Ebony , Ivory

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Onyx and Tiffany had been friends since Kindergarten, the kind of friends that always seemed to be joined at the hip. Their friends thought it was cute and had nicknamed them “Ebony and Ivory” after the then-popular song, Onyx being dark as the stone for which she was named and Tiffany being about as blonde as any girl could get. Their teachers rarely saw them apart and they worked and played together.

Their parents weren’t happy about the situation, not in the least. Onyx’s parents, the Douglas’, thought that Tiffany’s parents were snobs of the highest order. They were right about that. The Taylor family thought that Onyx’s parents were low-class black trash and they were equally correct in their assessment.

The girls didn’t care about any of that. They played together every day, did their homework together and helped each other out whenever necessary. Both girls got exceptional grades. If one girl excelled in a subject the order was doing poorly in, they helped each other until they were at par. For example, as Onyx’s family tended to be lazy and use far too much slang at home for her teacher’s, Tiffany tutored her until Ebonics were a thing of the past. Tiffany didn’t particularly do well with math or science … her family had accountants and staff to do a lot of the piddly stuff and they saw no reason she needed to know any of this. As far as her family was concerned, why did she need to know these things if she was going to marry some rich man and raise his children?

Around the time the girls were 12 years old; Onyx’s family came into a bit more money and moved to a nicer neighborhood in another school district. Jeb Douglas was thrilled because now his daughter wouldn’t be hanging around with the uppity white girl. His wife Bianca had about the same feelings on the matter. Kathleen Taylor encouraged her daughter to make new friends in a “higher social circle”. Tiffany was almost livid with rage at her mother’s bigotry.

What neither family counted on was the fact that this was now the computer age, the days of E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Within a month of Onyx’s move, she and Tiffany were talking on-line at least 2 hours every day and meeting at the Public Library or for coffee at least twice a week. They still helped each other with homework and talked about their lives and maintained a friendship they swore would never end.

Yet, it nearly did. When the girls entered High School, they drifted apart a bit, Tiffany became a cheerleader and did a lot of other activities, Onyx took a part-time job so that she could afford to go to University. They stayed in touch, but before either realized it, it had been nearly 2 years since they’d seen each other. Graduation was upon them and both girls realized if they didn’t do something about it now, they would drift further apart. Neither of them wanted that, they wanted to put things back the way they had been.

Onyx reached out to her friend and asked what University she would be attending. Naturally, Tiffany would be going to Hudson, as her family tended to spend piles of money there with various endowments. Many of her relatives were Alumni or chaired various committees. As for Onyx, she had earned herself a scholarship.

“What do you think Tiff, should we find ourselves a place nearby and actually move out on our own?” Onyx suggested.

“I’d love that Onyx sweetie, I really would, but you know my family … they’d never give me the money if I moved in with you.” Tiffany sighed.

“So what? Get a part-time job and earn the money yourself,” Onyx suggested. She knew the fatal flaw in that theory the moment she said it.

“Doing what? In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve never had to work a day in my life. Unless someone wants to pay me to go shopping with them, I’m kinda fucked,” Tiffany sighed.

“Not necessarily,” Onyx told her. “What about your Grandma Peterson?”

Tiffany brightened at that thought. Her Grandmother on her mother’s side, while wealthy in her own right, had worked hard with her husband to earn the money and didn’t buy into the snobbery of her daughter and son-in-law. Onyx had figured it out once again … if Tiffany reached out to her Grandma, she more than likely would be willing to help. Once again, by working as a team with her best friend, they had figured out a plan.

After hanging up the phone from her conversation, Tiffany got dressed and went to visit her Grandma. Bella was always glad to see her granddaughter, who kept in touch because she genuinely cared about her, not because it was an obligation or because she had money.

Tiffany was honest with her Grandma, telling her the reason for her visit. “I want to go to University Grandma, but I don’t want to live at home any more. I’ll be 19 in a few months and I want to live on my own without doing everything my parents want. My best friend and I want to get an apartment together. Can you help? I’ll try to figure out a way to repay you, Onyx will help me … she’s really smart.”

“That’s the black girl you bursa otele gelen escort parents disapprove of so much, correct?” Tiffany nodded and Bella shook her head. “I honestly don’t understand their snobbery in today’s day and age. I didn’t raise my daughter to be like that … I blame your father, sorry dear. Of course I’ll help and don’t you even think of paying it back. You do that by getting good grades and being a good person and making me proud, do you hear?”

Tiffany hugged her grandmother tightly; Bella had once again shown why she was Tiffany’s favorite relative. She called Onyx that night and they met the next day for breakfast and went apartment hunting. They hugged and cried, happy to see each other after their long separation.

It didn’t take them long to find an apartment, not long at all. One of Onyx’s friends knew a place and it was gorgeous, a huge loft with a skylight, two bedrooms, a huge living area and kitchen. It was a bit more than Onyx thought she could manage, but now it was Tiffany’s turn to save the day. Her Grandmother had given her almost enough money to manage the rent on her own.

“You put in for the utilities and some of the food and do most of the cooking and we’ll call it even,” Tiffany told her friend as the landlord waited for their answer. “Fair trade?”

“Yep, just like always,” Onyx said, hugging Tiffany. They signed the lease and the deed was done. Onyx’s parents weren’t too thrilled she was leaving and taking some of the extra income with her, she was fairly certain Tiffany’s parents would be equally angry. She underestimated them by 1000%. When the girls met for coffee on Saturday to discuss their moving plans, Onyx saw it in Tiffany’s face.

“The fuckers, they threatened to disinherit me, can you believe it?” Tiffany said, tearing up even though absolutely furious. “I told them to go fuck themselves, that I didn’t need their money, I had Grandma’s support. I called her to tell her and she sent me another 10 thousand and told me whatever I need, ask for it. You know what she said? She said it’s only money and what good is it if you’re not happy?” Tiffany sighed. “I wish the rest of my family was cool like her.”

“Sorry babe, I know what you mean. I wish my family weren’t such trash at times, I love them, but they seem content to just … settle. I want more out of life, you know?” Onyx smiled as she sipped her coffee. “Let’s finish our coffees and go and hire ourselves a Mover, I doubt your family or mine will be much help.”

They spent a few days arranging their move, Onyx had gone and bought some very good used furniture for their new place and Tiffany was bringing most of her own furniture from home. At first, her parents weren’t going to let her have it, but she vowed to make a stink that would certainly land them in the newspapers, so they relented. After that, the move went smoothly and the two girls got settled and started their time in University, happy to be together and support each other like they always had.

“I HATE my Classical Literature class,” Tiffany told Onyx late one evening. “Going to help me study?”

“Always,” Onyx answered, handing her roommate a much-needed cup of coffee. “You can help me with my Drama class.”

“I hope we’re not going to spend ALL of our time at University studying,” Tiffany sighed. “What’s the point in having our own place if we don’t enjoy it? You know that we haven’t been out once since we moved in here? I wouldn’t mind going to a club and meeting some cute guys, you know?”

Onyx smiled and as always, her entire face lit up when she did. “I wouldn’t mind going out, but as you may remember, I suck at dancing and Tiffany Taylor, don’t you DARE make a joke about my people are supposed to have rhythm.”

Tiffany nearly choked on her coffee, she laughed so hard. She hugged her best friend and told her that she’d teach her how to dance. They began the lessons that night and in a few weeks, Onyx could move well enough to hold her own on a dance floor. They went to a few clubs and Tiffany flirted with some very attractive men, although Onyx seemed to keep to herself, not dancing much and just watching the activity and having a few drinks.

They arrived home and Tiffany was giggly, although relatively sober. “Wow, were there some cute guys there. Not that I’d know a lot about what to do if I met one, you know? I didn’t exactly get a chance to be very … social … when I lived with the folks. Hey, maybe you can give me some pointers about guys and sex, you know, a trade for my helping teach you how to dance.”

Onyx gave her friend a small smile. “Sorry hon, not this time. Afraid I can’t teach you very much about guys.”

Tiffany’s blue eyes opened wide. “Wow, really? I can understand it with me and my over-protective snobby family, but are you telling me that you’re a virgin?”

Onyx shook her head. “No. Only that I can’t teach you very much about guys.”

It took a minute or so to sink in, then Tiffany’s escort bayan mouth opened as wide as her eyes. “Holy Shit! Are you telling me that you’re …?”

“Gay? A lesbian? Yes.” Onyx answered honestly.

“Christ, I had no idea you were sexually attracted to women. Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Tiffany wanted to know.

“We didn’t see each other for a few years and I only figured it out myself a few years back. I dated in High School, but boys never did it for me. I had a few girlfriends who were `out’ and we talked and ultimately, more than talked. It was right for me and I’ve never had any regrets,” Onyx confessed.

“Okay, so why didn’t you tell me? You’re my closest friend; you know that I wouldn’t have judged you.” Tiffany told her. For the first time since their conversation had started, Onyx wasn’t looking directly at her roommate. She was looking around the room and had a nervous expression on her face, like she was doing anything but talking to her oldest and dearest friend. When she did turn around and face the statuesque blonde, there was a nervous expression on her face that Tiffany had never seen before.

“I didn’t tell you because when we started seeing each other again, I began realizing something. We’ve been close since childhood and we’ve always been together. I began to think that maybe it was meant to be that way. That maybe, all those years ago without realizing it, I met my soul-mate. In the last few months, I’ve become convinced of it. I think that we’re meant to be together forever and I thought that if I told you that, I might just lose you forever and I don’t think I could bear that.” Tiffany could hear the anguish in her friend’s voice and she came up behind her and hugged her until she stopped crying.

“You’re an idiot,” Tiffany giggled as she hugged Onyx again.

“Oh, that’s supposed to make me feel better?” Onyx sniffed.

“No, THIS is,” Tiffany spun her around. “We’ve been together for 14 years and we’ve always fought like hell to stay together, despite the odds. Do you honestly think I’d let something like this stand in the way of our friendship? I can’t say that I share the same passions that YOU do, but I can’t honestly say that I don’t have feelings for you. I’ve never allowed myself to think that way. Until now.” Tiffany’s hand reached out and grazed Onyx’s beautiful, exotic face. “I can’t deny you’re beautiful and that I’m confused at the moment. Onyx, are you willing to give me some time? To see if the depths of my feeling might match your own?”

Onyx grinned. “Tiff, for you, I’d wait forever. I’m glad we’re not going to split up over this.”

“Nothing’s been able to come between us so far, this is just another bump in the road, we’ll get around it,” Tiffany smiled as she went into the fridge and got out a bottle of wine. “We’ll just talk and spend time together and let nature take its course, all right?”

Onyx nodded her head and hoped that it would come to pass. Over the next number of days, she relaxed a bit. She let herself flirt a bit with her friend and became more comfortable just wearing her underwear in the confines of their apartment. Onyx spent her money on good-quality lingerie, the lovers that had shared her bed noticed. She was sure she’d seen Tiffany check her out a few times as well and thought she just might be noticing as well.

She was right. One night, they’d had a bottle of wine between them and emboldened and tired of the uncertainty that was between them, Tiffany leaned over and kissed her. It was as if a dam had burst, because they were in each other’s arms and the kisses became heated, needy and very sensual.

“You’re absolutely sure you want this?” Onyx asked as she broke their embrace.

“Stop being so fucking noble and take me to bed and do it to me!” Tiffany groaned. “I’m so fucking horny, I can’t wait any longer! I have to have you; it’s all I can think about!”

“All right baby, let’s go into my room and Mama will show you all the naughty tricks she’s learned,” Onyx grinned. She padded into her room on bare feet and stretched out on her bed, her dark body stunning against the crisp white sheets. She adjusted herself to show off her best feature, her long legs.

“What do you think, Tiff? Am I beautiful?” Onyx teased.

“God yes, you’re a fucking sexy creature. Ever since you told me about yourself, you’ve put all these thoughts into my head and I can’t get them out!” Tiffany panted as she removed her skirt and blouse.

“We’ll get them out baby, I have my ways,” Onyx grinned suggestively. Once Tiffany joined her on the bed, she resumed her seduction. Her full lips sought Tiffany’s and she ran her slender fingers through Tiffany’s long, blonde tresses. Tiffany was a good kisser and offered no resistance, once she had made her decision, she was going at it full force.

“You’re turning me on so much,” Tiffany sighed, running her hand across Onyx’s dark body, her fingers running through Onyx’s close-cropped dark hair. “You’re mudanya escort such a fucking sexy black bitch.”

“It’s all for you baby, all for my sexy, naughty blonde baby,” Onyx sighed as she felt her girlfriend’s hands removing the tiny wisps of lingerie she had worn. Without instruction, Tiffany began to maul and fondle Onyx’s 34-C tits and bite the nipples. Onyx groaned in delight.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all week, lezzie slut!” Tiffany purred, teasing her lover. “You wanted me in your bed, you sure that you can handle me?”

Tiffany’s erotic ferocity pleased her lover and Onyx nodded as Tiffany crushed her lips against her own. She groaned again as Tiffany licked down her body and then moved away.

“You’ve got more experience babe, so show me what you can do. Eat my pussy … lick my cunt and make me cum, God, I need it so fucking badly!” Tiffany groaned again.

“Whatever my baby wants,” Onyx moaned. She quickly went to work showing Tiffany how well she could please another woman. Tiffany’s 34-D tits were so big and full, she had dreamed of them for months and now they were hers to play with. She buried her face between the huge orbs and played, sucking her candy-pink nipples and then stroking her lover’s flesh as she kissed downward. Nothing stopped her from eating pussy and Tiffany had shaved her cunt bald … how fucking sexy! Onyx began to eat her eagerly and wasn’t surprised by how delicious Tiffany was — she had expected nothing less.

“Oh damn baby, you keep that up, keep it fucking UP!” Tiffany screeched as she arched her hips up. Onyx held her up and ate her until she came and then helped her back down again.

“I’m sure I made the right choice,” Tiffany sighed. “I have never cum like that with a guy; you really knew what you were doing. I doubt that I’m going to be that good, but I want to try my best, ‘kay?”

Onyx nodded and let Tiffany try her best … and her best was fucking incredible. It seemed like the love they had shared all these years was now emerging sexually as well, she didn’t miss a spot on Onyx’s body and soon the slender black girl was unable to hold still under her girlfriend’s oral assault. The long-held passion that Onyx had felt for Tiffany had gone from a slow simmer to boil.

“There’s more to two-girl sex than that, isn’t there?” Tiffany sighed, snuggling close to her new lover. The contrast between her blonde, tanned body against Onyx’s ebony beauty was very sensual, erotic.

“Yes. Some women like toys, although being gay; I’m not much into them myself. If you ever want to fuck me baby, just ask … I’d do it for you. Or TO you, if you want. There are other positions and of course, nothing is hotter than `69′ when you have two sexy sluts like us,” Onyx grinned, flashing her whitest smile.

“I want to try everything with you, my beautiful darling,” Tiffany smiled, her beautiful eyes looking directly into Onyx’s.

“My heart absolutely melts when you look at me like that way, baby,” Onyx sighed. “I hope you’re still looking at me that way for years to come.”

“I will be, I’m sure of it,” Tiffany told her. “Meanwhile, you mentioned something about `69′? I don’t know a lot about sex, but I know what that is and I want to try it. Get your ass over here and make me see stars!”

“Yes darling, of course!” Onyx said, thrilled to have her fantasy come true. She went after Tiffany with every trick in her sexual arsenal and Tiffany didn’t just see stars as Onyx licked her, she saw entire Galaxies.

For the first year living together, Onyx and Tiffany decided to keep their relationship light and casual and to date other people. Onyx had a few regular lovers, including an Asian girl both knew from High School that Tiffany would never have suspected was a lover of women. Gorgeous, Asian Natasha smiled at Tiffany as she and Onyx left for dinner and Tiffany found herself distracted on her date. Bryce was a good enough fuck but the fleeting images of Natasha and Onyx rolling around in bed made her hornier and hornier. She was absolutely delighted to find Onyx and Natasha semi-naked on the couch when she got home. The twosome was just slightly tipsy enough to suggest a threesome and Tiffany was more than horny enough to accept. Natasha was a very naughty, kinky young lady and the trio spent hours pleasuring each other. Tiffany was fascinated by Natasha’s big, golden tits and all the sexy outfits she had brought with her. She loved dressing up for bed games, which Tiffany found very sexy. Her favorite was Natasha’s long, black leather “fuck me” boots. “I’m buying us both a pair,” Tiffany told Onyx after Natasha had left.

The two friends-turned-lovers remained happy and both girls were still doing well in their studies. Bella, proud of her granddaughter, sent her a check for 50 thousand. Onyx nearly fainted when she saw all the zeroes. “Get used to it baby, you’re living with a rich bitch!” Tiffany laughed.

In their 2nd year living together, Tiffany told Onyx she wanted them to be a regular couple. “I don’t mind if you have an occasional other playmate and I might … might … want to feel a hard cock every once in a while, although you sure can fuck a girl well enough with that strap-on of yours. But I want us to make some kind of commitment, because I don’t ever intend to lose you again.”

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