Ebony Seduction Ch. 05

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It had been a rather hectic day and a nice, relaxing meal with Keisha was just what I needed. She swore that it was her turn to pay but I wouldn’t hear of it. “You can just make it up to me in other ways.” I said, giving her a wink. She shyly looked down and then, casting her eyes upward, smiling so cutely. We had a light lunch and lounged around for a couple of hours before I changed into jeans and a white blouse. A quick once over with some make up and a pair of flats later and we were out the door. I knew a great little bar called Cheyenne’s. It advertised that it catered to the “alternate” lifestyle. I just knew that they had great margaritas and some wonderful sandwiches. Best of all, you didn’t have to worry about getting hit on by men. Some women on the other hand…

I parked the car and we walked in, hand in hand. This was to let all the ladies know that we were together. Even at four on a Sunday, the place was full. Luckily, we found a cozy booth in the corner overlooking the street outside. A cute, little blonde of a waitress whose nametag identified her as Tori came over a minute later and took our drink order. I kept glancing at Keisha who kept glancing at Tori and silently laughed. When Tori left, I took hold of Keisha’s hand. Looking soberly into her eyes, I said “If you want, we can go to Hooter’s instead.” Keisha stuck her tongue out at me and crossed her eyes. “It was just a suggestion” I said, smiling and giving her a wink. We both had a good chuckle at that.

After our orders were taken, I brought up the question of when would be a good week to go to Hawaii. Finals were coming and Keisha said that a good time would be the week after they were finished as to clear her mind and relieve some of the tension. I agreed that would be a great time to go and that I would put in my vacation time tomorrow. Our food came right then so we sat and ate, enjoying each other’s company.

Near the end of the meal, I heard the door open behind me but thought nothing of it until Keisha, who was facing that way, got a strange look on her face. Out of curiosity, I turned around to see who just walked in and nearly choked on my Monte Cristo. Miss Whitten, my supervisor at work, had entered, walking to the back with another person. When they sat down, I finally saw that it was an older woman, her graying hair cut short and was a little stout but she was still attractive in a mannish sort of way. They were holding hands and were deep in conversation but one could tell that they were in love. Keisha touched my hand to get my attention. “Did you know Miss Whitten was a lesbian?”

“Actually, no I didn’t.” Miss Whitten and I had worked together and known each other for several years but the subject of our sexuality had never come up. I shrugged and finished my sandwich. When we were done with our meals, I went up to the counter to pay the bill. Miss Whitten happened to look my way and I nearly laughed out loud at the look on her face. “Fancy meeting you here.” I said, a smile on my face. She stammered out a greeting and motioned me over. I was introduced to Joyce, her partner of many years.

“A pleasure to meet you Pam.” Joyce said, rising from the booth to shake my hand. I was slightly taken aback by her voice. From her appearance, I was expecting more of a manly, deeper tone but instead, Joyce had a very silky, feminine voice, like one would hear on the radio. I motioned Keisha to come over and introduced her to Joyce as well. Miss Whitten caught my eye and raised an eyebrow questioningly. I nodded my head slightly as a way of affirmation. We talked for a minute before saying our goodbyes and leaving Cheyenne’s, heading back to my place.

Both of us stripped down to our panties as soon as we entered the door. I went to the sink to get a glass of water but before I could ask if Keisha wanted one, she said that she had to make a quick call. I poured her one anyway which she gratefully took and I joined her on the couch and began stroking her bare leg.

“Hey Mom.” I started stroking her ass.

“Yes, school is going great.” I maneuvered her body so that she was laying down.

“Yeah, that course is still difficult but the woman I am working under at the law firm is really knowledgeable and is helping me out a great deal.” I spread her legs open and started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Well, I did meet someone.” I leaned down and began licking the crotch of the panties.

“I think it’s serious, yes.” I heard Keisha’s voice crack when my tongue touched her clit through the material.

“Well, um, that’s what I wanted to talk about.” I pushed the crotch of the panties aside and began licking her pussy directly. mecidiyeköy escort

“Yeah, I…uh,” her breathing became heavy at this point “have the opportunity to go to Hawaii.” I spread her vagina open. Her clit was peeking from it’s hood.

“Yep, Hawaii.” I kissed her clit.

“Yeah, I know, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” I touched the opening of her vagina, tracing my fingers around it.

“I will come to see you this summer. I promise.” Keisha let out an audible grunt as I shoved two of my fingers inside her.

“Oh yeah Mom. I’ll be sure to bring my special person along.” I started sucking on her clit and began to piston my fingers in and out.

“Listen Mom, um…, I gotta go. Something’s just come up.” Her breathing became labored as I continued to work over her pussy.

“Yeah, I’ll call you later.” She let out a little squeak as I gently bit down on her clitoris.

“I love you too. Bye.” Keisha let the phone drop to the floor and screamed out as her pussy clenched down on my fingers. She flooded my face with her cum, spurting cream all down my arm. I withdrew my fingers and began licking all of the yummy cunt juice from her vagina.

“Oooooooh…I’m gonna get you for that.” Keisha said, still trying to catch her breath. I laughed and laid down on top of her.

“Sorry, my dear. I couldn’t resist.” Keisha grabbed my face in her hands and began to lick me clean of her cum. “I did notice that you didn’t say that this “special person” was another woman, though.” Keisha stopped her cleaning and looked me in the eyes.

“Yeah, I know and I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just think that it’s something I should tell her face to face.”

“I know that and I respect it too. You didn’t hurt me at all. I’m just happy that you consider me a special person in your life.” Keisha smiled up at me and kissed me on the lips. “So, you really want me to go with you when you travel back to New York?”

“Hell yes I do Pam!” Keisha said as she wrapped her arms around my body. “You are the most special person in my life. Being with you this weekend has been one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. I mean, um, you don’t have to go…”

I held up my hand to cut her off mid sentence. “I would love to go meet your mother. I just hope she would accept me.”

“I hope so too.” Keisha said, a determined look on her face. “But even if she doesn’t, I don’t care. Being with you makes me happy Pam and that is what matters. I love my mom and I know she loves me and wants me to be happy. Just like your parents want the same for you. So, if she can’t accept you, so be it.” I was a little shocked and more than a little aroused at the tone in her voice. I kissed her once more before climbing off her and sitting back down at the end of the couch. I turned the stereo on before placing her feet on my lap. I decided to address the elephant in the room.

“Listen Keisha,” I began. “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow at work. I was going to try and keep our relationship out of the workplace. Not that I’m ashamed of being with you,” I added when I saw her eyes widen. “but because I don’t know if Miss Whitten will allow me to continue having you as my intern. Clinically speaking, you are intelligent, responsible, determined, and, if gossip around the workplace is any indication, I was blessed with the best damn intern that could have dropped from the heavens.” Keisha blushed at my compliments, smiling brightly. “But, since it’s me that has to give a report to Miss Whitten about your progress, I will do my best to convince her that you are too useful to me to switch out. She knows and sees how much of a great worker you are so I’m praying that it would be wrong to take you from me.”

Keisha said that she understood and that, come what may, she would love to continue seeing me. I smiled as she rose from the couch and started to get dressed. She still had a paper to finish and wanted to make sure everything was in order for tomorrow. I stood up, kissed her goodbye, and watched as she walked out the door.

I sat there and listened to the silence of my home. It already felt empty with Keisha walking out the door. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem. I’d always been a woman who enjoyed her privacy. I thought back to the time where Melissa had caught me having sex with my friend Michelle. It was my first year of college and I was still living at home to save money. Michelle and I had always been close, both being cheerleaders and on the high school swim team together. She had just turned eighteen and was leaving to go to college out of state so one night aksaray escort when my parents were gone and Melissa was supposed to be spending the night at her friends house, I invited Melissa over to hang out. I’d convinced one of my friends that was twenty one to buy me a couple of packs of wine coolers and when Michelle arrived, we sat around sipping on the bottles and just hung out.

Eventually, the subject of boys came up. I’d been attracted to girls for a while at this point and faked being excited for Jimmy Matthers who’d graduated last year. Michelle had dated a couple of boys and confided in me that she even blew one of them but was still a virgin as she never let them fuck her. I gasped in mock horror when she said that she’d swallowed and said that I could never do that. She got this strange look on her face and asked if I meant that I could never blow a guy or swallow his spunk. I quickly stammered out that I meant swallowing. Michelle smiled at that, chuckling a little. I asked her what was so funny.

“Pammy, come on. I’ve seen the look on your face when the team showers after a meet.” We were both a little tipsy by now and I blushed furiously when she said that. “You don’t have to fake it with me.” I was looking down at the bottle in my hand, thinking about what she’d said. There were several girls on our swim team that I’d fantasized about as I lay in bed at night, rubbing my pussy to an orgasm. At that moment, I felt Michelle’s hand touch my thigh. It was summer and we were both wearing shorts and a tank top. I flinched a little at the intimate touch but didn’t move or try to push her hand away. Looking up, I saw her smiling visage and returned her smile. This emboldened her to start rubbing my leg. Michelle then leaned in close and touched her lips to mine. I tentatively reached out, touching the side of her breast through her shirt. She pulled back and for a second, I thought that she was going to get angry with me but instead, Michelle grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it off before grasping mine and removing the garment from my body.

I looked at her bra covered breasts in rapture. We both seen each other naked many times but this was different. My breath quickened as I reached out and caressed her tit and bra, feeling the softness of her flesh and the lacy fabric. Our eyes me and I could see the hunger for her reflected back at me. Michelle took the wine cooler from my hand, setting it on the floor before reaching back and unhooking her bra, letting the undergarment float from her body. Both my hands went to her breasts and I started feeling her up. Her nipples were becoming hard under my touch and she leaned in again, kissing me harder on the lips. I felt her hands wrap around my body, searching for the fasteners of my brassiere. I shrugged off my bra and immediately Michelle began to feel me up.

We did this for a while, feeling each other’s tits and kissing, before I decided to take it a step further. Pushing Michelle back so that she was laying on the couch we’d been sitting on, I grasped her shorts and began to pull them down. She bit her lower lip as her ass raised in the air allowing me to pull the shorts off her body. I could see the wetness of her pussy staining her panties and I trailed my fingers across the crotch, gathering her scent on my fingertips before I brought my hand to my nose, smelling the scent of her juices. Michelle moaned as I leaned down, gripping the hem of her panties with teeth and pulling them off her body. We’d all trimmed the hair of our vaginas for the swim team and I touched the patch of fur that she’d left, tickling her mons. This was the moment I’d dreamed of at night for so long. I stuck my face between her legs, spreading open the lips of her vagina with my fingers. For a moment, I just looked at the beautiful sight laid before me. Her cunt was glistening with her cream and the heady scent wafting to my nose left me lightheaded, my mouth watering.

I gave her vagina a kiss and could hear Michelle’s breath catch as I made contact. Sticking my tongue out, I began to lick her vagina all over, trying to lick up all of her juices. She cried out as my tongue brushed against her clit, which was engorged from desire. Not really sure how to go about this, I decided to push my index finger inside her as I concentrated on tonguing her clitoris. Michelle cried out again and I could feel her hands on my head, pushing me further into her. I added my middle finger, curling them to touch the soft springiness of her inner wall. Her lips bucked and I could taste her cum again as more spurted out of her. I began to piston my fingers in and out as I fastened my lips to her clit, sucking nişantaşı escort the delectable morsel and whipping my tongue across it. Faster and faster I moved my hand. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. Finally, Michelle screamed out and coated my hand and face with her cum. Not wanting to stop, I withdrew my hand, gripping her thighs tightly and started to lick her pussy clean. Another crest hit her and again she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body.

Finally, I relented and lifted my head from her sopping wet crotch. Michelle’s eyes were rolled back in her head and her chest was heaving. I laid on top of her and kissed her on the lips, my face still shiny with her cream. Our bodies were pressed together and I could feel the hard tips of her breasts poking into me. After a while, Michelle looked up at me, smiling. She cupped my face with her hands and licked my lips with her tongue before pushing her tongue past my lips, French kissing me. Our tongues wrestled for what seemed like forever before she stopped. “God fuck Pammy!” she said. “That was fucking amazing!” I smiled down at her, my hair cascading around her face. We kissed again before she pulled back, again with that hungry look in her eyes and said “My turn.”

Michelle sat up, pushing me to a kneeling position with her hands on my tits. I maneuvered my legs from under me as she knelt on the couch. Grasping my shorts and panties in her hands, she pulled them both off me and threw the garments to the floor. I watched them land as I felt Michelle’s body cover mine. She began by sucking on my nipples. I’d never had anyone do that before and was amazed at the feeling. Electricity felt like it was coursing from her mouth, through my tits and down to my clit. I was already wet from eating her out but I squealed in pleasure as she went from one tit to the other. After she was finished, Michelle kissed her way down my abdomen before spreading my legs wide, leaning in and kissing my splayed open vagina.

I was so worked up at that moment, I cried out as an orgasm rippled through my body. Even with being inexperienced at giving oral pleasure to another woman, Michelle’s tongue and fingers caused me to scream as I experienced, for the first time, a mind numbing orgasm that was caused by another person. My hands flew to my tits, kneading them and pulling and twisting my nipples as I coated my friend’s face. I had closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations that Michelle was giving me. When I opened them again, they focused on the form of my little sister, standing at the entranceway to the living room, a shocked look on her face.

It took me a couple of seconds for my orgasm fogged brain to realize she was there. I cried out in surprise, pushing Michelle’s head away from my body. She looked at me in bewilderment until she too saw Melissa just standing there. We both scrambled up to a sitting position, futilely trying to cover our nakedness with our hands. I blushed furiously as Michelle grabbed her clothes from the floor and hastily put them on. “Um…Oh God Melissa…” I stuttered. I didn’t know what to say as she stood there with a look on her face that remarkably resembled our mothers whenever one of us got caught doing something naughty. Michelle just ran out the front door, leaving me alone with my sister.

“God Sis,” Melissa said, still looking at me with that expression on her face. “I mean, if you needed to cum that bad, I would have lent you my dildo.” She started to smile and then began to laugh. I was still blushing beet red.

“Mel, please don’t tell!” I begged. I was almost in tears thinking about the ramifications if this got to my parents.

“Oh don’t worry Pam. I won’t.” Melissa said, coming over, sitting gingerly down on the couch and putting her arm around my shoulders, pulling me into a hug. “I can’t really say anything anyway. I mean, you’re not the only one sitting here that’s made out with a girl.” My eyes, still brimming with tears, flew open at that revelation as I turned to face her, a look of surprise on my face. “Yeah, I was just shocked at the scene but it’s cool. At least you won’t get knocked up.” I choked out a laugh, got up and put on my clothes before sitting back down. We talked about it for a while before Melissa got off the couch, went to retrieve the items that she’d come back for and left to go back to her friends. I called Michelle later and explained the situation. She was happy about Melissa keeping her mouth shut and apologized to me about running out. We hooked up a couple of more times before she left to go to school and I went back for fall semester. That was the year I met Lisa.

As I was remembering all of this, I was fingering myself off, wishing Keisha was here. After I orgasmed, I just laid there on the couch, catching my breath. The house was still silent and I got up to pour some wine before taking a bath and heading to bed. I had the feeling that tomorrow would be an important day.

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