me as I stood there shaking my head and mouthing to her how sorry I was. She waved her hand weakly and mouthed the word go to me, before heading off like a woman going to the the electric chair. To the barn.

4. The barn.

I should have gone home then. Why I didn’t surprises me still to this day, but as Rebecca disappeared into the barn, I ran around the side of the house and went way around until I found myself at the back of the rickety old building. There were many ill fitting boards and little knot holes that afforded me a perfect view of the inside of the barn, so I picked one and stood there watching Rebecca standing alone in the middle of the structure.

I was going to call out to her, to reassure her or comfort her, but the door swung open just then and her father entered. I leaned back as a reflex action when I saw him even though I was fairly certain that I could not be seen from where I was.

“What are you waiting for?” her father asked.

“Daddy, it’s not as bad as Sandy made it sound,” Rebecca insisted.

I personally had thought that we had gotten off easy, since her sister had apparently arrived too late for Rebecca’s oral assualt on me, and had only told of the pulling on my dick.

“Was Sandy lying?” he asked loudly.

“No, but…” was all Rebecca got out.

“Then shut up and take your clothes off. NOW!” he thundered. “The longer it takes the madder I get, and the madder I get the worse it will be for you!”

I stood dazed as Rebecca started undressing, wondering what kind of father makes their daughter take her clothes off in front of him. He seemed to not be paying any attention to his daughter, but just went over and pulled a rope off the wall, throwing one end of it over a support beam above them.

Rebecca was now naked and stood waiting while her father did something to the ropes, apparently making some kind of loop in the one end that he bound around her wrists. After binding Rebecca’s wrists to his apparent satisfaction he took a red and white kerchief out of his pocket and tied it around Rebecca’s head as a blindfold.

Her father reached down for the other end of the rope and pulled on it, causing Rebecca’s arms to jerk violently upward. He continued to pull the rope over the beam until Rebecca was fully extended with her arms straight up. Even at that point he pulled it some more until Rebecca cried out, standing now unsteadily on her toes while he tied his end of the rope onto a post.

The sunlight streamed through the drafty barn, the faint dust drifting like snow through the sunbeams, allowing me to see all too clearly the horrible predicament Rebecca was in even before he turned on the overhead light. I could also hear far too well her frightened sobbing as she stood there naked and blind, awaiting something that I could not believe I was seeing.

Despite my feelings of dread over what I was seeing, I was hypnotized by the sight of my Rebecca hanging from the rafters. Rebecca had her back to me and she had to stay on her toes because the rope was strung so high, so every muscle in her body rippled as she tried to keep her balance. It was like an anatomy lesson with her leg muscles straining mightily, her tight buttocks taut and her surprisingly broad back incredibly well defined. My hand went down to my zipper as if it had a mind of its own, and after I had pulled out my dick I began to slowly stroke it as I watched.

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